The Party’s Almost Over




The bloom is wilting and giving up after 12 hours of full bloom that measured a full 10″ across. This has been such fun to share with all of you and I have loved the comments from those of you who are familiar with this plant. I hope to have some “starts” for sale at our Big Event next summer.

Abby, Pam’s golden doodle, spent the weekend with us and she and Telly had a rousing good time!

BC was actually sitting in this large pot of succulents!

Sunday night has become my favorite night for TV — I have been glued to the series The Bible and will buy the DVD when available. I even gave up The Good Wife for these 5 weeks and I love that show, too. After The Bible comes The Vikings which is also excellent even though quite violent at times. Are any of you watching these series?

I spent the weekend watching March Madness, too, so today is my day to really move in to the new living room. Pictures to follow — thanks for keeping up with this blog. I always love to read your comments!

7 thoughts on “The Party’s Almost Over

  1. Diane

    Hi Mary, Love that bloom! I would buy one for my husband if I didn’t live in Ohio! Our kitten, Squeak, sat in my brand new beautiful Christmas cactus last year. It’s still fine although a little flat in the middle! LOL. Thanks for sharing all of your remodeling. It is a challenge, but worth it. Stay warm in this lovely Spring(?) weather. Diane. Ps. Squeak and your Millie are twins!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Thanks, Diane — I knew I recognized Squeak’s name. Millie is close to being my favorite!

  2. Jean Elliott

    That is some flower – fun to see the different stages. I LOVE “The Vikings”! And “The Goode Wife”.
    Cat in the plant – darling!

  3. Lee

    I missed the good shows….Mary, post when you first find a good one. My husband, Bob, passed away suddenly in October. I didn’t get a chance to say good by…he arrested at home age 64. He always found the great shows for me….just one of the wonderful things I love about Bob. He also loved quilts.. He didn’t piece or quilt, but he loved the choosing of fabrics. He was my big encourager….finish that log cabin! Sorry, I didn’t start out to post about my sadness, but it just came out. blessings, Lee

  4. Maryjane

    I love all your blogs and pictures! Wanted to add a program on History Channel that I discovered this weekend – “Men Who Built America”. May be a rerun but shows what a magnificent country this is with all the inventions, discoveries and progress. Have to share a dog story. I have a 1 yr. old little rescue and everything goes in the mouth. The other day he was out going “poo poo” and I noticed he couldn’t get it off of him. I went out to assist and had to give it a yank to get it out. Discovered at the end was a threaded needle! He had swallowed that evidentally with no problem and went through his whole system and came out embedded in his stool! Wow was I grateful! Don’t even want to think about what could have happened if it got stuck inside him! He obviously had found it in the sewing room carpet. Now I keep the door closed and vaccum before the dogs can go in each time. You can’t be too careful. Maryjane

  5. Maryjane

    I love getting all your blogs and pictures! I wanted to add a good series to your History Channel favorites. Discovered this weekend , “Men Who Built America.” May be a rerun. So interesting and shows what a magnificent country this is with all the inventions and discoveries.

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