2014 Free Online Quilt August

August will find us making multiple blocks. You’ll make 7 of the August Block, join them in a row and add a spacer block at each end.  Here are pictures of the August blocks.

August Block

August Block


August Block, row of 7

August Block, row of 7


Go to the following link to download a printable version of the August block pattern : August BOM

12 thoughts on “2014 Free Online Quilt August

  1. Elizabeth Ehmen

    I’m unable to download the Aug. BOM. I get an error message saying the page is not found.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      You need to go to the post labeled August Block of the Month, that post has the correct pattern download.

  2. susan blazevski

    I am not able to download the instructions for the block. I’m
    hoping that I will be able to later this month. I really enjoy your
    posts about the animals and your pictures of your plants. I envy
    your green thumb!!!

  3. Jeanine Waal

    I, too, cannot print this month’s BOM. Can you send it like you have in the past. No problems except for one other month, and I figured it out without the pattern. But, I need the pattern for this one. Have no idea what size the blocks are. Thanks.

    1. Debbie Persons

      I too am not able to print this month’s BOM. Can you send it to me also. Thank you

  4. Linda

    I think there’s a couple errors in the August BOM. Shouldn’t there be another blue/tan HST showing in the lower right hand corner? What about the solid squares that show up brown on the drawing? I don’t see them on the cutting instructions.

  5. Launa

    I sure like the August runner row. Am always looking for quit block ideas for a runner on my long sofa table.

    My CA paper has an article about a reunion of California residents who originally came from Iowa. This year it’s being held at a pier next to the USS Iowa that is now a museum in San Pedro harbor.

    Am off to hang up my August Bertie’s Year block on the pantry door. Need to get busy on September’s block, but first take a “gander” at the 100 fabrics on sale.

  6. Mary Evans

    Clever! I like it!
    It looks like I missed saving July, how do I get to a link for it?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      You can search on this page for July Block of the Month, that should take you right to the page that has the link for the pattern.

  7. Nancy Angerer

    For some reason I am unable to download the pattern. I have downloaded all the others.

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