Windy – Again! 5-18-24

The wind is relentless making it hard to be outside. Glad I started digging holes for Karl Foerster grass yesterday. I also edged the line of 15 hydrangeas by the fence. By evening the whole line of tall plants was laying on the ground. I didn’t bother setting them up again.

Below the railing is where I’m planting the grass which was planted there several years ago but didn’t come back nicely this spring so I’m trying again.

This morning I can tell I did too much yesterday – my back hurts and is stiff and sore. I have one graduation party later this afternoon.

I’ve got a real variety of pictures – I’ll just post them as I received them, no rhyme or reason. And thank you for sending them!

This is Lisa

Tim’s corn across the road.

We’re thinking of our friends in the Houston area – so much rain, wind and devastation right downtown as well as north of Houston.

An oldie but goodie!
Can’t remember the details about this, Patti
Just now recognized the pattern Porch Swing by Country Threads.

Oh, what a mish mash! When I don’t post photos right away, they get all mixed up. Do the best you can to sort these out – and have a great windy day if you live in Iowa!

40 thoughts on “Windy – Again! 5-18-24

  1. MN / Jo

    Great photos. We are in Iowa this weekend for several graduations. Coming from northern Minnesota, where we have trees, lakes and sand, it’s great to see farmers out in their fields of black dirt. But the wind! Wow! It’s crazy. Later we will be stocking up on good old Iowa beef and pork to take home with us.

  2. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    WOW! Sorry about your back, Mary and the all tipped over pots. Sad after all that work! Ouch. Soooo many wonderful pictures. The little girl with flag and dog is precious and I love all the other ones, too. My neighbor said the flowers in my “ some kind of flowers” photo are Lupines. Sounds good to me😀
    Humid here, but cloudy and sunny.

  3. DebMac

    What a delightful mish mash of photos today! I enjoyed seeing the English Setters photos; no two setters look alike for sure. Adorable photo of the little girl and the dog.

  4. Susy in San Diego

    I love the mish-mash Mary! Great quilts, to cute kids and lovey iris’s and gardens. Makes my day! I have to say to Sandy in New Zealand, I love your quilts and especially the one that looks like you sew up orphan blocks together. It’s great! I find so much inspiration in everyone’s quilts and homes. Susy

  5. Sharon G NE IN

    We have had a lot of windy days here, too. As always, I love the photos and your blog.

  6. Paula S.

    I love the mish-mash of photos! Keep them coming!
    We are windy here in Kansas too. Today is fairly calm, but tomorrow will pick up and may get a t-storm late in the day.

  7. Gail in Ohio

    The “some kind of flowers” are indeed lupines; they are gorgeous and pollinators like them! They are biennials, meaning that they come up one year, but don’t bloom until the next year and then are done. However, they readily re-seed themselves! Seeds can be collected when the seed pods are dry and just starting to twist open; they should be planted in the late summer or early fall so they will sprout the following spring. (Soaking the seed overnight is good because the seed coatings are very tough.) This plant is hard to transplant when mature because of its taproot, but starting seeds in cell packs to transplant or in the ground works well.
    I have a whole bed of them that was started years ago from one pack of seeds (“Russell’s Mix” lupines) and love them!!!

    1. Diane and the gang in Central Ohio

      Thank you, Gail. My husband was given some seeds a few years ago. They did okay, but struggled. He may try again.

      1. Janet S

        If you drive up the north shore of Lake Superior, you will see lupines growing wild for miles. It’s a wonderful bright happy display.

  8. Susan K in Texas

    It’s a beautiful day here in north Texas. That means my allergies make it difficult to breathe so I’ll stay indoors. Our guild is having a Saturday sew this afternoon so that will be fun.
    My husband lived in the north Houston area that was hit by the bad weather. The winds were crazy. Downtown must have been really bad. Winds on top of the flooding rains they’re getting this spring.
    Carla J that quilt is beautiful!! Love the pattern and the colors. How long did it take and is it as hard as it looks?

    1. Carla J

      The purple pink star quilt is the pattern ‘Thankful’ from Art Gallery Fabrics. It was a freebie pattern last fall. Colors are the recipient’s favorites. It is my granddaughter’s high school graduation quilt. She chose at least half the fabrics. About three months to piece, marking seam allowance points takes the longest There are no y seams. Last year I made a Big Star by Plains and Pine quilt for her sister. There are great directions in the Plains and Pine patterns so I used those techniques to piece this one.

      1. Susan K in Texas

        Thanks Carla J. I think I remember that pattern and may have saved it on my computer. I’ll have to look for it again.

  9. Jo in Wyoming

    Oh! My gosh…what wonderful pictures of quilts, flowers, kids, pets and canned goods.
    For a change, we are not windy yet. Forecasted for later, but this morning it’s beautiful.
    Praying for our friends down south.
    Our Barns and Noble reopened a few months ago. Its beautiful. Not a lot of quilting books or magazines. Most magazines are around $14 -$16. What a shock. I have lots of old ones, guess I’ll reread them.

  10. patti

    love the mish mash of photos. keeps us on our toes. the quilts are all so varied – i love them all. diane’s lupines are really nice. loved the purple iris. so vibrant. always like the quilts with pets or animals. my blue/neutral quilts were made with 2.5 x 4.5 rectangles donated then added to from my neutrals. the quilt was originally meant to be 54 x 72 but after building the rows, i didn’t want to join all those in long rows. lack of planning on my part. too diffidult to deal with so i punted. ended u with 4 little quilts that i bordered. they will be great donation quilts. used scraps for one set of boders, found a piece big enough of borders of two of them. now just to find backs and make bindings and they will go out the door at the next angel meeting in june. once again i did too much also. doesn’t that seem to be a ‘thing’ so many of us do – too much and then pay by being sore and/or tired? ever onward and upward. patti in florida

  11. Pamela Dempsey in Northeast Texas 😻

    I hope your back is feeling better now. Love all the pictures! The two spotted dogs and the pretty dog with the girl😻. Love the kitty quilt from New Zealand! Do you remember the pattern name? Also Miss Lisa chicken will be gorgeous! ❤️

    1. Sandy

      Pamela, it was an old panel l found in the charity box at our guild meeting, am quilting the pillow block that ŵas with it now, l added some cats and four patches too it,photo in a couple of days! Sandy

    2. Carla J in the mitten

      The spotted dogs are both English Setters – an orange belton and a blue belton. The spots (ticking in dog speak) start showing up and darken as the pups age. The pups are born almost white in color unless there is a solid patch of color.

  12. Martha W in WY

    Love all the photos today. A mismash doesn’t bother me. Seeing all the flowers gives me hope for my flower garden. I’m always fighting with the weeds. So my plan is to dig up all the flowers, add more good dirt, lay down a fabric cover, replant the flowers, and then mulch. It’s a huge job so I’m going to do it in sections. But first I need to get my seedling trees planted. Beautiful day in Cheyenne today …I’m off to get planting done.

  13. Susan in AL

    Good Heavens!!! I’m So Inspired that I don’t know if I should go walk the dog, or start a new quilt, or work in the gardens or what! Incredible quilts and pets and gardens and everything “eye candy” today!

  14. Pat in AZ

    What great fun again today. The little girl and BIG dog in the golf cart was great. And all 3 occupants were grinning from ear to ear.
    Mary, your geraniums are already so beautiful and the grass will be the icing on the cake.
    All the quilts are so inspirational. Some of you ladies have been busy!

  15. Pat in AZ

    Jeanine, thank you for including the pattern names with your quilts!

  16. Kathy in western NY

    I feel like I’ve just had the best conversation with friends after seeing these wonderful photos. Some so cute, some inspiring to make, some calming to see beautiful flowers. Thank you everyone for sharing these with us and Mary we’re so happy you do this so never worry about what order or descriptions.

  17. Donna Jo

    Great pictures of quilts; flowers; kids and pets. Hope your back feels better soon Mary.

  18. Paula Nordt

    To Sandy in New Zealand. – Love your cat quilt!

    And to whoever sent in the iris photos – beautiful!

  19. Betty Klosterman

    Aren’t all of our lives filled with confusion? Love all the variety of everything. We just don’t know what we are going to do next. You might have the description of the kids and their pets wrong…or should it be the animals and their pet kid they are assigned to watch over? Either way, they are great!

    Tim’s corn is coming up!! Have the pumpkins sprouted yet? Such fun to watch. Seems like they grow so fast.

    Our 50th year of quilt shows starts June 6-8. Over 400 quilts have been entered, mostly for show and tell. And we really do like that part. It is just amazing. And impossible to see everything in a day. Then there are about 12 (?) vendors which brings interesting stuff, too. Some of the stories behind the quilts are really fun. And kids get involved, too. Our Project Warmth sets up several sewing machines and piles of 5″ squares so kids can try their hand at making quilts. Gives them the taste of quilting….. And they may become quilters, too.

    Oh, what we look forward to seeing? Take care, everybody. Betty Klosterman

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Betty – I checked the pumpkins today – I think three hills are up so far. Wait until I tell the kids they need to come out and weed!

  20. Vicki in Seattle

    Mary, the eclectic collection of photos is great!
    Thanks to you and all those who sent photos.
    I especially enjoyed seeing the beautiful Percheron foal and Mama and the little girl in blue carrying the flag with the big dog behind her! Precious!
    Your plants, geraniums, Tim’s corn 🌽 and the beautiful iris are a visual treat.
    And how can we not smile at all the animals and pets!😀
    The quilts are super and Patti in Florida, I’m glad you are able to get so much quilting done as you deal with your health issues.
    Have a relaxing weekend!

  21. Janice B

    Mary, I enjoy seeing the all the great photos (quilts, pets and kids, etc). Such variety. I love irises, and the purple ones are just gorgeous. Was hot and muggy here today . . . we could of use a good breeze, but not a relentless wind like what you have. Janice Traverse City area

    1. Carla J in the mitten

      Muggy down state too I live down in Muskegon.
      There are two Carla J’s in the mitten the other lives in Holland and knits. I just stitch and have those two English Setters.

  22. Linda in Michigan

    Wonderful pictures. My favorite has to be Sandi’s angry looking cat quilt. Yesterday I tried to trim the sides of a twin-size quilt. On a card table, with a big orange cat who claimed the quilt as his own. Who would not move off it, even with gentle urging (he tried to bite me). Never a dull moment when animals are involved. The quilt did get trimmed last night, when Sassy was outside.
    We’ve had lots of wind in west MI too, Mary, I hope your tall plants survived. All the geraniums on the railing are beautiful!

  23. Teresa in Indiana

    Wonderful variety to all the pictures today! I loved them all! Take care Mary.

  24. Jeanie S, Central IL

    This is a wonderful post! I was going to comment after I first read it, but it was 12:45A. The flowers and quilts are amazing, and the kids and pets are absolutely adorable!
    Thanks so much for all you do for us, Mary 🥰

  25. Katie in Gilbert,az

    Thanks for sharing all the great pics, your plants, gardens,pets and wonderful quilts 🙏🏼

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