Update, 11-8-23

I got a notice this afternoon that WordPress had an update – ugh – so if things don’t look exactly like normal I’m sure that’s the reason. I’ve done nothing different.

I’m so glad we heard from Jo again. She did let me know her husband passed away but it wasn’t my news to share. I like that we’re a family of similar women and we’ll all be thinking about Jo’s new normal.

And here’s Kay – since we were at Concord today I took a quick picture of her. She has gotten 45 cards from you kind and thoughtful readers. She is just thrilled! I left an Oh, Susannah! book with her to read on her own. It was fun to read the book to them – although I think several slept through it. Must have been my electrifying personality.

Here is the elusive FluffyBun who has maybe decided captivity is just ok after all. I open the garage door every morning and she slips back in during day until I open the door into the house from the garage in the evening and then she keeps me company all evening.

It’s my understanding that she was never a house cat – she has been the toughest nut to crack of all the cats I’ve ever taken in!

Here’s a little Thanksgiving quilt from a piece of vintage fabric.

Very simple – I just wanted to use the piece of Thanksgiving fabric. I’ll keep it for a couple weeks and then put it away till next year. IF any of you want the pattern you know the drill. $5 and a SASE. Some of you do not understand what SASE means. Self Addressed Stamped Envelope. A business size envelope! If you send me a stamped small letter envelope and then order 4 patterns, they simply won’t fit. It must be a business size envelope.

American Harvest available $15.00 ppd

Got your envelope, Heather – I’ll be returning the pattern but keeping the delicious candy bar! Thank you!

All music is prepared and lined up for the funeral. I will practice with the singers tomorrow afternoon. Panic is gone – thanks for all your encouragement. I do know it will be fine but I will miss Margaret.

Off to choir and cantata practice!

23 thoughts on “Update, 11-8-23

  1. Linda Everett

    I sent my check for patterns. You originally said American Harvest $10. Tonight you said $15. I sent $10.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda – perfect – I must have had three ice teas when I posted that – my mistake!!

  2. Sharon G.

    Mary – So sorry for Jo’s loss and for your loss, too, Mary. Reminder to everyone to hug your loved ones. Once they are gone, there’s no more hugs or I love you’d or a kiss. I miss my husband everyday. I found a square metal dish to put all of the rocks he left me.😊
    Nice Thanksgiving quilt.
    Fluffybun is a beautiful cat!
    I’ll get a card off to Kay very soon, maybe tomorrow.
    Take care everyone.

  3. Kathy in western NY

    You have made Fluffy Bun a good companion. She’s so precious and beautiful. I think there is a bond there she knows is real cause Mamma Mary worries when she’s not home.
    Jo , we are here for you, step by step. I hope Loretta is keeping you company.
    My card for Kay just went out today so at least they are staggered to give her days to open some mail. I am in the mood to write out my Christmas cards with this chilly damp air tonight but I will do some embroidery while watching a hallmark Christmas movie instead.
    I visit some shut ins and they fall asleep in their recliners while we are talking so it’s not just you Mary! Ha!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy – Oh, good! I couldn’t even keep their attention for 20 minutes!

  4. Rita in Iowa

    Mary sorry for the loss of your friend Margaret. She will love the joyful music you will play and giggle when the sound isn’t just right. Your much loved Mary. It might be time to see if you can tutor a younger pianist to help with all the music your church loves to hear, I can’t believe it time for Cantata practice already.

    Jo so sorry to hear your husband passed. Jo of Country Junction had some steps she used to help her during her time adjusting to the loss of her husband. When and if you’re interested let me know.

    I’m done with the outside work and cleaning up some loose ends in the house. Hope to get to sewing soon,
    For those getting a little reprieve of cold weather p, enjoy while you can.
    Beautiful fall quilt Mary.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Rita – if only somebody would agree to step in occasionally, I would be so happy to help them learn the ins and outs of being a church pianist. Most don’t want to commit – so that if they decide to go out for breakfast on Sunday morning at the last minute, they aren’t expected at church. Honestly when I ask women who I find out can play the piano they turn me down immediately. My mother wouldn’t take no for an answer 65 years ago. When I’m gone they’ll be stuck with recorded music, I guess.

      1. Michele

        Our mothers wouldn’t take no for an answer would they!!!! I don’t remember ASKING to play for church when I was 16. I remember being TOLD I was playing for church. It’s what you did when you had been trained or had a talent that others didn’t.

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Michele – when I got off the school bus my first stop was at the piano where an apple waited for me AND a timer set for 30 minutes! My mom was not going to see that 50 cent piano lesson wasted!!!!

      2. Cynthia Sabinske from SW MN

        I have a good friend that plays the music for their chiurch as well, the chipurchbhas two pianists, but she plays most of the time. I am wondering if there are any piano or organ instructors who could step up to give you a break, and beings they are instructors already, have their students learn about the wonderful world of providing much needed and appreciated music for a congregation or congregations! The gift of giving.

  5. Sandy

    Hi Mary, good news, photos back again! Making 2 tutus for the girls with some hot pink sparkly net , next a purple sparkly organza rapunzel dress for Luna. Inabbed a beautiful pink long dress for Stella at the charity store for $5! So much more exciting dress ups nowdays, we made do with mums hats and shoes! Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sandy – yes, our dress up clothes didn’t fit us either! Those lucky little girls get those fancy dresses!!

  6. Sharon F

    Jo from Wyoming, I’m very sorry for your loss. I hope your memories will comfort you.
    Mary, I’m sure you will do a wonderful job with the music for the funeral. Your love for the music and your friend will shine through.
    What a cute picture of Gracie! Fluffybuns is a beauty too.

  7. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    It is great hearing positive news about Fluffybun; your magic is working.
    I like what you did with the Thanksgiving panel.
    Sending positive vibes for Friday; you have this, Mary!

  8. Susan K in Texas

    Fluffybuns is just pulling out her cat card. She’s just moving along on her own terms. She’s a beautiful cat.
    I’ve had my two babies for six years as of today. It’s hard to believe that it’s been six years since I lost my Cocoa and that I’ve had these two that long.
    I’m glad you’ve got the music prepared and feel ready for the funeral.
    I like the way you showcased the fabric in a simple quilt. What a great way to use a special fabric.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Susan -when I have a seasonal themed fabric I hate to spend too much time on a project because it’s up such a short time. I also use panels for outside quilts – when they fade I toss them without any guilt.

  9. Tammy Guerrero

    Your little Thanksgiving quilt when ordering is that the name we give you to order? Or is their another name for it. Looks simple for a beginner quilter. Want to order it. Have a great Thanksgiving to you and your family and farm family!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Tammy – sure, I’ll write it up and I’ll know what you want. Just call it Thanksgiving quilt. Thanks, Tammy!

  10. Vicki Ibarra

    Everything looks normal for me, after the WordPress update. Yay! Love the Thanksgiving quilt and it is a great way to use special fabric in the center. I have some of those pieces. Ideas churning….

  11. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    Jo, so sorry for your loss. Friends help, even far away friends. You are in my heart. Fluffy bun is looking more happy😺
    Mary, You will do great at the funeral. Cantata time already? Time flies!
    My piano lesson experience was not great. I just did not sit still very well. Once I got a 49% on my lesson. My siblings called me the forty niner which was embarrassing.🙀
    I am catching up. Too much to do and too little time. I still need to order some patterns. I really like the simplicity of your Fall quilt,Mary. It highlights the fabric, and also adds to the whole quilt. I have American Harvest—maybe I should start it!? Lol.
    This week, I decided I would only do quilting and things I want to do like catch up on emails, clean out closets etc, it worked for one half a day😹😹 oh well.

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