Tuesday Night, 11-14-23

Rick’s blood work was all negative and within normal limits today. I stayed home to wait for the vet to call about Rosie but neither vet could come today so one will come tomorrow morning at 9 am. I was trying to figure out how old Rosie is and I think she is 15 – wow! If I’m right she’s the oldest goat I’ve ever had. She deserves to rest.

Julie sent all these quilt pictures – all quilts have been donated except the last one – red, white and blue which she couldn’t part with and I don’t blame her.

A reader sent this – hmmm, anybody else heard of this?

Look at this sweet note card!

Those little tidbits are 1/2” squares glued to a background and then the background is sewn to the blank note card.

I always say more pictures, less text but now please keep reading.

Now let’s talk about patterns. When I showed Connie’s home with all her wonderful fall quilts I set off a wave of pattern sales. I’m going to put a deadline on the fall quilts – December 1. Anything postmarked after December 1 will be returned.

I will find a few Christmas patterns to make available and will post them asap. I ran into quite a few issues at the post office this morning. This was one – an envelope that was sent to me with a postmark of November 7 which became illegal on November 8, long before I received it. And since it was empty the postage was wrong anyway after I put a pattern inside. So I had to pay for this all over again. A paper pattern doesn’t need a bubble mailer and in one business envelope it would have been only one stamp. To the reader who sent this: I understand how thoughtful your intentions were but the post office didn’t care! Haha!! Not to worry – it’s on its way!

I also found out I can send only two sheets in one envelope for one stamp. It’s the appliqué patterns that make everything so difficult – multiple 11×17” pages because of all the shapes.

When you send a SASE it saves me precious time and I don’t worry about making a mistake on your address. The Christmas pattern I post next will have been taken to the post office and weighed in an envelope first.

Do you still want to do this? Other than the online store, it’s the only way to purchase our old patterns. Yes, you can make a request but I make no guarantees that I’ll find the pattern or how quickly. I searched for Old Glory Farm and then never got the order.

I’m so sorry – it’s gotten complicated and the post office is not helping! So many rules and regulations! I’ll go a bit slower next time and won’t post multiple patterns all at once. This was Connie ‘s fault – her beautiful house all decorated with fall quilts! Let’s blame her. Ha!

Remember the doctor who told us to substitute ice tea for beer? Rick had a follow up appointment today and his blood work was all normal. Probably that ice tea effect.

43 thoughts on “Tuesday Night, 11-14-23

  1. Susan K in Texas

    Yay for Rick’s bloodwork being normal.
    So sorry about Rosie. It’s so hard to say goodbye.
    Love the quilt show and how generous to donate them.
    Some of the trees around here are finally changing. It’s starting to look like fall. The weather is still very mild.

  2. Viv in Idaho

    I’m sure you are sad to say goodbye to Rosie. Over the past 15 years you probably spent time with her a couple of times every day. She will leave an empty spot in your heart and your day.

    The patterns are one of those things you probably are thinking “it seemed like a good idea at the time” 😂

  3. Betsy

    Hi Mary , I’m sorry but I must have missed the post about Connie’s fall quilts. Could you please let me know which patterns are hers so I don’t miss ordering by December 1st. Thank you very much 😊

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Betsy – nope – you go back and find it. If you aren’t keeping up its not up to me to spend time finding it for you. I’m sorry.

  4. Li

    That clever note card proves once again that no pretty scrap can be thrown away. The problem is that all scraps are so pretty.

  5. Anne in Southern IA

    Glad the bloodwork was normal. Rosie will have a nice “sleep”. That’s a lot of nice quilts that were donated and will be much appreciated. The note card is adorable. I just finished quilting a small quilt, 40×50, really just a length of farm scenery fabric backed with minky, on my sewing machine. I used Elmer’s School glue to baste it. Worked perfectly and completely washed out.

  6. Joy in NW Iowa

    Thinking of you as you part with Rosie.
    The quilt show was beautiful.
    So glad Ricks blood work is good. 🤣
    We are enjoying the wonderful weather also! No wind today!! Awesome! Almost makes me feel guilty being in my sewing room and not outside in the sun!
    Our kitties are all very special…there are 10 black with bright gold eyes and one gray kitty. They gray kitty blends in with the dead grass. Those bright gold eyes sit and stare at the garage in the morning waiting for the food to be delivered, 😂😂
    Have a good day every one!

  7. Ginger S

    I’m so sorry about Rosie. I don’t know a lot about goats, but I think 15 years is a long life, and she got to live it in such a wonderful home with a fabulous caretaker. She knows she is loved. Hugs to you Mary.

  8. Fran Dixon in SW Iowa

    Loved the quilts.

    Prayers for comfort and peace on letting your goat go. It’s time.

    I am at retreat and having a great time this week. I am behind in accomplishing a lot if you look at how many projects I brought, but it is ok. My mind has changed too many times on the one project that is priority. Such a simple quilt but fabric choices have stumped me. Still fun!

    On another note, I am on my iPad and not my Microsoft lap top which automatically remembers PWs. So no FaceBook for a week as I changed my PW recently and can’t remember the new one. Ha

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Fran – you’re a woman after my own heart – just changed your password and can’t remember it! Sounds too familiar

      1. Rosie Westerhold

        To Fran and Mary:
        I have a document I created on my iPad with ALL of my user names and passwords. As SOON as I change something, I update that document because I can’t remember ANYTHING beyond about 3 minutes. UGH. One of the joys of becoming “more mature” and having to deal with all this technology.

  9. Vicki Ibarra

    Julie, may I ask what size you make your donated quilts? They are all lovely. I don’t make many red, white, and blue quilts and you inspire me.
    Rosie, I think many quilters have been where you are. I have had projects where all I need to add is the border and I am done. Do you think I get to it quickly? Sometimes those small left-to-do’s sit for months. I agree with Janet in that moving forward is what counts.
    Mary, thinking of you today as you say goodbye to Rosie. Hugs to you.
    More outdoor work today as we are to get to 66 degrees. Yay! Next week will feel like the deep freeze compared to this week.

    1. Julie B

      Most of them are approximately 50×60…it just depends on the pattern. The 2 patriotic quilts are made with panels, so I like to play with the layout and change it up a bit.

  10. Pamela Dempsey in Northeast Texas 🤗

    Yay for good test results! The iced tea must be helping! So sorry about sweet Rosie, hopefully she won’t feel a thing. She looked beautiful in last picture 😻

  11. Sherry Whalen

    On the Quilter’s Irish Death – I would be game to try it of course, BUT do not substitute 2 of these for 2 ‘iced teas’….at 7.8% – it might just give you a night to remember. OR NOT. LOL

  12. Kim from Wi

    The quilt show was lovely, and I admire how many Julie has donated, what a generous heart. I will have to look for that Quilters Ale and if it doesn’t take good then I shall make Beer Bread with it and enjoy it anyway, lol. I totally understand about Rosie and having the vet come to call, our pets are family. Hugs to you for making this decision. We leave our home in Wisconsin and drive to Osage, IA to handle some things for my mother. I always stop at Debbies Quilt shop and find something to bring home.

    1. Sherry Whalen

      We like Debbie’s too – a group I am in spends 2 lovely long weekends a year at her retreat center. And I always find something to bring home! Sherry

  13. Rosie Westerhold

    Perhaps the Quilter’s Irish Death would make a good replacement for your “iced tea.” I’m not a beer drinker so I don’t know how a dark ale would taste. I need to find a “Quilter’s Wine.” Think I remember someone mentioning it somewhere online at some point in time. Can’t remember where or when, though😂😂😂. Seems to be the story of my life, lately.

    And don’t ask exactly HOW LONG it took to make the last 2 of those pineapple blocks. UGH. All foundation-paper-piecing, all 48 of them. On the last one, I sewed the wrong sized piece to the correct place, not once, but TWICE, stabbed myself with my very sharp seam ripper (I did bleed, but not on the quilt block👍👍), ran out of bobbin thread 1/2” from the end of the seam of the incorrect piece, jammed up my bobbin winder when I wound a new bobbin, didn’t check the replaced bobbin by stitching on a scrap, had to use the seam ripper AGAIN, had to tape the foundation together because I had unstitched several times in the same spot, BUT I defuzzed the entire machine after I wound a new bobbin. And will change the needle tomorrow. It’s been sewing through paper for MONTHS now🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️!! It deserves to be permanently replaced!! Oh, and did I mention that this quilt was from a pattern in Quilter’s Newsletter from 2001? Fabric has been cut since 2002, just waiting for me to start. And NOW, it’s almost FINISHED🙌🙌!! WooHoo. Know all you quilting friends out there will “get it.”

  14. patti

    beautiful quilts today. great news on tests for rick. is rosie your last goat? if so she may be lonely also. always hard to make those decisions but i’m sure she had a good life with you. over here i’m working on a challenge quilt due the first of december. received a smallish box of plaids to make a quilt and a pillow-case. the pieces are not that large. this one is a challenge only because of the sizes of available plaids. i have raided my own stash tho. going slow. we started getting rain today and should have some for the rest of the week. it’s been like a month or so with no rain. we need it. hugs to all. patti in FL

  15. Rosie Westerhold

    I didn’t know until recently that your goat was named Rosie. She has lived a good long life, and it’s sad to see her go to her permanent rest. I’m not ready to go to mine, just yet. Too many things to do, too many quilts to make.
    From another Rosie

    P.S. I lost my SewJo for abut 3-4 months😱😱!! Just this past week I have been sewing up a storm. I’m hoping that I put the LAST stitch in the LAST piece of my Homespun Pineapple Log Cabin Christmas Quilt tnight. (Just a flimsy for now.) Had to put it in time-out for awhile, then had my knee replaced in August, and I lost my enthusiasm for quilting ever since my surgery. I think I’m back now, though. WooHoo!!

  16. Sue in Oregon

    Julie’s quilts are wonderful. I especially like the blue and green one with large squares. Is there a name for that one? The one being kept is stunning.
    Rosie does deserve to rest. She had a wonderful life and home with you.

      1. Cynthia from SW MN

        Julie B what is the name of the pattern for that beautiful Quilt of Valor you made? I would love to make one like yours!

  17. Diane in Colorado

    So glad to hear Rick’s tests were all good!

    Hard to believe fall will soon make way for Christmas! I haven’t broken out the decorations just yet—have to hold room for Thanksgiving first! We walked around the lake yesterday and today (my daughter was here to visit) and were amazed at how warm it was for mid-November. We have had such a lovely fall!!

      1. Diane in Colorado

        Yes, Jenica was home to visit and we took both of the Goldens, Akira and Skyler, around the lake with us. Akira, at nearly 14, rarely wants to go that far, but she kept up and enjoyed being out!

  18. Beryl in Owatonna

    I’ll bet Rick is happy the blood work is doing fine with the Iced tea!!

    The quilt show is wonderful, they are all beautiful and will be loved, I’m sure.

    Sorry to hear about Rosie. I think you are doing the right thing, hard as it may be.

    Enjoy the gorgeous weather we have been having!! It will soon cool down.

  19. Sandi

    Beautiful quilts!! Wonderful news on the health update. I’m so sorry about Rosie. She has lived a long time and has had a good life. Hugs,

  20. Sharon F

    What a wonderful quilt show by Julie B! Thanks to both of you for sharing them with us. I have seen the Quilter’s Irish Ale in our Costco in Idaho, but haven’t tried it. Sorry I can’t vouch for it’s acceptability as a substitute for ice tea.

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