Watching the Football Game

Iowa is playing Nebraska.  I have 1 cat and 2 dogs on my lap, a cat on my head, a cat on my right and on my left and a dog under the footrest.  So relaxing.

24 thoughts on “Watching the Football Game

  1. Angie Rowland

    Glad they all get along. Looks like no one is feeling neglected especially YOU. Hope you don’t jump up unexpectedly and HOPE Iowa is the winner.

  2. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Hi Mary,

    At least it’s not all nine dogs! It certainly looks cozy – enjoy the game!

    Kind regards Fiona.

  3. Rose Mikulski

    Big hoot from me, this is truly a little slice of peace on earth. I see your kitties are use to dogs, is that Faye on your lap; surprised to see Libby in the mix, hope she didn’t set everyone off especially for the the sake of the dog underneath.

  4. brenda A in sunny AZ

    Guess you don’t need a quilt to keep you warm. Just finished binding a disappearing 4-patch queen size 2-color quilt, red and white. Couldn’t have done it with your menagerie helping me! Keep warm. It’s 60° here, in the outskirts of Phoenix.

  5. Launa

    Hey Mary,
    Picture entitled “BEST FURRY BLANKET EVER”! I thought about you and Iowa when I perused the sports schedule in this morning’s paper.
    I’m looking at the Cat pillow in Primitive Magazine. Haven’t tried wool yet and have no room to start collecting it altho it’s a possibility.

  6. Diane

    You are well loved:). Buckeyes play U of M tomorrow. Big rivalry.

    I just finished a batik top. Squeak “helped” me cut the fabric for the backing. She crawls on top and underneath!! LOL. Have fun watching the games:).

  7. Cathy

    Iowa got it done! You look like me when I’m sitting down. Always surrounded by my furry kids and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

  8. Freda Ireland

    Hope you don’t drop the Remote! Maybe one of the Puppies can Fetch! I see that our Fluffy & our Blackie left Alabama to spend Game Day with you! They do not enjoy the jumping up & down & the screaming that takes palace when “Auburn & Alabama” Play! Waaaar Eagle & Rooooll Tide! I’m an Auburn Grad & a Bama Mom! Our Family NEVER watches the game together!!! Hope you have a great Game Day & come out a WINNER! LOVE THE GREAT PIC!!! Put a Big Smile on my Face! Thanks for Sharing! Freda

  9. Freda Ireland

    Your PIC may “Go Viral” !
    I sent to my Friends & Family …
    All Animal Lovers & Football Fans!

  10. Kathy Bahn

    So enjoy your “Chicken Scratch” updates!!
    You are soooooo loved. I have that same chair you’re in & I have to laugh when I try to picture myself with all that company with me!! My furry friend is a Westie and her spot is right between my legs whenever I have the footrest up!!!

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