The Quilt Is Identified! 9-13-2020

A reader, Karen J., has identified this quilt pattern – the one everybody loved so much but I couldn’t get an answer from the reader who sent in the photo.

It comes from this Australian quilt magazine.

Since it’s on the cover, it is easily identified. Good luck in getting your hands on this pattern. I have no idea how old it is or anything so it’s up to you. I will post any details that anyone would like to share.

Here’s one Dirty Dozen quilt, made from leftovers of another project.

And I thought you might enjoy this picture of Stella, Luna’s big sister, in her big boots. Grandma Sandy – I think your granddaughters are so sweet!

Tomorrow is another week – a busy one for me as appointments and meetings, play dates and family visits begin to schedule again! Be still, Everybody!

44 thoughts on “The Quilt Is Identified! 9-13-2020

  1. Betty Chism

    Like you I have search for the Sunkissed pattern and it lead me to you , I also would like a copy of the pattern.
    Thank you ,
    Betty Chism

  2. Pat Williams

    Would love to have the Sunkissed pattern. Thanks for your willingness to help out. Hope it isn’t too overwhelming for you. Pat Williams—

  3. Nancy S.

    Would also love to receive this quilt pattern @ searches for magazine issue unsuccessful so far. So happy you received permission to share with all interested blog readers! Thank you.

    1. Jo Baxter

      Like I said earlier, I am not a computer guru, and I see I forgot to add my email address to my reply. I have spent hours searching for this pattern. Thank you so much for helping us out.

  4. Kim J LeMere

    Marj in We thank you taking the time to share with us. You can email me at
    I really appreciate the designer being willing to share with us all, its a lovely quilt and I hope to make it with lots of reds and whites.
    Stella is super cute with her boots, she looks capable of filling those boots one day.

  5. Marj in Western Wisconsin

    I have been in contact through facebook with Cheryl Filby who wrote the pattern called Sunkissed that was in the Australian Patchwork & Quilting. She has sent me the pattern and given me permission to share it with those on this blog that want it. It came to me by Facebook Messenger, as 6 pages that are photos, and I am not sure how to get that to you. If someone would help me with that, I am more than willing to get it to you or whomever wants it.

    1. Rita in Iowa

      Marj, if she sent it to you by email you could forward it to the people who wanted it. It does mean putting ones email address out there. If you want to try that you could sent it’s to me at We can see how that goes.

      1. Jo Baxter

        Please let me know if that works. I would love to have the pattern as well. I tried to print it out and it did, but it is very hard to read. I am not a computer guru!🤷🏼‍♀️. Thank you

        1. Marj in We

          I saved the pages which are .jpg files to my computer and sent them as one email. Still waiting to hear back if there is an issue. These are pictures of the magazine article along with a correction page. Let me know if you need any of what I have.

          1. CountryThreads Post author

            Marj in WI – are you fielding all these requests? Because I don’t even have the pattern so it’s up to you. You offered to do this – I hope it isn’t getting to be too much trouble!

          2. Marj in Western Wisconsin

            Yes, I am fielding and emailing out all the requests. It is not a problem. Hope everyone enjoys the pattern. Cheryl the designer, said I could share with anyone from the blog that would like it.

          3. Marj in Wes

            Mary, sorry I forgot to ask if you want the pattern, too? If you or Connie do, just get me your email.

          4. CountryThreads Post author

            Marj in Wes – you’re very kind to do this – I’m not sure you knew what you were getting into. You may send it to me and if Connie wants it, we’ll share.

  6. Tawnya Becker

    Good morning!
    My husband and I are from Washington state and are currently in Ohio visiting his family. We will be leaving in a few days to head back home but not before stopping in Iowa to meet up with a few members of my family. We made this same trip approx 5 years ago and on our way home were lucky enough to make a stop at your quilt shop also. I realize that your quilt shop is closed but I’m wondering if it might be possible to come by on our way through to purchase your most recent autographed quilt book and the cute pumpkin pattern?
    Thank you –

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Tawnya Becker – I will be sure to be here when you let me know when you’re coming – when it gets closer to the time you could text me – 641-512-5188. I can’t promise a long visit but I will certainly have a book and pattern ready for you.

  7. Cinders

    The DD Quilt is lovely, I am not able to figure out what is the actual name of the quilt featured from the cover of the magazine. Could it be posted please? I lost my first messageso startedover, sorry ifitisa duplicate.

  8. Cinders

    The DD Quilt is lovely, I am not able to figure out what is the actual name of the quilt featured from the cover of the magazine. Could it be posted please?

  9. Sandy

    Hi Mary , thank you for posting stella,s photo, they are my son’s boots. He bought them on a trip to USA with the school he teaches at in Taiwan, 3 pairs in total!they visited nasa and new York. Tomorrow is my last day in the Waikato sadly, then back to wellington. Best wishes from sandy

  10. Marj in Western Wisconsin

    I reached out to Cheryl Filby who apparently is the designer through Facebook, and she sent me the pattern with corrections that were necessary from the magazine article.

  11. Susan K in Texas

    Thanks for finding the quilt. I loved that DD! Stella is just the cutest in her boots! And I love the leftovers quilt – clever use of the leftovers!

  12. Dee Winter

    This quilt is on the Quilting-perfectly imperfect list on fb. The woman found the designer on fb, asked for permission, since it had been in the magazine she said yes. So the pages are posted, I have not tried to print them yet. It is a request to join site, I think they take everyone though.

    1. Jo Baxter

      I saw that as well. I saved it to one of my files, but it has disappeared. So glad to see this. Thank you.

    1. Diane and Squeak

      Betty, how are you doing up there? I’ve missed seeing your comments and have been hoping you are ok.

      1. Betty Klosterman

        You must not have gone back to read Mary’s 9-9-20 posting. She was asking questions about forest and prairie fires. I got a bit wordy!
        I’m staying home except for groceries and beauty shop. There is plenty to do here except I’ve been having a bit of a problem staying focused on what I should be doing. The top half of my gas tank lasts 2 months. I made a lot of face masks using stuff I had here. Not very exciting. Thank you for asking. This blog helps us stay in touch with people.

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Betty Klosterman – I would never classify your comments as “wordy” – I learned so much from your answer since I know virtually nothing about forest fires. I’m starting to go more places now but I’m still careful and wear my mask. I’m going to Bible Study tomorrow and to Target later today.

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