Working on this

Tonight while watching the History channel I worked on this kid quilt using the fabric line called Oink-a-doodle-moo. I will finish it tomorrow and it will be kitted for our Urban Farmhouse event in 2 weeks.
Telly has forgiven me but she stole the guinea head out of the bucket AGAIN so I’m not sure my scolding last week had any effect on her.
Lots to do before we head up to Mayo on Wednesday. Tomorrow is April 1 and we will be drawing the UFO number first thing in the morning. Watch for it!

4 thoughts on “Working on this

  1. Lael Koster

    thinking good thoughts for you two, it’s a good place to be (if you have to be in a place like that) a chilly day today but see warmer days are on the way, we lost alot of snow but still have some here and there, won’t be long and that will be gone too. i bet not to many people got their potatoes planted on good friday, we’ll plant a few, just enough to fix on the grill here and there this summer. i like the different ones, we put them in foil with oil and onion and seasoning then grill them, yum!!

  2. Voni

    Hi, this is my first visit here and am thoroughly enjoying it. I first thought Telly was the dog. Then the picture looks like a black cat. (I also have a black cat). In reading your posts about the guinea and had to chuckle as it brought to mind a story about my husky and the neighbors fighting cocks. I came home one day and found feathers all over my front yard. (there was no denying it had happened). And as you did, scolded the dog, picked up feathers for what seemed like days. Got the mess cleaned up, into a 55 gal barrel, weighted the lid. Ok, good as new, until the next day when I once again came home with feathers all over the yard, barrel knocked over. The neighbor couldn’t report me because fighting was illeagal. But we never spoke again and he got no more roosters. Thank goodness.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Telly is a dog, a labradoodle and this week on the Farm News, I have a new Telly story-you won’t want to miss it!
      I hate the idea of fighting cocks so I’m glad it’s no longer happening!
      Thanks for visiting -hope you come back again!
      Mary e

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