Those Wonderful Old Hymns, 2-9-21

After reading all your comments and compliments, I will definitely play again for you. I’ll need to do it at church where there’s good recording equipment but I think our pastor will do this for me.

Years ago Margaret and I recorded a dvd just for our members – I don’t even have a copy of it anymore but Margaret and I really should do this again. The day might come when it’s my funeral or Margaret’s and we could just play the dvd. This winter would be a good time to work on it – hmmm, now I’m thinking winter won’t be long enough! What?????!!???

Working on my bullseye blocks tonight – I want to have them done by Sunday!

Just one quilt sent in today.

14 thoughts on “Those Wonderful Old Hymns, 2-9-21

  1. Janet Rice

    That would be amazing to have recordings of you playing the old hymns. I hope you get to do it!

  2. Judy

    I hope you record your playing again. A cousin of ours sang and did recordings pretty much just for pleasure. When he passed away, before the service, we sat and listened to beautiful “piped in” music – songs of the faith, sung by him. It was absolutely lovely.

  3. Chris Mejer

    I would love to hear you play too ! Thank hat would be awesome . And I love your mini bullseye idea with charm squares ! I have many projects ,quilting and knitting, in the works right now but it’s definitely on my list ! I have several charm packs from my stash that I’d love to use up 🙂 Stay warm , minus 40 this morning here and up to 55 mph winds overnight ! 🥶

  4. Beryl in Owatonna

    A recording of the old hymns would be awesome!! They are my favorite! I like some of the new praise music but the old hymns are often straight from the Word! What a way to memorize the scriptures!
    Thanks Mary!

  5. Sue Smith

    What a wonderful idea. I listened to you today and enjoyed it so much. Truly beautiful, Mary. And, so soothing. So pleased you will play for us again.

  6. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    I listened to your music at the funeral; it was beautiful, Mary. Just a Closer Walk is one of my favorites. Thanks for the heads up about the video-streaming. I really appreciate the opportunity. Once again, stay warm!

  7. Marsha from Kansas

    I would love to add a collection of gospel songs you have recorded to my collection. For quite a few years, we had season tickets to Southern Gospel Christian concerts usually 4 or 5 times a year about 2 hours from where we live. Groups like The Booth Brothers, Greater Vision, Legacy 5, The Hoppers, Triumphant Quartet, and Ivan Parker were just a few of the groups. I collected various CDs and I often listen to them as I sew.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Marsha from Kansas – I, too, love some of those groups! My mom loved to go to gospel concerts especially when she wintered in Texas and I also have quite a CD collection!

  8. Carol Reents

    Please, please do this. This is sad to say but church is missing something for me without the old hymns. I would love to have a copy of your cd. When the time comes, how great would that be to be played at my funeral. I was raised on those hymns and I would like to be buried with them too. I’m almost in tears writing this.

  9. Charlotte

    Mary, it was such a thrill to hear and see you playing hymns at your church. Wonderful to share another precious and God-praiseworthy moment in your life. God bless you and Zion Church!!

  10. Kathy in western NY

    Our last hymn this past Sunday was “ How great thou art “ and I couldn’t stop humming it the rest of the day. I can’t imagine how you must sing and hum after playing in church. You have amazing talent. And now the pieces of the puzzle from living in a small town all fit together….Sam and the kids and Ivy are the ministers family. That has to make them great folks to know.

  11. Beryl BC

    I like the idea of hearing more of your hymns. I’ve never played for anyone but myself (and my mother); I do find it a very peaceful activity of sitting down to the piano and playing the hymns. Piano lessons and the example of a grandmother who would sit down to play after out doing farm chores were a part of my life. Some that I associate with family members are “His Eye is on the Sparrow” and “Shall We Gather at the River.” There are so many others that I like.

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