What a mess! 7-5-22

Nope, those weren’t the winners – stay tuned. I have spent hours reading all these guesses and comments. I jumped the gun – NO WINNERS AT THIS TIME. Technology has once again raised its ugly head and I will need to sort it out. – comments that come to me directly vs. comments left as a reply on the blog site. I need to review the rules I set at the beginning – what I see on my end regarding comments is unbelievably different from what you are seeing at your end. I am so sorry.

31 thoughts on “What a mess! 7-5-22

  1. Sheila in WI

    Oh dear! Please don’t make this too complicated. I entered just for fun. I would be happy with you declaring the number and congratulating that person/ persons. K.I.S.S. = Keep It Simple Sweety.

  2. Jo in Wyoming

    Technology can drive us crazy.
    Check the other guesses tonight after a beer or 2.

  3. Denise

    Not to worry. Start over if necessary. We care about you and enjoy your blog.

  4. Alice

    Not to worry, Mary! I only entered for fun as well! Technology can be a pain sometimes! I’ve been trying to send pictures of my dear friend’s 89th birthday celebration on a lake to one of his daughters. Have sent them twice & she never received them…thinking her phone isn’t set up to receive multiple pics via text??? Who knows! As I said “no worries”! It’s a beautiful day here in SW Ohio! Alice

  5. Mary Says Sew!

    Please don’t sweat the blog troubles! Who among us has not experienced computer B.S.? We are here whenever it works. I carry extra patience in my pockets these days. I am happy to see your posts whenever they show up and understand you are doing your best. You and Connie and Kayla have lives!

    Thank you, and Connie and Kayla, for all you do! Really, please don’t worry about the blog! It’s too hot to have anything else to sweat about!

  6. Amy Kollasch

    Nothing as nice as you chose to do should be so stressful! I thank you for offering your scraps, I entered for the fun of it. I usually miss a chance to enter stuff because I don’t always get to them until they are completed. Step back from it. Breathe. And come back with a clear head. Peace and love sent your way. Hope you had a wonderful weekend. 🥰

  7. Kimberly Lusin

    Please don’t worry or stress about this. Do what’s easiest for you to solve this. Technology! Sometimes it’s bah humbug!

  8. Lynn in Scottsdale

    Mary, you could just leave the winners as they are as a box of scraps is fun to win, but it is not worth your time to sorting through this technology mess.

    How about learning from the mess, and do it differently next time?

    Anyway, just my thoughts.

  9. Joyce from NY

    No worries Mary, I’m sure we all have lots of our own scraps, it was a fun thing to do!

  10. Bobby Sutton

    I empathize. Technology is great when it works and is an abomination when it doesn’t! You are are trooper to keep trying. Thanks. I love your blog.
    Bobby in Md

  11. Deb in Idaho

    Mary, just leave it. Don’t worry or stress about it. We are all adults. We dream of scraps, but I wouldn’t want anyone to get sick over it.

  12. Terri S.

    It sure isn’t worth stressing about in these times. I’m sure everyone understands. Award it to the two original members you pulled up .

  13. Jill Klop

    No worries! I figured it was all supposed to be for fun! What is the saying…it doesn’t pay to be nice?!?! I appreciate that you were trying to do something simple and fun!

  14. Jean

    OMGness Mary. It’s scraps for goodness sake! Do not stress over this. Laugh about it instead. Give those scraps to the winners as posted and go about your day. No one is going to be upset over this. No one…but you!

  15. Robin Malloy

    Mary, when I tried to leave my guess, I got a message that I had already responded and I had not.

  16. Charlotte Shira

    Mary, no stressing allowed. Not worth spending hours over this. I love your blog and don’t want you to be “blogged down”. Enjoy your day!!

  17. Connie R.

    I agree with your other readers. Leave the winners as you already posted. End of story .No need to stress. It’s all for fun and your blog provides that and so much more. Enjoy your day.

  18. Quilting Sister

    No problem! I wondered how in the world you were going to figure out the winning numbers, so I decided not to enter … it sounded like a whole lot of work for you. Don’t let it worry you. 🙂

  19. Kathy in western NY

    Yes Mary agree with your dedicated readers that this was a generous and fun thing for you to do so give it to whomever and let it go, as they say. No one should get upset about a freebie and you are more than trying to be fair with the challenge of social media. Like I said, my scraps are reproducing overnight and I play with every color. I am thinking of starting Bonnie Hunters next leader and ender cause I have lots of 1 1/2” sq and strips.

  20. Dee in Ohio

    Please don’t stress over it. I enjoy your blog and all the adventures with your country living.

  21. Kim from TN

    No worries from my home, breathe and enjoy the nice weather over the 4th in Iowa. I sat on my moms patio in Osage and we watched the lightening bugs dance above the corn stalks. It was so peaceful. There is something wonderful about coming home.

  22. Diane in Maryland

    Ditto to everything already said. We had fun with your contest! If someone is really upset because they didn’t win the scraps, please let me know and I will be glad to box up mine and ship them to you! 😂

  23. Dianna in Wisconsin

    Nothing to worry about. I just enjoy reading your news, seeing the animals, beautiful pictures of you and the the wonderful quilts.
    You encourage me daily. You bless ALL your readers and give us joy.

    Thanks for ALL YOU DO!🐕🐐🧵🪡♥️

  24. Margie

    Oh Mary, this technology is rough to keep up on! Please don’t stress. I agree with the others, just keep it as you had it. 😊

  25. Betty Klosterman

    Mary, this isn’t rocket science! Just pick a couple and let it go!! I am sure nobody is going to complain. It is too hot to worry about something so petty. You are supposed to be enjoying life.
    Take it easy and enjoy summer.
    Betty in Rapid City

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