What a game! 4-5-22

Congratulations to the Kansas Jayhawks! What an exciting game – just what a championship game should be – close, comeback and exciting!

Here is what I was working on that wouldn’t post – I do not know why.

But now I think it looks terrible with this rug.

Reader quilts:

From Kathy who used to have llamas.
From Lora who bought these pieces at the sale and already finished it!

Here is Tammy who is now happily at the Rainbow Bridge.

Tammy and her brother JB arrived after a customer pleaded with me to take these kittens. I think Tammy was 15 – JB is still here although his eyes looked glazed over and I don’t think he hears well either. The customer’s name was Tammy and you know I try to name rescues after previous owners. JB looked like my big cat Jack Benny so he became JB. My cats are getting old for sure and it feels like a family member is no longer in the house.

Nate helped me bring some of Connie’s furniture to my house yesterday but since he didn’t bring a friend like I told him to I had to carry my half and today my body and especially my shoulder is killing me. Here is one of the pieces she gave me – look at this beautiful desk!

This piece went into my mud room to hold gloves, mittens, boots and other outdoor clothing.

This one just fit – good thing I measured first!

There’s also a table in the quilt shop and a 9×12 rug that I have decided I can’t keep. It’s just too big for my living room without cutting off doors, moving outlets, etc.

Also this easy chair that I got for Telly. She loves it! Nate and I moved two recliners to the road to be picked up by the garbage man.


Can you see why my body aches? These were all huge pieces!

Here is the next quilt project Kayla will post when she can. It’s called Quarter Yard Puzzle. We’re going back to a series of $5.00 patterns which can be ordered directly from me or downloaded online at some point. Kayla and I have to get on a schedule which is hard for both of us.

Remember the sailboat shirt?

So that’s the news from the farm on this rainy Tuesday. Rest In Peace, Tammy. I will miss you.

48 thoughts on “What a game! 4-5-22

  1. MartyCae

    So sorry to hear about kitty Tammy. Such a pretty kitty.
    I do not like moving furniture. Such a chore!

  2. Louise K.

    I love the Quarter Yard pattern, and the sailboat shirt/fabric fits right in. That desk is so beautiful.

    I’m so sorry about Tammy. Yes, our critters are like family members. My cats tend to follow me around the house and sleep on my bed, so when I have to say goodbye I really miss them.

  3. Gayle Shumaker

    Sorry to hear about Tammy. Oh my goodness that desk is gorgeous. I have a weakness for wood.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Judy – yes, it is with just a couple modifications – didn’t you just love her seminars? I could not find this pattern anywhere after I made it and we had made it as a baby quilt so I hope I haven’t made something available after all these years that shouldn’t be. I haven’t mailed anything out so I can pull it immediately if necessary.

  4. Teresa

    I love how the quilt turned out using the shirt with the sailboat fabric! So many wonderful projects to see on the blog today, thank you everyone for sharing your works of love. Mary, you hit the jackpot with your newly acquired furniture pieces, the desk is beautiful.

    It is sad when pets start to decline. Like the people we have loved in our lives who become sick and frail, we start to grieve the loss that we know in our hearts is coming. Recently, a distant family member was placed in Hospice care at the age of 90. A photo was taken of him holding his high school graduation photo. My thoughts were, did he live the life he envisioned for himself at the age of 18? I’ll never forget that image of the old man he is now and the fresh faced young man he was who had his whole life ahead of him.

  5. Jacque

    I’m so sorry to hear of Tammy’s passing. We lost all three of our pets last year – a dog and two cats. Then we took in a 13YO “rescue” whose owner had died and the daughter wanted to have her put down. She’s a lovely, very well-mannered Tuxie but for some reason has never warmed up to me. She won’t come in my sewing room except to walk through from the den to our bedroom. She loves my husband! We’re thinking since the male of her previous family was by himself the last 7 years of his life (his wife was in a memory care facility) that she’s used to men – and maybe that daughter didn’t treat her very well. At any rate, she seems to be doing OK with us – and while I don’t have my quilting cats to keep me company anymore, at least we’ve given her a safe, stable home…just like you do with your animals! Keep up the good work you do, Mary!!

  6. Becky

    Too funny—before I read the caption I thought “Look how great that quilt looks with that rug!”

    1. Becky

      Also meant to say how sorry I am for your loss. Our fur family members are so dear to us.

  7. Launa

    Congrats to Telly and her new chair…looks quite cozy in it!
    Had snow all day yesterday and more today. High winds blew down three trees. One dead, but they did no structural damage.
    Love your new to you desk…the sailboat shirt was certainly put to good use!
    The game was quite exciting last night. Some players needed to sink their free throws; just sayin!
    Any dead rats today?

  8. Sandra Goddard

    Sorry for your loss of Tammy. What a beautiful cat. I love yellow cats. My heart hurts for you. Never easy to have a pet leave the family. At times mine drive me crazy and make extra work but I love them all.

  9. Debbie Miller

    I love your porch table quilt and I think it perfectly compliments the rug as they have the same colors! If I lived closer I would do your bindings-I love to hand sew them. The shirt worked perfectly in the quilt. I always look at men’s shirts at the thrift stores. I live in SC now but as a NC native born-I was pulling for the Tarheels. I had sent pictures before of my miniature dachshunds, a brother and sister pair. Woody had to be put down last year as he was beyond going and Maggie is still doing pretty good for a 15 year old. She sleeps a lot and snores so loud now.

  10. Leslie

    Oh so very sorry about Tammy. She is in a better place. I lost my first ever bottle baby, 16 year old Oreo last Monday. Tues we had to put 4 year old Kitty to sleep for FIP. Wasn’t a good week…Love that you bought a chair for Telly!!

  11. Rita in Iowa

    Mary sorry for your loss of Tammy. You added some great furniture to your wonderful home. Too bad your moving boy didn’t listen to you and bring a friend. Made more work for you.
    The quilts are beautiful.

  12. Susie Lenz

    I love the sailboat shirt-turned cute quilt! Great job! The desk is beautiful. So sorry about your losing Tammy,if only they could live forever. 💗😶 Take care.

  13. DebMac

    My first thought was how good the quilt looked with the rug…and then I read the caption. Really, it looks great!

  14. Jan

    It’s no wonder your body hurts Mary, those furniture pieces must be very heavy! I love the chair for Telly, she looks very happy sitting in it. Love the way you used the sailboat shirt, it looks great in the quilt. So sad about Tammy, it’s so hard to lose our furry friends. We’re still debating whether to get another dog and most likely will but not right away. For now it’s enough with the two parakeets and my 15 chickens. I’m praying the Avian Flu stays far away from us, it’s so awful. I planted four trays of seeds today. I think Ukraine needs more than sanctions, wish there was more we could do. Jan in MA

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jan – I so agree about Ukraine – all I can do is sit here and watch these atrocities on the news?

  15. Tammy Guerrero

    So very sorry about Tammy. She knew she was loved. You will see her again! Love the desk. What a treasure. Have a good week.

  16. Diane in Colorado

    I’m so sorry, Mary. Yet another loss. I am in full agreement, our pets are members of the family and they age far too quickly.

    What a beautiful desk you brought home!!! I’m sure Connie is grateful to know it will be well loved at your house!

    We have hurricane force winds today—it’s awful!!! The tree outside my office has been rubbing on the window all day. Very distracting!! And oh, the sneezes with everything blowing around!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane in CO – so if you have wind now I know that it’s heading for us. Ugh. I am so tired of wind!

      1. Diane in Colorado

        Oh, gosh, I’m so sorry!! I know that’s true for snow as well and that is in our forecast for next week. I hear the wind is finally supposed to die down this evening—hasn’t happened yet!!

      2. Diane in Colorado

        My pups got out yesterday—that’s how horrible the wind was. I went to Bible Study with my BFF, certain I had closed and locked the front door. I got a call from a neighbor when we were on our way home about 3 hours after I’d left the house. He had Akira. I could not imagine how she had gotten out, but told him we were heading home immediately (planned lunch out was very quickly cancelled!!). I was terrified, fully expecting if he had Akira, Skyler was out there somewhere. We stopped by my house to grab a leash and found the front door blowing in the breeze and Skyler in the house! After I retrieved Akira, I checked the front door camera footage. Akira had gone out and just hung out on the porch for about 12 minutes before wandering out into the yard and the street where my neighbor had picked her up. Skyler escaped a bit later, hung out on the porch about 5 minutes, and then nudged the door and went back inside! I am beyond grateful they are both safe!!)

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Diane in CO – oh, good grief, I would have been terrified, too! There are so many reports of dogs being stolen around North Iowa. I just won’t let them be outside when I’m gone. Anybody could pick up Hazel and take her! Yea, the wind has been brutal and I am so sick of it!

  17. Pattie from PA

    Sorry to hear about Tammy. From the picture though, I like the quilt with that rug.

  18. Anna M

    So sorry about Tammy. I know how hard it is to lose a pet.
    Sure wish I could’ve made it to your sale. I would’ve loved to meet you both. It’s verrry windy here in SE South Dakota. Sounds like tomorrow and Thursday will be good days to sew. I think your quilt looks good with the rug!

  19. Kathy

    The fat quarter project had me at hello but when you showed the clever addition of the sailboat shirt…Wow!

    I think the quilt goes really well with the rug. It is long ke a fabric interpretation of it. Let it “grow on you”.

  20. Kelli

    Oh Mary so sorry to read about Tammy! Losing a pet is so hard but you gave her a good life! And I LOVE the quilt with the rug! The colors blend nicely and its a keeper combo in my eyes. We here in N.E. Ohio are still waiting for some sign of spring – very few buds on trees and our daffodils went belly up after our recent snow. Blessings to you!

  21. Janet of MN

    You sure have been busy lately. It’s time to take some time off. For anyone who has netflix, last night we watched the ‘Ben Carson’ movie. I’m not sure if I have the title right but it is about the life of this great man. It is so inspirational to see his beginnings and amazing accomplishments. Weather in southern Minnesota is just plain rotten, rain – sleet – ice – snow – blowing. Then do it for about 3 days, maybe 4.

  22. Bobby Sutton

    On one level I am so sorry you lost Tammy. On another, to let them go is the kindest thing we can do. So hard to have our very much loved pets depart our lives.
    Bobby from Md.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Bobby – yes, you’re right. I think the worst thing a pet owner can do is to let their pet linger on and on because euthanasia is just too hard – unforgivable in my mind. I am grateful Tammy went so fast that I didn’t have time to decide if I should or if I shouldn’t.

  23. Kathy in western NY

    I feel so sad for you Mary losing Tammy and knowing it’s hard watching your older pets begin to decline. I think about it with my own many times and I have to shake that feeling as it is hard to say goodbye to those who keep us company at home.
    Today our news talked about a farm and the devastation of avian flu. I am now watching my dogs in our yard constantly when they sniff bird droppings as we have had some big hawks hanging around and I worry about the poop making my dogs sick. I need one more thing to think about! It was 62 here today.

  24. LaNan

    So sorry about your cat. Our pets do become family! I like your quilt especially the use of the sailboats! So enjoyed the game last night…the way a championship game should be! Cold, windy, rainy and I watched the high school girls have a golf meet this afternoon…they have one scheduled again Thursday….they predict snow that day…oh my!! Poor golfers if they have to play.

  25. Susie from the Hood Canal in Washington

    I love the quilt you made for the bench and I think it looks great with the rug! Sorry about your cat…
    that quilt with the llama is very cool! The quilt you made with the shirt turned out nice! Love that chest! Wow!

  26. Jo in Wyoming

    I’m so sorry about Tammy. She had a great home.
    Those are some great gifts from Connie. It’s hard to imagine her being so far away. A few hours, no longer a few minutes. I’m sure it’s hard for her too.

    Yep, we have winds too 60-80 mph. I have a customer that brought 10 quilts to do, so I’m pretty busy getting them done.

  27. Lora

    So sorry to hear about Tammy! My daughter lost her very first pet she got in college this week. So heartbreaking for her as I cried along with her.
    Beautiful new furniture pieces for you! Give me the old furniture and houses any day. The character can’t be beat.

  28. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    This is a wonderful post, Mary! I love the new quilt and the new rug, and I also vote for them looking great together. 😊 I am totally smitten by oak antiques, especially desks which are both useful and versatile. Telly’s new chair looks very comfy. Too bad your mover showed up solo; take it easy and give your sore muscles a rest.
    I am sorry about Tammy’s passing. Having landed there as a kitten, she and JB could not have had a better life than being loved by you. 🥰

  29. Susan K in Texas

    I’m so sorry to hear about Tammy.
    The desk is beautiful. I like the sailboat quilt and the quilt on the long arm. That llama quilt is cute too and Telly laying comfortably in his new chair.
    I’ve been going to physical therapy for 5 weeks now twice a week. The therapist says I’ve improved 65% since I started. I do the exercises every day and walk 18 minutes twice a day. Recovering from surgery is a full time job. The good thing is my husband is still doing most of the cooking and all of the laundry and dishes.
    Take care of your back! Rest and ice.

  30. patti leal

    so sorry to her about tammy. she had a good life with you. her brother may miss her lots for while. i wish our pets could be with us as long as we are alive,, but i feel horrible when we have to find somewhere else for them when we die. not looking forward to that. your gifts from connie are great. telly loves hers. quilts are all great. way past my bedtime. good quilting to all, patti in florida

  31. Paula Philpot

    I love the quilt that wouldn’t post but did today and I love those antiques. Paula in KY

  32. Sue in Marion, IN

    So sorry about your kitty, I just hate losing a pet. On a happier note, I LOVE that quilt with that rug! In the photo the colors in the quilt look like brighter versions of the faded colors in the rug…which I just love. Maybe you need to stand farther away🤓

  33. NancyTD

    Sorry to hear about Tammy. Hard to lose a pet.
    The desk is beautiful. Lucky you.
    I thought the quilt looked nice with the rug.
    Take care of yourself. Hope your pain goes away soon. Sit and relax!!

  34. Margaret in North Texas

    The desk Connie gifted you is a beauty. Never have seen one like that. Do you know its story? Your quilt is perfect with your rug.
    Great ballgame with a win for Kansas –fun to watch.

  35. janice Brown

    Mary, I am sorry to hear about Tammy. It is very sad and heartbreaking to lose a pet. What was her personality like? Did she live mainly in the house or did she spend her time in the shop?

    Really nice furniture from Connie. Great photo of Telly enjoying his new chair.

  36. Kathy Hanson

    I have been gone all week at a quilt retreat – so sorry to hear about Tammy, so hard to lose our furry family members!! What nice furniture you got from Connie, that all fit right in! We are sad that basketball is over, just like you! We always look forward to it and now it’s over – oh well, next fall it will be back! You must be exhausted with all that work to do – hoping that you are having a calm quiet Sunday afternoon!!

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