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I’ll bet you thought I wasn’t sewing for those 2 weeks of “house tour” posts, huh?  Wrong!  Remember the split nine patch – here it is quilted.  I can only quilt straight lines but it’s what I would choose if someone else was doing it, too.  I do not like all the curvy quilting designs – that’s just ME however!!

Then I decided to do something with all my bright strips so I just started sewing in rows, straightening the sides, adding more, etc. until I ended up with this quilt and I love it!  I really have wanted to sew like this for years but I had a busy job and this wasn’t useful in our business of selling fabric – if you know what I mean.  I love using up pieces from previous projects and still have more to work with.  Here’s another picture and a close-up. 


Right now I’m working on a Bonnie Hunter quilt with mens’ shirts in blue and orange and I love that, too.

Connie is back in Garner and she has been busy sewing in Florida so tomorrow I’ll go to her house and take some pictures for a “Connie report”. 

28 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Working On

  1. Diane

    Wow–love both of them. The combinations of fabrics are great–so colorful:) Looks like a nice day in Iowa–rainy here in Central Ohio, but 54 so not bad. I’m layering a table topper and runner today.

  2. Lauren

    They are absolutely wonderful. Wish I had the courage to just take strips and sew together like you did and have it turn out so beautiful. Loving all your posts and pictures. Retirement is wonderful isn’t it!!!!

  3. Gail Bronner

    I love them both. Those bright colors really cheer a person up, while waiting for a less ‘brown’ season.

  4. Diane Meyer

    The quilts are wonderful for spring-so much lovely color. A friend and I went to the quilt show at Rosemont last Saturday. Of course we missed seeing the Country Threads booth! The show was smaller and not as many vendors as in the past. We’re not sure if we will go back next year, but we’ll see. It rained over night here in Elkhorn, WI, but now the sun is shining and in the 60’s. Hope all of you have a blessed Easter.

  5. Tanya Quilts in CO

    Wow–you are out of your comfort zone with colors and designs. I am si glad you now have the time to quilt how and what you want. I loved your straight line quilting.

  6. Nikki Mahaffey

    Cheerful quilts..not my fabric choices but love them both..it is always fun to just take off sewing and see what happens. Love reading the weather reports..hit 90 degrees here in Texas..not the norm for this time of year and cold front predicted for tonight………..can’t wait to see Connie’s projects.

  7. Diane Dodd

    OHMIGOSH I love these quilts. Especially they second one. It reminds me of a quilt in the book, “Sunday Morning Quilts”. I made the quilt shown in that book that is similar to this one, except in low volume fabrics. But Mary’s quilt is now on my bucket list. So beautiful!

  8. Launa

    Mary, you are just full of so much energy; retirement does that to a person. Both quilts are so colorful. Reminds me of when Dorene Speckman presented a quilt show at Modesto guild and said, “WHEW, I call this one SUMMER IN TULARE” as she held up a red hot and orange quilt .
    Cooler here in the valley today…41 morning (5:45) and probably 72 degrees this late afternoon.
    I was busy cutting some houses for Come On-a-My House pattern (Miss Rosie’s) this morning when my son and husband came in and the three of us switched to cutting window mylar.
    Thanks for sharing your lovely quilts.

  9. Holly

    I LOVE both of these quilts! They’re so bright and cheerful, and the straight-line quilting is perfect! Once again, you’ve provided inspiration and I’m feeling the need to get to my sewing machine. Thank you!

  10. Cheryl

    Hi Mary..Love you quilts, they are so bright and cheery. It has been fun looking at all the quilts from your new book, what an inspiration you have for all. Looks like retirement has been a fun trip for you, keep up the good work!

  11. Mary C.

    It’s fun to rummage through the farcas in your sewing room and see what you can create without buying anything new!

  12. Ann Barlament

    I really like the strip quilt. I always need to be covered up when I sleep, all year long. In the summer I have a flannel quilt made up of leftover brights, almost like a crazy patch… but it has no batting, just two layers of flannel. It is more like a sheet and I never finished the edges, so I can make it bigger if I choose.

  13. Betty Klosterman

    Your scrappy quilts are what quilting is meant to be with all the wonderful colors and fabrics. After you showed the split nine patch on the gate, I got busy and made up 100 blocks and now have to get them laid out ready to sew. Have been thinking about the way the seams are coming together and haven’t decided how to do that yet. That quilt will be for Project Warmth and somebody will get a very bright quilt. Also working on one called Scrap Tease and it is just so exciting to see the blocks come together. What fun! The days are never dreary. Keep your inspiration coming. We love it.

  14. Noeleen Taylor

    Thank you for sharing these. I love scrap quilts and am teaching my little granddaughters to do patchwork so easy as it goes is a great way to start. Strips are so pretty and are great way to give quick gifts to friends. ( Especially as we get older and need a grown up blankie to cover our knees.)

  15. Penny C

    Love both your newly finished quilts!!! You do great work. Can’t wait to see what Connie has done!!

  16. Carol

    I love your use of color; that scares me…lots and lots of scraps and fat quarters but what will look good? It’s hard for me to just cut and go…also loving your blue sky!

  17. Connie

    Love both of these scrappy quilts . What is pattern for the one with squares?

  18. Jane Bowers

    Love, love, love the “Split Nine Patch”. I looked online but see nothing that looks like that. Could you give me information where to find that pattern? The “Stripes” is beautiful.

  19. VA Mann

    Love both of your quilts. Never thought about just quilting straight lines…love that concept. Might have to take a page out of your book and do that..have lots of tops that I can quilt.

  20. Gail Otte

    Love the “Split nine patch” and would love the pattern. How do we find the pattern? Thank you for being honest about loving straight lines instead of curvy. I have felt guilty not giving in to curvy line quilting. Now I feel better. 🙂

  21. Eva

    Both are beautiful but the split nine patch is just stricking! I wish I had more time myself to continue quilting but at least a niece is starting into it so I can help her once in a while. She took the sewing class at school and really enjoyed it so she is continuing it and made her grandma a nice quilt.

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