2014 Free Online Sampler Block – June

We hope you are keeping up with your blocks, as when the year ends you’ll have a completed top!

June’s Block is a little different than the others.  Your 16″ block has 4 spacer blocks on the bottom.

June BOM 16 in. BOM

Your 8″ block does not have the spacers attached and you make 3 of the 8″ blocks.

June BOM 8 in. Blocks

Go to the following link to download a printable version of the June block pattern : June BOM.

8 thoughts on “2014 Free Online Sampler Block – June

  1. Karen

    I’ve seen that block pattern and have had it on my list of “try it”s — now’s my chance!

  2. Rose Mikulski

    I may be the only one who is having a heart attack over the 8 inch blocks with 64 pieces each. Mary, I can’t believe that with all that you do, cleaning out the barn, rearranging furniture, moving out the plants, weeding, moving rocks, planting grass, minding dogs, buying goats, taking care of Susannah, cleaning out the shed, blogging, running a quilt shop, etc. (I may have missed a few things) that you had time to make these three blocks with tiny pieces. I usually devote a day to do the BOM, I may need a whole week. Ha Ha, just joshing you!

  3. Linda

    Any suggestions on constructing this block–in particular the half square triangle made up of 4 triangles? I’m thinking of making a red/white square by sewing 2squares together and cutting on the diagonal then attaching a red triangle to adjacent sides of the resulting square, sort of like a flying goose with ears. I haven’t tried it yet and am not even certain it will work. How did you do it?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sew one red and one white triangle together. Press and add red triangles to either side. I can’t draw on this program but always make the small triangle square first.

  4. Debi

    I am the BOM lady this year, and I have several quilters in our guild that are just beginning to learn. They are having a hard time comprehending the sewing of the block. I don’t want them to get discouraged and quit because they cannot figure out where to start. Any suggestions? or help for me? I am just a stay at home mom! Debi

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