WIND!!!! 5-30-22

Wind is steady at 40 mph and gusting to 58! We drove to the cemeteries to pick up the plants and this was the scene coming home.

This is peat ground blowing away in the wind.

When we got home there was a big limb down in the yard and a million little twigs – again! The bird feeder and table had been tipped over in the wind, too, and this is just the yard by the house. I will investigate the rest of the yard tomorrow – or whenever the wind goes down.

They didn’t construct those wind turbines around here for no reason.

21 thoughts on “WIND!!!! 5-30-22

  1. Deb E

    Georgia, what town do you live near? We are in Roseville, where we have wind a LOT. I haven’t noticed any sky spraying here, but then I’m inside a lot as its a bit too warm right now for me. Wish we’d get some more rain….

  2. Georgia

    Living in NorCal, the ever-increasing winds & lack of rainfall are worrisome for early fire season. Can’t help but notice the winds seem to come a day or 2 after heavy sky spraying. Coincidence? Anyone else noticing this? What was that ad from the 70’s – never fool with Mother Nature comes to mind.

  3. Mandy Stewart

    We here in Oklahoma are having the same 40+ mph winds. We’ve had them for over 3 weeks and we’re all getting pretty tired of them. Think by now we have half of Texas up here. 😬

  4. Joy in NW Iowa

    Terrible winds! Hail! Nasty weekend. Hubby has to replant soybeans when it dries. Hubby had to pick up branches and sticks before he mowed. Tornado warnings in the middle of the night makes for tired people. Had a nice Memorial Day lunch with cousins when a call from daughter because a tornado threat was headed our way where we were having lunch. Yikes. Stressful day. Chilly today and tomorrow.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Joy – does he have to replant because the hail destroyed the beans? Damn. Being a farmer is not for the faint of heart. I’ve been picking up sticks for hours.

  5. Joyce from NY

    Been having some nice weather in my neck of the woods 86 yesterday & 87 today but humid, nice breeze today! Expecting some thunderstorms in the next few days! Stay safe Mary!

  6. Lynette in Orlando

    Yikes! Be safe! The next thing we know, you’ll be telling us you’re in Kansas! 🤣🤣

  7. Linda

    It was breezy here in mid-Michigan yesterday, but it was a good thing because it got up to 90. After being cold all spring, or when everyone else was having spring, it gets nasty hot. It’s suppose to be as hot if not hotter today and much more humid as a cold front moves in tonight. The cold front will bring storms, hail and temps in the 70’s for the rest of the week.

    Mid-Michigan is flat land, at one time it was under the water of Lake Michigan, so wind turbines have sprouted up around us the last 10 years. A lot of people hate them but I like them, they remind me of ET’s.

  8. Sue in Oregon

    I heard on TV tonight that the midwest is having very high winds and even tornado warnings. Stay safe everyone. Hope it dies down soon. We had our storm last Friday and into Sat. Tonight it is very still. Good.
    Be still.

  9. Betty Klosterman

    That awful wind. It is so destructive. Question. What is peat ground? I’ve been away from Iowa for a long time, but I never heard that term.
    You don’t need to pick up all the sticks all at once. Wondering what you will find come daylight doesn’t sound good. My aunt always said you have to be STRONG to live in Iowa. She was right.
    Take care. Betty in Rapid City

  10. Diane in WI

    It was very, very windy yesterday. We celebrated my grandson’s first birthday. We ate outside and had to hold on to our plates so they wouldn’t blow away. It is tiring sitting in that kind of wind. Today was the same thing. Even my old windows were whistling with the wind. Tomorrow more of the same, but a cold front is to come through. I made a table runner from the crumb class my quilt guild offered. I am also trying to sort fabric so it will fit in my new swing room. Hold onto your hats!

  11. Jo in Wyoming

    I understand how tiring the winds can be. It can get brutal around here. Hang on, calmer days are ahead.

  12. Launa

    Mary, What wild windy weather blowing peat around there. Hope your farm is not damaged from wind. No snow here, just off n on rain most of the day. I’d prefer snow to dreary rains. More of the same predicted for tonight and tomorrow!
    Our son returned from his Anchorage fishing trip with 42# of delicious Halibut. Didn’t catch any Salmon!

  13. Kim from TN

    The wind can truly be brutal in Iowa. Hope nothing was damaged in the farmyard.

  14. Billie

    Mary – You must be getting what we had here in Vegas last week, it was wild! We are all so very tired of the winds. They have to stop soon!

  15. Carrolyn V.

    You are in such a scary part of the country…..I just can’t believe how flat it is…….we have heavy snow, lots of cold…but the mountains do prevent those horrid winds and storms! Be safe, dear lady!

  16. Marie C

    I am so sick of the wind also. My flowers are taking a beating and I can’t do much outside. I’m just trying to water all my new plants so they be don’t dry out. Hoping to plant my garden when the wind quits. Hope you in don’t have much damage.

  17. Rita in Iowa

    We are having very gusty winds also in Eastern Iowa. Just hope no trees come down as we had 2.6 inches of rain last week. Did make pulling weeds easier though. Not much quilting getting done as I need to work outside when I can.

  18. Lorraine

    Our winds are horrific here in northern Arizona. It has been blowing like crazy for a week. Lots of twigs from the trees and I have been dusting for days. I would rather be sewing!!!!

  19. LaNan Eldridge

    We spent two nights waking up to tornado sirens. We were at our Minnesota lakehouse. Had a few branches down but came home early today being sleep deprived!!!! Saw lots of lakes in fields with white caps. Not a good sign. Hopefully the fields will drain quickly and the damage will be minimal. Got home to sit thru strong winds, driving rain and small amount of hail. But all is well at least from where we can see.

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