A BIG Post!, 2-24-21

I have a list of things to write. You’ve all heard about Tiger Woods’ car accident by now – this is exactly the same as Rick’s accident in May 1966. He fell asleep, went in the ditch and his right ankle was shattered and he had a compound fracture of his leg. Obviously his foot was on the brake and the impact crushed his leg. Thirty years later Rick had it rebroken and reset. Years later after that he had a knee replacement and the ankle had to be fused. He can hardly walk today. I wonder if Tiger’s golf days are over.

Have you been watching Instagram and Scrap School? Lissa Alexander is the author of the book and years ago she worked for The Old Craft Store in Carrollton, Texas. She brought a bus load of quilters to our barn in June, 1995. Her group was the first to visit and more improvements were made since then. (We even had our wedding reception there in 1997!). Here are some old pictures of that group – I’ve been bemoaning the fact that I now weigh 30 lbs. more than in this picture and Connie commented on her denim jumper. Lissa is the blonde on the lower right corner.

Can you see the Farmers Daughter quilt hanging in the background?

We served supper and the next day we had a class. Could there be anyone reading this blog today that was on that bus trip?

I was cleaning a bit in the piano room today and Heidi was sitting on the table – she is my oldest cat at around 15 years so I needed a picture of her. The bowl of sewing goodies caught my eye as well.

I loved this vignette of antique pincushions.

Here’s my next project – Connie’s habit of starting new quilts is rubbing off on me!

And do I need to say that my “helper” is not necessary nor is he wanted?

And look at the water!

It does feel like spring in North Iowa!

You see, I did have lots to write about, didn’t I? Nothing very earth shattering however. Sigh.

34 thoughts on “A BIG Post!, 2-24-21

  1. Jo in Wyoming

    Red Solo cups and wine coolers! What a fun time.
    That table runner is beautiful, I love old crochet.
    Another project? You have so much inspiration. Keep going
    I finished my taxes today and will hand them over to hubby. He will finish our personal taxes and life can start again. I am joyful when that load is finished.

    Mary, thanks for the blog, some days I feel so alone.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jo in Wyoming – I’m only an email away – and would love to hear from you any time, day or night!!

  2. Betty Klosterman

    Mary, I can see the cat hair on the pin cushions!! Duct tape is our best friend??
    People have lived thru extremely hard times and survived. And the saying “If it doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger.” We WILL be stronger when this COVID thing is over. Hopefully we will be smarter, too?
    And your blog is a ray of sunshine. When we are alone, all the voices are wonderful. Just to hear other people’s thoughts bring us together. Thank you. Betty in Rapid City

  3. Anonymous

    Your posts are just the best! They brighten up the day for sure! Thank you for that a hundred times! JIll

  4. Charlotte Shira

    Great pictures today (as you have everyday). Your blog is a ray of sunshine and I look forward to reading it every day. It was 71 here today but very windy. Looks like spring is coming early!

  5. Carla J in Michigan

    The table runner crochet edge is one of the widest I have ever seen . Absolutely beautiful.
    Can you see that laying on the top of an oak piano so that crochet edge would hang down?
    It would definitely have been in place where it would be seen by others.

    We are in our second day of melting snow and warm temps here in West Michigan. Maple trees are tapped so we will cook it outdoors later next month.

    Stitching sampler blocks and pillow covers, embroidery blocks and a few pieces to finish and bind. Small items for now. Big pieces will have to wait until it is a bit warmer in the basement.

  6. Susie Kepley

    I kinda miss the denim jumper phase. It hides a multitude of candy bars (30 lbs). I love the table runner that is under the bowl filled with pincushions. Glad Spring is in the air.

  7. Angie from Baltimore

    May not be Earth Shattering things you write about but life in North Iowa but stories that I so enjoy hearing about.
    I just appreciate you sharing them and your beautiful quilts.
    Stay well

  8. Pat

    I loved to hear about your ideas and projects. The “dot “ quilt has such beautiful colors . I can’t wait to see it finished. Colton may not be helpful, but he is just enjoying his new residence inside. He looks like a wonderful companion.
    So fun to see the old photos and people having a good time at your quilt retreat!

  9. Jeanne I. Coli.

    Mary, in reading your comments about your Bernina Sewing machine, it made me wonder…..do any of us know how to use our machine to the full potential that they have to offer? I doubt it. Being a quilter like most of those who read your blog, we use it mostly for piecing, maybe actual quilting once in a while , and, if we have an embroidery attachment, maybe we make our quilt labels on it. I know for sure that my Bernina 730 is a lot smarter than I am. I don’t even begin to use it to its full potential. But I love it anyway. Do I really want to learn all the other things it has to offer? Not really. I am content to use it basically for piecing. I do enjoy a lot of the extras it provides that my old machine did not have, like a needle threader, thread cutter, good light over the sewing surface….and I could go on and on.
    So in the long run, the purchase was worth it to me.

  10. Montana Kathy

    Whenever I see the blog post from you in my email, it just makes my day. Thank you for making all of our days better. I had sad news this week when a friend told me Roberta Horton had died. Did you ever meet her? Having lived in Berkeley, Calif for some years and taken many classes from her, plus belonging to the local quilting group (EBHQ)) with her and her sister Mary, it was very sad to hear and brought back lots of memories. Reading your blog really helped to lift my spirits. Thank you.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Montana Kathy – oh no – I did not know she passed away! Her stripes, checks and plaid fabrics were my first introduction to working with geometrics. I’m not sure I was ever introduced to her but saw her often at quilt market way back when and I have always known who she was. She was a real influence on the way I cut up fabric!

  11. Montana Kathy

    Mary, yes Roberta had a strong influence on many quilters, opening their minds to looking at fabrics in a different way, especially pertaining to stripes. Don’t worry about your stripes being straight (!) was a comment heard often and definitely changed the way we looked at fabrics. She will be missed.

  12. Kathy in western NY

    We had spring like temps today with sunshine and sure felt good to get out and about. We even treated ourselves to KFC takeout tonight. I have a couple tomato pincushions to send you but want to go to a certain thrift store soon. Hopefully that will be in the next two weeks someday. Gosh my arm doesn’t even hurt today after my covid vaccine. Just love the kitty pictures and Colton is so happy to be a pain in the sewing room and reminds me so much of my big guy who does the same.

  13. Amy

    This blog post covers just about everything like a local newspaper: current events (Tiger’s crash), what happened on this day back in 19xx (bus trip); weather (that wonderful melting snow); and local news (your new blocks) . The only thing we are missing is the recipe section! Just kidding but I think it goes to show why everyone loves your blog, in a few paragraphs you can cover so many interesting topics and give everyone a perk to their day. I had read that Roberta Horton had passed. I took my first “national” teacher class from her when I lived in Tulsa (early 1980s), the guild there brought her in and I remember it was an Amish quilt and I had to buy a Nancy Crow acrylic ruler for rotary cutting (I don’t remember the cutter). I heard my first national speaker at that guild also, Mary Ellen Hopkins and I had never laughed so hard in my life! I think they both can be credited with contributing to the success of the quilting industry today.

  14. Marla

    Such neat pictures of the group! I wasn’t on that particular bus trip, but I shopped at The Old Craft Store for years and loved their store. Didn’t know Lissa worked there! My mother had a friend that had a shop close by that painted bird pictures on all kinds of neat things. They are both gone now but I sure have fond memories of visiting both places with my mother. Thanks for your posts! I always enjoy reading them!!

  15. Rita in Iowa

    Mary you send pictures that make us laugh, remember the past, and the beauty in the quilts that everyone shares. It’s just priceless. Thank you!
    My hubby and I celebrated Valentine’s Day with a meal at Red Lobster. Mid afternoon always has very few people in the restaurant. It was very good and a nice treat.
    This week I have been working on a quilt my sister pieced. She is a newer quilter and unfortunately made a quilt with lots of bias edges. I have spent the last to days trying to get the quilt to be close to square. I think that part is done. Now to prepare the backing. It’s beautiful but a pain. Hope that I can quilt in the fullness. Keep your fingers crossed.

  16. Debbie Miller

    My daffodils are starting to bloom here in upstate SC but I don’t think we’re ready for spring yet! Absolutely love the edging on the table runner-is it crochet? Really like the colors and design of your new quilt start-I’ve never sewn curves before.

  17. Sandy'

    Hi Mary, my Mr kitty (r.I. p.) Looked like Colton, very fluffy and loved quilts. I ofter covered him in threads and scraps while sewing!glad to hear spring is coming for you, take care everyone, best wishes from sandy

  18. Ruth

    I love how Colton is holding out his paws as he lays on your table. “Ahh, this feels so good!” I hear him saying. I remember you posting a year or two ago about how you and Rick were dating and planning on going to college and then he fell asleep at the wheel. I shared that post with my husband, too, I liked the ending so much.
    It was 64 degrees here in Maryland today!! I wore a light jacket and went out for a walk in the sunshine, it was beautiful.

  19. Margaret in North Texas

    Enjoyed the pictures, also I would love hearing about the different classes you took with Mary Ellen Hopkins. I think I remember you had three classes with her. Thanks!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Margaret in North Texas – I attended two quilt retreats in Las Vegas and one in Maine – honestly it was so many years ago I can hardly remember much except that at one of the LV trips we were two to a small table and so packed in we could hardly sew!

  20. Sue Davis

    Hi Mary
    Don’t give up on that old gal.
    My daughters cat just turned 20, he’s a little slower and a lot thinner. He three cans of cat food a day. And has to use the litter pan in the house now. But he’s still going strong. HI COLTON! Your the best helper

  21. Sunflower from Michigan

    Hi, Mary, great blog post today. I love the runner behind Heidi under the house plant in the aqua planter. Is that a small version of your quilt from the book cover? In any case it is beautiful.
    It’s been warm into the upper 40’s for 2 days in south east Michigan so a lot of our snow is melting. I have seen over a dozen robins and they were very fat! I enjoyed the warmer weather and have had nice walks outside both days.
    I am on two lists for the Covid vaccine but am not in the top categories so I’m not sure when I can get a vaccine. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.
    Enjoy the Michigan-Iowa game tomorrow night! 🏀 Robbie

  22. Sherrill

    I love Lissa! She looks 12 in that pic. I took a quilting cruise and she was part of the teaching group. The others were Sandy Klop, Edyta Sitar and Lynne Hagemier (sp?). Such a great lineup but decided I’d rather be doing the cruise thing on a ship rather than sewing so my one & only quilt cruise!

  23. Kim J LeMere

    I so enjoy your blog and all the posts while having my morning coffee. It makes me feel connected with others while we continue to stay home and still. Thank you brightening my day. Its hitting 65 today and I will go outside and change our valentine flag to St Pats, finish weeding flower beds and picking up sticks from the ice and snow we had. I need to find your new book, love the colors in your quilt, teals, gray and orange.

  24. Kathy Hanson

    I get a kick out of you saying “nothing very earth shattering” as everything you put on the blog is so interesting and fun to see! Such fun to see the picture of you and Connie and the ladies back when you had events in the barn! Heidi looks gorgeous at 15 years old. Love the quilt you and Connie made for the scrap book. I will have to look for that book.

  25. Carol Benson

    What is the name of the new quilt you are working on? And the fabric is gorgeous? What is the name of the fabric you are using? Thanks so much for your Blog. I love it!

  26. Mrs. Goodneedle

    Heidi and Colton are both such pretty kitties. I love looking at old pictures, these are treasures from some great workshops and retreats held in your beautiful space! I daresay that anyone pictured there has long lasting memories of a wonderful time. I had the obligatory denim jumper at that time too! 😉 Your “something new” is going to be very nice, love the colors.

  27. Dianne in Ohio

    Always love looking at your pictures. Today I was drawn to the picture of your “helper” in your sewing room. He looks almost identical to my three year old “helper”. Her name is Kit. She was a rescue and given to me by my daughter, Pam. Kit has a tiny bit of brown mixed in here and there with her gray fur, but the pattern of her white markings is exactly the same. She also has long white whiskers, some as long as four and a half to five inches. Our cats could be “twins” they look so much alike.
    The snow here is melting, too. We don’t have too much water though, because we are at the top of a hill and most of the water drains down. I will be SO glad to see Spring. This Winter has been a bad one.

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