You ranted right along with me! 9-7-23

Your comments were like a breath of fresh air to me! Thank you! I always wonder if I’m just being a bitch (!) when I find fault with people/businesses. And then I put it on the blog!!! Where is my sense of decency? Oh, that’s right, I decided to ignore it. Hahaha!!!!

As I said in the comments we all were raised in a different world than the young people today and I get it but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. Another incident that happened yesterday was in Menards. As I came up to the checkout two cashiers were chatting in the aisle and one finally grudgingly went to her station. I was buying a two pack of 8’ fluorescent bulbs and she took them out of my cart and put them on the conveyor belt. Since I was bagging for myself I didn’t dare put those long bulbs over my cart where they could have fallen off so I laid them off the belt until I paid. She got pissy and pushed them out of the way! I bagged my purchases and paid, picked up the bulbs and said to the supervisor watching, “That girl hates her job!” I hope they called her on it. If they can be pissy, I can be pissy, too.

Well, after that bad day I had a good one today. I tried Verizon again and I found a young woman named Katie who actually listened to me and told me what she was going to do to apply the credit to my personal account. She even said she’d send me a text to tell me exactly how and when the credit would show up on my statement. And she did! Not only that – she called me to make sure I had gotten the text! I simply couldn’t believe it but was thrilled. The world needs more Katies.

More good news today – FluffyBun is in the quilt shop tonight. I’ve had the door propped open for the kittens on occasion and I wonder if she didn’t just slip in. I put food and water out for her and put Greta in the house. Gracie is at the vet office today because she was spayed. I went out there tonight and she is happily laying in the chair and immediately came running and meowing to me! I have driven through the grove at least twice a day calling to her – for a couple months now. I am in disbelief, shock and thankfulness!

Tonight as I’m binding, watching the game and writing the blog, my buddies are keeping me company.

Greta and Three

Thanks for your unending support! I love this blog!

81 thoughts on “You ranted right along with me! 9-7-23

  1. Debra Reber

    So glad you had a better day today! Thanks to Katie!! It’s good to hear that there are good people around!

  2. Martha W in WY

    Glad FluffyBun is ok. Mary, remember when you get an email Verizon survey be sure to complete it.
    Occasionally we do interact with a “Katie.” It gives me hope for the young generation.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Martha – I will be happy to fill out the survey and mention Katie’s name.

  3. Shirley Andersen Smith

    So very proud of you for taking a stand. Katie needs a promotion.
    Enjoy your day.
    Shirley from Oregon

  4. Marsha from Kansas

    I love this blog, too! I’m so glad you connected with Katie. The world needs so many more Katies. We live in a town where there are more than two Verizon stores. My husband went to the first, closest to us, Verizon store and encountered the arrogant person. He went to a second Verizon store and a really nice gentleman helped him. Too bad we have to seek out the good customer service, but so glad the nice people are out there. It is nice to know we are not alone in our frustration. Love your kitty photos.

  5. Meredith in Cincinnati

    Love your blog, too! Poor Menards. Every store is afraid to fire people, I guess, because replacing them is so hard. Great kitty news.

  6. Lynn H

    Happy to hear all bloggy issues are getting answered. Always such a day brightener when someone is nice and helpful!

  7. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    I am catching up. Our brother in law passed away in Lake Michigan on Sunday. We are all in shock. It was probably a heart attack or stroke because he was in good shape and athletic. Our grand daughter’s bday was 9/3 and mine is today so we celebrated with all kids and grandkids at lunch on Sunday. I agree with what you said, Mary, and the comments. If I cannot understand the first 3 sentences, I politely ask for a supervisor or someone I can understand.
    I also try to “ kill them with kindness” by being very nice, but thinking very snarky thoughts while I wish them a lovely day!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – love “snarky” thoughts – but I can’t believe it’s YOUR nature!!
      We’ve had a local unexpected death, too – good friends at church lost their adult son who lived in Illinois but I still have not learned any more. I keep thinking about how sad they are.

      1. Diane and the gang in Central Ohio

        We did get to talk to our sister in law last night. So sad.
        You are right, I am usually pretty upbeat, but sometimes those “snarky” thoughts just creep in–LOL

  8. Kim from Wi

    Love the blog, and so glad that others are feeling the same about customer service and the lack of it most of the time. I wonder do others dislike the self check outs as much as I do? the other day I saw they put one in our CVS store….
    My husband worked IT for over 30 years and understands the lingo when it comes to our phones, cable and streaming. So, he wanted to help my mom reduce her Verison bill a few years ago and went with her to 2 different stores to sort things out. The corporate run store was a complete bust, no one could help us and then no one could even give us a phone number to help us. We then went to the store in Osage (about 20 miles away) and they were super helpful, worked it out with my husband and my mom and even checked with us the next day to see if it all worked. I can’t imagine my mom having to do this on her own. Her bill went down over a hundred bucks a month and she is happier with the new options.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kim – her bill went down $100 a month???? Wow, that was some great help. The Mason City store is a joke – unless you want to buy a new phone and then they’ll be more than happy to take your money. I hate the self checkouts and wonder why the prices have gone up instead of down when it’s me doing the work? I order more from Amazon all the time. I even ordered aluminum foil when all stores around me were out.

      1. Jeanine from Iowa

        I do not use the self checkouts. That takes jobs away from others. I will wait in line before I use them. Must be our age! So glad to hear that Katie helped you with your problem.

      2. Kim from Wi

        Yes, over $100 per month savings. The Osage store was super helpful, they even connected my moms new car to her phone in 2021 when she got a new car. The man came out to her car and hooked it up for her, no charge. He even gave her a small lesson on how to use her phone through her car. Super nice and kind with explaining it all. She is not afraid of new technology but some of it is more confusing than need be.

  9. Jo in Wyoming

    Send a note of appreciation to Katie’s supervisor. She may get a kudos from management for going beyond what is expected. It’s always good to be recognized. I thank the checkers at Target for doing their job, not requiring me to self check.
    Sometimes it hard to be cordial at the end of the day…tomorrow is a new one, maybe better.

  10. Betty Klosterman

    There are still really good people out there. We have just come thru the pandemic which we have never experienced. We are so lucky to live in the United States. Many people lost family, homes, everything.
    Stores are so short staffed and the people that are working are flustrated. And customers can be pretty nasty. I thought we should always be nice so we could always go back. Many don’t think that way. Maybe they have had a horrible day and are taking it out on other people. Not much we can do about it except give them a big honest smile.
    And it is best not to let it get under our skin. It just makes our BP rise. Hopefully life will get back to an even keel again.
    Betty in Rapid City

  11. Diane in Colorado

    We love this blog, too!! Thank you for persevering through all of the technical difficulties to keep it going!!

    So glad you finally found your way to Katie!! I agree! The world needs more Katies!!!

  12. Sunflower from Michigan

    If you’re watching the game (like me!) I trust it’s probably the Chiefs and Lions. Have you seen how great Campbell from your Iowa Hawkeyes has been playing?? Of course I’m rooting for the Lions!
    The last few ranting blogs have been entertaining and it shows how we’re all so similar despite being from different areas, different walks of life and different circumstances. I think, Mary, your blog is very uniting and that’s a big compliment to you! Thanks so much.

    I’ve returned home from my daughters in Indy where I watched her 3 rescue dogs and 3 foster cats for five days. I’m tired!! Ha. My husband and I are now watching our sons dog while they’re at an out of state wedding for the weekend.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sunflower – yes, I was watching the Lions and Chiefs – congrats to the Lions! What a great game and a win AT KC! Wow!!! You’ve been pretty busy yourself pet sitting and now your son’s dog. My mother was not an animal lover and not helpful with pet sitting. Too bad because I could have used her help many times but as she’d say “they’re YOUR animals!”
      Yes, we all think pretty much alike and I’ve been entertained, too, along with all of you. Best of all I know it’s not just me who feels like ranting! Haha!!

  13. Judy in Wisconsin

    I love this blog. I don’t often post a comment, but I certainly look forward to it every day. Thank you Mary for all you do.

  14. Quilting Sister

    We all need to bitch about stuff sometimes … I’m currently pissed as all getout that I can’t watch the U.S. Open tennis tourney matches! Disney pulled ESPN (& all the other channels they own) off Spectrum cable … grrrrr! 😈 Happy to hear that American Coco Gauff won tonite & will play in the Sat. finals … guess I’ll find a sports bar with satellite TV to visit Sat. afternoon … drink a beer & watch their big TV!

    1. patti leal

      i have spectrum also and am so pissed over this disney/spectrum thing. so many channels that i can’t see right now but i’m paying for them (of course disney doesn’t care – don’t think spectrum does either). i am ticked that they chose to have this ‘fight’ right at the beginning of football season. they took away national geographic channel and some others that we watch. they better have this figured out by basketball season. i sympathize with you, quilting sister. patti in florida

      1. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

        I totally agree about Spectrum, too We had to have it for TV because that is what our country offers. UGH. If they’d quit sending out , “sign up for internet” and other junk, they’d have the money to pay for the channels all of us want. Maybe Direct TV or Dish next? Mine even fades in and out in the middle of programs.

  15. Dorothy

    Nothing better than your blog.
    Glad you found a “Katie”. I found a “Griselda” at T-Mobile

  16. Arrowhead Gramma

    The cashier apparently doesn’t realize that your purchase is helping to pay her salary. There is no real customer service anymore.

    So pleased you were able to get a winner to help with your Verizon issues. 💖

  17. Sharon Eshlaman

    Once again you put a big smile on my face! Your blog is the ONLY one I faithfully read……the blog about nothing….go figure. I agree with all your rants and have personally been in your shoes. I have the same love for animals as you. You inspire me to be “me” rather people like my mouth or not ha ha. Keep me smilin👍😊

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sharon – and I

      Bet we’re both about the same ago, too. Birds of a feather, etc…!!!

  18. Sandra Goddard

    I love all the venting because sometimes it feels only my husband and myself have these same experiences and feelings. On a much happier note I love all your cats/kittens. Don’t they give you such a peaceful feeling when you are with them. Mine sure do. I just got a new stray that arrived at our farm. Callie is her name she got her shot at the vet Tuesday spaying is coming up. They sure know how to fine me.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sandra – fine or find? Either works! I just picked up Gracie at the vet – another $200+ but I don’t mind. I’d rather have Gracie than jewelry, a vacation or a fur coat! Haha!!! Except for Greta who came from the shelter, all of my cats have been drop offs.

  19. Diana R Schumacher Schumacher

    I usually try to keep my cool when dealing with people but last week after being told by someone that what I wanted to do they did not do and I asked for a manager and he told me the same thing. I contacted a person at the corporate office and was told of course they would do that – so back I went to the office that told me NO we do not do that and showed them the email that I had gotten from corporate showing them that they should honor my request. Of course the manager had to get on the phone and make me stand there for over 40 minutes while he contacted corporate to prove that he was mistaken. When they finally corrected the situation I was rather pissy and told him that if he was going to be in a position of management they should probably know their job a little better and know the policies of the company. I am sure that has I walked away I was called a few names.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diana – good for you!!! If we don’t push back things will never change for these younger employees. I need to learn how to put them in their place nicely and with kindness and not get snarky – I am a Betty at times.

  20. Kathy in western NY

    It seems a lot of us are in the same generation of different EVERYTHING. We didn’t rely on phones to pay bills and buy food to pick up. We interacted with bank and pharmacy workers. I still like to, even if they are taking their bad day out on me cause if I can leave them with a little kindness saying Thank you for waiting on me then maybe they will learn every worker is now valued, not just the ones sitting behind a desk or saving our lives.
    Well Mary, my surgery for yesterday was cancelled as I ended up with a fall, a trip to urgent care which called an ambulance cause my blood pressure was way too high and I was dizzy during an X-ray and a brief stay in the ER. My oncologist office is speeding appts along with other offices to see what’s going on with me before he will proceed out of caution. I am fortunate to have excellent health care looking after me. One young man was not happy in the ambulance as his shift was almost over and it was busy in ER so he was grumbling but after 15 minutes we got to joking about how we both are in the falling category now when doctors ask you those questions. I proudly would say no I haven’t but that changed. We don’t know if a sore knee gave out or blood pressure issue caused me to fall as I can’t recall. I believe everything happens for a reason. Being home with our pets snuggled is the best at my age so I am happy to hear Fluffy Bun is safe inside with Mother Mary.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy – oh, dang it! I’m so sorry it got cancelled! Have you had high blood pressure in the past? And your poor knee! Has surgery been rescheduled? Glad your ambulance guy sweetened up.

      1. Kathy

        Yes I have had BP (on meds) and minor heart issues in past so been managed by my doctor. With the BP so high the Dr in urgent care was worried from the fall, it could have been a stroke as I questioned why an ambulance ride versus my husband or daughter driving. Our son who was waiting to follow the ambulance said it’s safer to be in it than on a side of a road with a helpless husband and he knows as he’s a fireman. Surgery will be rescheduled once clearance as you know what that’s like. I am okay as I need my head to be in a better place than it was this past week preparing for this surgery. It’s all how we deal with health concerns that helps with positive outcomes and I admit I wasn’t myself so something was amiss.

  21. Pamela Dempsey in Northeast Texas 😻

    Oh,Mary, so glad Fluffy bun has come home! Is Greta too small to be spade yet? Did Three like Greta easily? They look companionable 😻. My hardest thing is getting someone on the phone that I can’t understand. So irritating 😠! On a side note, someone at our sewing group jokingly called another one a little bitch. We were shocked, she took it well and then it was suggested we change that word to “Bette”. We don’t have a Bette in our group so it’s ok for now. So this week we were teasing each other, saying Bette to someone in jest. I added Bette Jo, for when you really mean it. Like my mom would call me by my full name when in trouble 😈. I hope no Bette’s will take offense or Bette Jo!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Pamela – since Greta came from the shelter she had to be spayed at a very early age before she could be adopted. I think it’s a law in Iowa, not sure. I think 8 weeks is too young but I don’t make those rules. I d had her in the house now and she’s obviously very comfortable and knowledgeable about living with people.

      1. Pamela Dempsey in Northeast Texas 😻

        The spca says about 5 months age is good, I think the girls were ready and came home ready to play. Does Three like the new kitties?

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Pamela – Three is very patient with the little girls – I can’t say the same for Heidi, Pam and Millie however!

  22. Michele

    Ugh, no one cares any more. I recently had a grocery store bagger throw my bags into my cart. I had to report her and I felt bad afterwards. Then I got mad at myself for feeling bad about reporting her.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Michele – thank you for reporting her – it must be up to the buying public to teach these young people some manners!

  23. Mrs. Goodneedle

    I wonder if FluffyBun got trapped somewhere, like in a neighbor’s barn or some such thing. Years ago we had a cat, Snappy, that went missing for over a month. We thought that we’d never see him again and one day, out of the blue, he came strolling up the driveway (skinny as a rail) as though he’d never been gone at all. We always suspected that he’d gotten into the barn up the road and they’d shut the doors with him in there, not knowing. We never knew. I’m so glad that you’ve got your sweet buddies there to keep you company! <3

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Mrs. Goodneedle – it’s possible but I did leave the kennel door open with food inside and I thought she must have come inside at times to eat – she is not skinny. I’m changing her name to just Bunny.

  24. Judy Klink

    I have the same thing going on at my place. A stray cat showed up 2 months ago, probably has been abused and dumped. I feed him twice daily and he comes to the deck looking in the door twice a day or lounges under the chairs. Will not let me get too close. He has been gone now for only a day but I worry about him. I’d like to get him to my vet and check him out to make sure he is okay, but I don’t want to scare him off completely. Any suggestions?

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Judy – you could use a live trap to get him to the vet. He’ll be wanting to come in soon because it’s obvious he wants to be close to you. I know about wary cats and have heard countless stories about them becoming loving house pets. Keep us all posted, Judy –

      1. Diane Squeak, and Biddy

        It took 8 months of me sitting on the porch and talking to Buddy before I could get him in the carrier and to the vet. He has definitely been worth it! for

  25. MaryLou

    Love your Blog – and your always a bright spot in the day for a lot of us dealing with
    all those crappy things and sharing seems to make it easier for all of us to realize
    we are not alone in dealing with disgruntled people who should find another job
    somewhere and not try to ruin others day..
    May your day be another good one…!!

  26. Fran Dixon

    I love your blog too! Its how I am too! I get grumpy and hate it, but talk myself out of it. We gotta keep going. Don’t let it get us down.

  27. Jan from Cosby, TN

    I love this blog, too! Each day, it’s the first thing I check on my IPad BEFORE my word games!! There’s not always a new entry, so I’ll go back and read earlier entries! You make my day!!!!

  28. Sheryl K Harrison

    I live in small town southern Iowa. There is a Casey’s in my town and in every nearby town. I’m not going to name the town but I was dog/grandkid/house sitting while my son and daughter-in-law were out of town. My grandson wanted pizza. I already knew I didn’t like the Casey’s b/c of another experience of kids on their phones and acting put out when a customer arrived. The lady in the kitchen ignored me. I asked the kid at the counter about ordering and got a good eye roll. Instead of answering, he went to the kitchen and yelled “How long will it take for a pizza?” (I did not ask for a time estimate…I wanted to order.) This frazzled lady snapped “over an hour!” We left and I thought I’d never return to that store.
    The next evening, my granddaughter called me and asked if I would go to Casey’s (the only store in that town, by the way) and bring some things to the football game. I hated to go when I swore I’d never go back but I’d walk through glass for her. The same kid from the pizza night was working and when I asked for a bag, he snapped “this is my last bag and now I’m going to have to get some more.” I wanted to reply not my problem and maybe he should get bags when there is a lull in customers but I left without saying anything.
    Sorry this is long…Wednesday I went to another town for my yearly physical and had fasted for blood work. I went to Casey’s after my appointment. It is a beautiful newer store with a beautiful coffee area, a full bakery case and wonderful people working. When I got in line, a checker opened another register and was so friendly.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sheryl – go back and ask to see the manager and report this kid. I had a similar experience recently at Culver’s and I tried to get the girls name but she didn’t have a name tag – if parents aren’t going to teach their kids manners I guess it’s up to the rest of us.

  29. Renae

    If I am lucky enough to speak with a Katie in customer service, at the end of the conversation I always ask to be transferred to her supervisor so I can tell what a great job she did helping me and what an asset she is to their company. Don’t know if it helps, but sure hope they hire more like her.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Renae – that’s what I should have done and now how do I locate her? I’m wondering if I’ll get a survey of some kind.

      1. Sherry Whalen

        Hi Mary – call the store and ask for the supervisor/manager. If they are unavailable, as for a call back. When you are able to speak to them be specific about date and time, the help Katie gave you and how much you appreciated her help. It sounds like she really knows how to do her job and is good at it. When reading some of the comments, it is easy to see that so many people really don’t like their jobs, and probably shouldn’t be in customer service and/or likely have managers who aren’t good at their jobs, also don’t like their jobs thus don’t treat those under them well either. It’s a vicious cycle if you are on the front line. I think corporate culture where money is all important, share holders and CEOs must be pleased, at all costs and employees are undervalued and seen as replaceable is causing a lot of apathy in customer service. JMHO.

  30. Linda from Georgia

    Thank you Mary for all of your thoughts and comments. I enjoy reading your blog. Whenever I see a bad parking job I immediately think of you. It’s ok to rant and rave. It’s our right. I walk in the mornings with my neighbor and we let it all out while exercising. I feel better for the rest of the day!
    Enjoy all of the football games tomorrow!

  31. Angie from Baltimore

    We love the blog as well. Too bad you can’t let people know about Katie. They are few and far between but thank god they do exist. I was going through custom between Russia and the cruise ship. The woman asked me what I had to declare. I said “nothing “” at my age I don’t need more stuff. She said you were here for the whole day and bought NOTHING. Nope. She stamped my passport and I said”Have a good day “. She said WHAT DID YOU SAY? And I said “never mind “. Bet she loved her job but this was in 2019 and I a was glad to get back to the boat but I must say Catherine the great was VERY generous with her lovers.

  32. Lorraine

    I agree with your blog about the cashiers and clerks that are working in the industry no matter what store it is. I have gone up to cashiers to pay for items and the person seems so annoyed because they have to check me out! I think the younger generation does not know what real work is about. All they want to do is be on their phones. I feel this social media has really affected everyone. So glad you got to get in touch with a Katie and it makes you appreciate someone that will care. I could go on with some of my experiences with this issue but I don’t want to carry on about my problems. Thank you again for sharing your good news about Katie.

  33. Sharon F

    I’m thrilled that Fluffybuns aka Bunny has come home safe and sound. Love the picture of the two kitties snuggling on your beautiful quilt, looks all is right with their world.

  34. Vicki Ibarra

    For years, as a nurse at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, I worked with international patients and staff. I got pretty good at figuring out how to communicate with people for whom English was a second language, though I always knew it would take longer. When doing business over the phone, it is tougher as we lose the nuances of expression. And sometimes time is short. I recently made a call and the woman who answered said something I completely didn’t understand. I told her I didn’t understand and she laughed and apologized. She said she just came off staffing the Portuguese line and forgot to change to English. Our conversation went well after I was thrown for a bit of a loop by what I initially couldn’t understand. I know people try their best, but when it is on the phone, I let people know I am having a hard time understanding and sometimes ask if there is someone else I can speak with. Sometimes I let my husband know that a business call is going to take longer because the service person is someone for whom English is not their native language. It is just a fact these days.

    1. Kathy in western NY

      I agree with you Vicki as I worked at a university based hospital in labs but now myself being the patient at one the other night, has enlightened me. I asked a man to speak again as he was doing my EKG and he couldn’t have been nicer about repeating instructions slower and clearer for me. When he took my hand to help me up, held my arm and stood next to the table to make sure I didn’t fall till I could adjust to the wheelchair, I realized we all chose professions to either help someone in our job, work alone or go to Yale to be a CEO millionaire.

  35. Jeanne in Co.

    Mary, I too love your blog. It’s usually the last thing I look at before turning the light off at bedtime… and the first thing I read after doing morning devotions. Sometimes, I even sneak a peek at it before getting out of bed. You make us all feel like we are “normal” because we can all relate to your everyday events and rants. I find myself actually looking for trucks and cars that are misparked. It’s crazy how many there are.
    Keep on blogging! We all love it.
    Have a blessed weekend, everyone. Jeanne in Co.

  36. Ginny

    I remember shopping at Menards and trying to get someone to help me, never a pleasant task.
    I had a major computer problem over the long weekend, I called Driver Support to fix the problem. I pay a small fee monthly for their services and they have always been able to help me. I called them and had to fill out a form stating my problem which I did and waited. I was getting angry that I hadn’t heard from them by Sunday but then I remembered it was a holiday weekend. On Tuesday I received an email asking me to answer some questions to a bot and someone hopefully a human would get back to me. Now I was getting irritated I had never had to do this before but one more bot and I actually got a real person and I could understand him! It took two days to fix what was wrong, It wasn’t a straightforward problem but he fixed it and now my computer works better than ever. I am so happy to have found this company, There are some good companies out there but there are a whole lot of shoddy customer service people out there too.
    I’m glad your kitty came in, it’s always stressful when they disappear.

  37. Connie

    Love your blog and the fact you feel free to rant! We all need to rant at times.
    My theory on the young generation is an abrupt learning curve when they get into the real world and find out they have to work. They are no longer told how special they are and get an award for participating. Another thing is employers don’t seem to train their employees (if they do the employee isn’t learning), nor stressing customer service and politeness.
    Happy Katie from Verizon followed through for you and made a pleasant experience out of a prior difficult one.

  38. Candy

    I really hate when I’m having a good ol’ rant and someone says “why don’t you tell us how you really feel?” What?!?! I just did … weren’t you listening, or do I need to explain it to you?” … I’m thinking in my head … LOL! I’m happy Bunny is home, fitting in, and has a new short, sweet name. Enjoyed the football game last night … it was a good one!

  39. Mary Says Sew!

    The best way to get a response to a problem might be to go to the company’s social media and tell your story. But you might get trolled, too.

  40. Polly Perkins

    The tech world is guilty of elderly abuse. It does not have to be this way I keep saying.

    Thank goodness my medical journey has been filled with wonderful people (exception was the waiting list treatment I got at UW Madison but after I finally got an appointment everyone was fantastic). Now 11 months and 1 week later I finally have cardiac clearance – hole in heart fixed, afib and cardiac conversion and resistant high blood pressure. This Wednesday I see the cervical surgeon for a date after having everything cancelled due to an abnormal EKG a year ago. As you and Rick know waiting is very stressful.

    Happy to see cats back in the shop and settled in with you.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Polly – oh, I’m so glad for you! The waiting is just terrible and you wonder when the other shoe will drop and what it will be. I wish you the best of luck, Polly. After all this waiting it’s bound to be good!! Let me know – hope you can get a quick appointment.

      1. Polly Perkins

        My surgery is Oct 19. Not so bad a wait in the scheme of things. He is going to do something new this time – cage fusions. There are lots of things to prep for this plus many required appointments. Already had a PT appt (insurance insistence since I finished PT 13 months ago and it must be within a 12 month window). Now I pray that I pass my labs and EKG this time.

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