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While Connie and Mary Baker were in Houston, I took on this big project outside the quilt shop. We always had furniture set over this loose dirt but with cats around, you can understand why I wanted to improve this entryway. So I brought all the old patio blocks from behind the quilt shop and dug the dirt out below the level of the sidewalk. Then I laid the patio block down creating a clean surface. I only smashed one finger! Next week it will be ready for Christmas and you’ll be surprised when I show you.

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I put this beautiful basket of hydrangeas on top of a cupboard so they’d be safe but I kept finding dried petals on the floor. The mystery was solved when BC popped his head up when I went to investigate after hearing the dried flowers rustling. What are you gonna do? He’s a curious cat!

I’ve been working on my window sill gardening article and thought you might like to see what I’m going to write about for the Hobby Greenhouse magazine.

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It was a joy to read your comments about Susannah last week. Many of you think I should write a children’s book about her but what do I know about producing that type of book? I would love to write about her, however so let’s just say I’m thinking about it.
That’s all for this week -check the chicken scratch blog. Saturday I’m holding a class at church for anyone interested in making a Christmas Tablerunner. If you are in our area, please consider coming to sew at 10 am. Call me for details, 641-512-5188.

Ole is the  pastor of the local Norwegian Lutheran Church , and Pastor Hans is the  minister of the Swedish Covenant Church across the road. One day they are seen pounding a sign into the ground, which said:


As a car speeds past them, the   driver leans out his window and yells, “Leave people alone, you Skandihoovian religious nuts!”
From the curve, they hear screeching tires  and a big splash.

Shaking his head, Rev. Ole says, “Dat’s da terd one dis mornin’.”

“Yaa,” Pastor Hans agrees, then asks, “Do  ya tink maybe  da sign should yust say,
Bridge out?


6 thoughts on “Farm News

  1. Connie Olson

    Connie and Mary: I just love your “Chicken Scratch” and all about your activities! I’m an forever farm girl and it’s SO fun to hear about all the animals. Thank you SO much!
    Connie Olson

  2. Sandy bessingpas

    Mary, I have a friend who is currently writing her first children’s book. She just retired from teaching and this has been brewing in her mind for a while..if you are interested, I can put you in touch with her

  3. Katie

    Your Country home and setting is Wonderful..several years ago my husband drove me to your pace we had been in Iowa, I was like a kid in a Toy store, read about your place prior to that , and was not disappointed when we arrived ..
    Read the Goat Gazette and can not remember what it was called before that, just returned to your site recently and happy to pickup and read your articles.. Mary I have been away for a bit and was sad to read recently in one of your articles, that your Mom passed, I admire you always included her in your stories….Hope your health is good…God Bless Katie in Gilbeert,Az.

  4. LMK

    pretty kitty, also the joke is funny. your entryway is really nice, yes, i can see what your talking about (cats and dirt) never get tired about reading what goes on over there with you and your critters. nice weekend on the way, hope you enjoy it.

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