Was it planned? 10-12-21

Remember this?

The railroad guys put this up today.

Maybe the farmers knew this was going to happen and that’s why they were working so hard last weekend hauling manure on my road. Well, there’s no traffic now – except those who don’t believe the road sign and they end up turning around in my parking area.

Look at that blue sky!

Look at these huge elephant ear leaves!

Look at all those seeds on the flower stalk!

I started putting yard “art” away this afternoon – it all goes into this small lean-to attached to the quilt shop and it’s pretty full.

And because it’s going to rain tomorrow I filled more plastic containers from the rain barrel. I hope I have enough to last all winter.

I’ll move these to the garage and basement with the others I’ve already filled.

Siri went home with Tami yesterday – the poor cat is so terribly thin and I tried many different things while she was here. She simply wouldn’t eat but when she got home, Tami said she ate – whew! I don’t think she can come here again because it upsets her too much.

This is what I’m working on – an old Country Threads pattern – I will post tomorrow.

Blanche says “hey”!

Just listening to the news telling us our heating bills may double this winter! yikes! What’s happening in your neck of the woods?

30 thoughts on “Was it planned? 10-12-21

  1. Mary Rhodes

    Just listen news that .ight double. Why don’t know. Had total knee done finally 9/22. Been 3 long weeks. Surgeon impress able to bend knee way back. Pain way less but sleeping another story. I have happy cats now! One talk endlessly upset I was gone to my cousins. Oh what beautiful skies. Yes I do read comments. Those are really big elephant ears! Hope Blanche gets better . Enjoy your blog!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Mary Rhodes – keep up the good work with therapy for your knee. The sleeping will get better – I promise! I slept in a chair for weeks and even that was painful. I’m glad your cats are happy!

  2. Dee

    The weather in Ohio was gorgeous today but the sunsets are earlier. Took a drive to my brother’s grave and the grass is finally growing. Our farmers have a
    lot more fields to take their beans and corn off.

  3. Anna Mundt

    Your elephant ears are huge! I thought mine were big but not compared to yours. I started putting my garden stuff away too. Snow in the black hills so it’s only a matter of time before it is here (SE. SD). Hope it stays away for awhile yet.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Anna Mundt – I planted my elephant ear bulb close to the water hydrant because I read they like to be wet and it apparently worked!

  4. Montana Kathy

    I guess winter is here….we’ve had snow the past two days, still snowing lightly today. Very white and pretty, but quite cold. Don’t think I’m ready for it yet!

  5. Judy Gnade

    Hello Mary, your blue sky comment made me laugh. When we first moved to Maryland from upstate NY, we were amazed and commented to everyone about the beautiful blue sky! Most gave us side glances and wondered if we were ok but really we’d seldom seen anything but gray clouds in our four years there!

  6. Dee

    Love that Blanche, she’s a beauty, fits right in at your house. The state closed a major farm road over our way, not only are the farmers upset, the neighbors on the gravel roads they are taking to get around the closure are hopping mad. So dry, so much dust!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Dee – the dust on my little car that sits out by the road is so thick, I’ll have to have it washed several times!

  7. Janice Hebert

    Love your Elephant Ears! I have a few plants and one is giant but not as big as yours! I have a “Black Diamond” or something like that and I just love it. What do you do to winterize yours? Do you take it inside? Let it go dormant? I’d love to know. I love your beautiful mallow plant – is that what it is? I’d love some seeds if you are selling them! Blanche looks happy! Poor Siri, I’m glad she finally ate but yes, sadly she probably needs to not come any longer. Jan in MA

  8. Sherrill

    Woo, that’s a lot of work unloading the lean-to each spring and loading it back up in the fall!! What is that plant with all the seeds running up the middle? The purple flowers are beautiful. Poor Siri..glad she ate when she got home. Your new start on an old pattern is looking pretty!

  9. Kathy in western NY

    We had bright blue skies as well today and it was sunny and warm (78j so hung out some laundry that dried quickly. I like to keep an old store mass produced type bed quilt in my car for the winter so gave it fresh wash. I haven’t had to use it to keep warm yet but then again I am getting older and don’t go many places at night anymore. I still remember several years ago folks got on the state thruway in Buffalo and then got caught in white out conditions on the open road, blinding snow and couldn’t get off ramps and just thinking about it ever happening to me made me keep a blanket in my car. Well it’s warmth here all week till Friday so no snow. Took a little ride this afternoon to a place that makes their own waffle cones and soft pumpkin custard so had a wonderful fall treat that filled me up so only felt like a sandwich tonight. Love seeing Blanche enjoying her new safe loving home. Good job Mary giving her a life.

  10. Linda Baker

    I’m envious of your blue sky. It has rained and drizzled ALL DAY and is cooling off. It will only be in the 50’s this weekend. Your water jugs reminded me I forgot to water my plants. I’d guess the road closure and manure hauling were planned. Good news that Siri is eating again, if only those animals could talk and tell us what’s bothering them. Blanche is looking good.

  11. Brenda Ks

    Mary my son just put an elephant ear bulb in his stream going into his pond and grew huge.

  12. Diane in WI

    The weather has been so mild here that some of my plants still look good. It is to get cooler during the day and night toward the weekend. I had Toby, a young cat someone dropped off here at the farm, neutered today. Vet bills! I worked at the apple orchard down the road from our house today. Not as busy as when there are beautiful blue skies like yours.

  13. Pat Smith

    Like Sherrill I’d like to know the name of the plant with the pink/purple flowers with the seeds running up and down. It is a very attractive plant and unusual as well. Blanche looks like she is settling in perfectly and I’m so glad that it is working out. What a life she’s going to have compared to what her future was with the farmer that was threatening to shoot her. I can’t understand people who act like that toward animals.

  14. Cathy D

    Hi Mary! Looks like you are making the most of the beautiful fall weather while we have it. What is the purple flower? I thought maybe Clematis? My older sis passed away unexpectedly (age 62) 3 months ago and I’ve been going through her house getting ready for a sale. I look forward to some down time this winter as I have a quilt planned but no time right now to start it.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Cathy D – only 62? Oh, I am so sorry! You have a big job ahead. The purple flowers are prairie mallow. My mother in law called them miniature hollyhocks. I collected the seed for years and sold them in the quilt shop. Now they’re growing everywhere here and I think of her when I see them blooming.

  15. Jo in Wyoming

    It was grey and drizzle today. Tonight the wind picked up. Last time I checked it was 30 degrees.
    I assume Siri comes with some food, so she is being very picky at your house. I’m sure her next sitter won’t be nearly as good to her.
    The neighbors have put up some Halloween decorations. My favorite is the old car with a family of pumpkin people in it. Mom, dad and 2 kids. They are a hoot. They work hard getting everything placed then the wind blows.
    Our gasoline prices are sky high. Second highest in the nation. Who knows why. Our choice is pay it or stay home.

  16. Kathy Hanson

    I can’t imagine all the work you are doing in the Fall!! Jerry is busy with that kind of stuff too! Really hard work, I hope you take breaks!! Looks like Blanch is a very happy dog! Penny is in a 5 week “Manners class and is doing very well! We are so happy. She is a real honey. Has decided not to eat much…wants additives but not sure she needs that all the time. Hard boiled egg, a little chicken, a little cheese, a little carrot or whatever. Hmm, spoiled???

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy Hanson – ooh, that little Penny deserves to be spoiled! That’s what puppies are made for! It is a lot of work but I’m used to it!

  17. Dorothy

    Are your elephant ears from taro root, or a nursery elephant ear bulb? My neighbor grows hers from taro root from the grocery store

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Dorothy – I am not familiar with taro root. I bought a $5 bulb at Walmart last spring.

  18. Jeanne H in Finger Lakes of New York

    Yes, there will be higher prices for heating with natural gas and propane in New York too. Probably heating oil as well. We heat with wood, and just had it all stacked – 15 face cord – this past Sunday by 2 teenage boys, ages 15 and 14. The parents and 12-year-old daughter came back after a short drive rather than go all the way home and come back later to get the boys, and helped too! That’s the fastest we’ve ever had firewood stacked!

    Our weather has been warmer than average for the time of year, so we haven’t need heat yet. Maybe this coming week when it’s expected to get down into the 40’s at night, we’ll need a fire.

  19. Launa

    Glad we cut our own wood for heat, but use propane for cooking stove n oven. Plus we have our own solar power for electricity’! Do have propane fixtures for emergencies, too! I lost AOL yesterday, but it was back this morning.
    Was 28o clear outside this morning. The rain n snow has helped with the fires, too! Our snow has melted, but can still see it up the mountains. Sun is just coming over the mountains @ near 8:30!

  20. Kelli

    Absolutely amazed at the size of those Elephant Ears! Gorgeous. N.E. Ohio is having unseasonably warm temps – we are still in the high 70’s and leaves haven’t turned yet – our area has been really dry so lots of dead leaves but not much color. So glad the farmers are having good weather to harvest this year. Blanche looks so happy! Love reading your blog – thanks for taking time to post. Happy Fall!

  21. Paula Nordt

    I really like your rain barrel! Do you collect run off from the roof? Does it have a cover to keep mosquitoes out? Thank you!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Paula Nordt – it fills from the roof runoff via a gutter. Yes, it’s covered and we haven’t had any mosquitoes this year. I know my plants have really gotten healthy with nothing but rainwater.

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