Update, 3-3-2020

Had the MRI yesterday and will now wait to hear from somebody – I don’t know who exactly. I took an anti-anxiety pill because I’m claustrophobic and it made me so tired, I slept all afternoon!

So no death cleaning yesterday but today I start again.

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Remember this disaster in my computer room?

So I started last night and got this far. Today I finish it, no matter what!

And Roy and Connie got home last night! So glad to talk to Connie this morning on the phone! So remember the little paper pieced houses she made for pincushions?

Several readers asked where to find the pattern and could these little house blocks be used to make a quilt. This pattern is in an old book of ours called Leftovers which is out of print. Here’s a picture of the little quilt and a page of houses.

So here’s the deal. I refuse to give you instructions how to paper piece because I hate it so much BUT if you already know how to paper piece and would like me to mail you copies of the house page, I will.

Two pages of little houses for paper piecing for $5.00 and a self addressed stamped envelope. If you’re interested, send your SASE and $5.00 to Country Threads, 2345 Palm Ave. Garner, IA 5438.

I’m so sad that Heartland Docs is over for the season! My Saturday night routine just won’t be the same without Ben and Erin.

More Dirty Dozen photos – are you working on #6? Since I’ve been cleaning and sorting, I have come across so many more UFO’s to put on my list for next year!

And here’s my finish- don’t know what number it is because it was little pieces all over my table so I decided to put them all together – this measures about 15″x15″.

Most of it was pieced while I watched Hunters on Amazon Prime – excellent show!

So today is a trip to the post office and then back home for more death cleaning!

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    Oh my Oh my those finished UFO’s are beautiful. I adore them all but especially the strippy sampler and that radiating nine patch! Gorgeous! I saw a lot of radiating nine patches in the 90″s as Blanche Young was actively teaching, along with her daughters in California and a huge influence on me, but have not see one in years. Well done ladies I am inspired and impressed!!!

  2. Dorothy Ann Weibel

    Mary, I dislike paper piecing also. Tried it a few times, really not my thing. Glad you are on my side.

  3. Kathy in western NY

    I sure enjoy seeing everyone’s finishes and it’s like our own mini quilt show when you so kindly post them to your blog. And we don’t have to leave home to admire the beautiful work Quilter’s do. Thanks for providing us the pleasure of great finishes.
    A year and half ago I had an hour long MRI and that did me in ever having another one. They pulled me out as soon as it began and I tried again knowing it was crucial I get it over with and no jazz music or calming music could relieve my fear being in there.
    Anyways spring is closer to coming as I saw my daffodils popping about 4” out of the ground. Birds are chirping every morning now too!!

    1. Dorothy Ann Weibel

      Mary, I dislike paper piecing also. Tried it a few times, really not my thing. Glad you are on my side.

    2. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy – the pill I took one hour before the MRI put me to sleep – literally. I had a cloth over my eyes so I couldn’t see and the country music in my headphones was loud. And yes it took an hour. Never say never – you might need an MRI in the future!

  4. Sue in Oregon

    MRIs sound like they are very scary. I have not had one and don’t want one!
    I canceled my quilt retreat that is coming up next week. I have very mixed emotions about that. My husband is going through lots of dental work right now. He had 6 teeth pulled today and a lower partial plate put in. There is more work to come. So, between that and this virus thing, I decided to stay home. Last year I did get a nasty flu there and gave it to him, so we both suffered quite a lot. Quite a few of my friends went home with it as well. I will miss going, though. It is so much fun.
    I think the term ‘Death Cleaning’ sounds gruesome….in more ways than one. I should do it, though. lol
    Wishing you a very good report about your back problem, Mary. Everyones finishes are wonderful.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sue innOregon – MRI’s are not scary if you have one like mine! Sounds like you’ve got enough on your plate without going to that retreat and coming home sick. Death cleaning isn’t gruesome if you’ve read the book!

  5. Susan

    I too love the Heartland Doc’s-the show is amazing and I will miss it till next season! Geez, I hope you’re back on your feet and pain free soon. I think of you so often, you are a good person who needs to be OK again for spring!

  6. Meredith

    Your comment on paper piecing made me laugh out loud! Love, love your blog.

  7. Charlotte Shira

    All the Dirty Dozens are beautiful. I didn’t get my #1 finished since my husband has been in ICU since Feb. 24. His heart stopped probably from lack of potassium. We had a salesman here to give us an estimate on a new patio door. Dick fell off his chair and the salesman (our angel) started CPR and I called 911. Firemen, paramedics and the police were here in no time. ER doctor said he wouldn’t have made it with out the CPR. He got the breathing tube out today but we don’t know how much damage has been done. He still wasn’t talking. Well I’m headed back to the hospital for 9:00 doctor rounds. Please keep us in your prayers. Thank you!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Charlotte Shira – oh my goodness, Charlotte! How terrifying for you and how fortunate that the salesman was there! Has he been in the hospital or a care facility since this happened? I’ll bet you are near exhaustion from the worry and it’s not over yet, is it? Sure hope he’s talking again – maybe by the time you return to see him? Please keep us all posted because we’re all thinking of you!

      1. Charlotte Shira

        It was very terrifying and still is. He still isn’t talking but was awake most of the day. They wore him out changing and moving him tonight so he was sleeping when I left. Hope he gets lots of rest. He is in the hospital ICU unit. Thank you!

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Charlotte – I know I’m not alone in wishing you both all the best of luck. Please keep us updated!

        2. CountryThreads Post author

          Charlotte Shira – how is your husband today? Is he talking yet?

  8. Sherry Whalen

    I haven’t finished ANY UFOs yet this year – I did get my Frolic quilt binding sewed on while on our way to Gulf Shores! But since I started Frolic at the end of November, got it quilted at the beginning of February, I can’t make that be a UFO lol. I wanted to take a picture of it on the beach, but it was quite windy while we were there so I didn’t bother taking it out there. I do have a number of UFO quilts pin basted and ready to quilt…as soon as I get back home. Even though we are having a lovely time at the beach and eating WAY too much, I think a few people will understand on here – I am having some separation anxiety being away from my machines and quilts!

    Good luck on you continued recovery AND your cleaning job! Sherry

  9. Angie from Baltimore

    You. Are missing a number in your zip code but easy to find in your blog. Love paper piecing and envelopes are addressed and ready to post.
    As far as the MRI goes smart to take something before having it. I am large and it was a close fit and when I looked and saw no seams inside I almost panicked but she kept saying “we got you in so we can get you out” I went to my car afterwards and had a crying jag for a few minutes before I could drive home. Very scary but hats off to those that can do it. It is a miracle of what they can discover but think I may have to make another decision before going through another one.
    Hope all is good for you

  10. Betty Klosterman

    Mary, the paper piecing pattern for the little house is also in your book “Wear Warm Clothes.” Picture on Page 7 and pattern on page 9.
    So glad you can see better. The doctor told me a few years back after my cataract surgery in 2003 that one eye is cloudy. When it gets bad enough they will zap it with the laser. A very easy fix. So far, so good.
    Also happy you got the MRI. You will find out what needs to be done and do. Our mind is our worst enemy imagining the very worst which is a waste of time, but…..
    And spring can’t be far away. It even rained a bit, but the wind is awful. But, we can always get the worst storms in spring??? And we will survive and get out our shovels.

  11. Holly in Two Harbors

    I didn’t think I was claustrophobic until I had an MRI a couple years ago. It made me a nervous wreck. I won’t ever have one again without taking something or requesting an open MRI. The scan was on my head and they clamped my head down with a cage sort of thing over my face. I felt like Hannibal Lecter and I’ve never even seen that movie.

    I read the Swedish death cleaning book last night after tearing apart a walk-in closet and having a hard time deciding what to purge. I’m not sure if the book helped, but I have other areas I’d like to go through. I’d better make a list before I forget what my good intentions are. It’s incredible what a mess I make trying to clean something up. I look around and am astonished that I did this on purpose!

  12. Sue in PA

    I am of Swedish descent on both sides so I have decided I have no excuse…I have started my Swedish death cleaning also! I pick an area-a closet, a drawer, a cabinet-and try to just hold on to the necessary or those things that mean the absolute most to me. I have held on to so much thinking my children would want those things and now I realize they are not really interested in everything I have saved for them, although they have been very good about wanting to keep true family heirlooms and wanting to know the stories behind them. It has been fun to see who wants what and I really am not offended if they do not want something. It will just go to our faith-based thrift store and the proceeds will be used for children’s ministries. I can live with that. The real challenge, however, will be my sewing room! I have started donating fabric to a charity group I sew with, but so far it’s been a drop in a bucket.

  13. Sharon Bennett

    lol! I really love your “little pieces all over my table” quilt! 🙂

  14. Jo in Wyoming

    I’m with you, not a fan of paper piecing. So, I got out the book and found a flying geese pattern I just might have to make. Prairie Almanac.
    I hope the MRI shows some simple to fix issue. I always pray for textbook problems.
    Those ufo’s are great. So inspiring. Congratulations on your death cleaning….you’ve really stuck with it.

  15. Suzanne Golden

    Gees those houses are tiny, what size to they finish. Wish I had the patiences.

  16. Kathy Hanson

    WOW! all the beautiful “dirty dozen” projects!! So much fun to see what everyone has gotten done and so glad to keep going as I have so many more! Hope you get answers from your MRI, then hope that all will be well as Spring is really coming! We went to northern MN last week to Sax-Zim bog to see the wintering birds that come there. Saw the Great Gray Owl, the Northern Hawk Owl, Evening Grossbeaks and lots of other things. Of course, had to stop in Floodwood at the great quilt shop there, Hingly Road Quilts. Just what I needed, more fabric!!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy Hanson – sounds like a fun trip – I’m jealous!

  17. Brenda Archambault

    When is a ufo not a ufo? I have various quilts in various stages of being finished but now have to pay the price of really finishing them. Layering, quilting, binding, labeling, And hanging sleeves. Our guild is having a large show next spring and the committee wants red and white quilts to hang in the hallway a few weeks ahead. I said I had about 8 to 10. They want the smaller ones, all of which need “really finishing” so I’m trying to really finish them. Grrrrrrr!
    Hope your mri results are fruitful. In the meantime, more death cleaning … I’ll never live long enough!

  18. Deb Harrison

    Prayers for Tennessee! Glad the MRI is over. I get itchy and twitchy in them. They asked what I wanted for music but I got elevator music…no help! Hope to have a Dirty Dozen picture soon. We were watching Heartland Docs and I was crying right along with Erin! Met a 5 yr old just rescued white and something else golden; the something else put light caramel spots on his face and ears, so his name is Toasty. He stood on my feet and leaned Tim for the love I gave.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Deb a Harrison – did YOU rescue the golden? ( praying that you did!)

  19. Launa

    So good to have email from one of my old quilting friends that she is okay in TN after the horrible tornadoes 🌪.
    Praying for all the tornado victims and those who have lost family members and homes.

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