2014 Free Online Sampler Block – January

Hi, Ladies!

It’s 2014 and time to start the new sampler quilt. Many of you have completed your 2013 Sampler and posted pictures, sent emails and even delivered them to the quilt shop for machine quilting. That’s wonderful! And so painless – 2 blocks per month and using nothing but scraps. Voila – a new quilt!

Last year we made all 12” and 6” blocks but this year we’re going to change things. We will still make 2 blocks each month, one twice as big as the other but I will not restrict the size to just 6” and 12”. January’s block, for example, is 10” and 20”. Since this quilt will develop as I work, the layout will also be a work in progress. I have some ideas to try and surely, one of them will work. This will be a “trust me” layout because as soon as I know, you’ll know, too.

Personally I am going to make 2 different quilts – one traditional and one contemporary so I will be making 4 blocks per month. I hope I don’t fall off that wagon! We will be showing the blocks if that will help you pick your fabrics. Remember, this is a time to use up some of those odd pieces and scraps.

Watch the blog for more news about the online sampler. Wow – not only Connie’s UFO game but now the online sampler, too. It’s cold outside – perfect sewing weather.


This picture shows both the traditional and contemporary blocks in 10″ and 20″.

 To download a printable version of the patterns for the 10″ block and the 20″ block, click on the following link: January BOM .

16 thoughts on “2014 Free Online Sampler Block – January

  1. Jody

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! Gosh i wonder if sister jana finished hers .. I will tell her to get started on the 2014 one! I am working on finishing up some projects but cant wait to start another punch project! Stay warm! I woke to -36 up here in mn… Love you guys!!

  2. Liz Schrader

    I made 2 sets of the sampler blocks in 2013. One was colors somewhat like you used out of my stash and the other one I used alot of black and white and gray with a few bright colors in some of the blocks. I did real well until Dec. and I don’t have those blocks done but plan on finishing them by this weekend. Thank you so much for the chance to get the blocks on line. I do plan on doing the blocks in 2014. Liz Schrader, Garner

  3. Jean

    Thank you so much for these BOM’s. I just have the borders to finish on my 2013 BOM then it will be ready for the quilter. Stay warm!

  4. Karen

    I notice the geese are pointing in different directions in each style of fabrics — does it matter if they point IN or OUT?

  5. Lori Gust (Olund)

    thanks much for the online sampler again this year…I have my 2013 done and ready to be quilted…I love it…my girlfriend made her last year sampler out of leftover xmas fabric…it really turned out nice…and she really put a dent in her xmas fabric…thanks again and to a great 2014!

  6. Karen

    Geese = “Any which way we want” — love that! Now, can’t decide which way I like them best ..

  7. Jeanine

    I have my 2013 sampler quilt finished and ready to quilt. I am doing the sampler again this year. I have my blocks made for January. I decided to go bright colors this year, out of my usual box. I am a country color lover. I made flying geese instead of hst’s, as they are not my favorite to do. I hope it will look okay with the brighter colors. Cold here in southeast Iowa, as it is up there in northern Iowa. Stay warm and quilt!

  8. Claire

    I am loving putting my blocks together. I was tired of making all the triangles, but now I like them all together. thank you for the 2013 BOM. maybe next time you can throw in the making of like triangles every month as a extra. lol
    what backing do you suggest from your fabrics? I forgot the finished size of the quilt. I used all primitives and darker fabric, from stash. I love stars. I will have this one quilted by a long arm quilt shop. thank you !!
    2014 BOM will be made from stash again with flower fabrics.
    love the chicken scratch farm news…

  9. Kathy Davis

    I have started the 10″ block for the online sampler quilt & am having problems. First I needed to cut 2 more light 17/8″ squares to go around the accent square. My strip of flying geese comes out 5″ long so I need a 5″ square instead of 41/2″ & that would make the finished block 11″ instead of 10″! HELP!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy – you are correct- I missed 2 squares for triangles. We will change that tomorrow. It would be easier for me to converse with you by email. Write to me at marye@ncn.net. I can’t understand where the mistake is on the row of flying geese. I’ll sleep on it.

    2. Emily P

      Kathy – I made my small block today and noticed the same thing with the 5″ squares…. I thought I was just really generous in my seam allowances. I’m relieved to know that I wasn’t the only one! 🙂

  10. Claire

    when I count the white triangles(#2) , there are 20. I think that means there should be 18 1-7/8 x 1-7/8, cut diagonally. I have not started the block yet.

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