$5.00 Quilt Saturday


We had a great turnout for the first $5.00 quilt meeting and we sweetened the deal by giving all participants 10% off their purchase in the quilt shop. You can still join this group the last Saturday in February.

Here are some thoughts about the first step in the Wear Warm Clothes B-O-M:

Don’t forget to reverse the letters for appliqué if you are planning to fuse them. Connie and I hand appliqued our letters cutting them out from freezer paper first so they didn’t need to be reversed .Please use your favorite method of appliqué. We have also made just the snowman block and then added a border for a perfect door banner in January. It’s easy and fast and would make a nice display at the care center. Mom loved the snowman quilt I made for her many years ago.
I’m glad all of these letters are in the first month so I can finish them and don’t have to anticipate doing them later. We’ll be sending out Step 2 the first part of February so try to be finished with this first step. Feel free to send us a picture of your progress and we will pin it to a board on Pinterest. Or just go ahead and pin it on our account. Good Luck!

5 thoughts on “$5.00 Quilt Saturday

  1. Linda B.

    Thanks for doing the $5 quilt and the online sampler quilt! I have a couple suggestions for your 30 year old quilters
    Gen X Quilters
    New Millenium Quilters
    Quilters of the New Millenium

  2. Betty G.

    Hi, what is this BOM, I must have missed the post explaining or showing the picture. I enjoy your blog. Thans.

  3. Susan McCabe

    I am enjoying the online sampler quilt and am also doing “Wear Warm Clothes” a quilt I’ve wanted to make for years! Question: How do I find you on PINTEREST if I want to send a picture? I’m a little technologically challenged sometimes! I know how to pin pictures but not how to find someone specific! Thanks for all the years of wonderful inspiration, I just love your designs and many of your quilts grace the walls and beds of my home.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      To find us on Pinterest, search for cthreadsqs. I think that will get you to our boards.

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