TV AGAIN! 2 – 5 -24

Yes! It’s working and honestly I should have called them first thing this morning but I continued to try things. When I called CommOne the “cable guy” was literally driving down my road almost and no more than got off the phone and he was here! Customer service at its best! Here’s the deal – I didn’t even own the right cable so he put it on, turned on the tv and voila!! Entertainment again.

Here’s a feel good story for you – about 5 pm this afternoon Farmer Tim texted me and asked if he could FaceTime with me and he’d help me fix my tv! Farmer Tim and Ellen are in Arizona and obviously they’re reading the blog – haha!!! Is that not one of the kindest gestures you’ve ever heard? My stupid tv issue – Tim offered to help me from AZ – I was blown away. I was happy to tell him CommOne had been here and my life was back to normal. It’s Tim’s birthday February 18 – we can send him blog birthday greetings – I’ll remind you.

I also told him I met our new mailman – his name is Luis and he moved to a neighboring small town (Klemme) from LA to live close to his mom because she was getting older. Oh, I said, “how old is she?” 67! Oh, good grief, I had already lifted two huge boxes of kitty litter into the golf cart when I told him I was 75. Hilarious!

Reader photos

We all know that this is the best one ever!

Anyone have this iron? The handle got so hot I couldn’t touch it. Here’s our next discussion – IRONS! What do you like? What don’t you like? My opinion on irons is buy the cheapest one at Walmart and when it gives out, go buy another one. I do have a Rowenta out in the shop but I don’t think it’s anything special. What about you?

Lynn from Nisswa, MN – since the patterns you ordered are old, I can’t even remember which ones they are so you’re going to have to communicate with me so I know what to send you. I run a pretty casual “online shop” – I’m so sorry.

Rick made kettle corn this afternoon and I took some to the vet office with me. JB has eye drops, of course, which I hate as much as he does but we’ll do the best we can.

It’s almost 10 pm but now it’s time to watch Netflix! This book came highly recommended and tonight is the night to start. I just finished Danielle Steele’s book Palazzo and it was just OK.

Thankfully this is not here but it is really beautiful, isn’t it?

109 thoughts on “TV AGAIN! 2 – 5 -24

  1. Linda

    I love my Rowenta iron.
    Highly recommend Little Liar by Mitch Albom. It’s the kind of book that stays with you even after you close it.

    1. Rachel

      Agree Linda, the book was so good!! Started me reading all the other previous books Mitch Albom wrote.

  2. Peggy Grandberg

    I have had a two different tank type irons and they did not last any longer. Were really nice for steam when they worked. Had a Bernina and it didn’t last much longer either. Have a T-fal now and it has been good. I have also bought some at Value Village and they were also good. I agree with buying on sale and expect to go through an iron in about a year if I am doing a lot of quilt piecing.

  3. Lynda

    I also like the cheaper irons. I also like my iron to be lighter in weight. I so enjoy your blog. Thank you ! Lynda

  4. Cindy K

    I own a couple of older rowentas. Haven’t had any problems with them. And I have a few mini irons (including a rowenta) but my favorite of all for piecing is the panasonic cordless iron. Not the odd shaped one-it’s the one that looks like a standard iron- the aqua colored one. It will go off by itself when not in use and has a handy carrying case which snaps on to its base. All of my irons have stainless steel plates-have never tried the ceramic coated ones and not interested in them. I bought my daughter the oliso mini iron over a year ago for Christmas as that is what she wanted. Haven’t heard any complaints but will be asking her about the handle. Do you think yours is defective? I’d be telling the company about that problem.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Cindy K – I’ve had so much trouble lately with customer service that the price of an iron is not worth the hassle and the anxiety. I’ll just throw it away and be done.

  5. Bonnie McKee

    Farmer Tim is truly a good neighbor and friend!
    I loved the picture of the badly parked car surrounded by shopping carts. I wish I had been there to help place those carts!
    I have a couple of high end irons and they’re no better than their less expensive cousins. I’d advise you to buy a less expensive iron and save your money to spend on quality fabric. 😁

  6. Deb in Idaho

    I agree with Bonnie, spend money on fabric and go to thrift store for irons. I have 2 and they are old, at least 20 years old and keep working. Not interested in spending money on the newer irons. I can smell popcorn. Haha

  7. Cindy K

    I just text my daughter about her mini oliso and no, she does not have that problem with hers. She thought that sounded dangerous.

  8. Amy in NW Ohio

    I have a mid-priced Rowenta for my “big” iron. I had a discount code for it and it was also on sale, so it was a great bargain. I’m impressed by it because I’ve knocked it off the ironing board several times but it keeps on working. I also have a small iron for pressing small blocks. It gets hotter than the Rowenta so I only use it on the medium setting. Then, for pressing tiny things like 1 1/2″ HSTs I have one of those wand type irons that has a tiny triangle shaped tip on it. It also gets VERY hot and does a great job. I’ve never been interested in an Oliso. I don’t think the brand is worth the hefty price.

  9. Jo in Wyoming

    I think irons are overrated! Just like vacuums. I gave up using the steam part. I mist, then iron.
    The mountain of snow we got this weekend has almost melted away. Most unusual for February. It’s mud season now and Loretta is enjoying every hole she can find. Oh! Those little black feet.

    We’re all so glad your entertainment is working again. Good customer service is defined differently today. My car was in the shop and ended up being 8 days over the due date. Of course it’s nobody’s fault. When ask how they could improve the experience, I replied when nobody is at fault, how are you going to fix the problem!

  10. Bonny

    Irons: I scrounge thrift stores or auctions and buy General Electric oldies. Long cords! Yes please! Stay hot. Never use water in them. I mix vodka and water 1:3 ratio and use as spray .

  11. Chris in NW PA

    I have a Rowenta, an Oliso, & several small irons. My favorite is a Black & Decker(green & white) from
    Walmart for under $12. It is lightweight, heats quickly, & stays hot until I unplug it. When they quit
    heating, I buy another one. Although I always have 2 at a time so I am never without this iron.
    Plus, I worry that Walmart will discontinue this style.
    Farmer Tim is a great neighbor!

  12. Nan V.

    Irons… a product that used to work so well, and is now made to stop working in a year! I’m still using the heavy GE iron that I bought in 1973. I’ve always put distilled water in it. It still works as well as it did when I bought it, and I use it a lot. I hate the new ones that aren’t heavy enough, need the water to be removed every single time you stop using it, and turn themselves off. I’ve never, ever taken the water out of my old GE, and it has never splurted brown water on anything.

  13. Carolyn Boutilier

    Love the one with the groceries carts. That made me laugh . Nice to have good neighbors. We have 2 great neighbors and the third are terrible and have to keep calling the county. They brought in a house trailer parked it down by our creek. No permits and county came it was moved. Had animals run all over like 12 goats and sheep eating my flowers and garden, one night at 3 am Maggie dog was barking and I said someone or something was out there. Hubby would not go out so I opened the garage door and 5 cows were looking at me. mind you we have a cement driveway and that sure was a mess to clean. To kill the cattle they were shooting them with a crossbow. They took down our cattle fence and start to put up a solid stockade fence. They have half of it done. Had our land surveyed and they are 5 inches on our property. You go to speak to them and they say NO SPEAK ENGLISH. They are 1000 feet from our house but our property line runs beside them . My gripe for the night. Carolyn b Shenandoah Valley

    1. Mary J.

      My favorite iron is Black and Decker Classic. I like it because it is heavy. I don’t steam, I use spray starch. Walmart carried them until a year ago, I don’t know why they stopped after 20 years of me buying them there. But I see Amazon has them now. I always have a back up in my sewing closet. They run around $30.00. BGood luck!

    2. patti

      carolyn, that sounds like a legitimate gripe. not the kind of neighbor to have. i’d be calling the authorities every day. would definitely be having that fence moved. seems to be you’d be within your rights to take it down. but then i don’t live in your state so you’d have to find out. i know if you don’t press the fact, they may win due to inaction. good luck. patti in florida

    3. Mary Etherington Post author

      Carolyn – you have to do something before that fence is up! Go to the county, the police, a lawyer, the other neighbors! I wouldn’t put up with it – why are you? When I hear stories like this I know how lucky I am to live in the country without close neighbors at my property line.

    4. Carla

      Ok Carolyn, now I’m invested in your story. I’m sure I’m not the only one who is going to be wondering what ends up happening. How about we all band together for some prayers for Carolyn?! Let’s pray for this issue to be peacefully resolved!!!!

    5. Cynthia from SW MN

      Neighbors from hell. I think you could speak with local law enforcement. Not good. (Especially if they took down your fence.)

  14. Rosie Westerhold

    I have a Reliable Velocity iron. It is HEAVY, which I love for ironing yardage and pressing when assembling quilts. It gets REALLY hot, and the steam is FABULOUS. It has a separate interior water chamber so it’s not supposed to leak. I’m on my second one in about 7 or 8 years. The first one just stopped steaming, and that was the main reason I bought it. It heated up just fine, but I wanted steam so I purchased a new one. This one I’ve had for about 4 years. I have a small Rowenta portable iron that I take to sew days. I NEVER put water in that one. I just mist if I need to get a stubborn wrinkle out of it. I also have a mini-Oliso, for beside me at my sewing table. The handle will occasionally get hot, but I’m not constantly using it so it doesn’t normally bother me. It is weird, though, that the handle only gets OCCASIONALLY hot, not consistently hot.

    My friend just got a new Toyota Corolla. Her sister encouraged her to get a new car while she could still “learn” how to use it as EVERYTHING is all computerized. My friend is 74!! She hasn’t mentioned anything about the radio, but she hasn’t figured out how to use her cruise control yet. She now has about 100 miles on her car only because she had to drive to Omaha for a Dr appointment. She picked it up when it had 3 miles on it. Oh, the joy of a brand new car!! My Toyota Camry is almost 19 years old, paid for, and only has 81,000 miles on it. I’m having a little trouble getting OUT of the dang car now, and I want something a little higher up with 4-wheel drive so I don’t get stuck when we have a lot of snow. BUT, I don’t want to go car shopping. I figure I can just stay home when we have bad weather now that I’m retired and all by myself. Not such a bad thing, really.

    LOVED the car surrounded by all the carts!! Wish I could have helped with that!!

    1. Connie in NV

      I have a Reliable also, first one lasted 8 years. This one is 3 years old and I used distilled water because our water is terrible. Love the iron but they are expensive. I have a shark as a back and for the few times I actually iron clothes😜.

  15. Mary Beth from Missouri

    I used to buy Oliso irons but when one stopped raising, the second leaked like a sieve and the third one’s heating element gave out after the warranty expired (go figure), I started buying irons at thrift stores and garage sales. I’ve had the best irons from those cheap purchases and don’t feel bad when the irons run their course since I didn’t give an arm and a leg for them.

  16. Sandy

    Hi Mary, question, what is kettle corn.? I used to buy cheap irons, but got a good one when l had to iron all my fabric after we moved, the .Sunbeam is going well after 18 months. Just finished quilting my Liberty hexagons, so next binding and a photo to send to you.Looking forward to seeing the grandchildren on the 11th, they have had a fabulous time in Taiwan! Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

  17. Tina W in Oregon

    I’ve had a couple Oliso irons and loved them while they worked. Eventually, they quit – probably because I don’t remove the water after each use. Currently I’m using a Rowenta I bought for $5 at a thrift store and will keep it until it dies and then move on to the T-fal I have in the drawer. I like the ones with the higher wattage because they get hotter. Have several minis but very seldom use them because they don’t get hot enough. I always look for irons at thrift stores.
    You’re lucky to have such good neighbors! We have great ones across the street, so-so ones next door and stand-offish ones to the south.
    Great timing on getting your tv hooked up. Love it when things like that happen.

  18. Sharon G.

    Mary – Who are these people who can’t park a car between 2 visible lines? Good gravy! Love the shopping carts 🛒 enclosing the car! 😂

    I had a Rowenta iron for years and it leaked like a sieve! I couldn’t stand it so I got rid of it. I bought an Oliso a few years ago. It works, but it’s not like the iron my mom had for years! They don’t make them like that anymore! It was a workhorse!

    Glad you got the TV working.
    Love the photos.

    Take care everyone!

  19. Teresa from Port Coquitlam, BC

    My favourite iron is the one I own now, a t-fal ultraglide , I purchased from Costco quite a few years ago. The steam setting is fantastic.

  20. Jeanie S, Central IL

    I, too, buy really inexpensive irons, as I am kind of rough on them and occasionally knock them off the ironing board onto the basement concrete floor. I never put water in them either; I just keep a spray bottle of water nearby.
    I asked Herb if he had any tv advice for you; he said he would need to be there. I am so happy you are plugged in and perking. 🤪

  21. Deb

    Had to laugh when I read about the irons! I do EXACTLY the same as you — when my iron stops working, I head to Wally World and pick up one of the cheapest ones, too. Works for me! I am truly hoping that tomorrow the rain stops, and we have SUN. We are waterlogged here in Northern California – not complaining, though, as not long ago we were in a very severe drought. I have knee replacement surgery at the end of the month, and I want to get around while I can and do a few fun things – pain or not. Also laughed at Luis — I am 67, too (with 2 bad knees) – and we moved (shoveled into wheelbarrows, hauled to each area, unloaded and spread it) 43 yards of rock a few months ago, built large planters from heavy stones & laid over 700 oversized bricks for a patio. Hubby turns 70 the day after my surgery at the end of the month and he has a very bad back. We just space out what we do, work carefully, take breaks & drink lots of water. We feel better for the hard work! Plus, no more mowing and our yard is absolutely gorgeous.

  22. Sally

    So glad your tv is fixed! Farmer Tim is a sweetheart for texting and wanting to FaceTime with you to help out. I love Rose’s quilt, beautiful colors and combination of bordered nine patch blocks with floral background. I had my mom’s iron forever and decided I needed something new. Oliso leaked like a sieve, the most recent just after 2 months. I tried a Rowenta ProMaster which was way too heavy. I have a Singer SteamCraft Plus with a 300ml tank and extra long cord. It works fine. I think I’ll try thrift stores next time. Kettle Corn sounds so delicious! Do you ship!!! 😄

  23. Beth

    I’ve had the best luck with a Black and Decker iron from Walmart…about $40 but could be more nowadays.

  24. Jill

    Mary I am with you on the iron issue totally! I had a Rowena years ago that was a gift and was not at all impressed. I am now on my third Shark brand iron and I love it! I iron almost daily and so my irons get used a lot. Great irons that steam like crazy and are inexpensive. When they wear out I just get a new one!

  25. Gloria from CC

    I had an Oliso iron once and liked it for the short time it worked. First the mechanism that makes it move up and down stopped working. Then it stopped heating up!!! I went back to Rowenta and I buy the one with the rounded sole plate (at the back) vs the squared off one.

    I have all Danielle Steel books from the beginning up until 2or 3 years ago. She repeats everything about ten times and reading her books was making me grouchy so I stopped. I now have all these books that I need to get rid of. Any suggestions?

    1. Janet S

      I don’t know about your location but we (Minnesota) just give used books to our library. They sell all paperbacks for $.50 and hardcover for $1.00. They have bookshelves when you walk in and have sales a few times a year. It’s a win-win. The money goes for them to buy more books.

    2. Diane, Squeak, Buddy in Central Ohio

      I have a little Free Library in front of my house. When I put her books in, no one takes them so I take them to half price books. They don’t give much for them, but I put it toward books that people like for the Little Library.

  26. Janet S

    A few years ago, Bonnie Hunter did a test where she ironed fabric without steam, with steam and just with a spray bottle. The fabric with the spray bottle turned out by far the best results. So now, I don’t put water in my irons and they seem to last a long time. If you want a hot iron, just read the wattage on the box and find one with the most watts. The higher wattage are hard to find but worth the effort. It sure is nice to have great neighbors willing to help with all the technical stuff.

  27. Linda in MI

    I bought a Oliso mini last year and I love it. I take it to the retreat and it’s perfect, small so it doesn’t get in the way on my little side table and it is really good for larger pieced applique if you turn edges before you start to applique. I have had three of the really nice Rowenta’s because I either have had a coupon or they were on sale but I am done with them, they start out great but eventually all leak. I now have a “super steam” iron that is great, tons of steam but not dry unless you leave the water chamber empty. I think I will stick with beastie and get my future irons at the resale. Goodwill always has some new in box irons and other resales will let you see if they work before purchase. That way if they poop out it doesn’t bother you to toss them because you’re not out much!

    Have a great day everyone. Here in mid-Michigan we are suppose to get to 50 Friday – in February! That will be a new record. Anyone that doesn’t believe our climate is changing needs to catch up!

  28. Lynette in Orlando

    I have a Rowenta and I’m not in love with it. Feel like it does fine for quilting but for ironing clothing not so much. The auto shut off is a love/hate with me. As Janet said, I’ve read Bonnie Hunter’s comment but haven’t done it, it’s a plan for the next iron. Also agree with go to Walmart, buy the cheapest one and don’t put water in it. I just love steam though!!!!

    Mary – Tim’s offer warmed my heart. Always good to know there are still good people out there in the crazy world. And the mailman made me laugh — I’m soon to be 68 and feel like I do just fine. Maybe she’s not has hardy as you and I !!!!! hahaha

  29. Connie R. in Wis

    I buy all my irons at the thrift store. I don’t think that, except for quilters, a lot of people iron anymore so, there are always plenty of irons available at the the thrift store that look brand new. I sew a lot on wool so, I usually look for one with a Teflon sole plate. I have several irons on hand , including a couple Rowena’s, that I purchased for only a couple dollars. I passed up a pink Olisa a couple weeks ago because the thrift store was asking $24 for it and, at that price, I didn’t want to take a chance that it didn’t work. I’ve always had great luck with the ones I have purchased.

    What a wonderful neighbor you have in Farmer Tim. For him to offer to help you over FaceTime was so kind. A true neighbor!

    Nearly 50 degrees here in far Northern Wisconsin yesterday. Can hardly enjoy it as we’re waiting for our “real” winter to show up any day with cold weather and snow. Looks like our spring right now.

  30. Donna Jo

    You have a great neighbor in Farmer Tim! Happy birthday to Farmer Tim! Glad you got your tv fixed in time for the next game! I have a Rowena iron I inherited from my mom over 22 years ago. It still works great so I can’t complain.

  31. Kathy in western NY

    I saw my first Robin yesterday morning digging for worms. My husband had seen them in the yard over the weekend. Spring is closer!
    Farmer Tim is a good neighbor for sure! We needed our cable company to come out after we got our new tv last year too.
    So far I’ve had good luck with my bigger size Oliso irons. But before them I used Black and Decker and my old GE lasted for years. My friend has a cordless Panasonic one she loves.
    Speaking of cordless, sorry Jo, but I got a cordless vacuum cleaner that I absolutely love and thankful I can use easily around my house. Before the cord would tangle around the kitchen island bar stools, or the coffee table and now I just walk around the house. It’s lightweight too. I have a perfectly good one with a cord hanging in the closet but this cordless one has made my time cleaning dog hair up much easier for me.

  32. Donna in Wis

    I agree with you re: irons, Rowena irons are too expensive & seemed to leak soon after I got one. I now buy the cheapest & use a spritz bottle to dampen fabric. I like a heavy iron, I think I paid $25. For the one I am using.

  33. Barbara

    I also have the little Oliso iron with that hot handle. One day, at a retreat, I saw someone else with one also and I asked if her handle was hot and she said no. Hers was standing up while I kept mine laying down on the silicone cover it came with. So I fiddled with the cord so mine could stand up and voila! The handle get hot anymore! It still is hot on the plate and works great.
    Love your blog about nothing!

  34. Marcia-Ohio

    I use Black & Decker that I buy from Amazon. I like them for the steam and weight. I have used this brand/model for several years. I am on my second one w/ an extra in the cupboard. I had an Oliso -the large one and thought it was the greatest. My husband loved it to press his shirts🤣 I replaced it w/ one from a quilt show. It didn’t last long, & I called the company, Their excuse was they had changed suppliers🤷🏼‍♀️ They wouldn’t correct their defective product. I do have the small one like yours but not used it. I just got my third check for the small recalled irons. I loved those irons for small piecing pressing but there is an electrical issue. I think Steamfast is the brand. I used 2 of them regularly w/ a third one that I bought when Bed Bath & Beyond was going out of business.
    Irons are such an important tool in quilting.
    Love our sunny and above normal temps in SW Ohio. It is a nice break from winter drab.
    My longarm repairman was here yesterday. It needed cleaning and some adjustments. Hope I can load a top this afternoon.

  35. Suzanne Beech

    I have the small Oliso craft iron. It is great for small things, but I did notice that the handle is getting hotter each time I turn it on. My big Oliso is no problem, because it turns of and on itself. Wish they made a smaller one like that!
    A big Happy Birthday to all of those who are celebrating Birthdays in February!!!!!!!

  36. Donna Albright

    A friend of mine stopped yesterday and sat on the front porch in the sunshine with me for a while. No wind, sunshine, a front porch with rocking chairs, the dog and a couple of cats, and a friend; what more could you ask for?! Anyway she told me of a book I needed to read and I immediately thought of you. It’s called Lessons in Chemistry. I don’t remember who the author is (I’m bad about that) but the dogs name in the book is 6:30 because that’s when they found the dog. Love the name!! I have to go to applique group today but maybe I’ll go to the library to see if it’s in. She said they have it there.

    I hope you get to go for a ride on the trail today or tomorrow – it’s gonna be fantastic weather for February – maybe both days:)

    This weather makes me want to go out and clean off a flower bed, but I know better. I could be pruning my hydrangeas back though and I do need to cut a few low hanging branches off my small oak tree. It’s getting to the end of the period of time when that should be done.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Donna – yes, I have read Lessons in Chemistry and loved 6:30! It was a great read – you’ll love it!

  37. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    I took a class from Edyta Sitar about 10 years ago. She said to go to Wal-Mart and buy a reasonably priced iron with a stainless steel plate so I bought a Hamilton Beach iron for $29.99. It works great, turns itself off after 30 min of no use, and has a long cord. I also bought 3 irons $8.00 each from the local hotel when they were renovating about 20 years ago. They are still in use with the kids and I have one in the basement sewing area. It is great!
    I am so happy the TV is working! Great luck having the tv guy right there.
    You have great neighbors for sure😀 it is going to be 49* here today.

  38. Diana in Des Moines

    I have had Rowentas and they lboth leaked. Right now I have a $25 Walmart iron. My fiend recommended one from there that was $80. When I looked at them the store, I saw one that looked the same, had a ton of steam holes and was cheaper so that came home with me. Off brand Durathon but has worked so well for the past year. I agree with you – why buy expensive when they just die? I brought my mom’s Rowenta home with me when she moved in last winter – it’s my backup in case my other one dies.
    Beautiful morning so far. Beautiful sunrise, warmer today, but looks like we might have thunderstorms later this week. My snow is all melted, but I know the farmers need the moisture.
    18 stars completed for my 30 Stars quilts. Then on to the log cabin blocks. Keeping me busy!!

  39. KathyG from Oak Creek, WI

    Hi Mary,
    To add to your discussion on irons, I have the Panasonic 360 cordless and I absolutely love it. It’s so much easier ironing backing fabrics without the cord in the way. I also have the Oliso mini – I have the first edition of it and I have no problems with it. For ironing clothes I have an old Black and Decker that my husband bought me from the hardware store over 30 years ago. It’s extremely heavy and solid and I love it.

  40. Christina Dickerhoof

    I buy my irons at garage sales, tag sales, rummage sales. People who don’t sew don’t iron and they sell them cheap. Often they don’t even look used. Those are the ones I buy. Currently I have a Singer iron (and it has lasted at least 10 years so far) and several back up Black and Deckers. Had a Rowenta that broke, was sent back for repair and broke again. The Rowenta cost a lot. I have less than $10 in my current iron collection

  41. Paula S.

    I buy cheap irons and they last forever. Just threw away an iron I’ve had at least 10 years. My secret is to not put water in them. I use one of those mist/spray bottles instead.

  42. Terri S.

    I buy just an inexpensive Black & Decker. I found, bar none that they work the best for me. I do have a Rowenta that I picked up at an estate sale and I like that as well. But I would never pay full price for that iron!
    God bless Farmer, Tim! But I know, just sometimes the simplest things can really get you going! Like a cable😖

  43. Donna

    I have 2 GE irons 1100 watts made in the USA and I’m with Bonny, hot, heavy and ready to iron with a spritz of Vodka (mix with water) NO PROBLEMS! As for some of those parking in “their handicap” spots they think “I’m old, I’m lucky I got to the store” I DON’T CARE! They should get tickets so DMV can check their ability to drive safely. YES, I’m sorry. No one wants to give up their drivers license, no one wants to die either, yes I’m old too 76. Anyway that’s my rant

  44. Jan Shaffer

    I have a Reliable Velocity iron. It was expensive and I’m very particular about using distilled water. Every time I take it to a retreat, other quilters wait in line to use it when there are plenty of other ironing stations available. Then they write down the name and say they’re going to order one when they get home. It steams like crazy and irons everything so nice and flat. I’ve had it for several years and it’s still going strong. If it ever dies I’ll definitely order another.

  45. Jeanine from SE Iowa

    I have not bought a new iron in years. I get all of mine at Thrift stores, and use them for years. The one I am presently using is a Sunbeam, and it has been great. I never put water in any iron….I use a mist bottle like many others. I also purchase the IronSlide Iron Shoe by Bo Nash. It ties on the sole plate of the iron and they advertise no scorch, no shine, no burn, no press cloth. I love them. They are made of fiberglass with a non-stick surface. One of my quilting friends told me about them. I order them online. I just checked, and I have three spare irons in my cabinet. 😂 Guess I am set for quite awhile. I also like the auto off, as I have been known to leave an iron on after leaving my quilt room. Enjoy the blog and all the comments today.

    1. NJ

      Just got a Black & Decker $34. (marked down) I think it’s model Durathan or something like that. 1800 watts and I love it.
      Walmart (laundry dept) has a marvelous water spray bottle ($1)
      I also have an old thrift store travel iron that does a great job. It’s hot but it doesn’t have auto turn off.

  46. Linda in Michigan

    I have a little GE travel size iron I bought at a garage sale for $2.00. It could probably be called “vintage”, because it has a thick black cord covered in some sort of fabric. But it works well, and is nice to take to a sewing day, retreat, or whatever. In my sewing area I have a Sunbeam, inexpensive model, bought several years ago. And for ironing clothes, (yes, I still do that once in a while), I have an OLD iron. It says Jewel, so I’m guessing it might have come from a “Jewel Tea” man. Anyone remember him?

  47. Debby Krzyston

    I’m happy to hear that the TV you purchased at Target wasn’t their fault. Needing a different cable to make it work. Nice that your cable company had the correct cable. It part of their plan $$$.
    I buy the little iron in Walmart’s Craft and Hobby Department. It’s very lightweight. Never add water to it. I have one of those water bottles that sprays a fine mist.
    Have a relaxing day.
    Debby from Wisconsin

  48. Donna Sproston

    I loved my Olizo, and it lasted ten years. I had bought it for half price at JoAnn’s. I now have a Black and Decker. It heats up quickly, but it lacks those pop-up feet. It has taken me weeks to remember that I have to set it back up! Luckily I have not set the condo on fire. Farmer Tim and I share a birthday, but I would be the last person to call with help on a cable tv issue. I think Spectrum probably says, “it’s her again!”

  49. Diane in Maryland

    Like most of your readers, I have had a lot of problems with Rowenta irons. Can’t use water for the spray as they all seem to leak. Have an inexpensive Black and Decker that I like. I don’t buy expensive irons any more.

    That was so nice of Farmer Tim to offer to help you! Who knew you would need a new cable but everything changes for sure. It’s how they drive us old people crazy…lol Wasn’t that sweet of the mailman to move closer to his “elderly” mom? Good grief!

    I love the Valentine table runner! It is so pretty.

  50. Sharon Lowy

    I loved my first Rowenta Iron but it was broken when I moved from NJ to Illinois. I bought another one and it died after a year. I bought another and it leaked terribly…I still have it as a spare. I purchased a Hamilton Beach at the “Farm and Fleet” for less than $40. I absolutely LOVE it. I like a heavy iron and it is as heavy as the Rowenta but it doesn’t leak. It is several years old and going strong!

  51. Robin B

    I love my Chi iron. Got it at WalMart…gets hot, which I love and doesn’t leak because I use water in my iron…love steam
    First one died because I dropped it and it was already 5+ yrs old then. Have another now and it has been going strong.

  52. Tanya T. in Houston

    Kettle corn, a new book, and tv again! Life is good!

    Happy, happy birthday to Farmer Tim! Our older grandson, age 2, is INTO tractors! This is a city kid, but his grandpa in Fredericksburg has some acreage and a tractor. He watches tractor videos on an ipad and loves it all. Of course, this retired librarian grandma has provided OTIS picture books by Loren Long. His favorite is OTIS AND THE KITTENS where the little tractor helps the firemen rescue kittens…tractor AND firemen definitely a win, win!! I even found a tractor ornament in the 90% off area at Hobby Lobby so we are READY for Santa again.

  53. Sharon G NE IN

    I don’t pay the big bucks for fancy irons. I generally have good luck with the cheap irons I buy at Wal Mart and I once owned a $10 iron from Family Dollar that lasted forever! I am so glad you got your TV back, too. It’s really wonderful to have such terrific neighbors. Good luck with the cat eye drops!

  54. Linda in CO

    Mary, I completely agree with you about irons. I have purchased expensive ones in the past which ended up in the garbage in short order. I currently have a cheap Hamilton Beach that I love, and my backup is a Singer that I got at Joann with a gift card. I have only used it a few times, but so far I like it as well. I never put water in my irons, and they seem to last longer. I have one of those hairstylist type spray bottles that I use instead.

  55. Linda in North Carolina

    I love the valentine table runner.!
    I had a Rowena iron from Bed Bath & Beyond. I hated it. The plastic was dark grey so you couldn’t see the water level and it never seemed to be hot enough. I was ironing a set it upright when the phone rang. As I was talking on the phone the iron started smoking out the pointed top and I immediately unplugged it. In only a few seconds it had completely melted the plastic around the sole plate and up a few inches. So glad I hadn’t left the room. Have a Black and Decker now and love it.

  56. Nancy Schmalenberger

    I have a Rowenta that stopped going back up. I can’t use it, because the base keeps catching on fabric. I found an old iron in the basement, which is lighter in weight, & irons just as well. I agree with you and when my old iron gives out, I’m buying another cheap one.

  57. Marsha in Michigan

    I’m with you on irons, Mary! Not much time to chat today. My mom needed clothes so I gave her 3 pairs of the smallest jeans in my closet (yes, I have many sizes in my closet) and they fit but need hemmed. So she is coming over to have me hem them. I’m 5 feet, 1/2 ” tall and mother was taller than me but now she is 4’11” (age & scoliosis) thus the need for hemming.

  58. Deb

    I buy the cheap irons too and just replace them. I find that the cheap irons last just as long if not longer than the expensive ones.

  59. Li

    Been through so many irons. No luck with Rowentas. Had one made in Germany once but Germany does not seem to make them anymore. If the one purchased is ok I buy four more. At this moment it is a Proctor Silex 15watt #14250 model with a stainless steel plate. So far, so good.

    Use a separate 1 liter sprayer that mists–Solo 418 One-Hand Pressure Sprayer for Gardening, Fertilizing. Often I don’t turn the iron on for strips or pieces. Instead lightly spray a creased piece of with a mist and place the iron over it. It is dry and flat by the time it needs to be sewn.

  60. Susan Larson

    I buy the cheapest iron from Walmart that has steam and auto shut off function and use it until it dies. Then purchase another cheap one.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Susan – that’s my motto, too – buy the cheap one and throw it out when it quits.

  61. Chris

    I love my cordless Panasonic iron. We are Winter Texans and it has survived several yearly migrations since it was new, including one time when it fell out of the hatch onto the concrete parking lot. I don’t put water in it, but my husband does. He’s the wonderful person who presses my backings. He’s not for hire!! He does empty the chamber each time. Pressing is something I seldom skip because it makes assembling blocks so much easier, in my opinion. (I make about a dozen quilts of various sized in a year.) I love that it shuts off by itself when I forget. The only other iron I’ve ever had is the Sunbeam my mom gave me when I went to college. It lasted nearly 50 years!

  62. Beamer's Mom

    I’m laughing!!!!!! You old lady!!! LOL Maybe Luis can help both of you. I remember a former mail carrier you had that was not nearly as accommodating as Luis. You can fill in the blank on HER name.

    And, now that I know Farmer Tim has IT talents, lucky for him I already have his cell phone. And, I will use it!! Just kidding. I have grandkids just down the road that would help me if needed. But good for Tim & Ellen for telling Tim to call you. You know that’s how it went, right? 🙂

  63. Candy

    Iron criteria: cheap and a long cord. I don’t use the steam function anymore … not happy when I ruin fabric with rusty water dribbles. So … I seem to be in need of a new washing machine … the old one (16 years) is leaking, and I think it’ll cost more to repair than it’s worth. Anyway, why would I possibly need (or know how to use!) a ‘smart’ washer?!!! Why would I want to control my washer with my cell phone… if I had one … lol! Sheesh … I thought ‘smart’ tv’s were bad enough!

    1. Li

      May I suggest a commerical model? Speed Queen It is a top load, model #AWNE92SP may have been less than $999 in 2016. Always liked top loading to soak batts.

  64. Kris in WI

    I used a heavy Sunbeam steam iron — a “first apartment” gift from my mother — for nearly 20 years sewing clothing and custom draperies. When it died, I bought my first Rowenta and loved it for 7-8 years. When it started leaking, I used it as a dry iron with a spritzer bottle and still loved it; the handle was just right. When it fell off the ironing board one too many times, I bought a 2nd one and HATED it! It leaked soon after I got it and then just fell apart. About that time, we took care of my mother-in-law’s estate, and I gave her Sunbeam Steam Master a new home in my basement quilt corner. It’s not too heavy, which my shoulder appreciates, and is still going after 8 years. I found a smaller Sunbeam at our thrift store to use when I sew upstairs. I guess I’ve got my “forever” brand nailed down! I seldom use steam anymore but keep a spritzer of diluted Best Press handy. Works for me.
    The Swedish hearts table runner is just lovely! And thanks to Rose in IL for the idea to use a large print as an alternate block as well as a border. Another ‘why didn’t I think of that’ moment for sure. Looks as though Rick has everything in hand in the kettle corn department! Kris

    1. Kris in WI

      Rats! how could I have read “Swedish” on the tag for the woven hearts runner when it clearly says DANISH! I guess it’s because I have a fair amount of Norwegian in my family. So sorry. Kris

  65. Diane in WI

    Glad you have your TV working again. They are handy to have. That was so nice of Farmer Tim to try long distance repair for you. My current iron is a Shark Professional that I bought at Farm and Fleet on sale for about $39.00. I have had it for a few years, and it has worked well.

  66. Suzymae

    I love that heart quilt from South Dakota.
    IRONS! I too buy cheap (frequently) because i am forever knocking the blasted thing off the ironing board onto the floor. So they don’t last long. But i covet the iron kate from the YouTube channel ” the last homely house” has. Its magic. But very much beyond my affordability!
    Have a lovely day everyone.

  67. Margie Braaksma

    I need a new iron so I’m anxiously awaiting comments. Mine quit steaming. It it has lasted 20 years and I really did like it. Panasonic. For as many times as the cats have knocked it off the ironing board I’m surprised it lasted this long!

  68. Kim from Wi

    My iron comes from Target, and it costs $15 and when it dies, I get another one just like it. My first one lasted 9 years and my current one is 4 years old. I also have an antique iron that gets super-hot and has a long chord which I paid $3 bucks for 5 years ago. It never shuts off and get super-hot really fast and has a sharp pointy tip for small pieces. The swedish heart table runner is truly cute, the red speaks to me. We have very little snow here in Wisconsin and its been nice to take long walks outside. The weather is strange, indeed.

  69. Sunflower from Michigan 🌻

    The iron I’m currently using is a Shark Professional, 1600 Watts. I love it, it’s heavy and I use water in it for steam. I had a Sunbeam iron for years but it quit working after one too many falls off the ironing board!
    I love Mitch Albom’s books. I have even met him before, being from the Detroit area. He was a sports columnist for years, then had an afternoon radio show. He is a playwright also and I’ve seen the play, Ernie, that he wrote about the Detroit Tigers beloved broadcaster, Ernie Harwell. My favorite column he ever wrote was about mothers on Mothers Day. I saved it and read it every year in May.
    Our weather has been so amazing for February. I’m liking the warmth! Take care.

  70. Judy

    I grew up with a GE steam / spray iron. That was also what my first iron was. After many years it started to spray brown water, but still heated. I donated it to the school art department. She had use for a hot iron. My second iron quit heating for whatever reason. I replaced it with a sunbeam spray/steam iron. The steam was great but the spray was a stream, that I never knew where it was going, instead of a mist. After a few weeks I called GE customer service. She said it should not function as it was. She would send me a new one and I could cut the cord and dispose of the one I had. I did mention to her that the steam was great although the instructions said to use tap water and I was using distilled water . She said it would be alright to use tap water. I asked even if it was soften water. She said no. Well our well water is rusty before is goes through the softening processs. I still use distilled. My new iron arrived with its twin in a separate package. I got 2 new irons and they work the same way. I gave one to my sister-in-law when she needed one, I use one and have a spare. Why throw away something that heats. Reading through these comments, some people don’t use water in their iron. The supply at Kmart was limited the day I purchased my latest iron. It has a retractable card. It is not something that I need or use at home but it is a feature I like when I take my sewing elsewhere. I have been enjoying the pictures of displays in people’s homes. A lot of them make me think of my mother and the things she had around her to enjoy.

  71. Barbara Onnen

    Irons: cheap from Wal-Mart and light weight. Mine last about 5 years and normally mid $20. Must have steam option and NO time shut off!

  72. Debra Reber

    So impressed with the offer by Farmer Tim! What a great neighbor! I am always in search of a good iron! I have had several Rowentas in the past, but they all started spitting & leaking after a while. But they did get good & hot. I also had a cordless panasonic that I liked, but I felt like it just didn’t get hot enough, but it didn’t spit or leak. I have finally learned not to put water in my iron. I’m still searching for the perfect iron, for a good price, I refuse to spend $100 on an iron!

  73. Judy Flynn

    You asked about irons…my favorite is the Panasonic cordless iron. I have two of the older style…mine are not pointed on both ends like the newer ones. I turn my ironing board the opposite direction it was made to be used and keep the base of the iron on the narrow end. (I’m right handed, so the narrow end would be on my right.). I enjoy using the extra width on the left end of the board especially when I’m pressing large sections during quilt assembly. It is so nice not to have to fight getting tangled up in the cord!

  74. Kathleen in Deep South Mississippi

    I started buying irons at Goodwill after buying one of those overpriced Rowetas went out after about a year. On senior days I got some irons for $1.50. When I had about 5 irons I started using a real old GE. Never put water in it and I’m still using it some 15 years or so later. And it’s HOT.

  75. Deb Smith

    I think the best iron I have used is an off brand I bought at a garage sale for $2. It had stuff on the bottom but it cleaned off easily. Unfortunately, haven’t found another. I look for a good light weight iron. I have arthritis in shoulders and hands. Heavy irons makes me hurt. So am constantly looking for one that fits the bill.

  76. Polly Perkins

    I buy a cheap Black and Decker iron and when it quits I buy another. I works just great and lasts as long as the more expensive ones. It is also not heavy but still does a great job.

  77. Sandy

    My mom used to buy me irons at yard sales often for less than $1 each. I loved that they didn’t have the auto shut off, by my husband hated it. He could smell a hot iron that was left on. So, I got an inexpensive auto shutoff iron, to make him happy, just use a spray bottle of distilled water for spritz as needed, set it on a high setting and it has lasted several years. No fancy irons for me.

  78. Charlotte in Northern California

    I am on my second Rowenta. Don’t know why because my first one leaked. I think my next one will be a Black and Decker.
    Irons are like mixers! Give me the old models. I have a KitchenAid now because everyone said they were wonderful. I wish I still had my old Sunbeam with the glass bowl that you could put the spatula in to wipe the sides while it was running, and you could actually see if things got mixed. Newer is not always better!!
    I’m so tired of the rain. It’s supposed to be nice tomorrow!!

    1. Judy

      My Sunbeam stand mixer would not stay repaired. Finally replaced it with a Kitchen Aid. It does a great job except when mashing potatoes. The Sun beam did a much better job. I get a cheap little mixer out to mash potatoes.

  79. Ruth Tacoma

    Glad you got the TV working! Everyone here in Michigan is cheering Caitlyn on too!

    As for irons, I do love my 30 year old Rowenta. It’s heavy-ish and stays nice and hot. I hear the newer ones aren’t quite as nice though. I don’t think I could get used to a Oliso (habits are hard to break), but they don’t seem to last very long either.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Ruth – Caitlin is very fun to watch, isn’t she? We all hope she breaks the record at home – can’t wait for each game.

  80. Sherry Whalen

    I am late to the iron debate – trying to get caught up with reading all of the comments! I have a variety of irons – Rowentas, sunbeams, black and deckers, expensive and cheap. I don’t put water in my irons anymore after one caused a problem on a quilt top. I know, likely operator error. But now my favorite is my Panasonic cordless for a few reasons – I am left handed so many times the cord came out of the side and was always in the way, so I look for cords that come out of the ‘top’. But I really like the Panasonic because I can park the base on my table and use the entire ironing big board, and from my base – I can put my wool pad on my cutting board to do quick touch ups when cutting, without dragging everything to my ironing board, and I use it as my ‘little’ iron by my machine with no cord to worry about. If I need extra moisture – I have a couple of spray bottles with water or quilters brew.

    After reading all of the comments – I didn’t see anyone posting about the Steamfast recall. These are mini irons that are being recalled by the manufacturer – copy and paste the link for more information – . Follow the directions as not all of these irons are being recalled. Of course, I have 2 on recall! I like to take them on retreats because of the size and weight.

    TVs are ‘fun’ now – SO much information, so many choices. I have a newer 22 inch in my sewing room and it annoys me at times – I found that I needed to be patient as this ‘smart’ thing needs 4 or 5 seconds to decode the number I pushed on the remote. Is it thinking? Not sure. And about once a month, I just unplug the darn thing to – I don’t know – clear its memory? because it won’t even shut off, but that seems to cure it for a while.

    AND – I am SO jealous! Two popcorn machines?!?! And kettle corn? I just told Al he needs to get a hobby of making me popcorn and kettle corn with a popcorn machine!!!

    We are packing up to take a ride to Gulf Shores next week. Our weather has been so great this winter I wasn’t sure I even wanted to go! But as nice as it has been in SE MN this winter, it will be warmer there and nice to be away for a couple of weeks. I have a quilt ready to bind on the ride between my duties of navigation. Hopefully I will be able to take a photo of it on the beach!

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