2014 Online Sampler Quilt Layout Diagram Part 2

Here is the layout diagram part 2.  There are 2 filler blocks that have not been addressed in previous months.  Instructions for the cutting of these blocks are given at the beginning of the layout diagram.

BOM 2nd Layout

Click here for a link for the 2nd part layout: Part 2 Layout Diagram

6 thoughts on “2014 Online Sampler Quilt Layout Diagram Part 2

  1. Jeanine

    How do we get our October BOM? I received the Part 2 layout, but have not received the new BOM for Oct.

  2. Mary Knabe

    My blocks don’t fit in this arrangement. For example the house is 22″, so the two 12″ blocks sewn together are too big. Also the 10″ and 12″ blocks don’t fit with the 2 12″ blocks either.

  3. Linda

    Oops, the January 10″ block and the February 12″ block add up to the 22″ of the house block but not the 24″ created with the 2 12″ blocks. Should we just remove the bottom 2″ from the chevron blocks on both sides of the house block?

  4. Linda

    I’m unable to read other comments and wrote this only so I can receive notification of further comments.

  5. Linda

    There’s a problem here. The two 12″ blocks add up to 24″ but they are supposed to be attached to the house block which is only 22″. The drawing shows the September 12″ blocks as smaller than 12″.

  6. jan

    Whoa, did I miss Part 1 of the layout? I thought I’d been keeping up pretty well. Many thanks for this, and for the year of blocks!

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