Tragic News From Maine, 10-25-23

I’m watching CNN report the sad news from Lewiston ME. How could any one person decide to kill 22 people and injure dozens more? Shocking and so sad.

Our weather is going to change for the worse – cold and rainy. Mr. and Mrs. Farmer Tim were working just west of here today.

Reader photos

The real Blueberry

Chris is the master of dog portrait quilts and she wants to gift me Hazel’s picture! I am stunned and can’t wait to see Hazel in fabric.


It’s time to cover up the porch – I cleaned it for the last time this season, sadly.

61 thoughts on “Tragic News From Maine, 10-25-23

  1. Chris in Alaska

    A friend in Maine just posted about horrendous act 🙁
    Prayers to all the families involved .

    1. Fran Dixon

      Chris, where in AK are you? I lived there 35 yrs. Fairbanks and Anchor Point. Coincidently, i was born in Lewiston and lived there until I was 15. I am so saddened by that act by a very sick person. I need to contact my oldest friend who lives across the river in Auburn.

      Your dog portrait is awesome!


  2. Teresa from Port Coquitlam, BC

    The shootings are very sad indeed. On a positive note the quilt show is great once again. Always enjoy seeing the quilts. Thank you.

  3. Dee from Shell Rock

    I love animal portraits in fabric. I moved my plants inside a couple weeks ago, thought one of them had died while I was gone to my daughter’s for a couple days but it is not sending out green leaves. I was so excited to see them.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Dee – I did mine quite awhile ago but we had frost a couple weeks ago and I would have lost them. So glad yours perked up and survived!

  4. Sandy

    Hi Mary, simply stunned by the number of gun deaths, far too easy to get weapons, a very sad situation.
    Another wonderful quilt show today,so much talent in this group.Drizzle and wild wind today in New Zealand, spring is all over the place but crazy! Great work in the porch Mary, l need to sweep out my carport once the wind stops. Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

  5. Teresa

    We’ve had a beautiful fall this year, and warm temperatures. Sadly, winter is coming and soon!! Now, I look forward to the end of January when the days start to become longer again. Thank God for Thanksgiving and Christmas, welcome diversions as the short, cold days bear down on us.

  6. Charlotte

    And that sweet cat perched at the window after you cleaned the porch. A lovely end note to the summer and to today’s letter.

  7. Sharon G.

    Mary – Great quilt show!
    Porch looks great! Sorry you have to close it for the season, but before you know it, it’ll be time to open it up again.
    Love the Blueberry dog portrait- wow! Can hardly wait to see Hazel’s portrait!
    Love the mittens!
    And look at the 3 little dogs looking mischievous and innocent at the same time. So sweet!
    Love this blog!
    Take care and stay safe everyone.

  8. Martha W in WY

    I am in awe of the creative works in this blog. Blueberry’s portrait is awesome. It is so nice of Chris to offer to do Hazel’s portrait. I missed the shooting news. We were winterizing our mountain cabin. It’s a good thing we did it today because snow is predicted starting tomorrow. It’s the time of year to start hibernating and sewing.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Martha – you’re right, I should begin to look forward to winter as my season of sewing!! I’m tired of these eyeglass cases but the mess is out now and I want to finish – sooner rather than later!

  9. patti

    fantastic quilt show today. thanks everyone. love the pictures of the dogs, those three looking so prim and proper and you know they are thinking something else. sad seeing the porch with nothing on it but the cat. but it will be spring again. patti in FL

  10. Sharon Eshlaman

    Great post, awesome doggie pics and the quilts were gorgeous! Mary, you’re blog about nothing is truly the best🤗. I’m grinning from ear to ear…

  11. Beth Laverty

    As a former resident of Maine, the story coming out of Lewiston just hurts my heart.

  12. Teresa in Indiana

    I love all the reader quilts, all are awesome as usual! All the puppers are just too cute. I can’t wait to see what she creates for you! I look forward to reading your blog about “everything ” every morning. Thanks Mary. Have a great day everyone!

  13. Cheryl Regan

    I will miss the gentle weather and the sun most of all. Not yet ready for winter.

  14. Marie C

    Beautiful pictures today. I’m so saddened by the news in Maine. I really appreciate your blog.

  15. Vicki Ibarra

    I love the colors in the quilts today. The dog art quilt is fantastic – truly art! It will be nice to see Hazel as a piece of fabric art. The mittens are so cute. On a somber note: the shootings in Maine are horrendous. I shake my head as I try to grapple with why this continues to go on and on and on…..

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Vicki – I also shake my head and heard on the news that we are the ONLY country in the world where this continues to happen – can that be right?

  16. Joy in NW Iowa

    I am like so many others, I open up my iPad and look for my favorite blog about nothing! 💕💕💕 so sad if it isn’t there but I understand some days Mary is too busy with things! Just like all of us! I too am so sorry to hear about another shooting. We could take all the guns, but the crazy ones would find a way to get a gun to kill because of their insanity,
    The quilts were so pretty today, I really got a kick out of those three little dogs in the basket! People that can do fabric pictures are so talented! It is amazing! I can’t wait until she does Hazel’s.
    It is so dark this morning! Foggy, 53 degrees, pea soup. Have you ever wondered why they call fog pea soup? Pea soup is green……. Unless it is as thick as my pea soup that I made once! Yes, once! It was so thick! Ick!
    Mary your sun porch made me sad. We don’t sit in our sun room in the winter either. Sometimes the grandkids will take cuddly blankets and sit out there. Probably to get away from the adults haha. Is that Three sitting on th ledge?
    Have a good day! Thoughts and prayers for the families in Maine!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Joy – that’s old JB – the cats all want to be on the porch but I can’t leave the door open now and sometimes I forget they’re out there. Yes, some days I’m too tired to write – I did go to the chiropractor yesterday and I feel better but there’s still work to do outside. I’m going to ask Brian is he knows some kid at church who would be willing to help me. It’s actually warmer here than there this morning but I know that will change soon.. The blog comments are the first thing I do in the morning, too! Love it!! Just like the rest of you – the blog about nothing has become everything to me.

  17. Fran Dixon

    Chris in Alaska, you dog portrait is awesome! Do you make your own pattern or just wing it? Love it.

    Chris where in AK are you? I lived in Fairbanks 28 yrs and Anchor Point 7 yrs. Miss it!

    Great pics Mary, thanks for sharing and making my morning time so enjoyable.

    I can’t imagine that massacre in my birth city. Yes, I was born there and lived there until I was 15.


    1. Chris in Alaska

      Hi Fran ! I’m in Delta Junction , in the Interior . I purchased a pattern that most resembled Blueberry ,and use that as the basic outline . Then I try my best to bring it to life !
      Thank you 🙂

  18. Sandra Pierson

    Nancy TD. What pattern did you use for that wonderful pumpkin quilt?
    Fall is my most favorite time of year! You can send me a separate email if you wish to:

    Have a great day everyone 💕

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sandra – thanks for leaving your email so I don’t have to be the middle man.

  19. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    Beautiful quilts today! So much talent in your viewership!

    The tragedy in Maine, it leaves you breathless to realize that in what is supposed to be the greatest nation on earth, statistically shootings/firearms are the leading cause of death for children and teens. We are at war with ourselves, it seems at times.

    Back to quilts, I can’t wait to see Hazel represented in a quilt! What a lovely gift, Mary! Blueberry, seems he likes plants, too!
    I love a good pumpkin quilt, and the twinkly star quilt, the colors are great! I’m in a mission to complete five star quilts before the eclipse in April. Buffalo NY is gearing up for 1.1 million visitors the week of the eclipse, that number just blows my mind! Getting groceries in and staying in my own backyard that week!

  20. Diana in Des Moines

    Saddened indeed by the Maine news. Evil lives amongst us.
    I put away all my yard kitties for the year. I have about a dozen cat sculptures I have picked up through the years and they adorn my back yard. The grandkids love them, and the squirrels fear them. lol
    I have no plans for the weekend which means 2 days filled with quilting. Working on Christmas items. Dropping off a quilt today for long arming.
    Rained all night here in Des Moines, but we do need it. Sigh. winter is coming….

  21. Susan in VA

    I haven’t visited Maine in many years, but my husband and I vacationed there regularly, joined by our children as they were born, in the 90s and early 2000s. So saddened by this news. I wish there was a way to stop it ….. all I know I can do is pray.
    Loved all of the quilts and projects today. I absolutely love those mittens! Are they Christmas ornaments? Would love a pattern.
    Love, love this blog!

      1. deb

        The mittens are a Rachel of Greenfield kit and come with 6 mittens – but I always keep the patterns so I can do a second or third set if I like them. She no longer includes enough of the embroidery threads to complete the kits (suggests using your own) and the felt is getting thinner so I use my own. Plus the kits are currently over $23 ( I bought several of them when a Mpls shop went out of business for less) for 4 to 6 ornaments. I’ve made enough of them that I just cut and paste the ones I like.
        deb in Japan

        1. Linda in North Carolina

          I bought the mitten pattern off Etsy this afternoon for $10.. I have plenty of wool in my stash so rarely buy kits.

  22. Paula Nordt

    Heard the news about the Maine shooting last night. It breaks my heart. Love the photos of the pets and quilts. I read the comments and feel for those of you with freezes, cold, snow….. I don’t like the shorter days either, but at least we don’t get as much very cold weather in my part of Texas. We WERE suppose to get a lot of much needed rain today, nothing so far! I have to be careful walking the dog, so he doesn’t break a leg in our wide very deep cracks. (Have measured some over 36” deep.).

    Tell your people you love them each time you or they leave the house.

  23. Suzanne

    The quilts were so enjoyable today, especially the Halloween themed ones. My screen porch looks about the same, Mary. Although we closed ours up weeks ago when it first got cold in Michigan. I look forward to opening it up again as soon as we can in late April or early May. I am not as good at getting out there to spend time as you are. Next year I hope to change that and will be dreaming of “porch time” all winter.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Suzanne – I can’t wait for porch season again! It’s a great place to store beer and firewood – ha!

  24. Linda in North Carolina

    I have several friends in Maine. Have not heard from them yet but I don’t think they were out bowling. So sad. You live in a town you think is very safe and then this happens. It can happen anywhere these days.
    I love the CHRISTMAS MITTENS ORNAMENTS! Would like to know where to find the pattern. I do most thing like these using all the wool I have that I usually use to make table runners and wall hangings.

      1. Linda in North Carolina

        Thank you. Someone else asked about the pattern too. Prayers for those in Maine. We are from New Hampshire

      2. deb

        The mittens are a Rachel of Greenfield kit and come with 6 mittens – but I always keep the patterns so I can do a second or third set if I like them. She no longer includes enough of the embroidery threads to complete the kits (suggests using your own) and the felt is getting thinner so I use my own. Plus the kits are currently over $23 ( I bought several of them when a Mpls shop went out of business for less) for 4 to 6 ornaments. I’ve made enough of them that I just cut and paste the ones I like.
        deb in Japan

  25. Brenda

    Hi, does Chris in Alaska sell patterns for her dogs? That lab one would be perfect for my daughter. Thanks

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Brenda / I think the book is available thru Amazon – I used to have it – I’ll look again

  26. Marsha in MI

    Tragic news, indeed, out of ME. Man’s inhumanity towards mankind is always a mystery to those who value the gift of life and treat others as we’d like to be treated. Prayers for those most closely affected and for our country!

    What a lineup of gorgeous quilts and projects! And the 3 dogs! So cute! I love that quilt with the white blocks creating a lattice around the dark-toned pieced blocks! Is there a pattern? It’s probably beyond my skills but would love to try a small project to see.

  27. Mg

    Beautiful ladies!!
    Nancy T all your quilts are great, but your table runner caught my eye. Thanks for sharing ladies

  28. bobbie rumler

    Enjoy your site and the country life….I’m living in AZ for health purposes…..thanks love the dog fabric protraits….the three puppies are adorable

  29. Lorraine

    Very sad and tragic story out of Lewiston, Maine. I don’t understand why a person has to take so many lives if they are having issues themselves. I feel deeply saddened for the victims and their families.
    Loved the quilt show and enjoyed it tons.
    Your porch looks so great and I am sure you will be excited to get back in there in the spring.

  30. NancyTD

    I left the info about the patterns in the reply after the persons request.
    Tragic story from ME. Prayers to all the families. So sad!
    Can’t wait to see Hazel’s portrait in fabric. A very awesome gift!
    Rain today and warm . maybe an inch of snow Saturday! Can’t believe it. SE Minnesota.

  31. Kris in WI

    The little mitten pattern is “sold out” on Etsy, but the kit is available at Rachel’s of Greenfield ( She also has a Cat Nap wall hanging of cats on a sewing machine, and one of Succulents/cactus for those of you with green thumbs. It says Free Shipping! Hope that helps.

    I am saddened by the news lately, buoyed by the quilt, outdoor, and pet photos, and totally awed at the scale of modern ag equipment! Thank you for a more positive view of the world, Mary and all who sent in pictures.

    It is rainy, dreary, and windy here in SC WI. A good day to turn on the oven for Chicken and Noodles, Surprise Muffins, and my cousin Betsy’s Apple Cake for supper. Take care everyone. Kris

    1. Ginger S

      Kris, I’m curious about the Surprise Muffins. Would love to have you tell about them.

  32. Sunflower from Michigan

    Loved this post…all the quilting photos are wonderful. The nine patch quilt is gorgeous, loved the giant pumpkin too. Love your work, Nancy. I may check out the pattern from Missouri Star. The mittens are so cute, I’ve never done a wool project but I like them! Loved the dog picture too, really great work.
    Watching the World Series now. Take care everyone.

  33. Jane Boyer

    We recently adopted a third dog who looks just like Blueberry. He even has a beard like Blueberry. What breed of dog is Blueberry?

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Blueberry’s dad is a lab and mom is a wire hair pointing griffon.

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