A Big Finish

I’ve been working on this 16 Patch for several months and finally today I sat down to bind it and yes, this is how binding normally goes on all my quilts.  I have help.

Izzie became somewhat obsessed with Millie on the table and had a stare-down.

Here are the directions for this 16 Patch — made from  layer cake with additional 10″ squares.

My quilt is 9 blocks by 11 blocks.  Blocks finish 5-1/2″ X 5-1/2″.  Quilt measures 49-1/2″ X 60-1/2″ finished.

The layer cake I used was Windermere by Brenda Riddle Designs and since it did not have enough lights, I added lights to pair up with the darks in the layer cake.

I laid a light and a dark square right sides together and cut strips 1-3/4″ wide.  I sewed these into pairs and then into fours.

Press to one direction and cut slices 1-3/4″ wide.  Use 4 slices to make a 16 patch.

I even made one block with some leftovers.   

Here it was on the quilting machine.

Here it is laid over the piano – I just love it!  And I can’t help but think I’ll start another one – maybe 2 different jelly rolls together this time – something different.  There is always something fun to sew – I am never bored!

And here is Liz’s finished rug – congrats to her on her very first one!


And I think I got this one in here a second time by mistake – cannot find the owners name  – help if I have not posted this picture before!  (And I see it’s turned besides. Grrrrr)

Here is Deb Capron’s first placemat.  Nice job, Deb!

Today is Connie’s birthday – she is celebrating on the beach in Florida.  Me, I’ll be glued to the tv Thursday nite, Friday nite, Saturday and Sunday for March Madness!

30 thoughts on “A Big Finish

  1. MartyCae

    Love the pictures of all the helpers. I would have many more quilts made if I didn’t have a helper. But it wouldn’t be half as much fun! I always say it is not a completed quilt unless it has cat or dog hair on it.

  2. Holly

    Great 16 patch, it’s beautiful!! I was at Ironwood Springs last fall, is this similar to the one you showed up that you made from a Jelly Roll? Would it be that large? I have a jelly roll and want to do something different with it, love this idea!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Holly – yes, just like the one I had at Ironwood Springs but a smaller block.

  3. Gayle Lacey

    Mary, I love your straight-line quilting. Love it! Really enjoy seeing what you’re working on. Kitty tested. Kitty approved. If you didn’t have at least one on the quilt you know something is wrong … at least that’s the way it is at my house. So thankful you love animals.

  4. Louise

    I am working on my third 16 patch using jelly rolls. This is such a fun easy quilt to do.
    Especially nice when I find the jelly rolls on sale. I like the one you posted today, pretty colors.

  5. Peggy

    Love the 16 patch quilt. Did I miss something, or what was the size of the light & dark squares you cut into 1 3/4″ strips??

  6. Amy

    Happy Birthday Connie! Love the sixteen patch. Your “vision” to see something new is the reason for your successful years of Country Threads and now a successful retirement!

  7. Bernadette

    I just got my 16 patch back from a long-arm quilter yesterday. I followed the instruction you posted a few months back, Mary. It is a very nice size, and as Mary has said, the width of the piece means you can get away with using 42″ wide fabric for backing — with no seam in it! Mine is in deep colors – Atelier jelly roll by Moda. Love the colors. Will send you a pic, Mary, when I complete the binding.

  8. Launa

    Mary, Your 16 patch is lovely! Thanks for including the instructions and measurements. Enjoyed seeing the various woven mats and rugs posted. The runner must have required a longer loom?

    We’ll be watching Fresno State play tomorrow…… Happy St. Paddy’s Day then AND

  9. Paula

    I love the staple gun idea for hanging the quilts. I have used straight pins before. I also noticed the straight lines on your new quilt and I just love how it looks. I have started a selvage quilt today after doing some quilting. I will be at the TV too with March Madness. Our KY Wildcats are in Iowa. Love your blog and now check it daily. Paula in KY ……Go CATS!!!!

  10. Debby

    If you used jelly rolls, how wide would you cut your slices. I absolutely love March madness. Good reason to be retired, basketball all day.

    1. Mary Etherington

      Debby – if using jelly roll strips which are 2-1/2″ wide, that is the measurement of your “slice” or square

  11. Holly

    I love the 16 patch–thanks for the instructions! Those Westies are sure cute! Cats believe you always need company when you sew. One of mine perches on top of the sewing machine and looks down at my work while I’m stitching. I think she likes the heat from the light inches above her back, but it’s still pretty crazy. She looks like Snoopy on his dog house ala The Red Baron.

  12. Paula S.

    It’s fun seeing your adventures in quilting, rug-making, and dog-sitting. Ha! You’re like me in that you never get bored with the quilting. I have lots of fabric and lots of ideas!

  13. Betty Klosterman

    You never charged for the fur fiber in the shop fabric. And you said if you are allergic to cats, DO NOT COME to the shop. I love the quilts you have been making and the 16 patch is no exception. The patterns are all simple and use up scraps. I have a bunch of 2 1/2″ squares for each block pinned together but haven’t gotten to them yet????? Got the idea from quilt blocks a lady made for Project Warmth, but nobody can remember who made them. We took a picture of the quilt and blocks as they really looked good. We all have scraps and just love the scrappy quilts.
    You must be done cleaning and putting stuff away? Or is this just more inspiration? We love all that and the critters, too.

  14. Mary Says Sew!

    What, you ONLY have TWO cats to help with binding? The others must be slacking.

    From the Stashbusters listserve comes the abbreviation: CHIASF. For “Cat Hair is a Specialty Fiber”.

  15. Wendy

    You are such a wonderful inspiration. Would love to make a 16 patch quilt.
    I look forward to your blog posts, love the dogs and cats and all the happenings going on. My two cats love my quilts.

  16. Eleanor from RI

    Love your 16 patch quilt. Another one added to my bucket list. And adore your tuxedo cat. I have had 2 and would get another one in a heart beat.

  17. Teresa

    I absolutely love your 16 patch quilt, I too have to add this to my long list of quilts to make. I really enjoy your posts and they always inspire me.

  18. Carol

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! This post came at the perfect time as I recently purchased 4 layer cakes on clearance because I just loved the colors but didn’t have any idea what I was going to do with them. I am just thrilled that you did this beautiful 16 patch with a layer cake. Now, I am on a mission to complete a quilt using one of those layer cakes (and a few additional pieces). I just love the basic 4 patch, 9 patch, 16 patch, etc. they are timeless. Someday I would love to attempt a postage stamp quilt, how you ever done one? And, I would also love to attempt a quilt like these set on point, which I am sure is basic to you but scares me, ha. Thank you so much for the time you take blogging to all of us out in cyber world, we truly do appreciate it!!!

  19. Mary C.

    I love your quilt, another reminder of how beautiful the basic square is! My binding help comes in the form of 3 Schnauzers who have to sit on the quilt the moment I get it on my lap. Wouldn’t have it any other way!

  20. Jeanie, sw IL

    I love the quilt and your helpers–so cute! Thanks for keeping us in the loop; you are such an inspiration.

  21. Ann Barlament

    Hope your helpers are threading needles for you!!

    I’ve been working on a quilt (66 inches square). Just finished 13 multi-colored 25 pieced block, next come 12 star blocks. Uses a jelly roll, a cake and 3-1/2 yards of background.

    At least when you make a quilt…..you finish it. I’m such a topper and it’s hard to break that habit.

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