Update on Pammie

You would not know Pam was so sick just 2 weeks ago.  She is back to her sassy old self — now with a confirmed heart condition.  I give her two pills a day and each time I say to her, “Pammie, please don’t be mad at Mom!”  I bought a pill dispenser which has been a lifesaver for me because I’ve never been good at giving pills to cats.  

Mia is boarding this week – she’s a good girl who gives me no problems.  And then there’s Telly — our escape artist.  She was finding a way out of the fenced yard again so Rick and I walked the perimeter last Saturday and tried to secure any possible weak spots where she might be able to skinny under the chain link fence.  We were so relieved!  That is until this morning when Connie arrived to find Telly outside the fence and too close to the highway.  I pray God will keep her safe because I have tried everything.

The weather is spectacular in North Iowa – 75 degrees on November 2.  It’s a great day to work outside!  I really enjoyed the World Series and I’m glad Kansas City won but wish there were more games to watch.

Yes, the rug book and DVD are still available.

31 thoughts on “Update on Pammie

  1. Bonnie

    Hi Mary,
    Love your blog and enjoy hearing/seeing what is going on in your life.
    I have a question…is the beautiful and colorful rug, shown in today’s pictures, one that you made on the loom you speak of for the upcoming “class”? If so, I will HAVE to buy the book and cd and convince my husband he needs to make me a loom! LOL
    Thanks in advance for your reply.
    Enjoy your lovely day!
    Bonnie, in Oregon

  2. Marian Stever

    Thank you for the update on Pammie! “I been waiting…” I, too, enjoy your blog with all the animals and quilts, etc! The colorful rug is so intriguing! Have a great day! It is about the same in SE MN!
    Marian in Rochester!

  3. Helen

    Mary, so glad Pammie is doing well. Speaking of rugs, where did the one that shows up in the Pammie pix come from? I love it! Helen

  4. Pat Williams

    Mary–So glad Pammie is better. They are amazing animals. Have you ever tried pill pockets by Feline Greenies. You just put the pill in one of these pockets and kind of wrap it up around the pill and they eat it. Our Rosie thinks they are a great “treat”. We use chicken flavor and she loves them, pill and all! Once in a while we find the pill on the floor–probably didn’t get it wrapped well but most of the time she eats them right down.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Pat – every time I try pill pockets, the dog or cat sorts out the pill!

      1. Bernadette Jackson

        That has been my experience, too. What I find works better is to bury it in cream cheese or make a canned foot meatball! Love the rug. You are getting many compliments on it.

  5. Angie Rowland

    So happy to hear about Pammie. I had to give our cat anti anxiety pills and I thought at the end of that experience that I should take the pill and let her be. I crushed it and put it in the favorite meal to see the food gone and little white dots in the bottom of the bowl. BLESS HER HEART.
    Didn’t know about the gadget to blow them down. Good luck. By the way, you aren’t trying to reason with her are you? Oh how innocent you are. Gave me a jolly laugh just thinking of it.

  6. Susie

    I am so happy to hear that Pammie is doing so well. She certainly looks like a spunky kitty to me!
    I love that Kansas City won! I was rooting for them last year. What a game last night! As Mr. Yogi would say “It over til it’s over”.

  7. Linda Hanley

    Hi – this is just an idea – do you think maybe he or she is climbing over or jumping over the fence?

  8. Sandie

    Telly doesn’t climb the fence, does she? We had a black lab that used to climb the chain link fence. I never would have believed it until the day I saw it.

  9. Diane

    Pammie is so pretty and looks great:). I am with Linda. Our Beagle climbed over our chain link fence all the time! I found him a great farm home where he was dearly loved and lived a long life. Squeaky visited our Vet today. All fine– just shots even though she has never been outside in 4 years–safety first. 68 here in Central Ohio.

  10. Sue Davis

    Oh our cats!! They can drive you nuts at times. My cat somehow dislocated a disk in her back. Now her tail just hangs straight never to wag again. How did this happen? That is the million dollar question. X-rays and pain pills for cats (only for three days) this cat doesn’t like treats like those pill pockets either. So I had to come up with something to get that pill down her throat. Can’t force it because her back is very sore. So, I put a dab of butter on her paw and she licked it right down. So, I put the pill in a small lump of butter. She swallowed it right down. That worked best for me and Miss Darla.

  11. Donna O

    Yes Pammie looks to be happy. As for pilling a cat my cat was recently put on a thyroid pill and the vet tech sold me this “goo” stuff which is liver flavored. I take off a small a,punt, just enough to cover the pill and he takes it. He thinks it’s a treat and I usually do put down a treat or two should he decide to stop taking it but he’s been on this pill for almost a month and the goo stuff is the way to go. Yes it’s $13.00 but should last a good six months or more whereas your pill dispenser won’t cost you anymore. It’s just so hard to jam something down their throats. Prior to the pill I had to shoot a liquid down his throat and I think I got 1/3 on me, 1/3 down his throat and the last 1/3 on his fur floor or counter. Not an easy task. Just an FYI for you. If you want the name of the goo let me know.

  12. Betty Klosterman

    Oh, for pet problems. I, too, was wondering if the dog jumped the fence? He is a good sized dog and could get right over with a running start??? Pills and cats. That is another story. We used to give our cat mineral oil for hair balls. My husband would hold her in his arms while I put my fingers into the corners of her mouth and then squirt the eye dropper down her throat. We usually did pretty good except having to put flour on her chin to soak up the extra mineral oil.
    It is interesting to see the old dish pans from the farm that you use to keep the quilt pieces together. We always used them to wash dishes, put water out for the ducks, make homemade soap from the bacon grease collected in the can in the middle of the stove…, soak feet….. they were very useful.
    Rapid City is beautiful today with just a nice breeze. The kids had a wonderful night for trick or treating. When I lived in Clarion, Ia, we always went trick or treating on Oct 30 — beggar’s night. I see by the paper they still do that.

  13. Rose Mikulski

    I love reading good news on a Monday, so glad Pammie is much better. My money is on Telly either climbing or jumping over the fence. If you agreed to do a reality tv show, the camera crew would be there to solve the mystery. I still have visions of you in your pajamas, on the riding lawn mower, at midnight, rounding up the dogs.

  14. Mary Says Sew!

    Thanks for the update on Pammie! So glad the meds are working!

    I have our vet get us empty gel capsules for our cats’ pills. Each gel capsule comes in two parts, so I open each one and put the pills inside. I moisten each gel capsule with a little water on my fingers, and then stick them down the cat’s throat. The gel caps are especially helpful with tablets that have to be cut in half or quartered and don’t taste good. With two cats on multiple meds, it means I only have to stuff one thing in them!

    I might have to try the butter idea some time!

  15. Donna O

    What is the name of the book for your rug making the rug you talk about. And what does the rug look like? Is it the toothbrush rug? Or something else?

  16. Lori

    I have to say that I love the rug too…really neat!…how is Earnie Joe Mauer doing?…haven’t heard about him lately…I really like his name….it fits him

  17. Cathy

    So glad to hear about Pammie! Have you ever tried the Greenies Pill Pockets? They work like a charm for me.

  18. Cathy

    Guess I should read the comments first, then post. Saw the pill pockets don’t work. When I am out of them I put the pill in a little bit of cheese. They gobble that as well. Of course it may be I just have gluttons that will eat anything!

  19. Bobby Sutton

    So glad Pammie is doing well. She looks like such a sweetheart! Am sure you heard a collective sigh (and grin) from your readers when you gave a thumbs up on her health.

  20. Mary R.

    Happy to hear Pammie is feeling better. It’s tough on us when our fur babies are sick. Thanks for keeping us updated on your animals.

  21. Kristi

    So glad that Pammie is doing so well! She is a beautiful kitty. I, too, love the circle rug — for the bright colors and wonderful design. Enjoy your day!

  22. Becky Schoonover

    So glad to hear Pammie is doing better….cats and pills….HAHAHAHAHA! Love the Rug!

  23. Ann Barlament

    So, is Telly jealous of all the puppies you take care of??? Maybe it’s time to have a “heart to heart” talk with Telly and explain the dangers of being on the wrong side of the fence. We don’t want any smooched puppies!!

    Love your rug!!!

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