Happy New Year!




Emma and Susannah enjoying treats in the warm barn.
The house looks beautiful in the new snow.
Little Black Kitty got very brave yesterday and looked around the kitchen and sewing room.
Here is what I’m working on today so far- contemporary delectable mountains, probably for Pinterest Club.
Did you watch the Duke/Texas A&M game last night? It was one of the best games I’ve ever watched. Can’t say the same about the Iowa/LSU game I’m watching right now.
Found the sick goose dead this morning. Poor goose!
Starting a new Bonnie Hunter quilt today-Bargello Plaid from the book “Scraps and Shirttails”. Love it!

10 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. carole

    Happy New Year! So sorry about the goose…not a nice way to start the new year but this cold weather is no good for man nor beast. 99 yd TD scored by NE in the NE/GA game. Go Big Red.

  2. Sue Davis

    Hi Mary
    We had a class Monday at The Old Craft Store in Carrollton Texas, and found out a couple of us have enjoyed coming to see you and Connie. We had stories of our visits. Jackie G. said she had never seen such big pork chops as the ones you served!! They still want you to come and visit their store one day.
    Glad to see that kitty got her brave shoes on and came to see what the world upstairs looks like.

  3. Carol

    Happy New Year! I’m looking forward to reading your blog as 2014 progresses. Sorry about the loss of your goose.

  4. Sandy

    We had a kitty when I was in High School, her name was “Little Black”, not a bad name for a kitty.

  5. Lee

    Happy New Year…..looking forward to blog news. A friend and I made Delectable Mountain ….Mistletoe Mountain from Thimbleberries…years ago. I still look at it on my wall at Christmas every year. I am always surprised when the points come out good and they happened to come out good on that quilt. The moon and the stars and the planets must have been lined up correctly! Stay warm!

  6. Sue Davis

    Hi Mary,
    Next year when you come to Houston you pass my house, you and the gang are so welcome to spend the night at our home (we also have that new 5th wheel parked in the drive) and continue on your way the next day after you have rested. The quilt store is a quick off quick on 35.

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