Warm and Windy, 4-13-23

The strong southwesterly winds have made it nearly impossible to work outside so cleanup came to a halt. There’s still plenty of time – the trees aren’t even budded out yet! It’s not that I don’t have anything else to do but I’m in the mood to work outside. Today Becky is coming to help me give Hazel a summer haircut and bath and Telly is going to the vet for her rabies shot. No time to rake today!

I’m so close to finishing my March Madness quilt but in an effort to make it bigger to fit Becky’s bed I’ve sort of lost interest in it – it’s up on the design wall staring at me.

A reader sent this picture – she made these gorgeous eggs!

I own an old globe – would love to make it into a hanging light!

I’m reading Lessons in Chemistry, a Good Morning America pick and I’m enjoying it very much. Anybody reading a great book?

Once again – nothing here.

84 thoughts on “Warm and Windy, 4-13-23

  1. Cathy D

    This wind is brutal! It looks just beautiful outside but you can’t be out there for fear of blowing away 😳. I hope we don’t have to battle it all spring/summer. Your quilt for Becky is very pretty! Just finish it so when it’s time to go outside you can. Springtime in north central Iowa has sprung 🌷

  2. Anne in Southern IA

    It’s too windy here to do anything outside, too. And the beetles and flies inside the house are driving me crazy! I cannot find any books that hold my interest long enough to finish them. What’s wrong with me? LOL

    1. Carolyn in GA

      Anne in Southern IA,

      I was reading a book and figured out who did the killing about half way through. So much for finishing it. This has happened several times lately and it really bothers me that I have invested in a book and have lost interest in it. No doubt, this, too, will pass.

      1. Anne in Southern IA

        I usually just read books on my tablet for free from Libraries, etc. Makes it easy to return when I’ve lost interest. Sometimes I get books cheap at a thrift store and then just donate them back.

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Anne – whatever’s wrong with you is wrong with me, too! I’m reading Lessons in Chemistry and liking it but I haven’t had a book I really loved for a long time. The last one was The Ride of Her Life.

      1. Sherri Huff

        Mary, I loved “The Ride of Her Life”! We just read “This Tender Land” by William Kent Krueger it was very good.
        Love the quilt on your design wall.

      2. Sherri Huff

        Mary, I loved “The Ride of Her Life”! We just read “This Tender Land” by William Kent Krueger it was very good.
        Love the quilt on your design wall.
        Those globe lamps are pretty cool, my nephew would love them!

  3. Jo in Wyoming

    It’s a little windy here too. I rake and let the wind blow it to the field. We need new grass edging…that will be a huge chore.
    The quilt and eggs are fun. Thanks

  4. Sherrill

    I LOVE the quilt you’re kinda working on! HA Keep pushin’, you can do it. And those globe lights are really cool. I’d love one of those as well

  5. Sara in Indiana

    Your March Madness quilt is beautiful! Only a few more steps and it’ll be done—I think the hard parts are behind you, don’t you? Those Easter eggs look like some that were popular back in the 70’s—I remember making one, it’s long gone. Husband did first yard mowing a few days ago, and the magnolias (in other people’s yards) are in full bloom— so pretty!

  6. Teresa in Port Coquitlam, BC

    Our weather here is hit and miss, beautiful sun yesterday so I washed all the windows inside and out and put up the screens. Today it is supposed to pour rain. Seems we get one good day then a string of rainy days. Very hard to clean up for spring and our trees are all budding out now. I love your March madness quilt. You can finish it! Before I retired I was a very organized person both at work and home. I decided this year to buy a planner and I’ve been setting myself goals for the week, to get the things done I don’t feel like doing, or I say I can work on this only if I do some of that first.. Not sure why but it helps. Seems like checking off jobs done and writing accomplishments added unexpectedly in the planner feels good. The globe lights are cute and great way to keep the old globes out of the landfill.

    1. Diane, Squeak, Buddy in Central Ohio

      Hi Teresa, I did that a few years after I retired b/c it seemed like i was flitting from one thing to another.
      It really does help, doesn’t it. Good idea:)

  7. Bonnie in SE CT

    Hi Mary, Could you just add borders to make the March Madness quilt big enough? I do that when i want a quilt bigger but not add or can’t add more blocks. Just a thought! Love the eggs and lamps! Have a great day.

  8. Tanya T. in Houston

    Just finished reading HOMECOMING: A NOVEL by Kate Morton. Young journalist in London in 2018 goes home to Australia when she gets a call that her grandmother has fallen. A mystery awaits surrounding a family tragedy in 1959. A novel within the novel sheds more light on the past. I have thought that Morton’s books were long and twisty and could use a really good editor, but this one kept me going and I did not guess the ending. She ties up all the threads in the end. Lots of character names, but she does a good job of helping us keep them all straight.

  9. Susy Boyer

    I love the scrappiness of your quilt Mary! And those Easter Eggs! They brought back good memories of being a child and receiving those beautiful eggs. What an art.
    We’re having a drizzly low cloud kind of morning here in San Diego. I’m going to play in my sewing room.

  10. DebMac

    Beautiful quilt. The bigger a quilt gets the more like it is an overdue pregnancy. It’s unwieldy, you’re sick of it but you have to carry on until it’s over. I have 3 larger quilts that are in need of borders but I lost motivation to finish them. Those eggs are unbelievable! Such a lovely job. Finding a good book seems to get harder and harder and I can read about anything. I worked in a library, led two book clubs and that was the most common complaint. Funny thing, many people didn’t care for the books on the “best seller, highly reviewed” lists. Book sales don’t reflect much on people really enjoying and reading a book. You would be surprised how many “best sellers” end up on used book sales because people couldn’t read them or struggled to finish them even though they were recommended. Recommendations? That would take a personal conversation in depth and at length. One of the ladies in book club was in her 90’s and her advise was to try about anything and to read the first chapter or two and if that didn’t grab you; read a bit in the middle and the end. If you liked your sample, read the book. If not, don’t. Life is too short to waste on a bad book. Make use of your local library and inter library loan program.

  11. susie

    I am reading The bullet that missed,by Richard Osman .I would start with the first book,and read them in order,although they are okay as stand alone reads also. There are three in the series of Thursday Murder club Mysteries. An interesting group of seniors in a retirement village ,find cold cases to solve. I think you would enjoy this series,if you haven’t read it already.
    It is amazing how quickly our snow has melted in MN.Our river in Delano is rising,but hopefully stays within its banks. I hope everyone is enjoying this burst of spring,we are looking ahead to a cool down this weekend. Then spring again…..🌷

  12. Janet Easley

    I very much enjoyed HORSE by Geraldine Brooks. A favorite series I’m 2/3s the was through is written by Patrick Taylor about a country doctor in Ireland circa the 1960’s – great characters, with a little medical knowledge thrown in. Currently, one of the books I’m in is IMMUNE by Philipp Dettmer.

    Notice, I said one book I’m currently reading. It’s like my quilting, several projects going at once. 🙂


    1. Dianne in So CA

      I loved Horse as well. My favorite book this year so far!
      I also really liked Geraldine Brooks’ Year of Wonders.

  13. Bonnie McKee

    Good morning!
    I love the globe lights, the beautiful Easter eggs and your gorgeous quilt!!! Such inspiration! Now that I’m thoroughly inspired I guess I’d better get busy.
    This afternoon my 80 year old cousin is coming to help with pruning some shrubs in our yard. He is a retired landscape architect and is very kind to drive 90 miles to help my husband and me, for a few hours. Hubby has Alzheimer’s and gets very confused doing tasks that used to be easy for him, and I’m not able to do much because I’m on oxygen and become breathless with exertion.
    Now I’m going to go bake a banana cake to serve at snack time this afternoon.
    Have a great day everyone!
    Bonnie in Oregon

  14. Jill Norenberg

    Really cool globe lights!
    I just ordered (library) a book by Erma Bombeck. It’s supposed to be very funny. I’m looking forward to reading it!

  15. Janet Easley

    After reading the posted comments, I’ve a little more to add to the community:
    The eggs are beautiful. 🙂 It reminds me of a beautifully decorated egg needing to be delivered to a sick child in a favorite book from my youth called THE COUNTRY BUNNY AND THE LITTLE GOLD SHOES by DuBose Heyward. Marjorie Flack was the illustrator.
    You all have peeked my interest in some other book titles to check out. Thanks!!

  16. Tina W in Oregon

    The Easter eggs are beautiful! Talk about a labor of love!
    You’re almost to the finish line on Becky’s quilt. Keep going! But I know what you mean about losing interest. I have a couple of those ufo’s that need attention. Sigh….
    I just finished listening to The Echo of Old Books by Barbara Davis. It kept my attention as I was quilting.

  17. Jamie in Phoenix

    Oh my, those sugar eggs brought back memories. We made those in home ec every year in junior high. Thanks for that blast from the past!

  18. Norma Gebhardt

    I recently read A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles. Although it took a bit to get into it I thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it. I did not care for his book entitled The Lincoln Highway.
    There was a quilt on a while back that I keep thinking about. It had roosters displayed in blocks atop a pieced section. I would like to know the name of that pattern. This was before Easter. I know it is late to inquire about it now . Thanks for any help you can give me.

    1. Connie R.

      Norma, I think the rooster quilt you asked about was posted to the blog on April 1, 2023. It was made by Diane of Diane, Squeak and Buddy who is a regular contributor in the comments. Hopefully she reads this and comments or, reach out to her in the comments.

  19. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    Hi Mary, I said “Wow” outloud at those eggs and the globe lights are really neat. I love your quilt for Becky. Sometimes I lose interest, too. It happens.
    For Mother’s Day, my husband (the retired Chemistry teacher) gave me Lessons in Chemistry. Hmmm kind of like the grandmother getting the sled? Well, I LOVED it and now, of course, he is reading it. It was such an interesting and lovely book.
    We have read off and on and thoroughly enjoyed the Maggie Hope series by Susan MacNeal. Maggie is an American who is employed by England as a spy in WWII. They are all different, but neat books.
    I love Fannie Flagg’s books. Does anyone know if she is still writing? I have all of her so far.
    It is very warm here in Central Ohio–77* yesterday, will be in the 80’s today and tomorrow, then cooler for the weekend. I’m a 72* girl having grown up in beautiful Western NY.

  20. Margie in SOCAL

    OK READERS, wonder if you’ve ever run across
    Peg Bracken ? A WINDOW OVER THE SINK
    and many others

    she makes me giggle out loud, page after page,
    her family/characters are ever so real !

  21. Rita in Iowa

    Mary I love your hourglass quilt. I too am working on one that I bought the cut pieces back in the nineties. They were already cut into quarter square triangles and each piece is different. I’m in the process of sewing the blocks together (100 blocks, 4 inch finished). Will send a picture when finished.
    My husband has the lawn thatched and swept and plans to fertilize tomorrow before we get rain on Saturday. I have been raking leaves, cleaning up the asparagus and rhubarb patch which is already up. I fertilized them and then put wood chips down around them. I also cleaned up and hoed around the black raspberry patches so that we could put the thatched grass down to keep the weeds at bay. Wednesday I spent time sewing with my quilting buddy who lives next door. A good way to rest my knee after knee replacement. It’s been 12 weeks and I could definitely feel that I use the leg in a different way.
    Done for the day and just resting now.

    The eggs were beautiful, thanks for sharing.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Rita – since my knee replacements I’ve noticed that my lower legs are a different shape – I don’t walk the same and my calf muscles are not nearly as defined or as strong. I remember my mom’s legs changed after her knees were replaced and now mine look just like hers. Not attractive either but they’ve served me well for 75 years.

      1. Joy in NW Iowa

        Mary and senior friends….I had a boss that said when you turn 50 you wake up one day and everything has fallen behind your knees! After back surgery my hips hurt and thigh muscles are totally whimsy! Plus, I think I’m shrinking in hight and it’s now in the middle 😂😂😂. I can still sew and make cards and cook a little and enjoy grandkids, etc. I’m thankful my back pain is GONE!
        Love you Mary! You have some very talented peeps who read your blog every day! To the lady who made the eggs, you are amazing!

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Joy – I know for a fact that I’m shrinking in height because I measured myself in Rick’s hospital room. I’m 2” shorter!!! Ugh. And 20 lbs. heavier! So glad your back pain is gone!

  22. NancyTD

    Mary—your quilt is great. Just keep at it and you will have it finished. Lucky Becky!
    I remember making a sugar egg years ago. These were beautiful . Took a lot of skill.
    Did the ones that wanted info on my bunny quilts find the books? Always nice to know if I helped.
    Enjoying the warm weather (87 yesterday) Broke a record for MN. We could do without the wind and are under a fire alert again today.

    1. Brenda in N Calif

      I didn’t request the info on your quilts but was so happy you provided it. I found the book on Amazon and it should be here soon. Thank you for sharing. Brenda

      1. Kathy in western NY

        I agree Brenda that it was kind of Nancy to go back to check comments on her quilts and provide the book and pattern names for those asking. It’s those steps that show follow through and wish more people had her common sense.

  23. Maureen M

    I just finished listening to The Day the World Came To Town and I really enjoyed it!

    1. Diane, Squeak, Buddy in Central Ohio

      That one is excellent. Also, we saw the production in Columbus, Come Frim
      Away which we loved Columbus has a connection to Gander because an ape—can’t remember what kind—was on a plane. She later had a baby the zoo named Gander! Neat connection😺

    2. Alice Brown

      I just finished that book also & loved it so much I read it a second time!! Great book!

  24. Betty Klosterman

    Sscatter brained is the description of me for the last 3-4 years. Concentration is hard to come by. It does help to make a list of things to do and feels good when I can cross out each one. Usually I’ve got at least 3-4 quilts in progress, working on which one as I’m in the mood. And if I loose interest or am not enjoying the quilt, I stop because why waste time on it? If that happens, somebody at Project Warmth is thrilled to finish it.

    Then there is that block I just have to try. That’s fun and there is a pile of them. Who cares?

    There is so much non-quilting stuff to do, but now I have boxes and ideas so maybe I will be able to make progress. I wonder if my house will ever be nice and neat….. To me it is full of wonderful piles of great ideas and hope just waiting to be done.

    One of my favorite authors is Tony Hillerman. His characters include Captain Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee of the Navaho police. I love how the native lore is mixed into his stories and the gentle humor: The FBI asking the old Navaho man to describe a person — “All white men look alike to him.” Gentle humor and sometimes laugh out loud mysteries.
    And there is Janet Evanovich with Stephanie Plumb and C. J. Box who writes about Wyoming and Joe Pickering, Wyoming game warden, again mysteries and humor.

    We always love the show and tell. And all the mundane stuff in our lives. Dull and boring isn’t bad. Take care, everybody. Our winter is “almost” over……. Betty in Rapid City

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Betty – I’m with you! I try very hard to finish everything I start but I’m not always successful. Too bad I can’t have a big yard sale. I worked on March Madness tonight – I’m going to make it!

  25. Lynette in Orlando

    To whomever made the eggs — Love them!! Brings back happy childhood memories!! Quite lovely. Mary – I saw the globe lights and thought the same thing — they are amazing. I may have an old globe around, but I certainly will be looking in the thrift shops. If you ever do make one, please put it on the “blog about nothing” I would love to see it. We’re having weird weather here in Florida as well — tornado warnings started this morning. crazy weather everywhere it seems

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Lynette – we saw Fort Lauderdale on the news – 26” of rain in less than 24 hours????? The pictures were unbelievable! Stay safe.

  26. Kathy in western NY

    Love your quilt for Becky. You have such a good eye for color. I wish I had your talent as I love scrap quilts but I need your color sense to be better. You inspire me to make one with my scraps.
    I had a fun morning at the craft thrift shop and now am going to unfold my fat quarters and pet them. Found a Miss Rosie table topper kit for only $5 which I loved. Had an ice cream sundae at a dairy for Lunch as it is 83 out there so wanted a bench outside to enjoy that. Our trees are budded and the forsythias are beautiful after all this sunshine. We are going to an outdoor cafe for an early dinner to celebrate hubbys birthday and how thankful I am he is still doing well.
    I read Lessons in Chemistry and loved the parallels to women in the workplace and probably what still happens. I see it’s still #1 on bestseller list. Passed it on to the girls in my family who will enjoy it too. I just finished a Nicholas Sparks book – Dreamland- and forgot how entertaining his books draw me in so will get another one of his I haven’t read – The Wish- from our library next time I go in.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy – so happy to hear your husband is doing well – mine would never go out to eat at an outdoor cafe!

  27. Sandy

    Hi Mary, Luna is 3 today! They are having a few days away , so we had a little celebration before they went, paw patrol cake and paw patrol socks from Bella the dog! Going to give Bella a hair cut today, then bath when the girls come back, they love the way she goes crazy after a bath!
    We used to get those hard sugar Easter eggs when l was little, too beautiful to eat! Went out to dinner with a friend last night at a social club, they had the lower hutt ukulele orchestra playing all the songs from our teens, great fun sing a long! Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sandy – HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Luna! Paw Patrol cake – yes!
      Becky and I gave Hazel a haircut and bath today, too, and she also gets the zoomies when she’s done. I ordered a new clippers tonight because my old one gave out and I had to finish with the scissors – ugh. She’s soooo white under all that dirt.

  28. Cheryl from Niagara Falls

    Love that quilt! Scrappy is my favorite. We had some of those eggs when I was young. I loved them! My daughter has collected a few vintage globes so I will show her that cute idea!

    Finally got to cut the grass today. It has been so wet but finally dried up enough. Weeded some too but I got tired very fast and we have to watch the granddaughter and greyhounds tonight so I stopped.

    I just finished Grace Under Fire and really liked it. Surprise ending which I like. I have to get to the library again as it is finally porch sitting weather and I can read an entire book out there in one day if it’s good! Still waiting for my sewing machine to get back from the shop and it’s killing me as I have 3 quilts to FM and I want them done. Love sewing the binding down outside too. So relaxing!

  29. Joy in NW Iowa

    The wind is really brutal today. We had to go finish our taxes today in Sioux Falls, plus a ear doctor appointment, and errands to do. Ugh we are both beat! The kids are coming for supper tomorrow night so wanted to get some fruit for that and just the normal extras I can’t get here in the local store.
    Driving was a battle! Yikes! I’m glad it was only 25 miles instead of a long trip! I feel like a nap at 5:45 pm

  30. Annie C.

    Love the globe lights! What a great idea! My favorite book for this year is Unraveling by Peggy Orenstein.
    It is nonfiction, but an awesome read! If you love textiles, yarn or any fiber arts & maybe even sheep….I bet you would love it! My book discussion, ( none of whom are really into fiber arts loved it, especially the ones who grew up on a farm.). So much interesting information & history and learning. Hint: how long do you think it might take to spin the thread that would be used to weave a sail on ships that went out to sea…..? Other topics…women growing older, a bit about living in CA during Covid & the terrible wild fires.

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Annie, thank you for this recommendation and I am off to a library 5 miles from us that has that book on its shelves. It sounds like a fascinating read and very popular here as out of the 15 public libraries in our county, there were only 2 that had it on their shelves as the others where checked out or in transit to other libraries to fill holds for the book. I need a light read now after a couple of novels so this will fit a desire to sit with the warm weekend weather ahead.

  31. Deb in Japan

    I’ve been reading a lot lately. About halfway through Sarah Woodbury’s “The After Calimeri” series. I’m on book 8 so far and love them. They take place in 13th century Wales after a bit of time travel. Stopped for a bit (waiting for book 9 from the library) and picked up John Sandford’s “Dark Angel” (the second Lettie Davenport book) and it is the first one of his books in a long time that reminded me of why I liked his writing in the first place. About halfway through it and, when hubby came home last night, we ordered pizza. He’s so understanding when I get involved in a good book or a sewing project.

  32. Sharon G.

    Mary – The quilt is fabulous!
    What a clever idea for globes.
    And the eggs – wow!
    Where I live in the Pacific Northwest it was dry enough to mow the lawn today. Shortly after finishing the lawn, it rained.
    Love this blog!

  33. Meredith in Cincinnati

    Love your March Madness quilt. Great quilt with a great name! Really enjoyed Lessons in Chemistry; she’s such a strong, quirky character. A recent book I loved was West with Giraffes. Based on a true story, this was a great read. Got it for free on Kindle. You would love it, Mary.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Meredith – I own West With Giraffes but quit about halfway through because I was so worried about the giraffes – they never let them out!! Did I misread that? Please tell me I did.

  34. Terri S.

    The Maid by Nita Prose is very good.I love the beautiful eggs,would love to see how they are made

  35. Susan K in Texas

    I like your big quilt in progress and understand getting bored. I will usually take a break and start something new or finish a small project in between. I tend to jump around between projects.
    I remember eggs like those many years ago. So much work and so fascinating.
    A globe light would be very neat. Such a neat way to use something.
    I just finished a book called Free Food for Millionaires by Min Jin Lee. She also wrote Pachinko. I enjoyed Pachinko better but Free Food for Millionaires made me think about our life choices more.
    I recently finished the Daevabad Trilogy (City of Brass, Kingdom of Copper, and Empire of Gold) by S A Chakraborty. I really enjoyed all three of them. They were very different.

  36. Jeanie S, Central IL

    I love Becky’s quilt!
    Our high was 80 today; it has been a lovely week. We were out on a ride and saw forsythia and another flowering tree. My husband called it a tulip tree but don’t know if that is correct. The redbuds are about to bloom.

  37. Sandy

    Hi Mary, got half way through Bellas haircut and flat battery! It’s recharged for tomorrow, the dog looks moth eaten in places, thank goodness she can’t complain! Luna loves Marshall ghe fire engine dalmatian best! Your broken dishes quilt is fabulous, l have put on the list of ones l want to make. Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sandy – my new clippers is on its way. Hazel was so clean and so white until this afternoon when she tried to dig a hole to China – not so clean tonight. My dad always said the difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut is one week. Haha!

  38. Marcia Rocheleau

    Lessons in Chemistry was a really good book. I’d also recommend The It Girl, which keeps you guessing until the very end, and Mad Honey. You might have to wait for them if you are a library user like I am but they are worth the wait.
    If you haven’t read The Ride of Her Life by Elizabeth Letts, please do and share your comments. It’s based on the true adventure in 1954 of a woman who rode her horse from Maine to California with her dog as her only companion.

    1. Bonnie McKee

      Marcia, I have read “The Ride of Her Life” and really enjoyed it! What a wonderful look in to the way life was 70 years ago. Folks were certainly more trusting!
      The main character lived a life devoid of luxuries. Maybe that’s why she was so adventurous? She had nothing to lose. I really admired her spunk and determination!
      I also hope others will read the book. 🙂
      Bonnie in Oregon

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Marcia – The Ride of Her Life is in my Top Ten reads of all times! She is my hero! I own Mad Honey but thought it was really boring. I will find The It Girl – thanks!

  39. Mrs. Goodneedle

    March Madness is wonderful. My mother in law used to find those sugar eggs with the precious little scenes inside; we’d get them as “table gifts” for Easter dinner at her home. I tried saving them over the years but eventually they fell apart, got broken or turned funky colors and had to be discarded. Thanks for the memory attached through those photos, it warmed my heart; can’t even IMAGINE making them!! Wow! The globe lights are exceptionally creative; I’m impressed. Our Spring has come in fits and starts here but now seems to have settled in nicely.

  40. Joy in NW Iowa

    Saturday, April 15, forecast is……rain, snow, strong winds……winter does not want to let go! Had some rain overnight. It made the grass green! We had the kids over for burgers, etc. last evening! It was a great time!
    Todays I can relax. I’m going to do the ‘strip along quilt project with GE quilt designs’ and have to pick out my fabric from my stash! Think I can do it? Hmmmm

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Joy – I went to the Clear Lake quilt show this morning – I have an extra dog this afternoon and have lots of pictures to post – along with some sewing and a nap!

  41. Vicki Ibarra

    I love the March Madness quilt with its pattern and colors. The globe lights and Easter eggs are amazing.
    We had over a week of decent yard weather, so the garden got tilled, onion plants and potatoes planted, the garden staked out with where we will plant everything else, and mulch laid. It feels good to have that done. I cut suckers from the lilac bushes as well. Those bushes are leafing out and I will be interested in seeing what blooms we get this year. A neighbor had planted a tree six feet from our bushes years ago and the lilacs were largely in the shade for several years. We had limited blooms. Last year that tree got cut down due to disease and now the lilacs are in the sun. Fingers crossed we get more blooms. I love large bouquets on my kitchen counter.
    Today’s colder weather means I will have quilting time. Yay!

  42. Sandy in Eastern Washington

    I, too, have an old globe that would make a wonderful hanging light or a lamp.

    Your hourglass quilt is coming together. Take a break to work on something else, then you will be re-energized to complete it. Becky will love and appreciate it when it is done.

    Just leaving the pet emergency clinic. My little mini schnauzer has pancreatitis and she will be spending a few days hospitalized to recover. From past experience, they are the best.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sandy – oh, I’m so sorry your little pal is under the weather. Will she be ok???

      1. Sandy in Eastern Washington

        Well, she was there for 4 days last week and discharged. Did not continue to improve at home so I took her back today (Sunday). I have great faith in the doctors and other care givers at this 24 hour emergency clinic as we have had other mini schnauzers in their care in the past. They will do everything they can and communicate frequently. They seemed confident today that they can provide appropriate treatment and support and we will have her back again in a few days. She is not quite 3 years old so has youth and a strong spirit going for her. We love her.

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Sandy – that does sound encouraging! I hope she will rexover

  43. Sue Johnson

    My husband makes lamps from all sorts of old things. I am sure he would enjoy making one from your old globe. See his web site oneofakindlamps.com
    Mary, I grew up in Woden and graduated with your brother-in-law, Mike. It was a happy surprise when I read your bio in one of your books I purchased and realized the connection. I visited your shop once and loved it. My sister still lives near Wesley. My maiden name is Gerdes.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sue – Sue Gerdes? I need to find an old annual because you were younger than me and I don’t remember you honestly. What a coincidence to discover this connection through one of our books!! Thanks so much for writing – I’m going to check out the website.

  44. Mary J Fratzke

    What a clever way to up cycle old globes. I love that idea! Your March madness quilt looks plenty big! Let it be done! It’s beautiful!

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