Thursday Miscellaneous

This was my goal today after lunch – clean the hydrangeas.

The leaves were packed in solid and they were wet besides but I got it all cleaned and the fence put up.

Thank goodness I didn’t give up in the middle because it started to rain.

And rain.

And continued to rain!

We got over 2″ and it’s still raining lightly. It was not pretty at the door to the quilt shop – so much water all at once that it flowed over the sidewalk and into the front door.

I have been soaked to the skin twice today – just unplugging gutters, etc. I wonder what the weather will be like this summer?????

Yesterday Rick had an appointment at Mayo. Here’s a view from the lobby overlooking a waiting area where people take turns playing the grand piano. You may have seen a video on YouTube – one in particular is an older couple playing a duet – standing up!

And here’s the view from the 15th floor.

Good news – Rick MIGHT get his walking cast a couple weeks early. And then there’s my shoes – they match!

Reed did the baby chick chores for me – here’s an update to show you how fast they’re growing.

See the feather duster hanging up? I saw this idea on Facebook – the chicks run under the feather duster as if it’s their mom who would sit on them – isn’t that sweet?

23 thoughts on “Thursday Miscellaneous

  1. Susan

    Good news for Rick! Mary, Mother Nature is really being mean to you this year. It’s time she knocks it

  2. Marcia Rocheleau

    Better rain than snow!
    Happy to hear that Rick is making good progress.
    I do so wish I’d known the feather duster trick when I was a girl, raising baby chicks each spring. I’d love to see the little chicks gathering under the duster!!!

  3. Diane

    The feather duster is a great idea for the baby chicks. Isn’t Reed nice to help; what a great kid. So happy to hear Rick’s good news. You have had enough “weather” for two or three winters!! I hope the rain stops soon.

  4. Colleen

    Wow you must be feeding your husband the correct healing diet and he must be closely following his doctors orders. It is such a wonderful thing to hear that healing is happening better/faster than expected we always go in both hopeful and in fear. So glad for your good news.
    The chicks 🐥 look so darn cute and glad their young caretaker is doing his job responsibility
    So sorry about the rain water getting inside, I hope you can dry out that area and there is not any permanent damage.

  5. patty

    Would love some of your rain here. We did get a bit yesterday.
    Hope Rick gets that cast! It has been a long road!
    Interesting views of Mayo.
    The feather duster is a great idea!!
    Take good care of yourself now.
    Ive done the unmatched shoes once. Had two pair of the same kind in black and navy. When I get dressed for school it is sometimes dark. It was funnyLove hearing about your life and the area you live in….

  6. Brenda

    Have you ever played the piano in the lobby? If you haven’t, you should!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Brenda – I could never play in the lobby! I don’t play by ear and I’d be scared to death!

  7. Lyn Smith

    I’ve never heard about the feather duster before, but what a wonderful idea.
    Also love the grand piano in the lobby.

  8. Marilyn

    The fencing is very nice. Love the feather duster idea will pass that one along to my niece. Really like your shoes they look like ballerina shoes. Great news about Rick. Thank you for your time you share with us.

  9. Kathy

    Your yard is looking good with the spring cleaning. A lot of work for sure but worth looking at when you enjoy your home, as you do. Great news about the walking boot and healing process. We are getting the rain here today in NY but I will take it over snow. Grass is so green and was mowed last night. Thanks for letting us know you put on the right shoes this visit!!!

  10. Ann Barlament

    The hydrangea area looks great and another task is completed.

    Glad to see the grand piano still resides in the atrium, one of my favorite places to sit. Great news with Rick’s progress! I’m certain he is anxious to get back to puttering around the farm.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Ann – I drew a blank trying to think of the word “atrium” – thanks!

  11. Anita Fetzer

    Love that feather duster so clever. Yes when you go back, play the piano. Reed is 1 special boy.

  12. Paula

    Love the feather duster trick. Glad for Rick. And Mary, pace yourself with all that work! Paula in KY

  13. Angie

    Great news about Rick. Hope he keeps plugging away. With all that rain it would have been about 2 feet of snow.
    What a cute idea about the feather duster. It makes me smile to think if they are timid Mom’s there. They never said chickens are brilliant I remember your chick that thought a goose. Unfortunate but I dear story just the same.
    Welcome Spring

  14. Martha Engstler

    You are so lucky to be able to do the yard work yourself. It’s a wonderful feeling when the plants and flowers start to do their thing. The rain is coming to Pennsylvania today or tonight. We can use a little bit but not like you had. We did that a couple weeks ago. Important—Take care of the care taker. Sometimes we forget about ourselves while taking care of someone and doing everything ourselves.


    Yes, Mayo is amazing! And we got to hear some piano playing when we took our daughter there.

    Sorry you had so much rain that it flooded into the door . . . your quilt shop looks amazing with the barn quilts . . . update when the hydrangea’s bloom, please! I finally have two beautiful pink (they start green and turn to pink) hydrangeas to enjoy. And a tiny blue one that was a Mother’s Day gift.

    Good news about your husband!

    Love the chicks feather duster “surrogate mom”! Too cute!

  16. maxine lesline

    Getting a scheduled outdoor job completed.. or grocery shopping… before rain … puts a smile on my face and a smug feeling…… The feather duster idea is awesome….and I know a family with baby chicks who will like to hear this.

  17. Becky from IA

    The feather duster what a awesome idea…..Great news about Rick and his healing process!!! I just love Spring in Iowa…..too much yard work….but just love being outside and seeing all the flower and bushes start to emerge!

  18. Jean Elliott

    Well, the rain just washed off everything you’d worked on. Glad Rick is doing so well. Oh the feather duster…how cute is that idea!

  19. Bonnie from Iowa

    Love listening to the piano music in the atrium! We got stranded up at Mayo in that last bad snowstorm (19th) we had, but had tests the next day so saved us some driving. Mayo is a fantastic place with a lot of caring Doctors and staff to help out. Spent time up there with my Mother’s cancer and now going for my husband’s cancer. The atrium is a nice place to relax! And yes, we got a lot of rain too. I live just south of you in Alexander and we have LAKES in the fields! Sure stopped the farming this week!

  20. Kathy Hanson

    Glad to see you wearing the same shoes! WOW, what a job you had to do and get so wet besides. Glad to hear that Rick is doing well, I will hope that he gets that walking cast soon. The little chicks are so cute and how sweet that they go under the feather duster thinking it is mom. Delightful! That Reed is a sweety, so glad that he is able to help you.

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