The rest of the quilts…..4-17-23

Before I show the pictures I want to ask a question – I talked to so many people at the quilt show. They all knew about Keeper, the piano music, March Madness quilt – but none of them had ever left a comment! This blog HAS TO BE a two way street or it’s just work for me. And I could be sewing in all the time it takes me to write the blog and post pictures yet everybody says they love the blog. I’m not looking for compliments – I’m looking for conversation among us. The blog about nothing is interested in YOUR nothing, too.

The outstanding quilt maker in my opinion is Barbara Veeder and I hope someone who knows her will pass this blog post on to her. I’ve never seen such imaginative detailed picture quilts in my life and I’ve seen a lot of quilts. I have googled her but cannot find the info unless she has moved from the address appliquéd on her quilt.

She has used piecing, appliqué, thread painting, embroidery, beading, and more to create the three masterpieces that were displayed at this quilt show.

Enlarge this picture if you can to see the detail I’m talking about.

There were so many great quilts at the show – even a Country Threads Bullseye!

Great quilt show, huh? Like I said, I wish I had taken more pictures. Dang.

This post has been about SOMETHING WONDERFUL, not the usual blog about nothing.

194 thoughts on “The rest of the quilts…..4-17-23

  1. Diana

    Thank you for sharing your quilt show pictures. I have that cow pattern and seeing that done makes me want to get that out as my next project!

  2. Quilting Sister

    Hi! Thanks for the very interesting quilts! If you told the total number, I missed it … but my fave was the one in your earlier post, made with a Country Threads pattern.

    What’s Hazel been up to? Still finding those dang rats?

  3. Felicia Siford

    Thank you for all of your efforts .I love reading about the farm and all of your animals.Over the years I’ve made many of your patterns and plan more in the future.Just wanted you to know how much you are appreciated.

  4. Paula S. in Kansas

    The quilt pictures were fabulous! This weekend I attended the quilt auction to raise money for the Mennonite Central Committee in Hutchinson, Kansas. I had donated 3 quilts that I had made. You never know how an auction will go. But I was pleased with the amount of money they brought in. There were over 200 quilts and wall hangings auctioned off and they brought in around $130K.

    I know your blog is hard work, Mary, but please don’t give it up! It’s like getting a letter from a friend!

  5. Brenda C.

    I am so happy to see quilt shop pics – a sign that things are coming back. I returned to Canada a year ago and this week will be the first in person quilt show for me – so bring it on!

  6. Elaine Kopischke-Trejo

    Thank you for sharing! Those quilts were amazing! I love the birds and branches. Such talent. Snow came back here in midwest Wisconsin so another week at least of cold weather predicted. Can’t even get out to pick sticks….too windy and cold! Alexa says it’s 26 here at noon on Monday!

  7. Jean Elliott

    I love reading your blog. But I am guilty of not commenting very much. I will try to do better. When I see all the readers quilts, I want to make almost all of them. But when I finish the one I’m working on now I have to do a bull’s-eye. I’m so happy I have so many of your books since they aren’t available anymore..I think that’s true since Martingale went out of business. . I will be in Garner at the end of May. Maybe I’ll be able to see you. I put those two patterns I bought from you on my last visit somewhere but I don’t know where. They will turn up eventually. . Happy spring.

  8. Lynn C. (NJ)

    You can google “Barb Vedder Quilter” to find her.
    Her last name has two Ds not two Es.
    I agree she is fantastic and original.

      1. Shirley Andersen Smith

        Please post your email address again. I saw your Bullseye in a magazine and want to email you pucs.
        Shirley from Oregon

  9. Chris J

    I love your blog. I am a beginner quilter and love what you show. I have a couple of your patterns and am working on a bullseye quilt. thanks for sharing your life with me. It’s like having a quilting buddy (I was going to say grandma but didn’t seem right). I love what quilting does for me and how it helps with other issues I have. I love seeing your dogs (especially Hazel) cats, goats everything.

  10. Betty Klosterman

    You are right about Barbara Veeder. We didn’t see her name on the previous quilts in the 4-16 blog, but her quilts do stand out. And close up is more amazing. What she is doing is not written down, it is coming straight from her imagination. Very interesting. Just think what great ideas may be hanging around in our minds and………… Oh, Oh, the ladies are at it again! More power to them.
    Betty in Rapid City

  11. Cathy K

    Mary, thanks for the quilt show! Thanks for sharing! I’m doing some catch-up today with my quilting projects. Will send pics soon! Was sitting out in the sun enjoying the warmth yesterday and it’s now cold and rainy here in Ohio today. Really miss that spring tease of the sun and warmth! Have a great day! Been enjoying stalking/reading your blog!

  12. Jean

    Gosh Mary those quilts. The quilting world has so surpassed what I am able to do! I love my quilts and don’t even want to think that maybe I could compete with some of those quilters. Barbara Veeder’s quilt! OMGosh! For a small town they really put on quite a show. Kudos to those quilters and that guild.

  13. Mary in Kansas

    I can see why you like the quilts with all the detail! They are literally, works of art! I can’t imagine putting that much planning and time in a quilt, I would never get it done! I am usually finishing up my project on the way to the event where my quilt will be gifted🤦‍♀️
    Enjoying the quilt show. Does anyone really get more time to sew after they retire???

  14. Gail Celeste

    I read every one of your Chicken Scratch blogs and enjoy every one of them. I love hearing about your life “down on the farm”. I love all the stories about the animals and of course, looking at all the quilts.
    We had four 80˚ days here in Illinois last week. Now it is 33˚ and we had some “sleet snow” today, but it has melted already – like just about every snow we’ve had this winter.

  15. Rhoda Ebersole

    Wonderful quilt show as you said. The area is a Mecca for quilters.
    Happy Spring!

  16. Marie Beers

    Wonderful quilt show. It’s great to see as there are very few shows in my area.

  17. Dee from Shell Rock

    My Week just changed gears. The granddaughter is coming on Saturday with all 7 kids just for the night. But I really need to do a clean up, I’m not used to company, much less a group of 2 1/2 thru 11. I’m doing a painted barn quilt that afternoon, but they are not coming until after soccer Saturday. Got her priorities right. They will come, spend the night, then do their business on Sunday and head home. It’s about a 5 hour drive. But I’ve been meaning to straighten up, so this will accelerate the process. Good thing this is a lower activity week. But yes, the quilt show was really good. I loved the quilt Grandma’s Halloween Costume of the little kid under the moon with the hexies.

    1. Betty Klosterman

      Pick up before the kids get there, wait til AFTER to clean. They will never notice or even care. Just enjoy them. Even better if they can play outdoors.
      Betty in Rapid City

  18. Linda M

    I liked your choices of quilts to photograph. Those hexies are amazing and I can’t figure out how they were put together. I always enjoy your weather reports as I know someone who lives in the vicinity. I tend to read your blog on my phone and not take the time to comment. I’ll try to do better!

  19. Charlene LaDronka

    Gorgeous quilts! I cannot wait for our guild’s show in July! I am always stunned by the beauty and creativity and return home invigorated!
    Thank you for taking the time to post these!

  20. Bonnie Archibald

    Mary, Thank you for sharing your pictures! I agree with you that Barbara definitely had the best of the show. WOW! What amazing talent. I have followed your blog for a very long time and do apologize for not commenting more often. I will try to do better and thank you for all your work on the blog. Bonnie
    PS I especially love seeing your pets and gardens:)

  21. Charlotte S in northern California

    Oh, such awesome quilts! I don’t have that talent, but I do appreciate seeing other people’s handiwork. Thank you for sharing your visit to the quilt show.

  22. Sharon Geiger

    Quilt shows are ALWAYS such a visual feast!! Thanks for sharing your photos with us.

  23. Erin D

    What innovative work! Her quilts are very inspiring. Thank you for sharing more pictures.

    Your blog posts are always about something interesting, and I very much appreciate the time and effort you must put into your blog worth reading. Thank you!

  24. Diane in Maryland

    I loved seeing the quilts from this show. Each quilt was beautiful! So nice that you could take pictures. I haven’t been to a big quilt show in years but love the quilt shows on your blog! Years ago I went to a quilt show in Lancaster, PA. with 2 friends. It was the first time I had ever been to a big quilt show. I loved every quilt and took pictures! Then the “quilt police” of the show told me that it was against their rule to take pictures and I would be ushered out if I took another! Thankfully they didn’t take my film from my camera…Haha. Glad times have changed.

  25. Peggy Grandberg

    Lovely quilts. Just home from a quilt week-end. Lovely quilts there also. Just finished my Cabin Corners from Bonnie Hunter in time for the retreat. 5376 pieces and I figure about 150+ hours of work. Lost track of how many times I had to take it out to show somebody. Was a big hit. Have a good day.

    1. Jeanine in Iowa

      You need to show us here on Mary’s blog so we can all see.

  26. Patricia E Campbell in AZ

    That 1st quilt by Barbara Veeder (did i get that right?) is just mind-blowing!! It would take me a lifetime to to just SOME of it!! 🤣 I’m a very slow quilter, and frankly, a poor finisher. I start like gangbusters but have trouble finishing projects. I have [almost!] 4 grandchildren and the 1st 2 have baby quilts. #3 still doesn’t have his and #4 is due tomorrow!! I haven’t started it yet!! Oh well.. I WILL get to them before baby #5!! Haha
    I look forward every day to your blog, Mary!! My chickens are growing like gangbusters!!! One tried to escape the other day! THAT was interesting! 🤣

  27. Susan in PA

    I’m glad you have gotten so much milage out of my suggestion that even if you wrote a “blog about nothing” everyone would love it.. Seinfeld would be proud…..I know I am. Everyone loves your everyday blog even if they don’t always comment on it.
    Every time I see you refer to it I remember our email exchange about Buckwheat and Alfalfa and it brings a smile to my face. Keep up the good work, Mary. Love ya’.

  28. Gerry

    Loved the quilt pictures. I am working on a table topper backing. The top is finished but I am piecing the back too. My sewing machine that I have been using 22 years has broken so I am using a loaner which makes it a little slower.

  29. Sandy

    Hi Mary, l loved the quilts with the birds on them, she is very talented and original! I was very nervous when l first started commenting, but it’s a conversation between a bunch of friends now, always interesting !
    Luna and Stella are off to a pantomime about sleeping beauty this week, wish l could go with them , but will be in Norfork Island, so I’m asking for drawings and a story. Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

    1. Diane in Maryland

      Hi Sandy!
      I would love to send you pictures of Ashley and Adam’s wedding. We loved all of Adam’s family and friends who came fro. New Zealand for the wedding! Please send me your email address. Mine is

  30. Kate

    I’ve been writing a blog for several years and I don’t get very many comments, either, even though I know people are reading it because it shows up on my map loco. Maybe if I gave away things like the Pioneer Woman, more people would comment, but I don’t work that way. I write my blog so that one day my kids can go back and read it and remember their mother. I love reading yours, so don’t stop. Please.

  31. Sandy Pierson

    Those quilt of hers are amazing! I so admire people who can use all those different mediums. I always tell everyone that I am a piecer. I can follow a pattern but cannot draw anything 😂

  32. Diane in Colorado

    I love that there were Country Threads quilts in the show!!!! My Bullseye is one of my favorite quilts and tops my bed all winter long. I made mine during the quilt along you did a few years ago and I loved the process as well as the results!

    It’s 72 here today but there was snow Friday night to Saturday morning in Colorado Springs. Justin reminded me that his house is about 2000 feet above my house—I always forget that as it’s also 2 hours south of me. Colorado spring is always about big contrasts. The trees are in bud now, so there is hope!

    I have a cold again, this time with an awful cough—a “daycare cold” as I refer to them. I think this is the third one this season—the cost of time with my Grands. I’ll take it!! I tested for COVID and am negative, thankfully.

    I’ve had to put my sewing machine away as I’m looking to move and need the house to be ready to show. My realtor is doing a walk-through on Wednesday, so I have been tidying! I am amazed at what a mess I can make when I’m in creative mode!!

  33. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    Wow, wow, wow! Thanks for the gorgeous quilt show from Clear Lake. I didn’t see the post last night so I wondered where you were, but looked back and found out! Duh me! I agree they are so detailed and beautiful! Of course, I was not surprised that your favorite was the red and white one😀. . But, there is Buckeye gray in there, too, oh my😹😹 Thanks so much for keeping us informed, Mary. Last week was beautiful here—in the 70’s. Today it is a very windy 41*—brrr. I am cleaning the sewing room. I have found so many projects. Guess I’m living to 110 years old!

  34. Kathy

    I like the blog about nothing. I didn’t know you really wanted us to write you about our nothings. Today was my monthly sewing group. I love going to it for the camaraderie but also they really are good cooks. We had a little bit wine tasting, some shrimp cocktail, some cheese and crackers, a ground beef, sausage and water chestnuts and wild rice casserole, fruit salad with some sort of mint dressing and brownies.

    The book for the book club this month was recommended by two members who have already read it. I also recommend it if you haven’t read.The Extraordinary Life Of Sam Hell.

  35. Dorothy

    You never have a blog “about nothing” Beautiful quilts, both from the show and the readers

  36. Dee Dee Peterson

    Those quilts with the birds are amazing. What a great combination…..piecing and applique….not anything I have ever seen. Thanks for sharing.

  37. Rita in Iowa

    Mary thanks for the pictures and allowing us to see the quilt show through your eyes. What a treat and such creativity.
    We had snow on the ground this morning but less then 5 miles south they had none. Thanks heavens it’s now 50 out at 2:30 but boy is the wind blowing. We were going to plant some onions and cold loving veggies but decided to wait. Maybe yet this week. Will start some seeds in the Aero Garden tomorrow so they will be ready for outdoors by mid May.
    Did a little bit of piecing for a mystery quilt and some more on the quarter square quilt yesterday.
    Today was some wash and catching up on email. How’s that for everyday life in Iowa.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Rita – yes, that sounds like my life about nothing! Haha!!

  38. Cheryl from Niagara Falls

    Wow! The talent!! I like to put little spins and extra touches on quilts I make but those go above and beyond! I love the robins and the Halloween one. The face on the moon made me smile and all those different hexies! So clever. The last quilt is amazing. I would have loved to see them in person.

    Thank you for your blog Mary. I am rather new to it but look forward to reading each day. We all know you have a very busy life and appreciate the time it must take you to write and add pictures. I like to see and read about your life and farm and animals! Thank you!!

  39. Donna Sproston

    Those quilts are truly works of art. Your blog is never nothing. If it were, you would not have all of us following you. I apologize for too often being silent.
    Snow returned to Wisconsin overnight but it might be done for this year. It was 82 Saturday morning. Birds are confused and sand hill cranes are screaming. Can’t say I blame them! Good day to cut some fabric but it will be simple squares and rectangles and no competition for any you posted.

  40. Carmen Montmarquet

    So many beautiful quilts, but I have to agree with you about Barbara Veeder, what an imagination to put together all that she did on that Awesome quilt! Thanks for sharing!
    We had 80’s plus degree weather for about 3 days here in NH, now it’s 51 cold and rainy. That was too much heat to fast! Hopefully we get back to the 70’s soon!

  41. Lynette in Orlando

    I love going to quilt shows and oooh and ahhhh over the tremendous talent! These quilts are stunning and thank you Mary for sharing them with us. It was a stormy morning here in Orlando. Woke to thunder and lightning and downpours. Unfortunately, it’s my day to run errands, including the grocery. Felt like a drowned cat! But we really needed the rain quite badly, so I can’t complain. I will try to be better at making comments…… :-).

    1. Mary in Orlando

      Lynette, I live in East Orlando near UCF. My name is Mary Davis and it’s nice to meet you. I am a member of the Log Cabin Quilt Guild and Quilts of Valor.
      The quilts were all beautiful. I’m not artistic but I do enjoy piecing.
      Mary, thanks for helping me find a new friend.

      1. Mary Etherington Post author

        Mary in Orlando – ooh, thanks for writing! You’ll find many new friends here – lots of the readers have made connections and email between themselves. I am only the blog connector – ha!

  42. Terri Mulinix

    wonderful quilts. Thanks for taking the time to photograph and share. Love the Birds

  43. Wonda Myers

    Those are beautiful quilts. Enjoyed seeing them. The bullseye quilt was tight quilting. Very nice. I made a bullseye quilt, very scrappy!! I just use it to put over me watching TV. Haha!!

  44. Shirley Andersen Smith

    I love your nlog. I don’t comment all the time but do once in awhile. I share some of your comments with my honey who gets a kick out of them.
    I love the quilt show photos. I just came from my wool group. All doing beautiful things. One gal just camr back from a retreat in WA state at Crabapple Hill. Now we all want to go.
    I still am going to make a bullseye. Maybe this summer.
    Thks for SHARING Mary. I appreciate you. How are the animals??

  45. Pat Smith

    I’m always almost speechless at the talent I see at quilt shows. I have gone to the Sister’s outdoor quilt show in Sisters, OR a few times and always feel the same after that one. I am and will remain a pattern follower. I don’t have that spark that makes so many leave their comfort zone to do creative things. The quilts with the birds were just out of this world. I’ve been working on a house quilt similar to the one I think I saw in a picture of one of Connie’s bedrooms. I felt there was too much sameness, so I decided to add some pine trees. This has stymied me now for some time. My husband wants to know when I’m going to get that quilt down off the bedroom wall where it’s been hanging for about a year! I keep saying, “As soon as I get those blasted trees right!”

  46. Sharyn Resvick

    I’m one of those readers who has perhaps only posted once. I do enjoy reading your blog. I grew up in rural ND so I can relate to many of the farm stories. I agree Barb V’s quilts are stunning. I especially liked the birds. My favorite quilt was the colorful New York Beauty.

  47. Marilyn Cook

    I guess I am a person who always reads your email/blog, but never comment. I look forward to your posts.


  48. Sandra Painter

    These quilts are amazing! I enjoy your blog, but I think I am guilty of never leaving a comment. Sorry!

  49. Marilyn Miller

    Your quilt show was wonderful and I have to say Best of Show belongs to Barbara VEEDER’s! Wow, just wow! The detail. What an heirloom that is!!
    Sun is shining here in west central, Illinois, (right across from the southeastern most tip of Iowa), but the wind is making our nearly 60 degree temperature feel like 30 degrees! The redbuds, magnolias, tulips, daffodils and forsythias are putting on a beautiful springtime display though.
    So much to do but hip pain keeping me unmotivated.
    Our fourteen year old cockapoos are showing their years, too. Seems to be one vet bill after another.

  50. Mary J Fratzke

    Thanks for sharing the quilt shows entries. Such detail in their designs!

  51. Annie C

    Love, love, love the Robin quilt! All of them are remarkable. Thank you for sharing! It feels like a loooong time since I’ve been to a quilt show. Glad they are starting back up again.

  52. Cindy Nelson

    You are always something wonderful!!!
    You and your family, animals and plants stay
    well watered, fed and healthy. Your readers
    love your blog, Cindy Nelson.

  53. Dorothy

    I love These quilts by Barbara Veeder. The details in her quilts are really wonderful. It has been so long since I have been to a quilt show and now after seeing these pictures I am itching to go. My SIL and I have been talking of going to the show in Paduca Kentucky for years and have yet to do it.other things in life keep getting in the way. Maybe this year will be the year!Mary we all love your blog and I think for me the reason I don’t often respond is because I read your wonderful blog and think I will write a note later on and later on never happens so will try to be much better. On another note,We had spring weather in the 80’s last week here in Chicago. I opened all the windows and let the fresh air in and now today it has been raining and snowing. I hope I don’t have to shovel in the morning!

    1. Darlynn Venne

      I too am itching to attend a quilt show after seeing this post. Seems like there are not many of them around any more. After COVID, the shows haven’t been as plentiful, in my opinion.
      Barb Vedeer is indeed a wonderful quilter. She thinks like Gwen Marston. Thank you Mary for sharing her quilts. I had not seen those before. I do believe she has had some in quilt museums? out East.
      I too, always think I will respond to the blog and rarely do….many after getting a scolding from Mary. She should not have to do that. I will do a better job in communicating.
      Back to the snow and cold here in Northern IL.

  54. Lynda Arduser

    Beautiful quilts- thank you for posting them. I love your blog and I’m guilty of not responding very much. I will try to be better.

  55. Joanne Houpt

    Awesome work on these quilts. The first one is really amazing as I am very attracted to thread painting and want to try it myself one day.

  56. Gloria B

    Your “nothing” is always more interesting than my “nothing “. Your blog starts it off and then as others comment I hear what’s going on around the country. Love when commenters include their location. Your pics from the show were captivating and gave me an idea. You often mention how your tastes (and the retail quilting works) have changed from darker more primitive or reproduction looks to brighter more wide range of color. I hope I’m not the only that has a huge stash built over the years, including regularly buying from you at Country Threads. Now how to use it in a quilt today’? Barb Vedder’s quilts gave me an idea to explore by mixing more traditional pieced blocks with appliqué. Maybe as overlay or in borders? If I get anything going I’ll send a pic. My appliqué will not be anything close to Barb’s detailed appliqué but worth a try. It’s cold again in northern Illinois so no outdoor activities to tempt me.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Gloria – I beg to differ that my nothing is more exciting than your nothing! Haha! I still have lots of brushed fabric that i want to use up and I’m working on it! I’d better live a long time.

      1. Gloria B.

        Reply To Mary – when you decide on a plan for your brushed fabric, please share. That’s in my stash too.

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Gloria – maybe this is a challenge for the blog readers – anyone who has brushed cotton they’d like to use up. What would be a good block? I do think we could all get brave and mix some cottons with the brushed – we might really love it! For those who aren’t familiar with brushed cotton, it is not the same as flannel. Brushed cotton is a woven with a nap on one side. Flannel is printed and fuzzy on one side only as a rule.

  57. Joyce in NY

    Thank you Mary for sharing the quilt show, they certainly are inspiring, but beyond my capability. The weather here is in the 50’s today after a very hot week, temps over 80 degrees! Now we’re going to get rain.
    My pet peeve is when people leave their grocery carts in parking lot & don’t put them back in the rack!!

  58. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    What beautiful quilts!

    The quilt with the cardinals, I believe I have seen that before, at a quilt show (AQS) in Pennsylvania. I remember it because I love cardinals, our yard is full of them. I like how the quilter combines traditional blocks with other techniques. Lovely.

    I’m not always on top of replying. This past month I have had the respiratory virus that babies and old people should avoid, RSV. My husband had it, a slight cold type illness for him, three weeks of coughing, sneezing, super bad headaches for me … no fun. Just as I started feeling better, I experienced the severe pain of planter fasciitis, centered in my heel… limped for ten days, every step excruciating. But wait… there’s more!
    I notice a bruise in early March, it didn’t heal at all during the month. A visit to the dermatologist and a couple of biopsies with stitches, two weeks of wound care and today the diagnosis is not fatal, thank goodness for that, but the stitches are not healed, two more weeks of being careful, no gym. I go five days a week; I haven’t been since March 16. Bummer. But who can gripe when they find out there’s no cancer?!

    So that’s my organ recital today… I had a friend who used to say “we have to go to my grandma’s house today and listen to her organ recital” and I thought, “wow, your grandma’s got talent!”
    Now I know she meant she’d be reciting her list of aches and pains and sufferings!
    And here I am, just like grandma!

    1. Vicki Ibarra

      I have never heard about the “organ recital” , but love it now that I know it. Thanks for sharing that story.

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Carol – oh, Carol, I always am interested in my friends’ organ recitals! That’s hilarious and I will remember that. You’ve had a time of it, haven’t you? The cardinal quilt I believe you remember at the AQS show was likely by Barbara Vedder who lives in Connecticut – there’s one with a red background on her website but the one who made these local quilts is named Barbara Veeder, different last name. This has been quite the discussion but I think I’ll have to post the name again on the blog because many readers are confused. Continue to rest and soon you’ll be back at the gym! Thanks for the organ recital!

  59. Connie R.

    The quilt show was beautiful. I admire the complicated art quilts but don’t think I would ever attempt one. I really enjoy seeing quilts that I think I would be able to make. It’s been so long since I’ve been to a quilt show . I miss the inspiration.

  60. Carolyn in NE Illinois

    Barb Vedder’s quilts are amazing! The big quilt show left Chicago a few years ago – such a shame. There don’t seem to be many others in our area now. Crazy weather here as someone else mentioned- 80’s last week; sleet, rain, snow today. Love your bl9g about nothing!

  61. Diane in WI

    Beautiful quilts from some very talented quilters. The quilt with the robins was a breath of spring today. We have cold winds and snow showers after temperatures in the 70’s and 80’s last week. I’m working on a quilt for my grandson. I also have to sew the binding on a quilt for my sister’s birthday.

  62. Ros Cosgriff

    Hi Mary, I look forward to reading your blog posts everyday and I’m another one who doesn’t comment. Sorry. I live in a small rural community a couple of hours north of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. I love to read about your animals, farming practices, weather, church activities, gardening and of course our common interest, quilting. We don’t have snow in these parts although our winters do get very cold but snow I couldn’t cope with. We are in the middle of our Autumn now so nice days and cool evenings. Your blog posts are interesting to me and I do read all the comments from your readers, it gives me an incite into how others are living their day to day lives. My sister and I just went to a big quilt show in Melbourne, such beautiful quilts on show as well as the many quilt shops and designers showcasing their new and some old designs to inspire us to add to the growing list of things to make. I have three blogs that I read religiously everyday, yours, Jo Kramer and Bonnie Hunter, you are all beautiful ladies and I feel like you are my friends. Cheers Ros

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Ros – I LOVE to hear from readers around the world and would love to hear more about your rural community! Thanks for writing😊

  63. Beryl BC

    Thanks for sharing the rest of the quilts. Barbara is an artist! I’m always drawn to applique, and hers are spectacular.

  64. Jill

    What beautiful (and unique) quilts!!! So creative! Thank you for sharing with us.

  65. Marcia Livingston

    A good quilt show is great for inspiration and motivation. Lovely detail in the pictures. Looking forward to Paducah in a few weeks to get motivated. Haven’t been there for several years. I don’t need a thing but interesting to see new things on the market.

  66. Sharon G.

    What a quilt show! Thanks for sharing with all of us, Mary. I appreciate all your hard work on this blog!
    Just so you know, Barbara Vedder has a blog and is also on Instagram and Facebook. Barbara’s piecing, appliqué, and choice of colors show just how talented of an artist she is.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sharon – wrong Barbara. The one who made these quilts is Barbara Veeder. Barbara Vedder lives in Connecticut.

  67. Judy

    LOVED the quilts made by Barbara Vedder. First thing I saw was the ringer washer along the side 🙂 The flowers, the birds, the juicy segmented worm! 🙂 Thank you for posting a few blow-ups, because even enlarging them on my computer screen didn’t do them justice.

  68. Sharon Ray

    Love the quilts from the show! I am working on the “Bible quilt” by Jan Patek, it feels like the size of a house! I have been making smaller wall hangings for awhile and those large ones seem huge.

  69. Diane Highfill

    Oh I love the scrappy hexi quilt! Scrappy quilts make my heart sing. The Bulls Eye quilt brought back happy memories as I made that quilt for my parents many years ago. It was a fun quilt to make and I think it’s time to make myself one.

  70. Gail in Ohio

    I’m commenting!!! 🙂
    Those quilts are indeed wonderful and inspiring! Thanks for sharing the photos!
    I’m hoping to get back into the swing of sewing soon – I have rid myself of some responsibilities so I can have more time – hope it works!
    We’re on the chilly side right now in central OH (after beautiful warm weather last week!) and it’s a good time to stay inside. The outside chores can wait a bit…

  71. Arliene Zeigler

    All the quilts you took pictures of were outstanding. But, Barbara Veeders quilts were amazing. I have never seen anything like them. What a creative woman! Thanks for your blog. I enjoy reading it but I also love seeing the pictures of your farm and animals.

  72. NancyTD

    Barbara Vedder’s quilts are beautiful.
    Yesterday’s snow melted. We had 46 degrees with wind gusts of 46 mph. today.
    I started cutting out some Christmas gifts. Yup I needed something to do! Small projects that I can hand quilt this summer. Trying to use more of the fabric that I have too.
    I enjoy seeing all the quilts everyone shares. Your hard work doing the blog is appreciated.

  73. Lynn

    Gorgeous quilts! Such talent out there. I know I will never get to that level but love seeing them.
    Mary I love your blog and it gives me a chance to hear about other places and things. I don’t write much because i seem to have alot of negative going on in my world. Like to hear all the good and funny things included in the blog.
    Thanks for your time and effort in keeping it going.

  74. Rosalie

    Love those quilts with a pieced quilt and wonderful appliqué- especially the robins. I just finished piecing a top yesterday. It is Fire Escape- I’d had the pattern snd fabric together for at least 10 years! Pulled it out and started it at a retreat on March 31.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Rosalie – I will post it here on the blog – looked hard to me! Spectacular quilt!

  75. Hope McMurrich

    I love reading your blog about what you are doing and the dogs and other animals.
    Manitoba Prairie Quilters had their show this past weekend after 5 years in Winnipeg. We had 200 quilts of every description, beautiful and amazing! It was very well attended after so long without one.
    Please keep writing as I really enjoy it and even like knowing how the corn is doing across the road come summer!

  76. Barbara Aker

    Scored a wonderful fine this past Saturday at the local Goodwill. It was a queen size, handmade, Dresen Plate quilt in perfect condition. Possibly from thec1960’s judging from the fabric used. The great part is that it only cost $12.00 ! Also found several holiday table runners that looked like they were never used . Those were $3.99 each. Also bought 3 lap size quilts for $4.99 each. Went home a very ha]y customer.

  77. Nancy Poole

    I love the quilt show. I am amazed at the beautiful work people do on them. I’m just a plain anything goes type of quilter. Unless it came in a precut kit. you get what you get.
    I love reading your blog every day. It keeps me connected to the Midwest. Keep doing it. Thanks so much Mary.

  78. Linda in Estherville

    Thank you, Mary for the comments….life sometimes gets mundane and nothing happens…

    What’s happening in NW IA besides at least 4 “ of snow to wake up to on Sunday, and it continued a light snow all day. But, I do see that there are several daffodils about 7” tall, how did that happen with the snow. Today the tiger lilies showed up out in the wooded area. The Des Moines River is peeping over the bank and standing over our walking trail!

    I have been working on a quilt for one of the granddaughters graduation gift. I had asked several times for tee shirts, so I made a combo photo\school tees quilt. It is working out ok…I had a terrible time getting photos to copy in the same size. It looks rather caboodles! I am quilting it using a quilt embroidery design; it is turning out nice enough. I have not done that before! What a learning curve! The next grandsons tee shirt graduation quilt will be all tees, and I can just have one size and not think about all that math! His parents want the Wonky quilt…so,another learning curve mixed in there.

    Getting together with Britt class of 63 gals to plan our reunion this summer this week. We couldn’t plan a day to get together this winter, so I am not sure when we had lunchtogether last!

    There…more about nothing…but I,like to read Mary’s nothing blog! So I don’t want to miss her chats about nothing…so here is nothing more for,you….will you join me in nothing?🤫😐🤓

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda – thank you! I don’t feel like my life is so mundane and boring when I know that others lead the same kind of life – regular days filled with cleaning, cooking (occasionally), pet care, chores, sewing – and lots of yard work coming soon! Nothing exciting.

  79. Joanie

    Thanks for sharing the pictures from the quilt show – especially The quilts made by Barbara Veeder. They are exceptional! I look forward to your blog posts so please keep sharing as it makes my day. Thank you Mary.

  80. Judy

    Thanks for sharing pictures of the quilt show quilts. I especially enjoyed yesterday’s posting. Nothing fancy; more like something I might attempt. We finally had enough dry warmer days that we were able to plant our spring garden last Thursday, then today we had snow flurries. With the wind chill in the 20s the softball game we were to work was postponed until tomorrow. Time to sew today. Hip replacement was just before Christmas and now I can get around much better. I had help planting but I planted 4 rows myself.

  81. JoAnne

    Always enjoy your posts, love all your pictures from around the farm, your quilts and everyone else’s that you share. I’d miss it, so keep them coming!

  82. Terri S.

    Just returned from a wonderful quilt retreat in Austin ,Mn . Was sponsored by the Calico Hutxh quilt store in Hayward ,Mn. The first session had 109 quilters, the second session has 60 and the last session is predicted to have 40. That’s a lot of quilting,chatter and memory making in one place. I think a great time was had by all. The worst part of it was driving back to St.Paul in the snow storm! Ugh,wiill it be spring?…in the mean time I will quilt!

  83. Beth T.

    Thanks for sharing all of the quilt pictures. I’m still at home due to my immunocompromised condition, so these virtual quilt shows are a real joy for me.

    It is great fun to see all the variations of the Bullseye quilts, isn’t it? This one just glows! I have finally finished my own flimsy, in a pattern that went somewhat far afield from the original design. Once I’ve quilted it I’ll share a photo with you. I loved making it and used my “extra” blocks to make a quick charity quilt. That one, too, is waiting to be quilted. (Are you sensing a theme here?)

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Beth – yes, I understand. It’s that quilting that hold me up.

  84. Helen Jane (Tx)

    Hi Mary…Thank You for “sharing the Quilt Show”…and your time spent doing so. The talent is amazing! Perhaps we will learn more about Barbara Veerland and her creative quilts. Our Saturday was spent at the Bluebonnet Festival and driving the many roads to see pastures of wildflowers. Even the cows, horses, donkeys etc seem pleased with the smell. I read that many of your blog followers have snow, too much rain, storms etc. and I read the comments and think about how you describe and go about your days. Interesting!

  85. Chris in Alaska

    The quilts are stunning ! Thanks for sharing with us 🙂 Snowing again today up here 😳

  86. Nancy Wines

    Thanks for sharing the quilts. What amazing quilts and so many with intricate piecing. I love seeing all the great work. I love seeing your pictures of farm life. There is so much work having a small farm and dealing with the aftermath of winter and the toll it takes on the landscape. We don’t see that here in sunny Florida. I am on the way to spending a week in Paducah starting this Sat. I have a bunch of friends that go every year. We stay in a wonderful cabin and take our sewing machines and sew when we’re not shopping at Hancock’s or going to the show and Quilt Museum. It’s always fun to see springtime in Kentucky. Thanks for all your hard work on the blog. I always enjoy every post.

  87. Marie C

    Thanks for the great quilt show. Viewing is always inspiring. I made a quilt similar to the cow quilt several years ago
    It was lots of fun. I just got back from a family quilt retreat this past weekend
    It was so fun.

  88. Joy in NW Iowa

    Such beautiful quilts with s much talent! Plus, a sweet lady taking pictures of a quilt show we couldn’t go to! Love you Mary!

  89. Bernadette

    Thanks Mary for the pictures. Those are some beautiful quilts. Many hours put into them. Great accomplishments.

  90. Barbara

    The patchwork alone is beautiful and then to add the beautiful appliqué makes those quilts outstanding. Love your blog. I always read it first!

  91. Brenda

    Wow, those quilts are amazing! What an artist!
    I love reading your blog and look forward to it. I usually don’t comment but I will now that it seems important. I am pretty much a stay at home person due to health problems and your blog and other quilting blogs keep me interested and entertained. I also love seeing and hearing about all your animals. My cat of many years and my little 18 year old miniature poodle have left me bereft in their losses. I am too old to start again and watching them die was too painful so I will follow your animal escapades and be grateful to hear about them. i know I am among many who love to hear from you, whatever you are doing and would never want you to feel that you put in so much work that was not appreciated.

    I just found out a few minutes ago that my brother has been admitted to the hospital because they found an aneurysm. No details yet , but he has been suffering from chest and shoulder and arm pain. prayers appreciated. Thanks again for all you do.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Brenda – I am so sorry you feel you can’t take in another pet. I worry about this every night in bed. What if I died tomorrow – what would happen to my pets that I love so much? I would rather have them euthanized than be sent to the shelter to be adopted by a bad owner. There are many things much worse than death for a beloved pet. There are however many senior pets at shelters and their last days could be spent in your loving care. It’s a win-win for both of you! I have lots of animal stories in my head. I hope your brother will be ok – sounds like there was a reason he was having chest and shoulder pain.

      1. Brenda

        Thank you so much for having time to reply. Also thank you for sympathy for losing my pets. Unfortunately, I don’t think it would be responsible for me to take another pet as my mobility and other physical and health issues are making it harder to care for myself. I live alone and don’t have anyone close by to help me. I have a neighbor who has a lovable dog that I can visit, and I love reading about your pets and other quilters, like Jo and Bonnie, who have beautiful pets, as well. Sometimes we just have to know what our limitations have become and be wise enough to accept the changes. I will soon be 83 and hope to continue taking care of myself.

        My brother, who is 10 years younger is having a heart procedure to determine how to treat the aneurysm. I hope all will be well. Thanks so much for caring and giving us followers so much joy!

    2. Cynthia from SW Minnesota

      Hello Brenda! Hope you will re insider and find an animal to adopt, it adds such joy to one’s life! One of my good friends would be lost without her wonderful Rikki! Pets add such love and joy to one’s life for sure.

  92. Deb in Idaho

    I’ve been on the road so just now getting Wi-Fi to check all my emails. I love all the quilts,so many talented people out there. Makes me wish I had brought my sewing machine. Oh Brenda,so sorry about your brother. I stopped to see my brother, but he isn’t doing so well.

  93. Terri Flynn

    I’m fairly new to quilting but am in a club and we have some very talented ladies. (California) These quilts are so detailed and beautiful and I especially admire the ones sewn with very small squares, maybe 1 inch? And, the quilts with birds. I also enjoy seeing pictures of your animals, and the red barn with the American flag in the winter with snow on the ground. This blog is not about nothing. It’s about family, and pets, and love of God and Women’s basketball. It’s about having a place to go online that’s pure, and so personal that in a way I feel like I have friends in a small town in Iowa. A simpler time when people mattered. You matter and so do all who read your blog and those who post. Tbh, I’ve never been great and even writing a note in a birthday card to mail. I often think no one really cares about what I think. But… the above is what I think. I like this blog. It’s the only one I follow. It’s nice being part of a blog about nothing… and everything… that matters.

    Love it!!
    Terri Flynn

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Terri – see that’s the thing – we are all connected by similar interests which do seem quite pure and simple when compared to the world out there. The first three stories tonight on the evening news were about guns and violence – I am so happy to live in a rural area! And glad there are others out there who also can appreciate a somewhat simpler lifestyle – one that even celebrates women’s basketball! Haha! I have to say my biggest problem today was the cat throwing up on my clean floor – ugh.
      Thanks for writing – the blog about nothing marches on!

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Terri -I forgot to ask how you found this blog? And yes, you do have a friend in small town Iowa!

  94. Charlotte

    Thank you for the quilt show of magnificent quilts, Mary. I remember once upon a time attending a quilt show with you in Portland, OR. If memory serves, we had dinner at a celebrated fish restaurant and we also went to Powell’s bookstore. Grateful you are sharing this recent show. Can’t get enough of these gorgeous quilts.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Charlotte – I, too, remember our night out many years ago! Food was delicious, book store unbelievable and the company was delightful! Thanks for a great evening – I really must take the time to tell the Country Living story soon before I forget details.

  95. Dianne Huling

    Hi Mary,
    Barbara’s quilts are truly amazing. They are works of art. When I see her quilts, I’m reminded of one of my favorite artists Rebecca Barker. In her paintings, she paints a scene in the top half of the picture and then paints a quilt in the bottom half. All of the quilts that you took pictures of are very pretty. What a great show it must have been.
    At the end of April, I will be going to the quilt show at Lake Farm Park in Kirtland, OH, which is east of Cleveland. The show has been put on for at least 20 years or so. Over the years, I have entered several quilts and even won a First Place Ribbon for a baby quilt years ago. I still have the quilt and the ribbon.
    I enjoy reading your blog. Thank you for all the time you put into it and for posting your pictures throughout each year. Terry Flynn said it perfectly in her comment about your blog. I totally agree.
    Dianne in Ohio

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Dianne Huling – well, thank you Teri and thank you Dianne. It is my pleasure to write the blog and then it’s especially fun to read your comments and learn a bit about your lives. I’m always curious but I find we are all so very much alike – more alike than different really.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Mary Jane – it’s Barb Veeder from North Iowa, not Barb Vedder from Conn.

  96. Sue in Oregon

    The Robin quilt is an absolute masterpiece. All of the quilts you have shown are fantastic. No wonder you stopped taking photos. You were stunned by the awesomeness of them all. Thank you so much for the show. I haven’t been to an actual one for a very long time.
    We are still having hard, icy rain and wind. Once in a while a nice day comes along and I think spring is finally here. Next day…right back to winter we go.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sue – I was in awe of lots of these quilts – so many quilt members had multiple entries. Wish I could have grouped by maker. Some of them were simple designs with yummy colors used together that I would never think of. I need to get out of my box.

  97. Vickie

    Mary, they are indeed very beautiful and inspiring. Thank you for taking the time to take pictures and sharing them with us.

  98. Jeanie S, Central IL

    OMG these quilts are stunning! Thanks so much, Mary, for posting. It sounds like it was a great show; I am glad you had such a nice day.

  99. Janny Schoneveld

    Haha Nice blog you wrote today.
    I felt of I where at school and the teacher pointed a finger at me!
    But you are right.
    It must be a 2 way Street.
    So thank you for the blog today.
    Very beautiful quilts.
    Greetings from Holland, Janny Schoneveld

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Janny – And it worked! Thank you for writing from Holland! Are you in the middle of tulip season? Tell us!

    2. Diane in Maryland

      Wow… Holland! Mary’s blog does cover the world. Nice to know that people in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Japan and Holland are reading and sharing their lives and quilting. We are all so alike! Hope you send in pictures of some of your quilts. It’s very interesting how different areas use different fabrics and color combinations to make glorious quilts.

      1. Shirley Andersen Smith

        I would love to see pictures of quilts from different countries. I have been in love with quilts I have seen from Australia and Europe.
        Love this blog. I was so suprised the peonies are ready to bloom in Tennessee. Here in the highlands of Oregon they have not even poked their heads out. Oh my. We are in the 5th season, called Winter Spring. Ha. 28 this morning. And yes, we are tired if winter. Mountains got 8″ last night. Brrr.

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Shirley – I just checked my peonies yesterday – not a trace coming up! We have a new reader from Holland whose name is Janny – maybe we can convince her to send some pictures. Also Fiona in the Netherlands. There is also someone in South Africa – I will work on this.

  100. Stephanie Smith

    Mary your nothing blog is always about something. Beautiful quilts this time!
    Amazing creativity. Thank you for the inspiration!

  101. Rina Scholtz

    Thank you Mary, these quilts are a work of art, maybe I will get there one day!
    Thank you for sharing your photos and time with us..
    Have a great day

  102. Carolyn Barnett

    Mary, such wonderful quilts! Just loved them! I have been making quilts for almost 40 years and I never cease to be impressed at quilt shows and my guild Show and Tell! I went to the Road to California Show in January of this year and the entry quilts just left me in awe and I was truly humbled, I was taken by how many of the quilts i saw invoked such strong feelings in me, Many of them were pictorial and were about women , their friendships, and their common struggles for dignity and meaning in their lives. Other quilts were just fabulous displays of color and the quilting was just unbelievable. I respect these quilt artists and enjoy their work but I rarely “do” art quilts as I just love traditional quilts, the history of quilting in America and the fact I love to cover my friends, neighbors and my family with a quilt I have made,,, I came to terms a long time ago that I would not win any prizes but what kept me going all these years is just the joy of manipulating fabrics, trying new color combinations, new patterns and all the fun quitting patterns. I am lucky to have many local friendships here in Southern California that involve quilting and I attribute my sanity (or what’s left of it) to these women! This blog is an extension of these friendships and I want all your bloggers to know how talented they are and how much I appreciate their comments. Of course you are our ring leader and what would we do without you inspiring us to press on with our UFO’s and to try new things? You and this blog are really loved and please don’t ever think otherwise! Love to all, Carolyn Barnett

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Carolyn – I do know I’m loved and the feeling is mutual!! I love my blog friends and enjoy hearing about their lives – just as you obviously enjoy hearing about mine, which seems so mundane and ordinary – the reason I call it the blog about nothing. Nothing exciting, heart stopping, or memorable – just ordinary life.

    2. Dorothy in Chicago

      Carolyn, your beautiful words express the feelings of all of us. Please continue to share your life with us Mary and I will do better to share mine.
      So in an effort to share….today I have a cassoulet in the oven and am making rosemary bread in a Dutch oven. Recipe found on Pinterest. My kitchen smells amazing!

  103. Pattie fro PA

    Guilty, guilty, guilty ! I have been back in PA for about 10 days and have not taken the time to catch anyone up. Instead I am trying to accomplish all those things that get neglected, put off, etc after being away almost 4 months. Lots to share which I will do soon,. Today is the 1 year anniversary since my husband, Roger, passed away. I plan to spend some time at the cemetery today. I have so much to tell him. Wouldn’t you know it, the cold has returned along with the wind. We’ve had beautiful warm days since I got home. Oh well, I’ll make the best of it and write soon.

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Welcome back home Patti. It’s an emotional day for you I am sure and know your husband is with you always following your sweet heart moving on with rescuing pets and meeting new friends in campgrounds. You are to be admired for your due diligence traveling alone in the RV cross country,
      Knowing you are back on home plate, Pattie, is why this blog matters to so many of us as we have connected through our lives because Mary engages us together. As others have said, it’s our big wide group of friends who we love knowing about and getting a phone call to catch up with. Please everyone keep sharing comments as we all care and want to hear what your day has been like however small it seems to you. It isn’t small to all of us who chose to be the same way as it says contentment to me.

      1. Mary Etherington Post author

        Kathy – yes, we need to know what our friends are doing, don’t we? Just one more thing to add – their STATE!

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Pattie – sooo glad you’re home from your extreme adventure and can’t wait to hear about it! Sad day for you but happy you’re home on this day to go to the cemetery and tell Roger all about your trip. Already one year – oh my.

  104. Judy Gnade

    Hi Mary, this was quite the quilt show! Thanks! We are enjoying an early spring in Maryland. Our redbud trees are out in their full glory, now the lilacs have joined them. Daffodils have passed but tulips are blooming as well as the early iris. It’s a marvelous sight!

  105. Mary Ann

    The quilts are all beautiful, including the others you have shared. The applique quilt is amazing. Thank you for sharing.

  106. Kim from TN

    Love seeing the rest of the quilts, what talent and use of fabrics. You can check out Barb Vedder blog here: hope that helps. Its going to be nice here in TN today and I hope to play outside with some weeding the flower beds. Everything is planted for summer and my zinnia seeds are up nicely. The peonies are 3 to 4 feet tall and close to blooming. This is the nice spring/summer weather. How is Hazel doing with the rat situation?

  107. Stephanie

    Wow, the details, the quilting! Must be something in the Iowa water. Stunning quilts.
    Thanks for the pictures. I especially like the one with embellished hexagons. That quilters mind works
    Differently than mine!

  108. Jean

    I love your blog and I am SO guilty about not commenting. Will try to do much better. Those quilts are incredible!

  109. Mary

    Hi Mary,
    I love going to quilt shows. I love quilting and I come from a long line of non-quilters and non-sewers, although I have been told privately that it is believed one of my great-aunts did some embroidery work…lol. Just went to a show in Indiana this weekend with friends. So fun. Some knockout quilts! Of course at every show I learn something about my style and my sense of color. Reminder for me to do me and enjoy the journey. Last quilt I made for my mother and the current quilts are for my kids’ teachers this year. That deadline is starting to loom. yikes. My family adopted an older cat (2-3 yo) from a shelter and it was the best. Regret not taking the senior cat looking for a furever home. We live in the country, your blog (and Jo Kramer’s) keep me connected with the world now that it looks like I will be working from home a bit longer.

  110. Jane

    Wonderful Quilt show. I absolutely love your last quilt shown, but it is so out of my league that it awes me, not inspires me. The quilts Vedder quilts both awe me and get my creative juices flowing. She goes where I never thought of going before. I love her results.
    Looks like there is no shortage of comments on this one.
    Thank you for sharing.

  111. Jennifer Mattoon-Anderson

    Well Mary, two way streets is about it. Just returned from Florida – where the weather was so hot that my husband (Timn) could not even leave my brother’s home – he wanted to stay near a pool he could cool off in. We hiked on the way to Florida, stopped at Indiana Dunes and did the Diana Dune challenge. It was a challenge. We hiked at Mammoth Cave – what a beautiful quilt that would make! We then hiked through the grounds of Stones River National Battlefield memorial – this was well done from a perspective that you can walk the battlefield and when you get to a historic place, you call the number and put in the site, and it plays the information about what happened in that area during the battle. Our last stop on the way down was the Andersonville POW National Memorial. It was the site where northern soldiers were held captive during the Civil war and has now become a national site for all POW’s. We learned so much there and they covered all of the wars and conflicts and our soldiers that were held prisoner from WW2 to Desert Storm told their stories. Another beautiful site. So, with that, we should roll out some of the patriotic quilts done over the years! I have a few from my days at Country Threads sewing in the barn. Miss those days…
    Jennifer Mattoon-Anderson

  112. Beth Haynes

    So Mary, I am sorry that commenting, having a conversation with you, is not something that is easy, as you know. But I really look forward to hearing about all your life, well the game watching is not my thing, but can understand your passion for them, anyway, just got back from a weekend quilt retreat with 40 women. Worked on a king size quilt, well a small portion of it. For my nephew and it is paper pieced, so many points etc. Am looking forward to getting it done so I can scrap quilt, which is my real liking. Thanks for all you share with us. Oh, spring has come to New England. Just overnight the grass greened up and leaves popped on the trees. Yippee! My brother in law’s mini farm has kids, lambs, piglets and a colt.

  113. Gwen

    Beautiful qui!ts. Another reminder to start my bulls eye quilt. I have wanted to make one for years. I will be retiring soon so more time to quilt.

  114. Sally J.

    Thanks for sharing the Quilt Show with us!! I have not attended one in a long time!!
    Such talent…it puts me to shame!!
    Love this blog with all the sharing and caring.
    Thanks Mary for all that you do!!
    Sally J. Waterford, Mi.

  115. LaRue Schade

    Pictures are great! The quilts are outstanding! Thanks for all you do Mary!

  116. Kim

    These quilts are lovely, unique and so nicely done. I’ve thought about trying to make quilts that tell a story, such as these do. Perhaps it’s time I begin. Thanks for sharing your walk through the quilt show. It’s been ages since I’ve been to a show. PS: I’ve neglected to mention that I saw my Chloe here on your blog, sitting in the big red bowl admiring my “Cow Lady” Carl Larrson picture. You were surprised she hadn’t broken the bowl with such shenanigans and she hadn’t broken anything – until two nights ago when she pushed a potted African violet off a table, smashing the pot, which was a pink McCoy and a keepsake from my daughter who had given to me 20 years ago. I just sat and cried when I discovered it. That cat! My daughter passed away last October and of course this was even more special to me since then, but she also gave Chloe to me so I’ll be putting up with this little cat getting into trouble from time to time and try to put precious things out of harms way.

  117. Ynthia from SW Minnesota

    Good morning Mary! I have put my little list of things to do today to read your wonderful connection blog this morning. I am going to get my Bullseye quilt ready to finish the binding, your blog and everyone’s comments are very motivating! I am going to do another step in organizing my sewing area today, and hopefully this will be the missing link to getting things more organized. I am getting a 6-cube storage item and then I think I will get a handle on my stacks of fabric. So, I am always surprised when you say your blog is about nothing, really, our daily tasks are very interesting, and for me today, motivating. I wondered after the beautiful quilts you saw and treated us with, if there is any chance Barbara Veeder could be contacted and maybe we could hear from her on her very inspiring quilts! I sai, ‘Oh, WOW’! When I looked her quilting and the appliquéing, so original, and personal no doubt to her and her family! We did a family memory quilt for my in-laws’ 50th anniversary, I am going to get it out of the closet, take a photo and send to you. It is not a quilt, it is a comforter. My MIL loved that quilt. She folded it up at the end of each day, set it aside for the night and put back on her bed every day until she died. My sister-in-law from North Dakota had the suggestion on what we should do at Christmastime, and it was done by their anniversary which was March 4th. I did the putting together. Wish I had a wall large enough to hang it up.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Cynthia – your photos were delightful and I’ll be posting them!

  118. Doris Gardner

    I never comment here but I do enjoy your blog. I enjoyed seeing you when I stopped to see you last year on my way home from South Dakota. Thank you for all you do for us!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Doris – it’s so fun to hear from you. I ran across a picture of Siri just recently.

  119. Bonny

    Thank you Mary for sharing pictures from the quilt show! The local library has a Read 1000 Books B4 kindergarten program underway. A reward for child and parent completing this goal includes a quillow. I’ve channeled my quilting efforts to support this program. Nothing as fabulous as the quilts shown!

  120. MaureenHP

    These quilts are all beautiful creations but Barbara’s is truly a work of art!
    Thanks for sharing and for all the time you put into writing this blog. It is always fun to read.

  121. Susan K in Texas

    Those who don’t comment or don’t read the comments miss a lot of the story of the blog. Mary you start the conversation and it continues in the comments. I appreciate you sharing your life and sharing your readers’ quilts.
    The quilts from the show are absolutely gorgeous. Barb’s quilts are creative and beautifully done.

  122. Rachel Summy

    Hi Mary! So enjoy your blog and all what you share. I’m a fellow Iowan but live in the SW area of the state and are taken over by Omaha and the NE Huskers sports. Love to make quilts, finish throw size and smaller myself and enjoy gardening and volunteering with our local Master Gardeners. We also farm, for nearly 50 years, and keep very busy growing crops and plants!! Keep on sharing and I’ll try and reply more often.

  123. Billie in Henderson, NV

    Love seeing the quilts. Right now I am on a quilt tour with Heritage Quilt Tours. If anyone is interested look them up. This is my first and am planning on another. This one started in DC and now we are in Lancaster visiting the Amish country. Even had a sit down dinner in a Amish home, and it was wonderful!. So that is my news about nothing!

  124. Janet Easley

    In answer to the question about having more time to quilt when one retires – for me, yes. In my final years as a teacher i was striving to figure out what I would do “when I grow up” (AKA my next chapter) I had been reading the Elm Creek Quilt series by Jennifer Chiaverini and that did it. I pulled out quilts, I am privileged to own, made by both my grandmothers, aunt and mother. One of many butterflies, made by my paternal grandmother, was on my childhood bed. My aunt’s quilt was on my younger daughter’s bed for several years. Let’s just say it was a huge learning curve from making clothes to making quilts!! I’ve really only been at it since 2019. SO, MARY, I LOVE ALL THE QUILT SHOWS YOU SHARE AND THE CONTINUED INSPIRATION IT BRINGS!!
    I, too, like many others, don’t always respond to the blogs. Yet, I do look forward to them filled with animals, scenery, quilts, amusing comments, etc. Thank you for your time.
    I live in Arizona, but, my parents were from Iowa.
    January was when I first became aware of the blog. The monthly color challenge has gotten me motivated to dig in to my stash. Thank you for that inspiration!
    Take care,

  125. Lynn McMahon

    Hi Mary,
    Thanks for all the photos from the Clear Lake show. Such amazingly talented quilters! Hopefully next year I can attend. I was holding down The Quilted Steeple shop on Saturday. I appreciate all the effort you put into producing the blog about nothing! Country Threads was my happy place for a lot of years. Thanks for keeping the connection going!
    Take care,
    Lynn McMahon

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Lynn – so fun to see you again!! The Quilted Steeple adds a lot to North Iowa – I’m ashamed to say I have never been there and would like to go sometime. Would I need to be part of a retreat? How does it operate?

      1. Lynn McMahon

        The Quilted Steeple is a quilt shop and a retreat center. You do not need to be part of a retreat group to shop! Shop hours are T- F 10- 5 and Sat 10- 4. Stop over sometime!

  126. Lee Bowers

    Nice quilts. It seems more and more we are leaning towards modern designs. Even if the Quilt is mostly a traditional pattern, the quilter interjects a modern element into the finished quilt. Just an observation.
    Glad your foot feels better
    Lee Bowers

  127. Kathy Hanson

    Wow! 192 posts today! I am sorry to say that I don’t often comment …I don’t usually have something in the least interesting to say I’m afraid!! Always love the pictures and all the interesting things you Bah e to say!
    I was recently at a quilt retreat and had a wonderful time. I have big ideas about how much I can get done but I seldom get what I planned finished. So I bring home things started but!!! This was another retreat that was the same. I love all of your interesting pictures and thing’s to say, i so look forward to it! Hopefully I can come up with something interesting to add!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy – hold it, Kathy! You have just as much interesting to say as I do, I’m quite sure. Tell me what you’re fixing for supper, what you’re reading, what Jerry’s doing in the yard, what cute thing Penny is doing. See? You could write the blog about nothing!!

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