What Will 60 Below Zero Feel Like?

If you’ve listened to the news, you’ll know that we are expecting record breaking low temperatures and wind chills of 50-60 degrees below zero!


Our high temperature on Wednesday is predicted to be 18 below zero – yes, our high! So enough about the frigid weather. Forcing paper white narcissus bulbs in January is even more fun when it’s so cold outside.

Someone said they hadn’t seen Telly lately – she loves her chair in this weather.

And Hazel jumps at any chance to go to the barn and check the feed room for mice. There are no mice – Mama and Darla see to that!

Here’s the quilt on the wall of the quilt shop – it’s called Sharon’s House and can be available for $10.

Here is the 16 patch someone wondered about – this one was made with a layer cake.

This 16 patch was made with a jelly roll.

Here is the 16 patch made with a Jen Kingwell jellyroll.

Here is the other jellyroll quilt that was mentioned – additional solid color strips were added.

I told you that Connie is working on quilts for Joe’s dental office. Here’s one of them:

We’ve received many book orders and when I requested an address label I meant one we could use – not one stuck to your note! This is said with a smile!

Are you working on your Bullseye blocks? Look at this one! How did it manage to match like this?

And an Arlo update – this handsome dude got home about 10 days ago and is nearly back to his old self of stealing shoes and taking them outside. Ginny is just thankful for all your prayers and an excellent vet who put Arlo back together again.

Connie made me a pincushion, too!

I finished Jim’s quilt

and pieced the back.

The pattern came from Bonnie Hunter’s book More Adventures With Leaders and Enders.

The pattern is called Four – Patch X.

Honestly I can’t think of any questions I forgot to answer. This blog has become very time consuming as I’m sure you can tell. The only way to compensate Country Threads for all these pictures, free patterns, quiltalongs, stories, inexpensive patterns, book availability, news from the farm and all the other stuff I write about is to click the ads. It costs you nothing but it pays us. Some of you are very supportive while others never bother to click an ad. How do I know this? You’ve told me! If you like this blog, and so many of you have told me that you do, won’t you please help us pay the bills? If you don’t click, I don’t write!

56 thoughts on “What Will 60 Below Zero Feel Like?

  1. Louise

    What a cute picture of your pup in the corner! I am getting ready to make yet another 16 patch from a jelly roll. It will be #3 for me, one was gifted to an elderly parishoner…love making those, thanks again
    for the pattern. You are the best! Stay warm!❤️

  2. Cindy

    Love Jim’s quilt! I have the book and this one’s my favorite.
    Please stay warm, bundle up – we will be cold here in VA, but not
    That cold!!!! BRRR is right.

  3. Carrolyn V

    Having grown up in Montana where zero below is a winter norm, I can just say that the more below zero is just COLD…but more dangerous! Be safe dear friend and stay inside as much as possible. Wear layers outside if you have to go to the barn!

  4. Sue in Oregon

    I always try to remember to click an ad, Mary. Plus, I always try to let them get completely done. I am wondering if that makes a difference? Seems like it will ‘stick’ better if one waits until it is completely loaded.
    We all love your blogs and I certainly understand how much time it takes you to keep us entertained. You and your blogs are very special and we wait patiently for each and every issue. That is why they are getting so much attention.
    I am falling behind a little this week on my Bullseye quilt. We suddenly got so busy. Plus, I had to make two new blocks to get to 48. Several were not sliced right. The slicer goofed.

  5. Angie

    Been thinking about you, your family and friends and all your furry, feathery family members all day! I cannot imagine the weather coming your way. How in the world can you manage trips to the barn or even prepare for extremes like this? Sending prayers for safety and warmth for everyone going through this extreme cold.

  6. Sue in Oregon

    Forgot to say…..I really worry about you, Rick and the animals in this extreme cold. Praying for you all.

    1. Sherry Whalen

      Hi Mary, if you are looking at Mary’s blog on a laptop, you might have an ad blocker installed if you can’t see any ads. If you are going into the blog from an email notification, click on the title of the blog post – that takes you to the blog. There are usually 4 or 5 ads along the top, right side and sometimes in the text of the written blog. I had to ‘allow’ ads on Country Threads in my ad blocker to see the ads to close. Sherry

  7. Mary

    Ihaven’t seen many ads recently. Today I found two and closed them. I do appreciate your posts! I hope the weather guy/gal is wrong. When I lived in upstate NY we had below zero temps and awful wind chill – think of Spring.

  8. Sherry Whalen

    Once again – EYE CANDY! I hope you and all of your animals can stay warm over the next few days. I grew up on a farm and it always seemed that when it was so cold, the chores always took twice as long. Today wasn’t too bad – we got the snow moved, around 7 inches I think, and went for a walk but that was enough of the great outdoors for today for me. I have my Bullseye blocks ready to put into a top. I have been busy quilting, I got a BOM UFO quilted and am about half done quilting Good Fortune. I think there will be some good opportunities to get some sewing done over the next few days. I clicked some ads, and refreshed the page and clicked them all again…double dose!!

  9. Joyce C

    I’m constantly “Clicking” away!!! I Love hearing about all your goings on… plus all the people and animals!We’re to get -52 below in eastern SD. These temps are so hard on the livestock. I’m hoping the weatherman is wrong. I can bet you’ll go out a couple times in the night to check on your critters ♥️🐾🥶

  10. Sue Jacobson

    Hi Mary! Fairly new to your blog & enjoy it. I will try to read the ads! “Jim’s” quilt is so stunning!
    PS. Still love your hair!😀

  11. Brenda archambault

    Hi Mary, please try to stay warm. We lived in Chicago years ago when it hit record cold and had to go to the ( closed for the month) yacht club to check out a problem. Minus 20 something and a wind chill of minus 70. That’s one of the reasons we moved to Phoenix!
    Now, a question regarding the ads. Can I just click them off or do I have to open them and then click them off. Maybe I’ve been doing it all wrong. I hope not as i so enjoy your blog.
    Think spring.

    1. Diane Bauer

      Thanks for asking about the ads. I’ve been wondering the same thing. I click to close them and then click one of the answers that pops up. Hoping that’s right, but I’m willing to learn if it isn’t!! I LOVE this blog and the community you’ve created here, Mary, so I’m more than happy to click every ad that shows up!

  12. Kathy in western NY

    Evening Mary. I too click away at the ads but wondered the same thing if I am suppose to open them first before I click?? I just click and get the box that says ad closed by google. I would be lost if I didn’t have your blog to read as it’s like being with old friends sharing all our chatter. I am behind on my bullseyes blocks as my MIL has pneumonia now and then had a heart attack. We signed hospice papers yesterday as she is not getting well so her body is giving out. We lost my FIL a couple months ago so she has lost her will to fight. I put the hospice teams on pedestals just as I do animal rescue people as it’s not an easy task. Yesterday we talked sewing projects together at her bed and today she is not talking, only sleeping, so end is near. I would normally be inside during this cold snap and have had to travel back and forth daily to the hospital, sometimes twice as I come to let out our dogs. It’s quick trips out with the dogs to potty so you be careful and stay safe. Prayers to all during this bitter cold .

  13. Diane in Maryland

    Bundle up and cover every inch of skin! Those temps sound insane. I will stop whining about our predicted -10 wind chill to come on Wednesday. I clicked on a Joss and Main ad and found the perfect comforter set for our bed and I have looked everywhere! It will be here in a couple of days. Thanks for the help!😅

  14. Diane Bauer

    I LOVE the quilt you are making from your brother’s shirts. It always amazes me how the same pattern can look so different when two different people make it! I like yours far better than the one in the book!

    Your picture of Hazel in the grain room is so cute–looks like she got put in time out! It’s so fun to hear about all of your animals. I should have lived on a farm. My uncle and godfather had a hobby farm in WI when I was growing up and we used to go help him with hay cuttings and baling and would camp out for weekends. Those are my favorite memories of my childhood. My Mom has asked many times where my interest in horses came from and I just laugh and remind her that when we went to Dean’s farm, they would pull into the drive, and as soon as the car stopped, I’d be jumping out and running to the horses, never to be seen again until it was time to go home.

    I, too, worry about you and Rick and the animals with the cold coming in. We used to say that it didn’t matter after about -20–beyond that it’s just plain frigid and there’s not much you can do to stay warm. At least we can be assured you will all have plenty of quilts to pile on the bed!! Do the dogs crawl in with you when it’s that cold? Stay safe!

  15. elizabeth a hinze

    I’m clicking away!
    I’ve noticed there is way more to click
    which I think must be a good thing : )
    Please keep writing

  16. Launa

    Stay warm with your freezing weather. Idaho has two seasons…July and Winter! A quote from a weekend weatherman with a sense of humor. I looked at the Redlands, CA ad…they offer a mug rug club monthly similar to your Itty Bitty monthly pattern.
    It is not as near cold here as you are experiencing. Be cautious of freezing 🥶 your skin..frostbite!
    We did our good deed today. Two stray dogs were two miles away on our road. Our son brought them here and tried to call the # on one tag…we realized our cell still has our CA code…so called a friend and asked him to call. Wasn’t too long and the dog owner’s grandma made arrangements to pick them up. A third dog is still lost. Hope it is okay.
    Stay safe there!

  17. Dot

    Another possibility for supporting the blog is Patreon. Have you considered it? I support some other blogs with Patreon. (And I do have my ad blocker turned off, and click your ads, too!)

  18. Karen Gaither

    Mary, I love Jim’s quilt. How many men’s shirts did you use? I love it and bet it is really soft if made with old shirts.

    I hope you, Rick & animals stay really warm this week.

    Today I saw an Ad for a ford Dealership in Dallas, so would that be one of yours or from me looking at cars over the weekend? I also saw an Ad for Trump refinance, is that you? I did click on it, but didn’t want to enter my address.

  19. Pat Smith

    Thanks for the pictures of the quilts—I enjoyed them so much. I try to click on the adds and then hit the close x. I hope that is right. I’m always perplexed as to the words, “report this add, why this add”. I hope I’m not doing something wrong. I worry about your trips to the barn in this brutal and dangerous weather. I can remember being a teacher in Oshkosh, WI when it never got above 0 even at lunch on sunny days for 2 long weeks. It was just miserable. I hope this passes soon. I can’t imagine how any wildlife survives it. We get some of this in northern Vermont and we always hate it, but it’s usually short lived. I’ll be thinking of all of you.

  20. Sara

    I close the ads that have an “X”, but about half of the ads do not have an “X”, so I don’t know how to close them. Anyone else know? Please inform me–thanks! I do enjoy the blog and want to support it.

  21. Margaret Jessen

    Hi Mary, I have been clicking alot of ads but I don’t know if is the correct way so it counts. Please inform us–we want to be helpful!

  22. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Clicking on ads!! -50/-60 with wind will be miserable for everyone!! Your furnace will not stop running and you need to cover all exposed skin when you go out or you will get frostbite…adding goggles over a face mask will protect your eyes! Praying for your part of the country!! So glad Arlo has made such a great recovery!! Your pups are so happy…always fun to see them. Love the quilts!!!

  23. Diane in Central Ohio

    I don’t know if we all get the same ads or not. It seems like they are “just” for me. Well, maybe except the VERY revealing lingerie one that came up today–LOL. But, we are looking for new furniture and a mattress and there they were:) Funny. I’m curious so I like to click to see what’s out there. I even ordered from one of them–NOT the lingerie!!

    Thanks so much for doing your blog, Mary, and sending all of these wonderful pictures of quilts. They are all beautiful, but I especially like Jim’s quilt–front and back–it is stunning. I also like to see how you use jelly rolls and layer cakes in your quilts. The 16 patch ones are all so beautiful and not difficult to make.

    Telly looks like he/she (I forget which) wants to be outside. We are also getting wayyyy below zero windchill for Wednesday and Thursday. My grand kids are already doing “cold” dances for days off. I will stay in and finish cutting my pieces for the Guild retreat this weekend. It’s going to be 38 on Saturday. We DO have huge temperature fluctuations.

    Stay warm and safe:) PS My friend got the pin cushion book and she has make 4 already:)

  24. patti leal

    i wondered where the ads went. my ad blocker had worked and i didn’t know it. it won’t do it on your blog any more. so much eye candy today. just love it. i get concerned bout your low temps. i know that you’ve lived there a long time and you have the clothes and sense to do the right thing. here in florida i don’t even have a winter coat. sorry. consider your ads clicked again. thanks for all you do for us. patti in florida

  25. Vickie Lemonds

    We don’t get Iowa weather except in a general US forecast here in sunny North Carolina! Your temps sound super frigid and nothing I’ve ever experienced in all my locations. Your dogs must hate to go out to pee! We’ll be thinking of you and sending warm thoughts your way! Love your blog and look forward to your daily post!

  26. Charlotte

    Mary I want you to know I always click the ads. Sometimes I do them twice or three times if I’m rereading a blog post. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into it. I am a devoted fan!

  27. Jo in Wyoming

    Mary, Jim’s quilt looks like a lattice with fencing behind it. I love it.
    I’m glad you have so much insulation (stash) helping keep the weather out.
    It’s cold here too, but not that cold. Only about 20 below WC.
    Friday it’s forecasted to get into the 50’s. The wind blows bad here, so we will blow the warm wind your way soon.
    I hope the barn critters will snuggle up, they always look happy.

  28. Christina Mejer

    Love the 16 patch from a jelly roll! I have several I need to use also . I found your tutorial on July 8, 2015 blog . Please cover up your skin if you go out in those -60 wind chills . It will be hard to breathe and so easy to get frostbite . We had those same temps a few weeks ago here in Alaska, but we all cover up and dress in layers . I look forward to your blog posts and feel like we are best friends although we’ve never met .

  29. Janelle Bucher

    I haven’t been seeing any ads for some time now, I clicked them when I saw them, but there wasn’t any on today’s blog, at least not on my internet feed.

  30. Caryn Goulden

    Mary, I love reading about all your animals, your projects, and adventures. I click all the ads and then click them again a few days later when I need to refresh my memory about a project. I don’t know if the second time counts but I do it anyway. I’ve been trying to get inspired to use up a couple of jelly rolls and voila! There are your 16-patch quilts!
    All of you please stay warm and safe!

  31. Ann Barlament

    When you talk about “clicking on the ads”, I just smile. Because it’s become such a habit, that no matter what I’m looking at on the net, I click the ads!

    Stay warm on these less favorable bitterly cold days and nights!!

  32. Carolyn Rector from Western Ohio

    I think it’s a miracle that Arlo is recovered. It seemed impossible at the time. I am so happy for your friend. Prayer is powerful. We too are expecting record low winds chills, but not snow with this wind. Keep warm, and I pray your electricity stays on. I look forward to your blog, it keeps me company with my morning coffee. I lived in Cedar Rapids in the winter of 78, and remember those record snow storms. I always open up the ads.😀

  33. Janice Brown

    Hi Mary, I do not get the ads. We have ad blocker plus other software that restricts what we see on our laptops. Is it an option to make a cash donation (yearly or semi-yearly) to help pay for the blog?

    Love Jim’s quilt, especially with the added border. What an interesting color combination of shirt fabrics with the red and gray sashing.

  34. Ellie

    Try to be sure to click all the ads because that’s not asking much for the pleasure I get from your blog! Pictures of Telly and Hazel are so cute. Stay safe in this horrid cold. We won’t be as cold in IN but cold enough to keep me home and sewing!

  35. Deb - SW Minnesota

    I have always clicked on the ads but never thought about refreshing the page and then clicking on them again like someone suggested. I did that today so you got double clicks from me today! I’m in SW Minnesota so am getting the fridge temperatures today and tomorrow – schools in the area are either closed both days or are closing early today and will be closed tomorrow. I have the advantage of being able to work from home so am taking advantage of that.

  36. Sue Munn

    We’re going to get almost as cold here in east central Indiana. I’m going to our Y today, but then I don’t plan to go out again until probably Friday! Arlo is looking good! My daughter got black lab/pit bull mix puppy last summer and as you can imagine, she’s a ball of energy and enthusiasm. Katie took her to the vet for some shot this week. He took one look at her and said, “That dog needs to be on Prozac!” My suggestion was that the vet take some Prozac, and Katie is looking for another vet!

  37. Julie DeBower

    Good morning Mary!
    Learned several things today from your blog. First didn’t see the notice about sending an address label for the book–will put that in the mail to you today! Second, didn’t know about clicking on the ads either–so I will make sure I click away each time I’m on your site. Third, love, love, love the picture of your Telly!! Wish Cooper would sit still that long. He’s doing well by the way!! Fourth, I also love Jim’s quilt! But, I love plaids! And lastly, I really like your jelly roll quilts. I have several jelly rolls so those would be quick and fun to make!!! I also purchased the pincushion book the other day! I think they would make great gifts and a great way to use up some scraps!! Thanks for sharing with all of us today!! Stay warm!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Julie DeBower – don’t send an address label – your package is already addressed. Hugs to that wild and crazy guy named Cooper!

  38. Kathy Hanson

    There is really nothing I can add after reading everyone’s comments! I can’t wait to read your blogs and I feel like we are good friends! Love to see your dogs and, of course, you animals in the barn!! Yours are so fortunate to have some heat In the barn. We are giving more food to help. I love all the quilts. Thanks for sharing. I click every ad I see but will look into into what some of them have suggested to click on more. Try to keep warm getting to the barn! 😊

  39. Barbara

    Your blog is so fun to read, I just scroll pass the ads to see more pictures and read your story! Then I go back and read it again clicking all the ads. I even read the comments and your replies! There are ads in the comments that I click on also! Please don’t stop writing!

  40. B. J. Berlo

    Several years ago I made your Bulls Eye Quilt and I love it! More recently I made a wall quilt using the same Bulls Eye block, but using Aboriginal Australian fabrics, along with many “earthy-looking” batiks. I also put a leftover block on a sweatshirt. There’s no end to it! B. J. In Virginia

  41. Marcia

    I used to click on all the ads, but lately there have been no ads to click. I went back after reading this post and there is not a single ad. ???

  42. Mary from Moline

    Always love to see the animals and the quilts. Really love Jim’s quilt. The borders really make it shine. Stay warm till we warm up again. I click on ads when I see them.

  43. Polly Perkins

    I did not see the request for a mailing label. Do you want me to send one? I surely can…. when we have mail delivery again. They cancelled delivery today and for tomorrow too!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Polly Perkins – no need, you can include it next time you order. We’ve got the book mailers all addressed so that when the books come we can just sign them and put the in. I remember doing yours – Connie and I talked about you, camp, etc. —- those were the days!

      1. Polly Perkins

        Thanks so much. I do miss those camp days. They were so much fun. Miss both of you. I am just got Wear Warm Clothes back from the quilter and putting on the buttons today. The quilter commented on it…. said she loved it.

  44. Paula

    Mary I have been hitting the X to close the ad, is that correct? or am I suppose to open the ad and look at it first. Sorry I have to ask this but then we will all know. lol Paula in KY

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