Too many plants! 11-18-23

So far, for me, it’s not 143! Haha!!!! Thanks to Darby for sending this – it made for an entertaining Saturday. The school desk probably counts as 10 – and I counted those jars of cuttings as ONE! Too funny!

25 thoughts on “Too many plants! 11-18-23

  1. Viv in Idaho

    I love all your plants and your room with all of the windows. I don’t have a green thumb at all when it comes to house plants. I was in a store trying to pick out a plant to take home and my husband came up behind me and asked if I was looking for another victim. I left the plants in the store😂. I also like your pictures that are hanging above the windows. I don’t think I had noticed them before.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Viv – all the pictures in the front room as well as the piano room are dog pictures. I have collected them for many years but they had to be a specific size to fit there! Do you kill your plants with kindness (too much water)? That’s the main reason people think they don’t have green thumbs.

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Viv – every place I read about recommending watering until it comes out the bottom of the pot makes me wonder. I quit doing that because I don’t think they ever dry out then and root rot develops. Succulent roots are pretty shallow so I also water shallow but more often. Make sense?

  2. Connie R. In Wis.

    You sure have a great assortment of unusual plants. I can see why it would be hard to part with any. And, have you seen the price of plants nowadays.

    We’re still enjoying some unusually mild weather this time of year for Northern Wisconsin. Easy on heating costs for right now. I’m sure cold, snowy weather will be here soon enough.

    I really enjoy your blog and appreciate all the work you put into it.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Connie – yes, a tiny plant would be around $6-7. Weather is nice here, too! Every nice day is one less day of winter.

  3. Rhoda Ebersole

    Have a plant sake and share with the area.
    I am watching all the Light etc and it is most interesting . I have read the book and interesting to see the movie.
    War is so awful !!!
    I had Stitchers at church in the morning. We make blankets for babies that are given away and Lap blankets for the Veterans at the Boulder City NV VA home.
    I stayed up way too late last night watching the Grand Prix Formula One race here in Las Vegas.
    Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

  4. Betty Klosterman

    Digging in the dirt is such great therapy. And watching everything grow and bloom. Whether indoors or outdoors. And when they get old — take some cuttings and start new plants. Do you actually know the lineage of a certain plant? It might amaze us…….

    The sun is shining and the wind isn’t blowing , yet. But, we’ll take whatever comes and just enjoy it all. Maybe even get some rain????? We could really use it. For everybody traveling, be safe. And enjoy the Thanksgiving time and everything that comes with it.
    Betty in Rapid City

  5. Janet S

    I like to look at plants and have some outdoors in the summer but no green thumb here. The dedication you all have to your plants is admirable (and time consuming). Enjoy.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Janet – I need to schedule time to water because it takes so long but a couple of Hoyas are over 50 years old and I would hate to lose them.

  6. Susan K in Texas

    143 would probably just be how many pots of aloe I have. I lost quite a few in the ice storm and have been better about culling the pups and stragglers. But I’ve started adding other succulents and then indoor plants and then other tropicals. Oh my! They do make me happy though. Nothing like playing in dirt and getting things to grow!
    I love the sign!

  7. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    Whew! That’s a lot of plants. My husband is the garden guy. I love plants, but he likes to garden. Win/win😀. It is good for your health to have plants. I saw Iowa won and so did OSU.
    Thanks for sharing your many plants. Some are BIG. I look forward to your blog. Thank you😀

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – I’m dreading the Iowa/OSU game!!!! A couple of my plants are over 50 years old – I’d just hate to see them die.

  8. Dee from Shell Rock

    I have a few plants, now I’ve expanded to a grow light garden in the basement for the winter. I have a lantana tree, beautiful flowers but the smell is horrific. It’s a tree that was a memorial for my mom from good friends, so I have it in the basement in the winter, outside for the bees and hummers in the summer. Friend was bragging on her plants, I trumped them all with the 14 ft tall avocado tree! No it doesn’t go outside anymore. Take care,

  9. Rita in Iowa

    Mary you remind me of my mom, she love plants and we had them all over the house growing up. She did have to leave room for eleven kids though. She definitely had a green thumb and loved having people stop and look at her gardens. She would always have the shovel handy to dig something to share. Miss her but think of mom when I’m out in the flower and garden beds.
    Thanks for sharing. I watered a few new plants I planted this year outside. Our local flower shop said we should do this till the ground freezes and it doesn’t seem to rain much yet here in Eastern Iowa

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Rita – I can’t imagine how your mom had time to look after houseplants with 11 kids!!!! Superwoman!

    2. Candy

      Only 11? A good friend of ours comes from a family of 22! Can you imagine … and they were farmers Mary! The mom looked amazing at 90 years old.

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