Update on My Day of R and R

When Ginny got home, her dogs Cyrus and Arlo sneaked out of the gate. Cyrus returned but sadly Arlo was hit on the road by a pickup. He broke the big bone in his back leg, both little bones and his pelvis! He is at the vet’s office waiting for surgery on Monday. Please, if you’re a dog lover, will you say a little prayer for Arlo and Ginny? This breaks my heart!

50 thoughts on “Update on My Day of R and R

  1. Felicia Hamlin

    How awful! But so glad that they can do surgery. Will keep him and his mom in my thoughts and prayers. Have a nice Sunday, Mary.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Felicia – surgery is scheduled for Monday afternoon – say a little prayer for poor Arlo!

  2. Diane In Central Ohio

    Ouch. So sad to hear. Arlo and all the family will be in our hearts and prayers. Our Dr. Pol is Dr. Snyder–wonderful Vet.

  3. Sue

    Just read your sad and shocking news about Arlo. Please, please God, help him through the weekend and through the surgery on Monday.
    Not a good day. I lost a chicken today. One I have had for many years.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sue – did your chicken die of old age? I always wonder about mine when they just die – I assume it’s old age. Thanks for thinking of Arlo!

  4. Tammy Guerrero

    Prayers going to this pup. So glad he can he mended. Keep us posted on his condition.

  5. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Praying! Breaks my heart to hear this…poor baby!! Please let us know updates!

  6. Leslie

    Oh my. One more thing for Ginny to worry about. God Speed the surgery, prayers for all. Glad you had a good part of the day at least. Sorry it was cut short by this.

  7. Pat Smith

    Praying for Arlo in hopes the surgery is successful and for Ginny who is worried sick, I know. There’s nothing sadder than a badly injured animal. I’m praying for Arlo’s recovery.

  8. Jan Behm

    Praying this dog’s surgery will be successful & he can return to a full, normal life! So sad when our babies are hurting. They are our kids ya know! LOVE DOGS — they are people too!!

  9. Diane Bauer

    Oh, my goodness. I am so sorry. I have two Goldens who are my loves. It is so hard when our furbabies are hurt or sick. My prayers are with Arlo and the vet team who is caring for him through this.

  10. Sharon Ernst

    Oh – I am so sorry to read this! Please keep us posted how they are all doing. It can be so heartbreaking to have your pet be injured! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  11. Dee Winter

    Absolutely! We will hold him in our hearts for a successful surgery. And healing for his feeling guilty mom! Hugs,

  12. Moe Baly

    Oh I’m so sorry! This has always been a fright for me and my dogs. I cant imagine the pain! Please give Ginny my best wishes and hoping her sweet baby will be ok.

    Mary, always enjoy your posts. No never bragging. Just everyday life. I’ve never even seen a goat or chicken in person I dont think. My neighbor has a rooster I hear often but never saw it. So yes, love learning your farm life.

  13. Launa

    WE REALLY NEED MORE DR. POLS! POOR ARLO HAVING TO WAIT TIL MONDAY. That is sad to read. Prayers are sent for ARLO n his family. So many deer and elk are hit up here and people still speed thru GAME CROSSING warning areas.

  14. Jane Plourde

    I don’t even know her dogs but I feel sad like they are mine.
    Will be hoping for good news Monday. Best wishes.

  15. Bobbie

    Prayers for sweet little Arlo , 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 May his surgery go well and he will be on the mend soon. Bless little Ginny that she is ok. I’m sure she will miss Arlo till he is home. I wish people would slow down and watch for kids and fur babies they can get away from us so quickly. The good news is it didn’t kill him but I bet he was in a lot of pain. Bless his little heart.❤️
    Merry Christmas to the family .

  16. Dee T.

    I will pray for both dogs especially Arlo. How sad to have this happen to a family member. So sad. I will also pray for Connie too.

  17. Beth T.

    Oh, I’m so sorry for everyone involved. Prayers being said. I’m so glad we live now, when surgery is an option–I often think of how much heartbreak my grandparents’s generation must have gone through, because I know they loved their pets, too, but their options were so much more limited. I am sure Arlo is in very good hands.

  18. Peggy S

    Oh, no. . . So sorry to hear this. Hope Monday comes fast for the little guy. Praying all goes well.

  19. Lynn in Highlands Ranch, CO

    So sorry about your friend’s dear dog. Praying the vet can help, and God will comfort.

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