Two Posts Today! 7-10-2020

I always have something to say, don’t I? Today I’m going to write two separate posts. The first one is a small quilt FOR SALE! Connie made this single block quilt called Courage and Valor from our book A Country’s Call. It measures approximately 22″ x 22″.

I don’t like to put too many quilts on this blog for sale because I can only sell it to the first one who tells me they want it. There is only just this one quilt. It would be best if you used my email to contact me We no longer accept credit cards so you would have to mail a check.

Here is the wall quilt, Courage and Valor. Cost is $32 plus shipping.

First one to email me gets it for $32 plus shipping.

Next post today will be later – outside work calls me!

11 thoughts on “Two Posts Today! 7-10-2020

  1. Mary Kannas

    What a cute little quilt!!!! I would sure buy this if it is still available.

  2. Jan from TN

    I bet there’s no extra charge for the dog & cat hair/fur either! Lol! Cute quilt & of course Hazel & the cat are adorable! Congrats to the “winner” of the Connie’s quilt.

  3. Cindy Nelson

    I think the puppy and kitty are going to have a bidding war have a great day, Cindy Nelson

  4. Kathy in western NY

    I am laughing cause my pets would be jumping up to get on a table to smell a quilt that comes into the house with another smell on it. Your pets Mary just crack me up. I laid out my DD5 blocks and walked by it for three days to make sure I like the arrangement before I sew it. My scrappy color sense is not as good as yours.

  5. Carol Clindaniel

    I will buy this quilt if the others who have made an offer do not buy this quilt.

    1. Nancy Sturgeon

      See that the quilt is broken in! Our animals do love our quilts.

  6. Janet Wolf

    If for some reason a Nancy doesn’t want it I would be happy to send you a check for the quilt! 😀


    I don’t think I will be first but I would take the dog or cat. If I,m first for the quilt I will be happy. I know how much you love your pet’s, Have a good day Nancy P.

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