You’re right, so right!!!! Duh!

June is NOT NUMBER TWO!!!! It’s number 7 – honestly, I had to go out to the shop to check and sure enough it says 7 and for some stupid reason I read it as 2 – I apologize and can only chalk it up to old age and too many things to think about, I guess. When I wrote 7, it looked more like a 2 and I didn’t double check.

Stop the presses! I’m so sorry!

26 thoughts on “You’re right, so right!!!! Duh!

  1. Diane in Maryland

    I have found this so funny… not at you, but because I lost count a long time ago! When I didn’t play this game I wondered how the quilters wouldn’t know what numbers had been called. Then I decided to play along and sure enough, I would be finishing one and starting another and lose my number or mix them up! When you said the number was 2, I knew I had really gotten things mixed up. But, I didn’t care because I’ve gotten more done, or begun, than I have in any year since I began quilting in the 1980’s and I’ve had such a good time! I would have gained 50 pounds during this pandemic if I had not been busy with quilting! I’ve missed getting together with friends but I have been busy and happy quilting away! I’ve thought I couldn’t possibly have 12 more unfinished projects for the next year but…wrong! Even if this year’s aren’t finished, I’m further along than I would have been! Last weekend we had high temps in the 50’s… this weekend we’ll be in the 90’s! Good temperatures to be inside quilting! Thanks for sharing this game, Mary! I’ve had a great time playing along.

  2. Kathy in western NY

    Yes Mary once again you provided us with a fun motivating gathering with your quilt show and our dozen UFO’s. It’s kept me on top of what I own and what I could thin out and also treat myself to new to me “stuff” like text prints. I know you have so much going on and our brains only process so much but after seeing the quilts in the books you have been making in the last few years, I am so excited to see your next one in the newest book. Stay cool and hydrated during this heat wave if you in this next path.

  3. Marsha from Kansas

    I had to laugh at myself, too. When you gave us the number for last month, I just put June in the empty box on my Excel spreadsheet. When I went to look to see what the project is for this month, I didn’t even notice it wasn’t #2. I, too, love to have a goal each month and feel I have accomplished something. I have had other projects come up that got higher priority (3 quilts for Christmas) so I will admit I have “edited” my list somewhat and will not have pictures to show until after Christmas. But please know progress is being made. Thanks, Mary, for keeping me motivated! And finishing some projects I really wanted to get finished, too! I enjoy seeing what everybody else is working on as well. I, too, will have a couple of carry-over projects for next year as I have worked on my list already.

  4. Linda Greethurst

    I’ve been following the Dirty Dozen for 2 years. I didn’t make the goal for two months in 2020 as I was busy making masks instead. But, I have finished 22 projects that otherwise would still be languishing in a To-Do/To-Finish pile. And I have 15 more already lined up! In all honesty, there are times when I REALLY REALLY DON’T want to do the drawn number just yet – so I swap them! Yep, I get my numbers mixed up then too. But life and my schedule doesn’t always allow the time needed right now to do a project. Plus, I’m working on other projects besides the DD. Mis-reading a number is NOT a big deal, we’ve all done it and not for the first time. I think it is funny how many people are so quick to point out other people’s goofs. – i.e “been there, did that too ( but I won’t admit it!)” Hubby going to be gone for 3 days – sewing room in the cool basement. Guess where I’m going to be during these 90+ hot days.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda Greethurst – 3 days to sew with no cooking! Sounds like Heaven to me! Are you finishing things or having fun starting a new project?

      1. Linda

        Finishing two projects (including the DD#? )and starting a new one for 4th of July from Missouri Star that she demo-ed a couple of weeks ago (Star Sashed Nine-Patch)

  5. Cinders

    The dirty dozen has helped me a lot to get motivated, and each time completed projects are posted it is enlightening to see it has also helped others. I will look for #7 and see what it is, and I have to get back to the bullseye quilt to get that one done as well. Thanks again Mary for your blog! I love seeing your beautiful country homestead and Connie’s place too!! Maybe you can do a garden tour again at your place and Connie’s!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Cinders – oh what a good idea! Yes, I will do a garden tour this summer some time!

  6. Janice Hebert

    Ooh, I’m with Cinders! Would love a tour of the gardens! Jan in MA

  7. Nancy Broers

    Mary, just have to tell you about a numbers mixup. Last Tuesday we took our 6-1/2 month old 32 lb. Springer Spaniel Annie in to be spayed. Her little heart stopped while they administered anesthesia. They had down she weighed 42 lbs. We are absolutely heartbroken. I can’t stop crying.

    1. Lynn in Scottsdale


      I am so sorry you lost your dear pet. Sending a hug across the miles.

    2. Diane in Maryland

      Nancy, please know we all send you a hug and feel so sad for you. This is very tragic and we are so sorry.

    3. Mary Etherington Post author

      Nancy Broers – oh Nancy! So tragic! Poor little thing! I will always thi nk about this if I have a young animal spayed in the future – was her heart bad in the first place? What did the vet say? Oh, I can’t even imagine your sorrow – just a little puppy!

      1. Mary Etherington Post author

        Nancy – and just who weighed her wrong? That employee should face some charges if you ask me!

        1. Kathy in western NY

          Boy this just makes me so mad no one double checked weight before administering the anesthesia to your poor puppy. I am beyond mad over this terrible judgement mistake that should be held accountable. I as a human had this happen with a surgical team giving me too much during surgery and thank God I lived after waking up in the heart unit of ICU to have another doctor uncover this mistake years later made to me when he secured the surgical documents so he would know what happened. By then, the original doctor was dead from cancer.

    4. Launa

      So sad to read what happened to your Springer Spaniel puppy! I can well understand what a void you are feeling. Sending my prayers for you!

    5. Diane and Squeak in Central Ohio

      Oh Nancy, that is so sad. I would cry and cry,too. Big hug to you from Ohio. So sad.

  8. Kay Crandall

    I didn’t even look at the number – I had one project left for this year so that’s what I started working on. It’s NOT one of my favorites and it’s a huge project so not sure I’ll get the whole thing completed by the end of the month, but at least I’m working on it again! Also determined to get 50+ years worth of accumulated junk cleared out of a house by the end of the month so we can sell it. Now THAT is a project I REALLY don’t like working on!!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kay Crandall – how in the world are you going to empty that house in a month?????

  9. Marj in Western Wisconsin

    Mary I have a question about your Xmas cactus. When you put it out. Partial shade or full sun, want to get it outside, but don’t want to kill it

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Marj – mine is in bright shade – in other words, very bright daylight shade, not interested a shrub for example. Maybe under a tree with higher branches? Direct sun will kill it for sure – could even live on a porch or sun porch or screened porch – mine flourishes outside and then begins to go downhill somewhat when I bring it in. But it comes back strong again in the spring outside. Good luck!

  10. Lois Palmisano

    Hi Mary, Connie, and all I don’t write often but I tell a lot of people about your fantastic, great web site. So real an d down to earth, even down to the cornfield. I grew up in Iowa along the Mississippi! I miss it and you bring me home. Quilts etc are all incidental in my strong appreciation of you all. Lois in Omaha on the Missou!

  11. Diane and Squeak in Central Ohio

    Oh. Mary, you should not be sorry. As you have read, many of us juggle our numbers all over the place. Somehow my number that was left was 9. Now how did I get that🤪🤪. Too funny. We are all so happy to be getting our DD’s finished!! I finished many items the past two years. Most were DD’s, but others were new projects from your patterns for sale. Thank you for inspiring us to get moving😃😃. 88* here today. Hot.

  12. Jennie

    Nancy I’m so sorry about your puppy. Someone should be accountable for the mistake. Mary no worry over that mix up. It does happen. We are having fun together. Blessings Jennie

  13. Judy Yelton

    Gosh, not sure how you keep everything straight. This challenge has been so fun and I plan to continue following along. The “number” doesn’t matter, just the idea of finishing up older projects that have been forgotten or put aside for newer projects.
    Thanks so much for the inspiration and encouragement.

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