Those Naughty Cats

My blue butter crock — in pieces, thanks to BC who knocked it off the shelf. Grrrrrr……..

14 thoughts on “Those Naughty Cats


    Today my husband knocked off my crock off the table so I am afraid it isn’t just cats. Since he had paid for it to begin with, what could I say? Get BC a job other than just being cute.

  2. Charlene Brose

    My daughter’s antique corn set inherited from her grandmother that was on top of her refrigerator met the same fate with a cat who suddenly turned into a high jumper–not a single piece survived the fall–much like the pretty blue crock!

  3. Donna O

    And I thought cats had a way of tip toeing around things. Guess not and yes, good there wasn’t any butter in it. Maybe glue it together and make it be his water dish as a reminder of what he did

  4. Launa

    I hope we hear that Susannah is more comfy this morning and that her meds are working.
    Sunny here all day after the fog left this morning! The two grand-dogs came in a flurry of excitement this morning with our younger Grands; first stop laps and then dog treats. Time passes so quickly as February is the birthday month of these two Grands’ ; 16 and 13!

    It looks like you have some good size blue pieces to glue together “in your spare time!”
    Am looking forward to seeing what UFO number Mandy draws for February. I’ve entered quite a few finished quilted items in my journal for January; I got a little carried away sewing stuffed hearts to give away for Valentines.

  5. Ann Barlament

    I think it’s China that adds a bit of gold to those cracked edges, that make the piece even more valuable before it was broken.

  6. Andra Sims

    I just read a suggestion for people with cats to put ” sticky stuff” on the bottom of all breakables on display to keep them from being pushed off by curious kitties who want to see what happens if….? The book is “Outsmarting Cats” by Wendy Christensen-I found it most useful for my two indoor cats who when “naughty” are most often just bored.

  7. Deedee

    That is annoying. We have adopted 2 rescue pit bull mix dogs. We love them to pieces but the the younger has chewed my cell phone case, 2 pair of my running sneakers, my lace curtain panel, 1 pair of my husbands sneakers and a pair of workbooks, this all in the last year. We love them though!!

  8. Ginny Jackson

    I am reminded of getting a call from my son one morning when I was at work. He said: “You know that big blue bowl you have that was going to be mine one day? Well the damn cat broke it.” My response was to ask if there was any blood anywhere, get the cat out of the room and shut the door. He was probably about 11 at the time and I cleaned houses in the morning and my husband worked from 3:00 p.m. – 11:00 and was home sleeping. He heard the racket and Jonathan told him; “It was taken care of and to go back to sleep.”

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