The Quilt Shop Fabric

First things first. Remember this quilt I made with Scott’s batiks and my shirts?

Here are the leftover scraps.

And here is what I did last night.

This is what’s left – I actually think I’ll throw them away!


Entering the quilt shop.

Look to the right.

Look to the left.

Look straight ahead and please know that I did not choose to spend my time cleaning up!

Under the cutting table – this is all novelty fabrics.

More under the cutting table. There’s Reed’s chicken fabric for the back of his log cabin.

Top of cutting table.

Some misc.

Moda packs


Knit shirts for rugs.

Cotton shirts for quilts. One group of linen shirts – maybe a summer dress?

Waiting to be quilted.

Piles of finished quilts.

Misc. until I get to the shelves.

Black, gray, brown

More brushed cotton



Rust, red, pink, orange



Fat quarters

This tub is leftover from Owen’s baby quilt – he’s 2-1/2 years old! I still haven’t put it away!

These fabrics are laid

together as if I planned something but what?


This is an old wooden baby crib – it’s full of Japanese fabrics.

Blue and white quilt.

Red and white stripes for lob cabin quilt by Pat Sloan.




I am exhausted! Now I’m going to delete all these pictures so I don’t stress over them. We are all alike – believe me, I’m as ordinary as an old shoe and fabric has been building up since 1980! And I have decided if I just like laying pieces together and imagining what it would create, I have achieved my goal. Now I will answer some questions.

Remember you asked about the red and white quilt above the loveseat? Here it is – it can be ordered for $10.00. Barn Swallows.

Tomorrow I’ve got a picture of Big Harvey for you. I’ll post those ordering particulars at that time.

I need a nap. I really loved the comments because you’re all so relieved you don’t have as much fabric as your husbands think – haha! We so appreciate you clicking the ads – it’s your way to thank us for making you feel so much better about your fabric collection! As you can see I’ve got you all beat and we think Connie has more fabric than I do. I’ll be taking pictures at her house next week – weather permitting. We are under a blizzard warning starting at 6 pm tonite.

Hope you enjoy this lengthy post!!!

119 thoughts on “The Quilt Shop Fabric

  1. Kate

    All your pictures didn’t show up on my computer for some reason, but I get the gist of your huge fabric stash. Why you would ever go fabric shopping, well, I understand why you’d go fabric shopping so that’s just silly of me. We NEVER have enough fabric. Loved that you shared this with us whose stashes seem not so bad anymore. I’m going fabric shopping Monday! I must catch up.

  2. Jo in Wyoming

    Oh! Lalala, what joy this is to see. I love it!
    Think of the pleasure it gives just fondling it, smelling it, and what eye candy it is.
    Who needs to sew it together when making a bundle of possibilities is such fun.
    You say Connie has more than you? There is a term for that…love.
    Because it’s so hard to throw fabric away, we keep a pillow case and when it’s full of scraps, sew the end and give it to the animal shelter. All animals love a cozy pillow.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jo in WY – I have a bunch of pillowcases I don’t need and your ongoing effort makes sense to me. Otherwise I’d never stop to make the bed cover in the first place! I will start today!

  3. Agatha

    Your pictures are wonderful, you have fabric but who can say what is too much. Plus you had a quilt shop so of coarse you have more than most!
    I am at the moment going through my quilting room packing for a move. I think we all probably have more than we will ever use but if it makes us happy who cares. I tried to get rid of some but couldn’t do it because I loved it when I bought it and I will use it sooner or later.
    I always love reading your posts and seeing what is going on in your busy life.

  4. Barb K

    Looking at your pictures brings back such sweet memories of shopping at Country Threads! I really do miss the quilt shop!!

  5. Carolyn Boutilier

    You win hands down. I thought I had enough to last me till I reach 200 years old. I plan on taking it all with me, don’t I wish. Thanks for sharing. We have rain today and tomorrow wind.
    Carolyn b Shenandoah Valley

  6. Elaine Nixon

    What a great tour. I have been quilting since 1976 and I totally can relate. Love your down to earth attitude. We can learn a lot from you. Thanks for your many efforts, I for one totally appreciate visiting with you.😘❤️

  7. Sandi Globus

    Wow, Mary! So many quilt options! I am amazed that you were able to post all those photos without crashing!
    As for the shirting scraps remaining, do you have a fire place or wood stove? I always add those to the kindling when starting a fire.

  8. Rhoda Ebersole

    I am amazed at all your fabric because I thought you sold quite a lot of it or did you not? I did not get to your last sales.
    Yes I do not have a husband to worry about knowing about my stash but the bins are still too many and I hope to clear them up one day before my kids have to do that.
    I will do genealogy and write another book.
    My niece, Andrea Bartz, has her book coming out Tuesday. The Lost Night . Available on Amazonafter 2/26/2019.
    I am heading north to Wisconsin soon. Please be done with all blizzards on I 35 through Iowa.😀
    Stay warm.

  9. Jean

    Mary I had so much fun looking at all that fabric! I sorta knew where things were in the shop as I was a long time customer of country threads when I lived in Mason city. Just great fun!!

  10. Terri S.

    Country Threads was my favorite store of all time! I see a few fabric swatches I could use! LOL
    It looks like an organized mess to me….

  11. Caryn Goulden

    I loved looking at all your fabrics. I now know that I do not have too much fabric! Thanks for taking the time to share. We too in eastern Washington are expecting snow this evening, but no one has mentioned blizzard, thank goodness! Stay warm.

  12. mary jane hudson wi

    OMG, this must be a quilters EDEN…I love it…it is lived in. My sewing room is also my guest bedroom, which gets occupied at least once a month for a few days, so I always have to clean off the bed, which is my White Wall.. I love the fact it gets messy cause it shows one has been busy and making great decisions. Under the bed is a “few” boxes of quilts that need attention…you know , to finish…why is that so hard to FINISH one before we anxiously start another ??
    I remember coming to Garner, from St Paul, many times and going out the door with all my treasures. My husband and brother in law would sit outside and watch the goats, chickens and etc. while my sister in law and I shopped. A lot of AHHH’ s between us two…and if questions or decisions had to be made, always help from your employees.
    Again I thank you Mary and Connie for some great memories…and great projects.

  13. Pam Nichols

    Thank you for “exposing your very soul”–your fabric stash was such a joy to see, and I didn’t have to leave home or spend any money!
    I am going to ask a favor, though I know you are a busy lady. If there is a list somewhere that you could refer me to, I would appreciate it. Could I have a list of all the books you have written? Not individual patterns, but books. I realize some are out of print, but I am a big supporter of I found several were still available through this website. I “think” I may have all of your books, but I don’t want to miss a single one. Each one is a treasure trove, and I think I first fell in love with your books because of the beautiful color combinations you use. And your rural setting where you showcase your quilts inspires me too. No hurry on this.

  14. Jane Dumler

    Oh, Mary—I am sorry to tell you your stash isn’t a malignant growth but now it is metastatic! Looks like my sewing room—I worked in the industry for 30 years and am still teaching so in the shops a lot. There are some pieces I just can’t resist. Fabric collecting is a wonderful disease!

  15. Betty Klosterman

    Yes, it is about as close to heaven on earth that people like us can get. And the critters, too. I can’t hold a candle to your stash. When starting a pattern I go thru looking for what I need and it always seems that I need 1 more piece I don’t have. At least what I have is all paid for. It really ticks me off when somebody has the gall to tell me I should get rid of it because it will never be used……. I don’t tell them they shouldn’t take big trips, buy new cars……. I’m just doing my best to use it, make neat stuff and having a ball keeping myself happy. I’d go nuts if I couldn’t sew. So, Ladies, keep up the good work and keep petting the fabric or anything else that walks by.

  16. Lisa Zook

    I so appreciate your sharing. I love to look at my accumulated fabric piles and dream and plan. I will share with my friend-so helpful to know that we are not alone in our extensive fabric stash.

  17. Carrolyn V

    I have SUCH stash envy! I dream of an afternoon just petting it all……such is my addiction! And the two quilts you just posted….your color sense is phenomenal! I can’t tell you how joyful they make me feel!!! What a talent you are! You and your animals, blog make my life more joyful!

  18. Dee Winter

    Yep, you also made me feel better. Plus when you said, these are together for something, I have a layer cake I bought for something, but can’t remember what. But you have such fun animal friends that I am so envious of. Pet them all for me. Thanks.

  19. Marian Stever

    Oh, Mary, enjoyed the travelogue! While I wait for the 8 to 10 inches and blizzard conditions. 🤪❄️🌬

  20. Holly in Two Harbors

    I am awestruck!!! What a collection!!! Your post yesterday had me ordering fabric today and now when I see all your greens, I realize I forgot to order some. You are an intrepid woman not to be overwhelmed at times by all that magnificent bounty.

    Your photos brought back the many, many happy hours I spent at Country Threads. It was always an occasion to travel there, and always a delight. Thank you for all those wonderful memories!

  21. Ellie

    Oh Mary! What wonderful fabrics! I love seeing all the piles of fabric and such wonderful colors! I’m so glad to see that I’m not the only one who makes a pile of fabrics for a project and then forgets what they were supposed to be!

    Don’t throw out the scraps from Scott’s quilt. If you’ll mail them to me I’ll gladly pay the postage because I love the colors! If you email me I’ll send you my address. I really love what you did with them!

  22. Vickie Devore

    I love seeing your fabric (and can’t wait to see Connie’s); mine isn’t near as much but I apparently spend a lot of my time picking things out to make quilts that never get made. Love the pink star on the sloping ceiling above one of the fabric features and remember the little star one off to the right of a small quilt. I beginning to realize I love star quilts. Thanks soooo much for sharing, vickie

  23. Debbie G

    Well, that was a fun read!! Thanks for sharing! Always enjoy reading what you are sharing.

  24. Kathy in western NY

    Mary, what a stash. It is heaven on earth to me to see it all. Tell me, is there a very favorite fabric you have? I have a pile in my sewing room of just my very favorites. I guess it will be like Betty suggests….I will pet it till I figure out how to showcase my special favorites. So looks like we all might have some interesting weather stories…..we are expecting 60-70 mph winds.

  25. Kay Crandall

    Well, Mary, you certainly relieved a lot of the guilt I’ve been feeling over my fabric collections (have two houses, so also have two collections). Now I can look at it and say to myself “well, that’s not nearly as much as Mary has – it’s okay!” LOL The pictures of your shop brought back many wonderful memories of shopping there with my mom, who lived in Thompson. I even recognized some of the fabrics (I bought a bundle of the pastel baby flannels years ago – actually might have been a kit) – I know I started the quilt but never finished it. Will have to look for it as I have a niece who is soon to have a baby. It would be perfect!

  26. Jane lemm

    Thank you sooooo much for sharing!! Those bundles of 30’d and all the gorgeous reds caught my eye. Love love

  27. Martha Engstler

    After seeing your wonderful stash I feel like a real piker and want to go play with the pieces I do have. What fun putting different fabrics together. Who has the right to say anyone has to much of a good thing. All the ladies should just enjoy. I feel much better about what I do have.

  28. Mary Says Sew!

    Woo – whoo, Mary! So much bounty! What a playground you have!

    Besides being ready for when you need it for a quilt, all your fabric is doing double duty as insulation, which we really need right now with all our snow and blizzards!

  29. Candy

    What an awesome collection of fabrics! Like you, I’m always finding bundles of fabric I have put together for some imaginary project that I can’t remember … but I know it was fun! Enjoy!

  30. Diana Weirich

    For a couple of years now, I felt sorry for you. You poor thing – closed the quilt shop, sold all that fabric, and I was sure you were left with little to no fabric. I am so glad I was wrong. Love seeing your stashes (yes, plural, you have way more than one), makes me feel better about mine.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diana Weirich – no need to feel sorry for me! I shop in the quilt shop when I feel the urge – smile!

  31. Kelli

    Love all the fabric! Made me want to get in the car and head out to shop! Thanks so much for sharing – it is so fun to see other people’s stashes. I so enjoy all your posts – look forward to them each day. And all the animals are so sweet – don’t stop sharing about them! For those of us who wish we had some but don’t, I get my pet fix reading your adventures! I would suggest you don’t throw away the excess fabric – how about bagqging it for a special give away? Hang on – spring will arrive some day!

  32. Jeanine

    Thank you so much for the tour. I was privileged to visit your shop a couple times, and it was so much fun. I love the scrappy quilt you made from the leftovers. Those are my favorite kind of quilts. I just finished sewing together a scrappy quilt top today. Like the Vortex, but did it all with 12.5″ squares this time. It will go to charity at our local hospital……either the Hospice House or for cancer patients when they get chemo treatments. I c an see why you don’t have to shop for more. I’m trying not to shop either, but love to check out fabric at the thrift shops here.

  33. Starrla Opferman

    Thanks for taking the time to take all the pictures of your stash…it is truly amazing! A great collection of blacks and grays and I loved your reds. My husband never complains about my buying fabric and enjoys seeing things come together. I tell my kids you need lots of options when your making scrappy and those are my favorites. I was so intent on the photo’s I had to scroll back to click on ads but there weren’t any?!

  34. Beverly in Texas

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful “stash”.
    I also put fabric in old wooden boxes & wire baskets that I have collected over the years- several purchased in Canton, Tx – just about a 40 min. drive from my house.
    I know you have found some treasures there on some of your travels!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Beverly in Texas – ooohhh, I loved Canton! Except the dog sales across the street – I was appalled when someone explained that to me after we saw so many people carrying puppies!

  35. Diane Bauer

    Your stash is magnificent! Keep on posting pictures of it!! I don’t feel nearly so bad about my stash now, though I am still pretty convinced there’s no way I will ever get it all put into quilts. Oh, well. I will continue to love it nonetheless!! I’ll be looking forward to the tour of Connie’s stash!

    I love seeing the inside of Country Threads once again! I remember how I always loved how you’d hang quilts on the angled ceiling! There was always something beautiful catching my eye. I, too, love your style and the colors you use. Your quilts remind me of the beautiful quilts my grandmother made that kept me warm through many cold Minnesota winters!

    8.3″ of snow in Denver overnight. Zero at my house. That’s OK! Jen and I just got back from the barn where we groomed and walked Pete out in the pasture. She was so tickled to see how well he is doing!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane Bauer – makes me feel so good and so happy to know that your Jen is happy and obviously Pete is feeling pretty good, too! Just a lovely thought!

  36. Diane in Maryland

    Wow! I have nothing compared to your fabric stash! I told Leslie that you always have the perfect fabrics for your quilts. Now I know that you have the greatest selection from which to choose. No wonder your quilts are beautiful…like the one you just completed. Can’t wait to see Connie’s stash.
    Stay safe and warm if you get another snow storm.

  37. Karen Gaither

    I love your small quilt out of your old shirts. I am so surprised that you have that much fabric in the Quilt Shop. It really seemed like we sold it all when Janine and I came and helped with the final sale. It also brings back so many fun memories of coming to camp.
    What is the cute half square triangle small quilt none the quilting machine?
    Miss camp and visiting Country Threads so much!

  38. Gloria

    What a wonderful stash!!! Thank you, thank you for taking all those pics for us!

    I lived in Iowa (wonderful years) for 13 years and I don’t miss the cold. It has been raining in NC for days, have standing water in my yard.

  39. Jo in Wyoming

    I think these last 3 posts have been SO MUCH FUN!
    You have made everyone smile. Thanks for pulling us out of the dulldrums of all this crappy weather.
    I hope you have has as much fun as we have touring your stash.

  40. Rita Mulvey in Connecticut

    I am awe struck I don’t even know what to say I’m overwhelmed by the huge quantity of fabric that you have. I was recently looking at my stash and thinking I really need to stop. You have provided a new prospective and my fabric stash is actually quite small in comparison. I totally understand the joy that gathering fabrics together with a future quilt in mind brings. Just looking at some of the pieces I have bought will bring a smile to my face, and yes I have been known to pet the fabric too.
    Thanks for the photos I thoroughly enjoyed them. I noticed the quilts on the wall I have those patterns.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Rita in Ct – I’ll bet I haven’t bought 10 yds of fabric in almost 5 years unless I needed a backing. Glad you enjoyed the tour!

  41. Launa

    Oh Mary, I “sew” enjoyed your FABRICLOGUE! It’s wonderful to see all you have and use.
    Every year my grama would take me upstairs to her trunk to select wool plaids for a couple new pleated school skirts I wore in grammar school. I learned to sew on her old Singer. The trunk was full of fabrics.
    She had quite a stash!
    The sun came out here for about an hour and now it’s really snowing again.
    Thanks for showing all the pictures!

  42. the other Angie

    That was just amazing!! What a wonderful place!! Thanks so much for sharing these pictures with us. That makes me feel so much more normal!

  43. Marsha from Kansas

    My thought was, now that has to be a little slice of heaven on earth – saw Kathy was thinking the same thing. Can’t wait to see what Connie has in store for us!

  44. Dianne Cook

    Hi Mary
    Loving all your pictures. I always loved how you dusted regularly once a year with your many collections.
    Now I see your fabric stash, I’m sure you still like to see what is new out there, but maybe not buy anything.
    I had another appointment with my surgeon and it looks like we will go ahead with surgery mid March. Can’t wait. Received your card yesterday. Love your Dianne and all the pumpkins. I’m a fall colour person at heart. Thanks for everyone’s kind thoughts and prayers. Dianne

  45. Mary hawk

    This made me miss your shop and I am jealous of all the space you have. It’s so gloomy today so I tidied my sewing space. The OCD part of me can’t sew with stuff all over.
    Girl- you win on stash. Don’t have to worry about you caught in a blizzard with nothing to sew! My stash looks much smaller to me today😂😂

  46. Arrowhead Gramma

    Once again oh my!!! I thought the stash in your house was huge but the shop stash wins hands down!!! As I said yesterday you have eliminated my stash guilt and there is no reason to worry about it as my daughter will take it all when the time comes. So fortunate that she is a quilter too. ❤️🧵❤️

  47. Sarah

    I think you live in my idea of heaven – a place filled with all shapes, sizes and colors. What a delicious jumble of fabric! I hope you enjoy every last inch of it. I know I loved seeing the incredible variety from afar.

    Regarding hand-sewing binding. I, too, was in pain while trying to firmly hold the fabric in place and sew. Then I wondered if those plastic clamps sold in most quilt stores would help. It made all the difference in the world for me. I no longer have to exert pressure to hold the fabric in place but can simply sew.

  48. Carol

    So much color in the gloom of February, the longest short month, full of weather warnings and problems! How is it I got more joy out of your stash than mine? Probably because if I look at mine I’ll learn a few things, like, I shouldn’t buy more, it needs organizing, I won’t live long enough to use it all, and compared to all these true confessions…. I have a pittance! Yet, it still needs organizing and it should be used up before I buy more!
    Ha, neither will happen… I won’t ever get it truly organized and I will buy more! I tell my husband, if I die first, marry a woman who will love my fabric!

  49. Nikki Mahaffey

    Nothing I can say…Thank you for sharing..I want to come play with your stash…

    Be safe..Stay warm

  50. Jan from TN

    Ok Mary, you win—but not by much! I, too, closed a quilt & have the stash to prove it! Lol! But mine stash is not stowed in a separate building! Wow! Nice to see the inside of her quilt shop since I never got there. Loved the tour. Thanks sew much!
    Don’t throw those scraps away! They’re too large to dump! I have 2 suggestions regarding those too big to just throw out scraps! One is that you could send the, to Bonnie Hunter. As you know, no scrap is too small for her & I’m sure she’d love those. OR, you randomly send scraps you no longer want to your followers! I’m sure they’d love something from you and/or Connie since we all love y’all. Be safe! E just have yet more rain headed here in TN!

  51. Anna m

    Wow! You’ll never run out of fabric. I loved the tour! I told my husband ‘you thought I had a lot of fabric! Blizzard warnings here too thru tomorrow night. I should be able to quilt all day ! I Think my chickens are getting tired of this weather also. Stay warm! Love your posts!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Anna m – my chickens want outside badly! I buy old bread and produce for them to break up the boredom.

  52. Janet Orr

    Loved every picture! I was only fortunate to visit your quilt shop once – right after I discovered it you closed:( But my checking account is probably better off for it. I thought you had probably sold most of the fabric during your final sale. I live about 2 hours away from you. As I looked at your pictures I kept thinking how easy it would be to make a scrappy quilt of any color. Color me pea green with envy! Enjoy every moment.

  53. Sharon

    WOW! You have quite a STASH- I love it! I could shop and drool. Lots of beauties ! I never made a visit to your shop, but I couldn’t wait to see your booth at Expo in Chicago. I came home with many treasures. Thanks for making me smile today! 😊

  54. Janette

    Thank you for making us all feel better! I look forward to reading your blog posts every day. Thank you for sharing your life with all of us!

  55. Kathy Hanson

    Not only were the pictures awesome but seeing that quilt that you put together “last night” is truly amazing. I don’t seem to get that much done in an evening!! It is beautiful!! You are so amazing, I don’t know how you do everything. Love all the options you can put together!!

  56. Diane in Central Ohio

    WOW!! I love it, Mary. It makes me happy to see what the shop was like, but sad I never was able to make it out there. I did meet you and Connie a couple of times at your wonderful booth at thecCountry Living Fair in Columbus.
    You have a wonderful stash. Thanks for keeping us entertained in these wild weather days. We are under a wind advisory until 10 tomorrow night. 60 to 70 mph winds. I love to listen to it, but always worry about the people and animals who might be out in it. Stay warm and safe😃

  57. Jeanie from sw Illinois

    I was fortunate enough to visit Country Threads twice during its last three years. I loved seeing the shop again; thank you for this tour. Your fabric stash is amazing and beautiful.

  58. Christina Mejer

    Loved seeing your vast fabric stash : it puts mine to shame, and I thought moving 12+ tubs full of fabric to Alaska was a lot !! I wanted to share that I searched on Amazon for Country Threads quilting books that I didn’t have and bought two : We Made it Through the Winter, and Life in the Country . New eye candy 🙂

  59. Andrea in Oregon (born in Iowa)


    Have you ever thought about a weekend sale twice a year? You have a quilt shop and you have enough fabric, with Connie, too, to open a quilt shop. I am sure all your friends and supporters would come to help you sift out some of the extra.

    I love your blog and your animals. 🙂

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Andrea in Oregon – sounds like way too much work to me although someone asked about a retreat and I would consider that and have a table of stuff to sell.

  60. Jane Eilderts

    Oh goodness-I feel so relieved! And I spy a couple sew sampler boxes in the first couple photos. Was this fabric all you had left from your sale when you closed your shop?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jane Eilderts – only the bolts were left. All the rest is my 1/2 yd pieces over the 33 years!

  61. Kathy Schwartz in SW MN

    Thanks for the wonderful tour. I was very impressed with the “olive greens” and I don’t know why. I agree with Jen about your scraps. When somebody buys a book or a pattern, send them a piece about the size of a bookmark. be sure you autograph it first.
    None of our churches are having services on Sunday. Yea! I don’t have to play the organ–even though I practiced for over an hour on Friday. So it goes.
    Thanks again.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy Schwartz – I texted our pastor last night and said I was cancelling – easier to sleep!

  62. Sue in Oregon

    The tour of our shop was delightful. Several times I had the urge to reach out and touch the fabrics. I wish I could have actually shopped with you when you were still in business.

  63. patti leal

    thank you so much for feeling okay about not cleaning up before taking photos to share with us. i’m sure a lot of us work that way. i know i do. i also have stacks of fabrics piled around. i just love to pull color schemes, especially when i can throw a ringer that no one would expect. same with the threads. i’ll never get all my fabric sewn up but the fabric itself makes me feel good. it does not ‘weigh’ on me . i just love knowing it is here for my use. whatevver it may be. thanks again. patti in florida

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Patti Leal – you “get it”, Patti! I think I’ll go out there today and lay out some projects – haha!

  64. Judy

    Enjoyed seeing all the fabric that you have. You would probably laugh at how little fabric I have in my stash. I have found that it is hard for me to buy fabric unless I have something in mind to use if for. If I owned a quilting store like you did I am sure I would have hung onto just as much fabric.

  65. Jodee

    Seeing the quilt shop made me want to come visit again. I’m from southern Illinois and I’d plan for months to get to come to your shop❤️❤️❤️

  66. Jennifer

    The first time I visited your shop I looked at my golfing husband and said “this is going to be awhile. He asked if there were any courses near by. A couple of your employees piped up with three of them and even drew little maps for him. He turned to me and said “ this really is a full service quilt shop!” Looking at these photos reminds me how much of your stock was plaids and stripes. I stocked up on those every time we came back.

  67. Joanne

    Mary what a collection can hardly wait to see Connies! TU oh by the way in the black fabric the middle bin half way down I saw a piece I have been looking all over for. Care to sell it? ONLY FOOLING😄😄. Great seeing the shop again brought back memories of Quilt camp.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Joanne – I just groaned inside when you said you spotted a fabric you needed! Warped sense of humor, Joanne! Haha!

  68. Donna Albright

    I want to order the Barn Swallow quilt pattern. I need to know where to send money and you need to know where to send the pattern. Do you want $10 even or plus tax? I’m soooo excited about making this quilt! I think it has something to do with this nasty winter weather we are having right now. Please let me know about ordering and paying by email.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Donna Albright – you need to send a check to Country Threads – address under our photo. $10 includes postage – you Must tell me what you’re ordering!

      1. Donna Albright

        I’ll be sending you a check today. We didn’t have any mail delivery or pick up yesterday because of the weather….just like yours, crappy. I am dug out now and the mailbox is uncovered so the poor carrier can find it. We are having school today but it’s running 2 hours late. I guess it’s a step in the right direction. Don’t worry, I’ll let you know what I’m ordering.

  69. Marlene T in upstate NY

    OMG what a great tour to take on a Sunday morning. Last night I sat in my recliner looking through your book Sew Charming 5″ squares. I found some Christmas reproduction fabrics the other day and it will look great using the Christmas Chevron pattern. I love the back and how you used up the leftover pieces, it looks like a reversible quilt, just great. Actually, this book has tons of ideas for using up stash.
    I love the fabrics in your oval basket that you had collected for a project. One look at that and I told my husband I could easily take that batch off your hands. He looked at me like, really, don’t you have enough and laughed. As we drive past the quilt shop I go to all the time he always asks if I need anything. Haha!
    I love all of your quilt shelf bins with the different colors all tucked in. What fun to shop in there on these nasty winter days. Thanks again for showing your shop and all your treasures. Let’s all get through today and tomorrow with these terrible winds on the way. Stay safe.

  70. Polly Perkins

    Wonderful collection. No matter how much stash I think I have I always need a bigger piece, a different color, a border……. and I agree. Just picking out fabrics to make a quilt and admiring them is just as satisfying as actually making it. Thank goodness for it because this winter we are very rarely able to get out and shop.

  71. Connie

    I too thank you for sharing your stash pictures. Especially liked that all your spaces were not perfectly organized.

  72. Debbie B

    Oh, my! Now that’s a lot of lovely fabric. I’m glad to see your space kind of looks like mine. Thanks for the fabric tour.

  73. Andi

    Hi Mary!
    Oh, my goodness, what a walk down memory lane. I have a huge stash, but I think you have me beat. Looking at all those fat quarters makes me drool – so I guess we really will never have enough fabric, will we? LOL
    Wish I could still shop there! Your shop was the best!

  74. Linda Groth Olsen

    Gosh….loved seeing all the fabric….to have all those choices would be wonderful…I am trying to come up with enough scraps.for a.Bonnie Hunter quilt….fun post…

  75. Cathy D

    Seeing your pictures of the quilt shop brought back many happy memories of shopping at Country Threads. How I miss it! I always said I hoped to be reincarnated as a cat so I could live in the shop with all that gorgeous fabric. You have enough fabric there to reopen!! Love it 💕

  76. Beryl BC

    You already have 100 plus comments. I, too, want to say thanks for sharing. There are many good memories of wandering around that quilt shop. I have several pieces of fabric and patterns purchased there. It is fun to look through the stash and dream about future projects, and sometimes get a current project finished.

  77. Carla Francis

    Love seeing your stash!! I don’t feel so bad about mine!! Love your posts!! Keeps us all motivated!

  78. Paula Philpot

    Well, upon my honor…….. I loved seeing the stash, I feel better now….You mentioned tshirts for the rugs? Is that ok to use in them. How wide to you cut? Thanks for taking all this time to post all of this. Paula in KY

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Paula Philpot – I cut knits for rugs 2” wide but I never mix cottons with knits. The grab bag is a real interesting idea – Connie and I both feel quite burdened with such a large fabric collection.

      1. Paula Philpot

        I am sure alot of people wound be interested. You can get alot of fat quarters in those boxes at the post office and it would be alot of fabric people cannot find anywhere else. Being a shop owner too, I just thought you might like the idea. Paula in KY

  79. Paula Philpot

    P.S. Mary I have an idea. What about fixing “grab bags” for readers to purchase. You could put as many fat quarters as would fit into one of the boxes at the post office that ships for the same price no matter how much you put into it. Let everyone know what the price would be for the fabric and shipping and see if you have orders from all of us readers. You would pick and choose the colors for less hassle. Paula in KY

  80. Rosemary W

    Fun post! Love it! Thanks for sharing. Can’t believe how much you get done. The whole time I’m sitting here reading all the comments I’m thinking I should be sewing. Thanks for the inspiration… I love my bullseye quilt -done with black.backgrounds. I’ll send a picture after I get the borders on. I started a rug Friday night. Knew we wouldn’t be going anywhere this weekend.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Rosemary w – and we’re still not going anywhere, are we? So much I want to sew, read, do – not clean that’s for sure!

  81. Sharon Lowy

    What a wonderful place. How I would love to have that in my backyard! I save all little scraps and use them to stuck pillows for the animal shelter. They and be thrown in the washer and dryer for easy cleaning.

  82. Jo Kramer

    Oh Mary…having the shop I bet is a blessing and a curse. You have so much room you dont have to clean and organize so much as you still have plenty of space. I love seeing it!!! I had to control my stuff. I read Decluttering at the speed of life and loved the book.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jo Kramer – you’re right – it is a blessing and a curse. I’d really like to start Bonnie’s scrap system but where to start???? Thinking of you guys every day. Baby Friedman is a BIG boy! Was Carver that big? Poor Kalissa.
      Hugs to you all!

  83. Janine

    I spy a lot of treasures in these pictures. All the stacks of greens and reds and blacks are so tempting. Was thinking of an old game show called “Supermarket Sweep,” where you got so many minutes with a grocery cart and ran around trying to fill it up. Laughing thinking how much fun that would be to do that in the shop!

  84. Carolyn in Ms.

    Mary that was such a treat for me. I used to buy all your books (still do) and actually made the projects. I wanted so much to get to your shop, but we lived in Florida with small kids so it wasn’t an option at the time. So I feel like I finally got a look inside. What a warm cozy atmosphere around that table and stacks of pretty fabric everywhere. I’m so glad I found your blog. Thanks for sharing that with us.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Carolyn In MS – I have some great pictures of the interior of the shop – maybe I’ll post those one of these days when I don’t have bad weather to talk about – haha!

  85. Felicia Hamlin

    Wow! I think I am going to go shopping at your place when the snow melts. Take care, Mary.

  86. Lori King

    Loved looking at our stashes. Is the Wild Turkey pattern ina book or was it a separate pattern? I have always to do that one.

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