Partly wrong, 2-27-22

As we were discussing Rick’s angioplasty we realized that a PA came in Friday evening and I guess we were expecting the doctor. We had never met the PA so did not realize she was there in place of the doctor- I still think Mayo is a great place and our experience Friday and Saturday will not change my mind .

Forgot to add that now Rick’s heart is out of rhythm again so that’s the next thing we will need to check on.

So appreciate all your wishes and concerns – a good nights sleep makes a world of difference, doesn’t it?

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  1. Frances E

    Bless you and Rick! I know this has been stressful for both of you. Things will get better. It is really just one step at a time.
    Best wishes.

  2. Jo in Wyoming

    Yes, a good nights sleep is a miracle.
    I hope your trip Monday is uneventful. I like troubles that are well documented. Nothing out of the ordinary.

    Last week my chest felt tight, like I exercise a little too hard. Wednesday was the worst. Thursday I looked in the mirror and see blisters and bumps on my side. Yep…it’s shingles. Misery.
    What next?

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Oh Jo I feel for you. I saw so many patients when I was in health care that were so uncomfortable and miserable for weeks with shingles. I hope you feel well soon and I think there are new meds out there to help. As soon as I became Of age for the shingles vaccine, i got it immediately hoping for a milder case should I ever get it.

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jo in Wyoming – oh no!! I’ve heard terrible things about shingles – so many that I got the vaccination as soon as I was able – how are you going to manage, Jo? Do you have family who can help you? Friends? How do you feel now?

      1. Jo in Wyoming

        I feel awful. Everyday new welts pop out. Today I’m having trouble breathing and walking. I have a dr appointment this afternoon. Kathy replied there is new meds that help. She is so very helpful.
        Thanks for your concern. Mary, you have Rick to use your energy on and Kathy, sounds like your husband is in need of your spirit too.
        You all are great. Just another old age issue.

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Jo in Wyoming – not necessarily just an old age issue! Do you have any help?

        2. Kathy in western NY

          Jo – I am glad you are going to the doctor. Your symptoms are worsening so attention is needed. Please let us know how you are. We commiserate together here, remember!

    3. Betty Klosterman

      Jo, did you get the very expensive meds for your shingles. You might have to put your youngest son up for collateral, but they really help. When I got mine, I had a headache worse that 5 migraines and I had to get about 350 pay checks out. I went to the doctor right away, then got the meds and they took care of the headache. I had to warn my boss if he needed anything to give me at least 10 minutes notice because it took that long to get out of the chair! I could stand the rest of the pain and survived. The meds really helped.
      Betty in Rapid City

  3. Julie

    You and I are going through the same medical problems with our husbands. My husbands heart problem started when he was 42 years old. We have been married for almost 51 years. Sending prayers for you and your honey. Take care.

  4. Jacque

    I’ve had a lot of experience with PAs – have found them to be very engaged and knowledgeable. The ones I’ve seen are actually a bit more thorough than the doctors! Hope Rick’s heart condition gets resolved and he’ll be stable enough to stay out the hospital!

  5. Connie R. in Wis.

    Glad to hear you and Rick are over one hurdle – now to the next. Best of luck to you both on Monday.

  6. Amy

    Though this may sound abrupt or harsh, I imagine I’ll that neither the PA nor the Doctor behind them will follow one to hospital in a dying situation, so as the hospitalists take over it seems not to matter if you see a PA or a doctor in seeking care.

  7. Dianna in Wisconsin

    Happy to hear that you are feeling better today. Tense driving and lack of sleep make all things seem worse.
    Have a safe trip on Monday. Prayers for both of you.

  8. Lorraine

    Glad you have Rick home and that you got a good nights sleep. Sleep does wonders for the body. Prayers for Rick with his heart issue. Hopefully things will work out for you

  9. Katherine Gourley

    I am glad that you are doing better. Mary, I am a retired RN and personally have a very rare disease without hope of a cure. All they can do is control damage and treat symptoms. My specialists are not near my home. I gladly travel to them because they are the best of the best and worked diligently to get to a diagnosis. One of my medications is $27,000 a month and I am grateful for medicare and an excellent supplemental insurance and it is 100% covered. Our premiums are expensive, but when one has a serious illness it is essential to have the best coverage.

    I have been following Rick’s story and can see that you do not understand the “NEW” healthcare systems. It is expected that patients and their caregivers educate themselves about their diseases. Mayo has excellent educational materials available on the internet. They also have a portal for each patients with physician and physician assistant visit notes. If you do not understand how to apply for pharmaceutical company assistance with drug reimbursement a social worker can be assigned to help you. Every pharmaceutical company has a department for patient assistance and their contact information is generally on the internet (many with a sub-website under the drug name).

    The MDs are generally so booked with procedures that the have at least one PA who is closely aligned with the MD. My specialist has 4 PAs who assist her. If they do not have an answer to a question you ask via messaging on your portal, they seek advice from your MD. It is important to use your portal with questions. Most major health systems like Mayo communicate that way. My portal indicates the number of minutes are allowed for a visit and I go in with my concerns and questions listed and do not waste time with any nonessential conversation. I get the most out of every allotted minute. I usually see 2 of my specialists at the same time with each doctor allotted 10 minutes and the total 20 minutes is very adequate. There are so many resources provided for patients, it is just a different pattern of communication and education. Here is a link to Mayo’s peripheral vascular disease and here is the treatment link
    I have chuckled at many of your blog posts when you say you are too old. I am 72 years old and I have learned to navigate my health system. I send Jesus’ Blessings to you and Rick.

  10. Kathy in western NY

    Home sweet home for a good nights rest. A-fib ( atrial fibrillation) has been another complication from my husbands virus, sepsis shock and stroke last summer. He’s on medication now as they tried to do a conversion to get it back in rhythm but within a month it went back into A-Fib. Luckily he doesn’t feel it so he just goes on his merry way living each day and we hope the meds give him a good life. If we never needed a cardiologist till now at 70 yrs old , I guess we did ok. Hopefully you will find one close by to drive to.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy – he had cardioversion a few years ago at Mayo so I’m guessing we’ll be going back.

  11. Marilyn Miller

    Ohh my. You are spinning so many plates. You are an energetic person and your concern and love for Rick is evident. I hope that the two of you are able to take a few deep breaths and look forward to the beautiful return of spring. Prayers.

  12. Sandra Corrigan

    You and Rick are in my prayers Ill Ihealth in a family is a very scary time. I sent you both prayers of comfort and. healing.

  13. MaureenHP

    Praying for God’s peace as you tackle this next health issue. Medicine has changed so much. It seems rare that it is actually the doctor who does the follow-up. But that’s no comfort if you are not prepared to see someone else.

  14. Sheila in WI

    Glad to hear that today went better, and you are ready for the next challenge… Rick’s heart. Prayers that it too will get resolved.

  15. Pat in michigan

    I hope you and Rick are able to rest and relax. It will certainly help Rick with his recovery.
    Mary I saw the cutest dog themed fabric on Connecting Threads website. It’s called A Dogs Life. It has an adorable panel included also.
    I hope everything works out well and that Monday works out well for Rick and you.

  16. Dee Weibel

    God bless both of you. Mary, you are a strong person with faith on top. Sorry stuff keeps happening. To you both.❤️❤️

  17. Teresa

    Mary, I’m sorry to hear Rick’s health issues are still ongoing, sending prayers for both of you. Dealing with the home care, appointments and travel time is exhausting. Be sure to take time for yourself when you can, enjoy a cup of coffee or a beer in your sunroom looking out at the wonderful life you’ve made.

    We grilled steaks tonight since the weather was warmer and there was no wind to blow the grill out! Tasted delicious. Looking forward to a nice week and my youngest daughter’s birthday celebration on Saturday, she’ll be 22. Oh, to be that young again and have a world of opportunities awaiting you!

  18. Meredith from Cincinnati

    This journey of yours and your husband’s is a challenge, for sure. I’m confident that Mayo will figure it out, and praying that happens quickly! Got my pattern today; thanks for the quick service!

  19. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    I hope you don’t have to go back to Mayo tomorrow; but your weather looks good, if that is the case. Take Care/Be Safe, 🙏🥰

  20. Kim

    Your experience sounds very familiar. It’s a long day to get through the process from procedure through recovery each time it’s done. There have been times when Tom’s procedures have been bumped because an emergency for another patient needed tending to first. Tom has also been the emergency patient so we understand the situation. You can ask that someone keep you updated more carefully than what you experienced. There are times when admission to the hospital is necessary because wound closure at the puncture site needs more time to deal, or they’ve gone so late in the day that staff in the surgery center leave so he has to stay. The intervention radiologist usually comes to discuss the outcome of the angioplasty procedures, or by phone as last time Covid prevented me from being in the hospital that day. It’s an exhausting day, physically and emotionally and it might be nice if you could take a hotel room rather than risking the drive home in the dark and especially while feeling so worn down by the day. I can’t really put into the words the weary feeling that comes with these medical situations. I’m glad to hear things went well and I hope Rick’s heart situation is addressed very soon. You will both need a good rest after this. One other thought. Those meds they give to block the memory and pain of the procedure can cause issues and take days to clear…mood and memory issues, balance being off, just not thinking clearly as a result. Those meds can also cause constipation which can become a problem, and a long story but take measure to prevent issues. Ha. Big hug, Mary. Hang in there! Rest.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kim – thank you so much for this valuable info – yes, it’s a weary feeling but I’m much better this morning –

  21. Bobby Sutton

    My prayers are with you and Rick and the doctors too! We are lucky to live at a time of modern medical intervention. However I know its still frustrating to have medical problems. We don’t appreciate good health until we don’t have it! Keep being your very positive self!
    Bobby in Naryland

  22. KathyG from Oak Creek, WI

    Good luck with Rick’s heart rhythm issues. My husband has a-fib and he gets treated by a world renown electrophysiologist who actually owns the patents on some procedures/devices he uses in heart care. It does seem that the a-fib pops up as an issue for my husband about every 8 years. So next month he will have another cath ablation to hopefully fix a new irregularity. Anyway I understand what you’re going through as the wife of the patient. Best wishes for a good outcome.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy G – I never gave this a thought while the other stuff was going on!

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