Who the heck is Jill Fisher?

This is my first post from the fair yesterday.  Becky and I picked out every single quilt entry by Jill Fisher because we loved every  one of them and we began to “recognize” her work.  Jill, if you’re reading this, congratulations!  If anyone knows Jill, please refer her to this blog.  Her quilts look like a class from Gwen Marston called Liberated Quilts in Solids that I am taking online.  I am only on the 3rd lesson but I love the look and am totally inspired by Jill’s quilts.

I think I missed a couple. Here’s a pieced one with that great sense of color that I love but don’t have.

The next fair post is coming.

15 thoughts on “Who the heck is Jill Fisher?

  1. Carol Berry

    I agree! Jill Fisher’s quilts are wonderful! I especially like the second quilt shown.

  2. Mary Says Sew!

    Well, what do we do when we want more info these days? Google!

    Jill Fisher has a blog and an Instagram account as “pieladyquilts”.

    Plenty of cool quilts to enjoy, especially if you live somewhere hot and humid like I do!

  3. brenda archambault

    When in doubt .. G O O G L E! I Googled “Jill Fisher, Iowa quilter” and she’s apparently from Iowa City, Iowa. (Think that’s correct.) I didn’t read thru all the listings but they looked extensive. Love her use of colors (you could do that too!) and will go back to my search.
    How’s retirement life with Rick around? I keep finding things for my husband to do so I can have my time too. 20 years and we’re surviving!

  4. Launa Peters

    Wow…..great eye candy and inspiration! Hope Jill credited Gwennie. Love the color combinations in solids. So many great solids available now. The second quilt is my favorite combination of darks with that pop of color.
    Can’t wait to see your class projects; never a dull moment with you, Mary!
    So appreciate you showing the fair quilts.

  5. Sandy

    I would love to take a Gwen Marston online class. I did five days with her at Asilimar years ago. What a treat! Could you tell me, please, how to find the online class

  6. Janice

    Thank you for sharing the trip to the fair. I really enjoyed the Jill Fisher quilts! What use of color! Spent yesterday evening going through the pielady site. It was inspirational.

  7. Connie Rademacher

    Hi Mary,
    Is your #461 One Crow quilt pattern still available for purchase?

    Connie Rademacher

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Connie – I have the master copy of all our patterns and can make you a copy and mail it. If you want to do that send $10 to Mary Etherington, 2345 Palm Ave, Garner, IA 50438

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