Wednesday update

Good Morning! I’m ready to give it another try so bear with me. Some of you have let me know you received last night’s posts as well as seeing the comments. We are making progress. I have an appointment with a web company tomorrow and I hope they will have answers for me.
The fabric Colton is helping with is gone.
The story behind “thank you, Rose” is about my friend Rose from Illinois who loves Susannah and brings her treats every time she visits the farm. She knows that Susannah loves pretzels, cheese puffs, crackers, cookies, and Doritos – just like her mom.

One thought on “Wednesday update

  1. Rose Mikulski

    Well, I finally figured out why I always like and sometimes buy the fabric Colton is laying next to–it’s his gray fur/gray and white pattern–it’s just accentuate the colors/pattern. You think I would know this after making my gray and red quilt. Colton, I’m on to you now. Better late than never. I’m going to miss seeing your photos and not being able to buy yummy fabrics.

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