The Third Time’s A Charm

No content – just trying to publish.

17 thoughts on “The Third Time’s A Charm

  1. Caryn Goulden

    “No Content” came through just fine. Clicked on 6 ads while I was here!

  2. Sherry Whalen

    It sounds like a problematic day, bright side – there where 6 ads to close!!

  3. Margaret

    I like content. ha I clicked (opened) 3 ads today -yes you have to look the ads.

  4. Ellie

    Sorry to go against the tide but I didn’t get anything today. Just a message that there wasn’t any content. I wish I could help but I’m probably more clueless than you are.

  5. Launa

    Came thru here okay! Just heard a clap of thunder. No snow this morning, but was shown on news from another pass. No sunshine, but mid 40’s up here now (2:50 pm)!

    I closed two ads yesterday after reading both.

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