The Yellow Quilt

From Karla T.

Here is my finish for this month. This one had to be in “time out” for several months because I couldn’t figure out how to do the pieced setting triangles — they have “Y” seams! Ugh! I loved this pattern the minute I saw it years ago in a book I have but the innocent and darling picture of it never made me read through the directions to learn it had partial seams and Y seams in it, which may have been a deal breaker if I’d read thru the directions first! Once I drudged thru and got it together, then it sat on my long arm frame waiting for inspiration on how to quilt it, then figuring out how to make my computer do what I want it to do. I ended up freehanding with rulers for part of the border cuz I couldn’t figure out how to get my computer to fill in …. All in all it’s been a journey and a labor of love but it has been worth it, I guess. We’re never too old to learn something new, right?

101 thoughts on “The Yellow Quilt

  1. Casey

    What a wonderful quilt, Mary….so cheerful. I can not seem to get the hang of Y seams and always avoid those patterns! Good for you for sticking with it.

  2. Jan from SW Iowa

    I feel your pain! As I do more quilting or anything new in retirement, the hurdles look higher, right? But, oh my, what a beauty you have!! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Kathy in western NY

    Well you certainly Karla did a beautiful job figuring it out and finishing it. Very inspiring as quilters have such cool stories to share.

  4. Denise Campbell

    Stunning……quilting, colors, workmanship, patience, everything! I admire you Mary!

  5. Colleen in Oregon

    Beautiful quilt Karla! Thank you for sharing it. I’m working on a quilt with Y seams now also. You’ve inspired me to push on with it.

  6. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    Karla T., When I saw your quilt, I thought WOW! It is beautiful and I am happy you stuck with it and not only finished it, but quilted it, too. Great job😀😀

  7. Sue in PA

    Karla, you did a beautiful job on this quilt! I love the soft, buttery yellow. Such a perfect background color!

  8. Susan in Ohio

    It is certainly beautiful and worth the effort, however it is beyond my expertise.

  9. Marsha from Kansas

    Just beautiful quilt. You certainly figured it all out. When I have decisions to make and let a quilt sit while I think about what to do next, I call it a “marinating” project.

  10. Vickie Devore

    I fell in love with this quilt! In itself it is so beautiful. The best “part” for me — I printed a picture to hang in my sewing room. I’ve got tons of scraps but don’t like white for background, or soft prints for a scrappy quilt, but the yellow is what got me. I’ll probably use a paler shade but can look for the “yellow” I want for my scraps. Never would have thought to use yellow. Won’t be able to start until late fall, but that gives me great time limit to find my “yellow.” Thank you so both (creator and Mary) for sharing this wonderful quilt. {Right now I’m thinking of a flying goose type quilt!}

  11. Sue D.

    The yellow quilt is beautiful. It’s well worth every questionable thought you had doing those seams!

  12. Billie

    Love the quilt too and thought that I would like to make it – till I read about the Y seams, then I said not for me, don’t want the stress! But beautiful, Karla.

  13. Susy Boyer

    Well, it turned out great! And your quilting looks beautiful. It’s a good feeling to have a beautiful finish.

  14. Amy M

    Karla such an accomplishment! I hope you enter it into the fair or a competition. Thanks for sharing with us.

  15. Vicki

    Karla, I, too, have stayed away from Y seams. Maybe I should look up the directions again because your quilt is delightful. And I really like the quilting!

  16. Diane Cannon

    Some time long term projects are the best–and you did a great job in finishing it–so give yourself a little pat on the back!!
    and as for worrying about you–it does us good to do that–cause when we are worrying about you and praying for you–we are giving ourselves a break from worrying about ourselves!!!
    hugs, di

  17. Jill Klop

    Beautiful!! Thank you for sharing that. Sometimes we all need a reminder that not every quilt goes together easily! I’m so glad that you stuck with it.

  18. Gayle Lacey

    Your yellow quilt is just awesome! Designers should be charged with a felony for Y seams in their patterns. Never. Ever.

  19. Patricia J Farrell

    Really like the yellow background and the quilt hopefully the Y seams all worked
    out as it came out beautifully. Pat from MA

  20. Marilyn Miller

    Beautiful and I’m so glad you saw it through! Nope, hopefully we never stop learning! Your knowledge and skill at quilting is very impressive as it is!
    We have a beautiful, but cool, day here near the Mississippi in west central Illinois. I hope you are enjoying sunshine and blue skies, too.

  21. Karla T

    Oh my goodness golly, Mary! I had no idea you had posted my email! I was checking to make sure I had answered everyone’s questions in the comments, and saw you did a separate post! I’m beyond humbled by everyone’s encouraging and sweet comments. I also got a good belly laugh by your comment Gayle about charging a felony for Y seams! Excellent idea! If I can do them though, anyone else can too. If I would do this quilt again tho, I’d probably whack it off at the Y seam area and carry on with the pieced border! In other words, I’d do it “my way”… So, Billie, you could do that too! Awww, THANK YOU everyone for all of your kind words and encouragement, I don’t think I deserve all this showering attention, but if I inspired anyone just a little I am happy, because I get inspired by all of you, and especially you Mary, by all you get done. Thank you all for sharing, you’ve made my day! 😉

    1. Rosie Westerhold

      Your quilt is STUNNING!! Love, Love, LOVE that yellow. Can you share the source of the pattern? Y-seams and all?

      And your quilting is WONDERFUL!! If I ever stop learning, that is probably the day I will be buried!! Learning challenges us, keeps our brains active, and makes us grow. You should have a HUGE sense of accomplishment after completing this quilt. Brava, Karla👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️.

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Karla T – we all love your beautiful yellow quilt – partly I think because we’re all intimidated by the color yellow.

    3. Lorna Davis

      I agree with everyone…your yellow quilt is amazing!!!
      I may have to look for the pattern book….
      Or just get out some of my yellows & play with a different patter to showcase some yellow!
      Thanks for sharing!

  22. Jo in Wyoming

    It’s beautiful. Love the colors, so many people done care much for yellow…I love it.
    Good for you for carrying on. You can be very proud.

  23. Dot

    I”m trying to see where the Y seams are! It looks like it could be assembled in diagonal rows, with triangular blocks at the ends of the rows and at the corners. Those blocks would have to be planned ahead, with their yellow triangles (some half-square and some quarter-square) cut with extra seam allowances.

    1. Karla T

      I know! The Y seams in it are deceiving~ they’re at the junction points of the pieced setting triangles. I guess doing the setting triangles pieced like they are, makes them not fit together easily, causing the need for a mitered Y seam…. anyway, there’s probably a way around it, but it would involve re-designing it. It wasn’t all that hard once I got the first couple figured out.

  24. Betty Klosterman

    Karla, a hint from an old sewer………Something you don’t know how to do? Cut the major pieces out of scrap fabric. Then mark the 1/4″ seam on both pieces noting the corner spot. Then start pinning, first on the corner spot where you will pivot with needle down. You’ll get the hang of it. Precision is important. Years ago teaching beginning sewing to 5-8 year old girls, my rule was NO CUTTING til they had permission. Stitches can always be taken out, cutting is permanent! Have fun! It’s a good day when you learn something new!! Isn’t it lots of fun?
    Betty in Rapid City

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Betty K – good advice! I haven’t sewn anything with Y seams in a long time but maybe I will since I saw Karla’s beautiful yellow quilt.

  25. Brenda in Iowa

    WOW!!! That is a beautiful quilt – 2 of my favorites – 30’s reproductions and yellow. Great job!

  26. Carmen Montmarquet

    I love the colors and everything about this quilt! It came out wonderful Mary! Just Awesome!

  27. Beryl BC

    The quilt is beautiful. I’m guessing those 9 patches are pretty small pieces. Small pieces often add a lot of attraction for me.

    1. Karla T

      Me too, Beryl! I am attracted to small pieces! And you are right. The 9 patches have 1″ finished squares in them.

  28. Sue in Oregon

    Many years ago when I worked in a decorating store I was astonished by how many women claimed they hated yellow. I have always loved yellow., so I was mystified. We have a yellow house and I always seem to use yellow in my quilts. Right now I am making a blue and yellow quilt. Ukraine colors. Needless to say, I loved Karla’s yellow quilt the minute I saw it. Y seams or no…you did a great job, Karla.

  29. Karla T

    It’s curious to me about people’s reactions to the yellow.
    I was kinda wishing I’d used pink! I think I want to do a pink one next. But in case anyone is interested, the yellow fabric is a Bella solid by Moda called “30’s Yellow”. And since I have been into 30’s style quilts lately, I thought it was a perfect choice. 😉

    1. Sue in Oregon

      It is. It’s hard to find 30’s yellow, so thanks for the tip. I have some authentic 30’s fabric it might be great with.

  30. Jan From TN

    You did a great job! Once I got to the part of the directions that mentioned “y” seams, I probably would have sent it to the UFO pile. You persevered. Bravo!

  31. Gayle Shumaker

    The wuilt is beautiful. I would never attempt it. I hate Y seams! I can and he done them but hated it the entire time. Mine was a quilt for grandson #3 made with flannel construction trucks.

  32. Peggy S

    Karla is my cousin and so I have had the pleasure to see this quilt in person and up close. It is truly a beautiful quilt, but then again so is everything she makes. I am trying to be a quilter, she has inspired me, but my skill level is nowhere close to hers. But I too will persevere, hopefully eventually I will be able to make something like this. She likes to work with tiny pieces, so far I do not. And I love yellow, it was a great choice for this one.

  33. Bonnie Coleman

    Love the yellow quilt! I have been collecting yellow to make one too. No pattern yet!🎈

  34. Debbie

    The Yellow Quilt is amazingly beautiful!!!!! What a treasure!!!!! Congratulations on your completion!!!!

  35. Cheryl Regan

    Thanks Mary. You saved me. Y seams would be a deal breaker. Thanks much for your effort

  36. Rita in Iowa

    Karla your yellow quilt is exquisite in every way. Give yourself a couple of pats on the back for sticking with it. Can’t wait to see your next finish.

    1. Karla T

      Kathy, it’s name is “Re-Vision” by Linda Anderson of Fresno, CA. You can find it in the book “Quick Quilts from your Scrap Bag” by Leisure Arts Oxmoor House

  37. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    Karla T,
    Your soft yellow quilt is a work of art! It was definitely worthy of your perseverance. Thanks for sharing.

  38. Jan Hebert

    Just beautiful Karla! I, too, love the shade of yellow. Thank you for naming it! It’s just perfect in this quilt. I know without a doubt that I would never be able to do Y seams though, haha! I don’t even know what they are! But your quilt is just lovely, worth all of the effort. Jan in MA

  39. Bonnie McKee

    I love your yellow quilt! I’m so glad you made it, even though it challenged you. Kudos for sticking with it!
    Bonnie, in Oregon
    ps Your freshly painted kitchen looks wonderful!

  40. Linda Blewett

    Love the yellow quilt but I also hate Y seams. You should be very proud of the completed quilt.

  41. MJ

    Karla T – It is truly beautiful! The piecing and the quilting. Way to persevere. So worth it.

  42. Theresa in Illinois

    Hi Karla/Mary
    I have learned that sometimes the hardest things we do have hidden blessings waiting for us to find. Your yellow quilt is stunning and well worthy of the wait until you were ready. Here’s to finding the next challenge! Sew on….

    God bless
    Theresa in Illinois

  43. Sheila in WI

    Karla, your quilt is absolutely beautiful! When I first saw it, it had an air of calm and peacefulness. I never would have guessed what you all went through to complete it. Thank you for persevering and finishing it. You have a treasure as a result!

  44. Patty McDonald

    The quilt is beautiful and that shade of yellow is perfect.
    Mary, would it be possible to get a close up picture of the pictures above your sink? The house on the left with stitching looks so interesting. I know you’re super busy and it may be an inconvenience…I’ll understand. Because of your ‘rescue’ of so many stitcherys, I now look more carefully at the ones seen in our Goodwill and Salvation Army stores. Happy hunting to your pups.

  45. Ann in PA

    Wow, Karla, your quilt is absolutely beautiful. That soft yellow is lovely. Thank you for sharing the manufacture and color information- I have 30’s fabrics I need to use up. I love Moda Bella solids. They are a dream to work with and I love the range of colors. I’m sure you are happy this challenging quilt is finished; so, relax now and enjoy your beautiful work of art. The quilting is perfect! Mary, it’s so nice of you to share the quilt and inspirational story behind it.
    Gayle’s comment on “Y” seams is hilarious!

  46. Diana Thompson

    Your yellow quilt is beautiful! Glad you shared a picture and finished it!

  47. Diane in WI

    Love your yellow quilt. Yellow is a favorite color of mine. I just bought some thirties fabrics. There were some nice yellow prints in the pack.

  48. Holly Schinler

    Dear Mary,
    Your quilt is beautiful and I love the yellow color and the design. You did an awesome job quilting it too.
    I enjoy hearing about your life on an Iowa farm, and all the hard work that goes into keeping it going. I started reading your blog in 2019 and haven’t missed a day since. Thanks for keeping up my spirits during the Pandemic, and for weathering through all the computer issues. I’m impressed with your courage in taking on the rats living in the barns. I think I would have called a pest control, but I am afraid of rodents. Take care and stay positive.

  49. Marylou

    Karla, your quilt is a true treasure! The yellow is wonderful and reminds me of sunshine 😊

  50. Debby Brandon

    This is absolutely beautiful. Do you mind telling the name of the pattern/designer? Thank you.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Debby – you’re late for the party – we covered this in detail days ago.

  51. Dee

    Karla T, I love your quilt. Can you tell me the name and where I can get the pattern.
    You did a wonderful job, I would say well worth the effort!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Dee – go back in the comments – all of this info was posted several times

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