$5 Patterns Update

A guest post from Kayla…
Hi there! Dropping in to show a new update for the blog. Mary asked me to add a tab on the navigation menu to highlight the $5 February patterns.
Did you know there are now 14 $5 in the shop?
Also check out updates to the Freedom Quilts tab where Mary posts scrap quilts she has made with no pattern for inspiration.
Have a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “$5 Patterns Update

  1. Linda K.

    Hi Mary,
    So glad to hear Rick is home. Hope all goes well.
    I love the “freeform” patternless quilts! After designing patterns and teaching (often Country Threads patterns) for quite a few years, I’ve wondered just what to do with I all the progressing steps of block parts packed away. Your quilts have my mind smiling! I still have several weeks before having to think about gardening to play and play and piece. Thanks for the inspiration and nudge!

    I also have a big flavor to ask but thst’s for another day!
    Clooless from Butternut, WI

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