Ice Storm


Ice covers North Iowa making it virtually impossible to walk outside. Our church services, like many others, were cancelled this morning. Great sewing weather!

3 thoughts on “Ice Storm

  1. Katie Hayse

    I feel for you! That is usually what we get when you get snow. Today we just got rain because it is 40 degrees. Still a great sewing day!

  2. Chris

    The same is happing here in Il. our lil dog is having a heck of a time, if she goes out the frount door she has the icy porch to deal with and if she goes out the kitchen the deck is now a skating area.
    Yes, it’s been a great sewing day.
    Stay safe. Chris Bakhaus

  3. Lael Koster

    yes, it’s been icy here in osage all day too. paul went up to get bread and bannana’s this morning, mailed a letter, streets and walks both real icy!! we were home all day today, which is a big change for us, we’re very seldom home on a sunday. got alot done today but no sewing-go figure. sure hope the ice doesn’t stay, not a good thing, no matter how you look at it. be careful doing your chores.

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