With Rick’s Help




Our front yard is taking shape. Rick dug all the holes (10 of them) and I planted Carl Forster decorative grass along the curved ramp in each hole. Then we hauled the concrete pavers that our contractor made from leftover sidewalk cement and made a pathway to the quilt shop. When I come out of the house, I usually cut across this area. I do not want grass right up to the house rocks. On the driveway side of the pavers, the ground will be seeded. In the years to come, I’ll be able to mow on the mower and I won’t want to weed and maintain another flower bed.
On the east side of the ramp will be a rock garden. Rick helped me position the iron circle for interest and I started moving rocks from the pile to the rock garden. We stopped here because we were both exhausted. More tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “With Rick’s Help

  1. Mary Rhodes

    Love your path stones! The grass later can b coiled into basket too!

  2. Sue Davis

    That is a good man to dig all those holes for you. Hopefully next year you two can sit and just enjoy all your hard work.

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