Hanging the Quilts and More

Yes, this is how I hang the quilts and I’m sure you probably won’t want to hang yours with a staple gun.  My walls are wood and staple holes don’t show.  And no, I don’t think it damages the quilt.  I’m pretty low key about using my quilts because there’s more where they came from, right?  Here’s how I staple through the binding so it’s easy to grab the staple when it’s time to pull it out.

It rained so hard this afternoon I couldn’t make the dash from house to shop but when I did this is what I found.  Water leaking in all along the east side of the building.  Ugh!

Thank you, Mary H. for this book recommendation.  I can’t wait for the sequel that’s coming out this fall.  I loved this book and won’t say anything about it.  For anyone out there wanting a good read, trust me on this one.  It’s very good.


Thanks for all the help finding the pink camouflage fabric – I have it ordered.

12 thoughts on “Hanging the Quilts and More

  1. jody gagnon

    i had a similar problem at my shop recently only lots of material got wet. had to go to the laurdymat and wash it ugh

  2. Sally A

    When I hang quilts I use sewing machine needle and small ones I used Command stripes. Love you quilt.

  3. Linda

    I read the book last summer, and liked it a lot. I really enjoy your pictures, especially the dogs! And your many collections are to DIE for!

  4. Launa

    I’ve been using your quilt hanging method on my wooden kitchen wall since you mentioned it to me before. My husband had installed the wooden wall especially for hanging quilts as I like to change quilts and wall hangings there each month and had used applique pins before.
    The Louise Penny books come highly recommended. Our local library moved to a new building and has a wonderful café in same bldg. now. Thanks for the other book recommendation. I’m waiting for Debbie Macomber’s Rose Harbor Inn new sequel in August.
    LOVE the fabric on your ironing board!!!

  5. Elizabeth

    I chuckled when I read – and saw – your method of hanging wall quilts! I always put a safety pin in each of the top corners, and then hammer 2 tiny brads into the wall and hook the safety pins over them – easy to wash them by simply removing the pins. It certainly scandalized some people. Whatever works, works!
    Thanks for the book recommendation! I will hunt the book up and read it.

  6. Mary

    It was a good book. Try the Louise Penny series of books. You must start with the first one and don’t get discouraged the first few chapters. She is introducing the characters and setting and after that you won’t want to put the book down. The stories are unique yet there are parts that carry through several books. I can’t imagine how she organized the story over so many books but she did! The 12th one will be out at the end of August and I can’t wait!

  7. sandra

    Thank you for the pin cushion pattern.I have a friend that has two of yours.She said that these are the best pincushions that she has had.I plan to try the pattern soon.There is never enough time.

  8. Marie

    Our book club read this book. Very good for discussion. I want to read the followup which is already available.

  9. Dixie

    The Me Before You movie is coming out this summer! I read the sequel too, and it was good. Always enjoy your posts!

  10. Kim Odonnell

    I have already read the sequel. Great follow up to Me Before You!! Happy reading.

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