The quilts are back! 9-6-22

Fresh Start quilts are back home and I’ve spent the day taking pictures. Some are really good – others I will be redoing.

That’s just a start for you to begin looking – here’s my golf cart loaded with quilts and props.

And yes, our yard says a puppy lives here!


Reader Quilts

Taken last weekend at our all school reunion

More tomorrow – it’s mowing day again. The books will arrive this Friday or the following Monday. The only way for you to get an autographed copy by Connie and me is to order from Country Threads.

Book with media mail postage included for $30.00, cash or check only. No credit cards. Send your order to:

Country Threads

2345 Palm Ave.

Garner, IA. 50438

Connie will be organizing a sew along for the cover quilt in October which will require the book. I think I’ll join in the fun, too.

It’s been a great day!

50 thoughts on “The quilts are back! 9-6-22

  1. Vicki in Seattle

    Mary, your photos are absolutely gorgeous!
    Can’t wait until the book arrives. What a fun sew along that cover quilt will be! Thanks to you and Connie.
    Happy mowing!

  2. Chris in Alaska

    Beautiful !! Thanks for sharing your quilts , and can’t wait for my book ! I’m looking forward to the quilt along – I haven’t done one since Bullseye. I’ll be done with wedding sewing by then . I’m making drawstring beach bags for flower girl and ring bearer , and embroidering beer can Koozies for groomsmen .
    Chris in Alaska

      1. Chris in Alaska

        Yes , the one I made the bridesmaids’ beach bags for . It’s my middle daughter . Ring bearer is my grandson . Let me tell you this was easier than remaking a wedding gown for another daughter !! I’ll send you a picture, Mary, of her finished wedding gown .

  3. Arrowhead Gramma

    Seeing Big Red in one of your photos reminded me that I saw a Big Red when I went to pick up the mail this morning. Guess who I thought of when I saw it???

  4. Nikki in Texas

    Oh Mary, your pictures are gorgeous !
    Check is in the mail, can’t wait to get my book. This will be the first book in my new library. Seeing the photos of your beautiful quilts have inspired me. Hope to get quilting again . Things are coming along, I see progress & light at the end of the tunnel ( be it a long tunnel). At ranch this past 3 days, still doing clean up & salvage work. Salvaged the interior cedar & worked pulling nails.. as many as I pulled understand why they survived. Plan to use the wood for trim (windows/door) on rebuild. Met with architect & discussed plans & possibility of using existing slab since as of today is I damaged. Killed 1 small (3 ft) rattle snake & son shot 2 copperheads…I hate snakes. During clean up of downed or damaged trees have most cut & stacked for firewood. Hung fall wreath & getting in a fall mood….think I’ll bake some pumpkin bread. Have a great day. Give Keeper a hug for me.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Oh, Nikki, you’re making great progress. I’m sure it doesn’t seem that way to you but you’re even thinking about making a quilt again – great news! How’s Ms. Maci? And Chad and Heidi – did they move there already? I can’t remember. After such devastation, I’ll bet any progress is welcome – I remember taking nails out of the corn crib that fell down when we first moved here – such an awful job.

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Nikki – forgot to say I admire your ability to kill snakes!!! And Keeper says thank you for that hug – one can never have too many hugs.

  5. Karen Hamilton

    I love the quilts you are showing from the book, especially the one on the cover. Hmm, I just might have to buy the book! We are leaving for Arizona (snowbirds) on Sept 18. There is a quilt shop less than a mile from our mobile home park, and they are having Laura Heine there in January to teach a class. I will be signing up for it soon! Where was your all school reunion held? The gym looks so much like Crystal Lake…. where my kids went to school. But maybe many older gyms in northern Iowa look just like this one.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      It WAS Crystal Lake – not many gyms had bleachers like those that are enclosed. Becky and I sat in our favorite spot from high school and had our picture taken – very fun! Who are your kids? I probably wouldn’t know them however – I knew none of the younger classes that attended.

      1. Karen Hamilton

        I have 3 boys, they graduated in 2003, 2006, and 2008, all last name of Hamilton. I don’t think they knew about the all-school reunion, at least they didn’t mention it to me.

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Karen – too young! This was mainly for Crystal Lake graduates and the first of those when the schools consolidated in ‘61.

  6. Kathy Hanson

    Love the picture with you holding the bag! Perfect for you! Looking forward to getting your book!!!!!

  7. Linda K

    Oh my they are all beautiful! And your three newest family members, Keeper, JB and Big Red all posed so well. I can’t wait!

  8. Patricia

    Mary you have such an eye for esthetically pleasing composition. Your quilts look great. I love the extras, cats and dogs! You amaze me!

  9. Lora Jans

    Love how you have displayed the quilts! Perfect color coordination with nature’s beautiful flowers.

  10. Launa

    If you are going to the AQS quilt show…Laura Heine will be there teaching her Collage style quilts.
    She has a RED TRUCK QUILT….made from her older Blue Quilt pattern.

    MOOSE Fire is still burning here in Idaho. 44% contained! Praying for safety of Firefighters, helicopter pilots!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Launa – hadn’t thought about going really but maybe? So sad that the fire is still burning – unbelievable.

    2. Betty Klosterman

      Launa, I have been wondering how the Moose fire was doing. Hopefully you will be getting rain or snow to finish putting it out. So far all our fires have been little and the firefighters have gotten on top of them right away. It has to be very scarey for you. We have smoke today, but it is keeping the temp down a bit. And we can’t complain as it could be so much worse. It is coming from Washington, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming.
      Take care. We are all thinking about you. Betty in Rapid City

  11. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    You are so talented, Mary; the quilt pics are wonderful! I love the quilt on the fence with ‘3 underneath, I think it is ‘3. These nice days are such a blessing after all the heat. I wore long sleeves all day Monday-yay!

  12. Sue in Oregon

    Your photos are stunning, Mary. Very professional, with such excellent and interesting posing. I love that they are all in your beautiful yard and some with adorable pets. And, of course, Red.
    I will be sending my check for the new book very soon. Can’t wait to see it in person.

  13. Sharon

    Loved all your quilts ! Great pictures all around your yard,I felt like I was at a quilt show!Thanks.

  14. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Hi Mary,
    Your staged quilt photo’s are fabulous! Just got my e-book copy of your new book today (the print version is also on it’s way, but that takes a while to get here). The book is lovely, my sewing fingers are itching! It’s going to be a challenge to choose which one to make first.
    Corn is being harvested here, and last night we got our first tiny bit of rain in over two months. Everything is so dry, a lot of trees are just giving up and dropping their leaves. Hopefully we’ll get more rain soon. I have been putting extra food and water out for the wild birds and animals, as the ground is so hard and dry there are no worms and things for the birds to eat, and no natural water for them to drink from.
    We are keeping some tubs filled with water too, and the frogs are making grateful use of them, as several of the smaller ponds and lakes in the area are all dried up.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Fiona – oh, I am so sorry for your dry world there! I couldn’t bear to see those wild creatures without water. Are you limited in usage? I hope you can keep on helping them but sad about the trees, too.

  15. Paula Philpot

    The quilt pics are just gorgeous. I love the one with the green pumpkin. Thanks for sharing. Ankle still going good so taking a trip to Fl. next week. Hope your husband is doing good. Paula in KY

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Paula – I was just thinking about you and your ankle the other day – wow- so good you’re going on a trip? My foot issue remains painful but won’t get better until I can be off it.

  16. Bobby sutton

    The quilts from your book are gorgeous. I absolutely love the last one of blues and beige. I am ordering the book asap! ‘ Keeper’ fits right in. Yes, he is definitely a keeper .
    Bobby from Md

  17. Pattie W from PA

    You have a great skill with photographing your quilts. Makes me want to make them all. Love your bag!

  18. Susan

    I just LOVE your quilt and the barn! Gives new meaning to the phrase “barn quilt”….you have inspired this quilter to search for photo opportunities to record my quilty goodness. Thank you!

  19. Kathy in western NY

    I look forward to Connie guiding us with making a quilt from your newest book.
    The Bullseye one was such fun. Your pictures Mary are outstanding and the props just bring such coziness to your land.
    This week is Fashion Week in the streets of New York City. It amazes me so much hustle and bustle back and forth between showrooms and sewing studios. I was on the streets when it wasn’t Fashion Week and gosh so fascinating watching the clothes being pushed on racks. With quilted garments popular once again I will be interested in seeing this trend.

  20. Nancy

    You do such a beautiful job displaying the quilts. I love the Sew Along idea for the cover quilt. That was my favorite in the book.

  21. Dianna in Wisconsin

    I’m in the middle of making a quilt from the original book. Your new colors are beautiful. You are inspiring, thanks for sharing.

    I have 5 tops that I’m working on now. I had a bout of siatitica so I’m behind.

    Thanks for ALL that you share with us, your news in my inbox always brightens my day.

    I finally got my new machine, an Elena 770 but I haven’t used it yet. Terrified of pushing a wrong button or setting. It an age thing! 🤣

  22. Linda Blewett

    Any idea what the postage would be to Ontario, Canada? I am interested in the book but do not know what extra monies I need to send to you to get your book.

  23. Candy

    Mary, I love all your new quilts, and your photography of them is stunning. I can’t imagine the professional photographer used for the book doing as good, since yours are done with love! Three seems to be your little shadow … he’s always making an appearance. What a sweetheart! Thanks for sharing.

  24. Jeanine from Iowa

    All the quilts are wonderful, and your pictures of them are gorgeous. I love the settings you photographed them in. They are picture book perfect. I so enjoy your blog and all your pictures. Thank you again.

  25. Michele

    LOVE LOVE LOVE that orange and black quilt. If only I was retired and could spend everyday working on it now so I could enjoy it yet this Fall. It’s stunning!!!!! Definitely on my TO DO list. The cover quilt as a quilt along would be fun too. Never done one before. You’ve peaked my interest. But wait, I have a new puppy that takes up my evenings. And, he’ll only be little for a short time.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Michele – oh, there’s always another quilt to make! And you’re right, Beamer will only be little this very short while. Play with him now.

  26. Saundra jones

    Mary, all pictures were great, the one by the purple bush and coleus matched colors in quilt perfectly. Great eye on color.

  27. MartyCae

    Thanks so much for all the lovely pictures! They really made my day! Can’t wait for the book.

  28. Marylou Krish

    Oh my goodness! I have to learn to shut my mouth when looking all the beauty above! I almost drooled!
    So many wonderful quilts! I will order your new book. I won’t be back to sewing & quilting for awhile but I will get back.
    I needed to see all of it!

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