UFO project

The April UFO number is 8 —- mine is a quilt from 1985, blocks to be put together. Pretty homely actually. What’s yours?

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  1. Sarah L.

    My #8 is putting the binding on my great neice’s 1st birthday quilt. It’s been waiting for me to get it done since it got back from the quilter months ago!

  2. Ann Barlament

    My oldest UFO is from the 1970’s – an Ocean Waves, a pre-cut quilt that was pre-rotary days. I only worked on it when I was stuck at home nursing another DVT (blood clot) and elevating the bad leg above my heart (not an easy thing to do AND sew). LOL

    But after the 8th DVT….I put it into a basket and someday I might finish piecing those blocks. Although now I wish those ugly fabrics were paired with a blue background, instead of white!

  3. Renee

    I’m just starting to participate in this so I made a separate list for each group of small, medium, large and extra large quilt tops that I have pieced but not quilted. My goal is to layer, quilt and bind them (finish them myself, I don’t have Ina!!!) I numbered each item on each list. Now I know that I will not get anywhere except on the small list right now as I’m raising 2 collies (just over 1 year olds right now). So I am picking my projects from the small list. At least I can play along! My #8 is a one patch that I may add a little bit of applique to before I finish it. It’s part of my “legacy” work! I have no idea how far back it goes but I still like it so it should be fun to work on again.

  4. anita fetze

    Mine is 1986. A quilt with a large solid center with penciled feather designs covering the are. What was I thinking. Have started hand quilting it.

  5. marilyn holley-stupka

    My number 8 is to finish hand quilting a quilt started by my daughter about ten years ago. It is blue, grey-green, and cream rail fence that will work out just fine in the new nursery that she is re- decorating for a baby daughter due in August. Grand daughter number four!! Thanks for keeping me on my toes.

  6. Beth Strand

    Mine is my “Easy Street” mystery from Bonnie Hunter. Good thing I’ve got all the pieces made already. I think I’ll be happy to get it to the top stage!

  7. Sherry

    Mine is a flannel scrappy baby quilt that I started – in 2011. I wanted to take it to the NICU while our grandson spent 105 days there. We were so busy with visiting him and being supportive that I didn’t get it finished. So, it will be preemie sized – the size they use to cover the incubators to reduce stimulation for the tiniest babies. It will be a donation to St. Mary’s NICU, where Rainn spent his time. Don’t worry, I have made (and finished) 2 other quilts plus curtains and room accessories for him…

      1. Sherry

        He’s doing amazing! He is 20 months old now (17 months adjusted) and is a little small, but he is walking, jabbering, developmentally where he should be and is delightful! He lives about 10 blocks away from us.

  8. Jackie baumhauer

    My number eight is a 2002 Thimbleberries Club quilt. there was a quilt for each season, made all but one(still have the kit for the fall quilt). None of them are quilted. This one will be tough but will will layer tonight and start quilting.
    I handpieced everything in the early eighties…using cereal box templates. Love to see your quilt.

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