Connie’s UFO Game for 2014

We’re upping the ante, Girls! Every 3 months we will draw for a $50 gift certificate but to be eligible you must have finished all 3 projects by the end of each month. The winner of the $100 gift certificate for 2013 is Lori Vereide – congratulations! And if the rest of you completed some projects that were just laying around, you’re winners, too. Those are projects that are now finished — yeah!
We are starting 2014 with Number 10.
Get ready, get set, GO!

18 thoughts on “Connie’s UFO Game for 2014

  1. Rose Mikulski

    Whew, I just picked and numbered my twelve UFO projects last night so I’m ready but I don’t know how this works. Is it on the honor system or do I need to register. Love the latest pictures, Susannah looks like she’s wondering if she got any packages and I think black kitty is looking for Bailey. We have lots of snow so it’s a good day for sewing. I’m not sure what I picked for #10 but if you hear screaming, it’s probably me.

  2. Joan Christ

    I just numbered my stack of projects – number 10 is a pile of liberated blocks from an online exchange that have been marinating for a few years now. Make a top! That’s the plan, anyway.

  3. CountryThreads Post author

    Rose, Connie’s game is totally on the honor system. All we need is for you to send us the picture of your finished UFO by the end of each month. We will post it to our Pinterest site, where you can see all of last years UFO’s. Here is a link :

  4. Rose Mikulski

    Great, it turns out my planner was right next to the computer and #10 is a fun project with fabric I just love; so no screaming from me. I already started working on it this afternoon. Thanks Mary!

  5. Linda Thompson

    Hello, I have not paid attention to the UFO projects and just kinda stumbled in…must be the cold weather making me read anything that comes my way. So can you tell me more. I’m thinking we list the UFOs we want to complete this year; number them; and each month you give us a number and we use numbered project to complete. Quilts of all sizes, table runners, wool mats, etc…as well as pieced and quilted garments? When we complete we send you a picture?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      You’re absolutely correct, Linda! We’re so glad you’ll be joining us.

      1. Linda Thompson

        Well, I can get the UFOs finished, I am just plain lazy in getting the photos taken . I am so sobbing.

  6. jean lawson

    Since I’m a little late to this party and we are on our honor, I wanted to share my process of selecting my projects. Also did I mention I’m visiting my family in California? Since I already knew the number for this month, I decided to write my 12 projects down and cut the list into twelve slips of paper, drew them and listed each in order 1 thru 12. I’m so excited with the number 10 project, blue and white blocks from a block exchange, pictures to follow.
    I retired on the 20th of December and this is just the challenge I have been looking for to get me focused and on task!! Thank you so much

  7. Claire

    i finished 3 baby quilts so far this month. quilts to go to “It’s My Heart” quilts to go to babies born with heart disease in Mass, NH, and Maine. where do I sign up?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      The UFO game is strictly on the honor system. Number your 12 ufo’s and we will draw a number on the first of each month. Finish your model before the end of the month and send us a picture. We will draw from all eligible quilters for a $50 gift certificate each quarter. What could be easier?

  8. Joan Christ

    Ok – I am actually done with the top – how would you like us to send the photos? Through this thread, or in a separate email to the shop, or what? As I am a) new to this game and b) a certified techno-idiot I open it is easy!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Joan and all – how about sending a picture by email to the quilt shop. The address is
      Go Seahawks!
      Our favorite team, Iowa State, got beat today after a school record winning streak—sad.
      Hi, Penny E. – how’s every little thing at your house

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  10. Cheri

    Found your blog thru Jo’s Country Junction… finishing UFO’s looks like a great idea. I have a list that I made, but like another comment, I am going to cut up the list and pull for each numbered position. And now I have up to 10 days less to get my project for January done! Yikes!

  11. Judy

    I am IN! First time to join with Country Threads UFO Challenge and the motivating comments are great! I will admit this one was an easy finish, but I will not admit how long it has been at that stage! I am sending my photo today. Thanks for all the particulars.

  12. Renee

    I am just starting this game and want to make sure I have the rules right. I have way more than twelve UFO’s, so I picked twelve for this year. Does finished mean quilted and bound or can a finished top count? Thanks for your help and for providing a little extra motivation for finishing some projects.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Finished can be whatever you decide – mine is usually the top without being quilted and bound because someone else quilts it for me. Thanks for playing Connie’s game, Renee!

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