This and That, 9-21-2020

Last week I posted this project from a reader:

She made it with our pattern called Pumpkin Patch, shown here.

I think she was very clever, don’t you? This pattern is now available in the online store.

Here are the Dirty Dozen quilts:

This pattern is by Cluck Cluck Sew.

And old kit we sold in the shop.

Fat Quarter Fun by Country Threads.

Here’s my project from the Strip Savvy book which is still available.

Betsy is more mobile today – she has even joined the others in the pasture.

I considered taking in this poor Momma dog and her puppies that arrived at the shelter from Texas where she was punished by her owner for getting pregnant. Her owner locked her in a shed without food or water for a week! I delivered 7 dozen eggs to the shelter where she will get fattened up but I have decided I just can’t foster them – I would want to keep them all after putting in all the work raising them. Makes me feel so selfish – should I change my mind????

If you’re an animal lover, this should enrage you! We all need to do the work in our local areas to stop this kind of neglect and abuse. Don’t just say it’s terrible and it’s sad. Public awareness means speaking up when you see someone abusing an animal. I can hardly stand to look at this picture.

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  1. susie Q

    will the shelter neuter and spay them all? that mama sure could use some happy time between feedings etc….. seven is a lot….. I bet with a lot of blog exposer they would all be spoken for by 8 weeks….. maybe not mama….. why not check and see if someone has stepped up to give these dogs a chance……

  2. Janet

    I agree Mary. People need to speak up. Education is needed also. Laws are lax. 7 pups would be a lot of work. Donating the eggs will help them.

  3. Pat

    Oh Mary, what is wrong with people that take no responsibility for their animal and then punish them when they do not get the results they want. An animal needs to be cared for and trained what is acceptable and what isn’t. And most of all they need love.

  4. Beryl in Owatonna

    This makes me angry for sure. The owner is the one who should be locked up. The poor dog didn’t get pregnant just because. The owner is responsible…GRRRRR

    I am so glad Betsy is responding to her treatment!!

    I like the pattern you used for the Jelly Roll quilt much better than the first one!! The finished quilts are awesome too, as the always are! Thanks for posting them

  5. Jan in NW WI

    So glad that Betsy is feeling better. On the other hand, the ex owner of the dog should get the same treatment he/she metted out. Sickening. The pups will be adopted but it is the Mama dog who needs a new owner with patience and lots of love to share. I pray she gets a new home with lots of love, hugs, food and reassurance. It will take her a long time to heal emotionally.

  6. Elaine Nixon

    Glad that Betsy is feeling better. Bless you for your kindness to these dear souls. I would find it impossible to say no… I am sure your mind is going back and forth. Breaks my heart to see unkindness given to these beautiful hearts. So glad that she was found and hopefully will receive the love that she deserves. Thank you for being you.❤️

  7. Pat Smith

    I feel both sickened and outraged at the treatment of that poor mother dog from Texas. That was a case of ignorance and lack of empathy. What is wrong with these people? Our shelter here in Vermont routinely goes to the south and transports dogs up here to put up for adoption. There seem to be so many there that need help. I can hardly look at that picture of her without crying. What awful mistreatment and yet it happens all the time.

  8. Gloria B.

    Mary, you are an angel. Yes, an angel to do all that you do for our animal partners. Do what your heart tells you to do. That’s the only way you’ll feel right.

  9. Tammy Guerrero

    I actually think you are the perfect person! You will give them the TLC they need. You will be so exhausted you will gladly give them to wonderful homes. This picture breaks my heart. I dont understand why or how someone could be so cruel to another living creature. God will punish them! It’s their responsibility to spare this poor girl. My daughter fosters boxer dogs, she knows when they go to a good home she will have another that needs her.
    Hope you decide to care for them.

  10. Peggy S

    Oh,my! Can’t believe there are people out there who would treat animals like this. You have such a good heart, Mary. This would be a very big commitment for you. The shelter will probably have some adopters.
    So glad Betsy is doing better.

  11. Phyllis in Iowa

    I, too, am enraged and in tears!
    I put myself on a low buy fabric during the pandemic and am donating some of that money to food banks and animal shelters.
    What darling puppies.
    I live with three formerly feral cats and feed the outside ferals daily. Now my next door neighbor feeds the also.

  12. Jeanie S, Central IL

    Wonderful Dirty Dozen finishes.
    What a terrible, horrible thing to do to an innocent dog! That cruel and irresponsible person should never be allowed to own anymore pets. I think Tammy Guerrero said it best, Mary.

  13. Alice

    This former owner of this momma dog sounds like a real loser! I don’t understand people mistreating animals! It’s also hard to understand the mentality of someone who blames a dog for doing something that’s natural. Responsible owners take care of their pet getting pregnant. I raised one litter of puppies & since they were AKC registered I had no problem selling them. That litter was planned. But since I adopt only rescues now, they’re either already fixed or I have it done. I really do hope this former “owner” is prosecuted! What a terrible person! Love the DDs! How wonderful you donated the eggs! My little guy loves when I fix eggs or pancakes or waffles. He knows he gets his own to enjoy!

  14. Linda in So Cal

    By all means bring Mama & the 7 pups home. And buy stock in Kleenex! Seriously you have the facility to care for Mom & pups. Your heart has been broken before & you survived. A good deed….

  15. Diane and Sqyeak

    Mary, please post the name of your shelter. I have been using my stimulus check to help where I can. They obviously need food for that Mama dog and pups. Irresponsible pet owners anger me—grrr. I am happy about Betsy miving better😊. The DD’s are great and i love how many different ones there are.

  16. Kathy Hanson

    I, like you, can hardly stand to see a picture like that!!! I find it hard to understand people like that. If they didn’t want the dog to get pregnant they should have spayed her!! They are to blame!!
    loved the DD quilts today, such fun to see all the wonderful things the blog readers make!
    So glad that Betsy is doing well, thank you for keeping us in the loop about how she is doing!

  17. Angie from Baltimore

    Shame he didn’t sterilize her then she wouldn’t have gotten pregnant. Poor thing. The should be locked in a shed for a week and see how they fare.

  18. Cathy

    Yes, that picture does enrage me. I would love to lock that person up for a week without food or water. We have a neighbor who had 3 horses that he locked up in his barn without food or water for a MONTH! He’s a drunk & probably didn’t even remember they were there. Two of the horses died & the third was in terrible shape when found. He was arrested but nothing was ever done to him. If my husband or I had any idea that was happening we would have gone over & taken them & put them in with our horses. I hope I never see him out or I swear I will not be responsible for what i’d do to him! We have found at the rescue where I volunteer that it will be the mama that will be hard to place once the puppies are spoken for. Just doesn’t seem fair.

  19. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    I think I see an eighth puppy at the back end of mama. Looks like the tail of another black puppy. Your shelter is wonderful to take animals all the way from Texas. I wonder how they are transported from so far away. It’s hard to believe such awful treatment.

    1. Rosalie

      I have adopted from a rescue in Texas (and I live in Texas). The rescue I know of ships the dogs in a transport van driven by volunteers. There are some rescues that have private pilots fly the animals up north.

      1. CountryThreads Post author

        Rosalie – and I have driven my leg of a transport heading north to Mpls. many times although I haven’t been called now for several years. I loved doing it!

    2. CountryThreads Post author

      Martha Engstler- they are transported from one point to another all the way north with dogs transferring at each 2 hour or so stop. I was a transport driver for several years but now I think this rescue has their own large van.

      1. Beryl BC

        I have a friend that works with a rescue in Texas. She has driven dogs from one stop to another. She once mentioned many are taken to places up north where they are more easily adopted.

  20. Charlotte

    Mary, thank you for sharing this story and we are all sending prayers for adoption for all! The story and plight of these animals is indeed sad; on the other hand, THANK GOODNESS Mama is out of the way of that terrible “owner” who was probably neglectful in many ways. Now she has a chance for a happy life, as do her puppies, and we will continue to pray for all. God bless you!!!

  21. Jo in Wyoming

    What a great post. Betsy is doing better and all the DD’s.
    Then…that awful picture of momma and the puppies.
    Mary, you know your heart. It was so hard nursing the last two to good health. The hoping to find great homes for them. It was so hard to give them up.
    I think I counted 9 puppies. Very soon all the shots, food and poop. Add on chewing and digging! If you want another dog, keep the mom and give the puppies away.
    Mary, be guided by your head this time, not your heart. Start a towel collection drive for them, that concrete looked cold and dirty. I agree, the previous owner should be strung up by his, you know what’s.

  22. Mary Says Sew!

    Such good news that Betsy’s doing better. I hope she continues to improve.

    Your jelly roll quilt is great! Such a simple idea and such a wonderful result. There are some simple designs that always look good with any fabric.

    Mary, could you foster the mama-dog after the puppies are weaned? I agree that fostering the mom and all the puppies is more than you want to take on.

    The dog abuser should be locked in a shed with no food or water for a week in Texas! (No toilet paper, either!) I have no sympathy or empathy for animal abusers.

    Since covid hit in March, we stepped up our donations to the three nearby humane societies. We have three inside cats and provide fresh food & water, shelter and veterinary care for three neighborhood cats who come by daily and one who comes semi-regularly. In 2019, we trapped five male cats from the ‘hood and had them neutered, vaccinated and needed vet care done, and trapped one female who had been previously spayed somewhere else, and had her vaccinated and got necessary dental work done. All of them are treated against parasites regularly, too. We network with friends who live nearby to monitor and look out for more neighborhood cats. I explain Trap-Spay/Neuter-Return to anyone who’s interested and why just removing cats from an area doesn’t work.

    Just think of the many animals who’d have better lives if all your readers made an extra donation for animals, fostered one, took on the care of a neighborhood cat or reported abuse in honor of that momma-dog and her puppies.

  23. Brenda in Iowa

    That picture enrages me also! I cried when I saw it.

    I think you should foster these puppies. Hear me out – I say that because I know how very much you love and care about animals. Because they’ve had such a rough time, they need to know a home full of love, where they get excellent food and lots of love. Yes, I know it’s hard to let them go but think about the part you’ve done to increase their success of finding their next loving home – you’re a stepping stone to that event.

    Think about it, please.

  24. Kim J LeMere

    So glad to hear that Betsy is doing better, hope she continues to mend. The picture of the momma dog and puppies makes me ill. So sad that some people don’t appreciate there pets and the love that they bring into our lives.

  25. Sandy

    Hi Mary, it’s heartbreaking to see these poor pups, l hate cruelity to animals and children.l understand how hard it would be for you to care then part with these love to betsy, best wishes from sandy

  26. Gloria from CC

    Good morning Mary – all the DD’s are just beautiful! Thank you for taking the time to post them. The only reason I think you should take the mama dog and pups is because the mama will feel your special kind of love and care. And this will give her hope. Imagine how she must feel – despair and confusion. Someone else might foster her and the pups and not love her like you do. I know we have readers from Texas – I would like to know why there are so many abused/abandoned dogs from the south? Does Texas not have animal abuse laws? Or is Texas the hub where all the abused dogs in the south are taken? I’m not picking on Texas but Angel came from Texas and when I called the San Antonio vet listed on her rabies tag, he thought she was from Oklahoma.

  27. Deb

    That poor dog looks like she has NINE pups. As far as I’m concerned those who abuse animals should be lined up against a wall & shot , and I’m serious. I bet that dog is as sweet as can be, too. I can’t look at a picture like that without getting extremely angry. We have 3 rescues at our house – one that was kept in a cage to keep breeding her because her pups were worth $2500 each (an unusual breed & a purebred), one terrier was lost on the streets of LA (after she’d been bred, too), and the last (another terrier) was hit by a car & not found for 2 weeks — a fractured tibia. He had surgery & we took him in as a foster while he was healing. Within one day we knew he’d be staying forever, too. All 3 are the sweetest dogs you’ll ever meet, no cages in our house, fully enclosed & double gated yard and all 3 are loved on all day long. SO glad that Betsy is recovering! What a scare!

  28. Connie Heffner

    What is the size of the pumpkin patch hanging. I checked in the shop and it didn’t say there either. Thank you.

  29. Julie D.

    I am just sitting here in tears about that poor female dog and her pups. How can people be so absolutely cruel to animals?! I just don’t get it! Please Mary consider taking this dog to foster. You will find her a home in no time as well as those pups. You would give this dog much needed love and proper attention.

    I’m loving all of the Dirty Dozen projects. Almost done with mine, but won’t have it quilted till first part of October as my quilter is taking her son to college in Wyoming and taking a mini vacation as well. I’m so glad I decided to do this challenge this year!

  30. Lorraine McGeough

    That poor mama dog!!!! I think the owner should be put in jail for what he did. This is such a sad issue and I am sure this incident is just one of many that we don’t hear about. I volunteer at the Humane Society and it breaks my heart to see these fur babies in such a small area just looking up at you with those sad eyes. I can’t take them all home but would love to.
    The mama dog looks exhausted but she should be with giving birth to those cuties. I hope she gets a good home with someone that will love her and hope the babies get adopted into good homes too.

  31. Donna

    If the owner didn’t want a pregnant dog he should have spayed her!!! I think just punishment would be to lock him up in the same shed for 7 days without food or water, no toilet and no blanket or fan. Then look for any signs of abuse in his other animals. A stiff fine and jail time or forced labor would be more likely the punishment. I imagine if he has a wife and children they’re abused, too.

    It’s a very hard decision for you to make. I can see you fostering the mom and pups. Then keeping the mom and finding homes for her puppies. The spotted ones are so cute!!! But pray about it and let God lead you to your answer. Your answer may be to encourage and support another to foster the family.

    Thank you for all you do to bring quilts for us to enjoy!

  32. Sharon Lowy

    Oh please go get that sweet mommy and her babies. They would so appreciate the Farm life. ❤️

  33. Connie R.

    If you took in that Mama dog, she would go from being a sad abused dog , to the happiest dog in the world. You have such a way with animals because of your big heart. They can’t help but thrive in your care.

  34. Wendy

    Yes Mary – change your mind!!! I just do not understand people who mistreat animals. I cannot imagine purposefully not feeding an animal. Pets are a choice – if you don’t want to care for one – don’t get one!! What is wrong with people?

  35. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Hi Mary, lets get one thing straight: no matter what you decide, you are not being selfish! I have rarely come across someone who has a warmer and more caring heart for animals than you. You always help as best you can, and no one can ask for more. That you can’t give every deserving dog a home is just a fact of life: her forever home, and ones for her puppies, are out there somewhere: you don’t have to be the one who provides them, you are already helping her and them on the way.
    Saving and providing for these maltreated dogs is not a responsibility that you have to carry alone. It is okay to recognise that something might be too much for you, and to not do it: every one according to his ability as it says in Acts 11:29 (and later was adopted by Karl Marx!). You are the best judge of what you can take on: trust your own judgement and don’t feel pressured to do more than you are comfortable with. No one has the right to tell you what you should do in any given case. It doesn’t have to be everything: something is also good enough!

    1. Nancy S.

      Thanks for this well thought out and written post. These words of wisdom needed to be shared. I agree wholeheartedly.

  36. Bobbie

    Hi Mary,
    I’m with you I wish I could take in every abused animal. Bless there hearts they only love ❤️. You have to be a monster to hurt and animal who has only it’s human to depend on for food ,shelter and love. How does someone look into the sweet eyes of fur babies and not melt at the love shining in them? I took a 3 month old that a lady was taking to a kill shelter, Ginger is the sweetest little girl. She turned 2 in June. She runs like the wind, still chews some. But I love her to the moon and back. She sleeps with us. I know a lot of people Don’t let there dogs on the bed but she is there. She has her own blanket she wants over her. And morning is at least 20-30 minutes of snuggles pets and kisses. I’m so glad I I took her. The reason I was was worried about taking her I was 73 years old and they dogs live 10-18 years I worry about if I die who will love her. Will she be put into a shelter and no one want her. My grand kids are grown and say they will but I think that’s what I want to hear. I can only handle one dog 2 are a handful for me. My sister who is 8 yrs younger than me just moved from Alabama to Washington and is living with us now. I know she would do all she could. She also has 2 older dogs 14- 16 yrs.
    Mary you are to tender hearted to foster. You will love 💕 any animal you come into contact with and not want to let them go. I couldn’t foster either. I try to give a little money to my shelter. I make dog beds from my scraps but that’s not many beds a yr. so they do help some.
    That sweet baby and her pups are adorable. You would be
    the best mom to them. I’m sure you will get good homes for them to. But it will break your heart to let even one go. Maybe who does Forster would let you come help and play with the pups or set while they go shopping? It’s a big decision. Just pray God will answer your prayer.

  37. Jean

    This picture of the dog totally and absolutely ruined my day. May God forgive me for the awful thoughts I have about the person who did this. PLEASE change your mind and give that dog the kind of love you are so good at.

  38. Sharon in Oswego, Il

    Actually, Mary, I think you should take them. I know you will be heart-broken when they leave. But that is still the love you have coming out in a different way. You do have the space—and I understand seven pups are a lot. I think the pups will be adopted,; not so sure on mom. Perhaps if the shelter advertises down the road, that would help finding new homes. In the end, your decision.

  39. Diane and Squeak

    Here’s a happy dog tale. My neighbor was given “custody” of an over weight, not very healthy dog that she had cared for( initiated by our Humane Society) when the owner was hospitalized off and on for about a year. The owner was on welfare, had COPD, and had kids also unemployed and on welfare and not very responsible. My neighbor had a document notarized that the owner initiated and signed saying my neighbor would get the dog when the owner passed. My neighbor has had Kiki for a few months now and Kiki at age 9, was just spayed! The deceased owner was a nice person, but could not afford even the reduced fee the Humane Society charged. But, Kiki has lost weight, is walking all over the neighborhood with my neighbor, and much healthier than when she arrived. The owner, bless her, knew to do the right thing by Kiki.

  40. Anne

    Grrrrr, that makes me so mad. And I see 8 puppies in the photo, with one under her hind leg. At least there’s one “feeding station” for each one, but how awful to treat the mama that way. What’s wrong with people’s hearts? I hope you decide to take them, I’d bet you could find homes for all of them through your blog!!

  41. Sherrill

    That’s disgusting what that piece of s%*t did to that dog and punishing her for something that was HIS FAULT!! It’s absolutely appalls me what people do to animals–they trust those who own them! REALLY makes me mad he’s from Texas (since that’s where I live)!!! I’m so glad you got her. I know it’s a ton of work but she’s in good, caring hands now.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sherrill – I think he should have been charged with a felony but I’m not sure about the laws in TX. Iowa’s laws for those who abuse animals as well as those who operate puppy mills leave lots to be desired as far as I’m concerned. These people who hurt animals are simply disgusting and more in my eyes – yours, too, I’m sure.

  42. Felicia Hamlin

    Such a disgusting piece of excrement to do this to that dog. Doesn’t he understands that a dog can’t say no and it is only following its instincts? He should have had the dog spayed, it is all on him and yes keep him in a shed for the same time and in the same conditions.

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